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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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If you just try, work hard, take control of your destiny , remain true to yourself and believe it is possible, you will have unlimited power to achieve the impossible. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power that is greater than ourselves to do it. A matter of decision , to choose. Hope calls for action ; action is impossible without hope.

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Keep doing little stuffs every day. It is the only exception. Opportunities are always right around the corner if we simply have enough faith to make that turn. People frequently forget that they already possess the skills and talent they need to make things happen. Often, a little reminder is all it takes to make them realize their potential again — to make them wait for the next ride. Hopefully, these amazing quotes about possibility have inspired you today. The high command takes pride in Shiro as a shining beacon of all that the Galaxy Garrison represents. Iverson takes pride in Shiro for what the boy represents of himself: determination.

The excitement in his voice barely contained as he tries to maintain a professional demeanor to recommend the possible recruit. With enthusiasm coating every word Shiro provides about the boy, Keith, the commanding officers cannot help but give their approval to bring him in the following day. Iverson will learn to not be on the wrong side of his ferocity, though.

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Keith has every muscle in his body set in a defensive stance, only missing crossed arms to complete the picture of self-preservation, but the fists at his sides convey enough. And maybe even a hint of excitement spilling through. He really believes in this boy, Iverson thinks. Later that day when Shiro returns from dropping Keith back off in the city, Iverson goes to his office.

He clearly ignored responsibilities to spend the day with the boy and needs to stay awake late to catch up on what he placed on the backburner. And Keith is amazing. During the first sim class, he smashes everyone else. It mirrors back to what Iverson watched happen around Shiro, but Keith does not have the same personality as Shiro. Keith, who has no idea of the reputation of the junior officer that recommended him for the Garrison. It leaves Iverson more times than not having to pinch the bridge of his nose and trying not to explode, but it gets to be too much.

It occurs too often where Keith will pull out of formation during basic sim practice, exaggerated yawns and all. He pushes too hard during physical training days. Shiro seems to be the only one never surprised every time a teacher goes to him to complain about the kid he recruited with such a glowing review. Iverson is in the control room observing the cadets running a formation sim practice with Shiro. Keith yawns as Shiro tells them to change their course before splitting away from the group. Iverson has had it. He storms out of the control room down to the main sim floor and calls for the cadets to come out.

Shiro is definitely watching from above as Iverson yells at Keith for his consistent insubordination.

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It infuriates Iverson even more and he has to walk away before going off on the boy further. Iverson and the other commanders run towards the skirmish and haul the boy back. Shiro runs down and slides to a stop in front of them. Iverson holds Keith roughly and stares at Shiro. His face contorted with rage makes Shiro take a step back and straighten up. Iverson hears that Shiro still stands by Keith and is unsurprised when later that day Shiro knocks at his office door. He thinks this is going to be taken away from him at any second, like being here is too good to be true The electric bracelet around his wrist peeking through the cuff of his uniform, a reminder of the silent force Shiro fights against.

Iverson sighs, exasperated and worn down. Holt gets named Commander of the mission, and he has to select a pilot and a Science Officer. No one is surprised when he chooses his son, Matthew, for the latter position. There is also no surprise when Holt says that he wants Shiro to be the pilot because of course, he would take the best pilot of the generation, the pilot who has broken every record and already formed a bond with Holt from his days as a cadet to recent small off-planet expeditions.

The surprise comes when Admiral Sanda puts her foot down on the selection of Shiro because of his condition. The memory from years ago when she stated Shiro was a liability comes back to Iverson, and he remembers the way Shiro looked when he walked into the medical wing that night. How Holt demanded to Sanda that there would be no mission if Shiro was not the pilot. At the end of the week, the mission is officially announced with the crew of Samuel Holt, Matthew Holt, and Takashi Shirogane.

It takes a few weeks before Iverson notes a change in Shiro. His smiles at congratulations start genuine but end strained. But then he realizes what Shiro is missing, and that is Adam.

Iverson never gave the couple much thought, they existed in the background of his Garrison life, only noting their closeness at events. His ever present bangs flopping down to obscure his face and the sides of his hair trimmed short. He looks up at Iverson and gives a nod of greeting.

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They have the occasional pass-by and catch up. But most often, from a distance, Iverson still sees Keith with Shiro. That never changes. When Shiro appears to have a day to eat in the mess hall at normal hours at dinner, Keith is at his side. Their heads bent and talking between hastily shoved mouthfuls of military food. They share smiles and laughter. Their closeness has also become a natural sight to the majority of Garrison personnel. Of course the best pilot and the one hot on the heels of his records are close. It just made sense. On weekends Iverson has seen two distant dots in the desert leaving the signs of hoverbike dust trails.

Shiro took Keith to get his license one weekend. He excitedly told Iverson this the last time they encountered each other in the lounge. They found some sense of stability in each other, it dawns on Iverson when for the third weekend in a row he walks across the top floor of the Garrison, and through the windows, he can see the two leaving on bikes. The weeks come faster and faster and the excitement over the Kerberos Mission that had simmered in the months since the announcement comes back in full force as they near the week of the launch.

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A cold goes through the officer ranks and leaves holes in the patrol schedules as people have to take sick days, so Iverson finds himself with a night patrol shift for the first time in years. They each have a blanket wrapped around themselves and are looking up at the sky, faces illuminated by the clear view of the moon and Milky Way.

I need to see how many of my records you break, and, most importantly, we have to fly together someday, Keith. They shuffle towards each other and hug.

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Iverson softens at the sight and then turns to leave. Maybe they were what each other needed all along. The day of the Kerberos Mission is set to take off dawns and Iverson goes with the top brass to watch the launch. He sees the Holt family walk toward the launch site followed by Shiro and Keith. And it makes sense because who else would Shiro care so much about to be the last person he spends time with before the leaving the planet for a year?

Iverson goes to the command room, filled close to capacity with personnel for the launch and high ranking observers.

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Keith stays to himself in the corner. So, he stands there, fists clenched by his sides, looking out straight ahead. Keith has a fist against the window, head bowed down, dark hair covering his face. His chest is heaving, and Iverson wants to go over to the boy. This new-found information plunges Chastity into a new world of control, power, and hurt. With the help of her mother's best friend, Cheryl, and Timothy, a handsome attorney hired before her mother's death, Chastity sorts her way through her new found family ties and the costs that come with it.

What if you had done something so unimaginable in your past that you felt you could never be forgiven? Although an uphill battle, John diligently strives to make up for lost time by writing Chastity letters, hoping to bridge the gap. John, now married and expecting another child, is haunted by cryptic dreams, from which he awakes in terror. Driven to become a better man, he forces himself to face his nightmares and the reality they represent.

Searching for decency within and hoping for a flicker of acceptance from Chastity is the only way he knows to release his past and heal both their wounds. It is also a continuance of the many unanswered questions from Finding Kylie, book one in this series. Anne LaSal was ready for a change. So, when a friend nominates her for a reality dating show, she concedes. Controlled by her grandmother, betrayed by her boyfriend, and abandoned by her sister, Anne, Grace is on the run and in hiding from her family and the world. Nathan Burkette just wanted to escape.

He knew all too well about being betrayed by the ones you love.