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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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English Renaissance

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Renaissance, The Elizabethan World - Life in Tudor England

Renaissance and Elizabethan age 1. The Tuscan city of Florence is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Gradually, the movement spread from Italy to other parts of Europe 4. Every field of life was striving for perfection 6.

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England consolidated its position with the defeat of the Spanish Armada in , and Elizabeth firmly established the Church of England begun by her father, King Henry VIII following Henry's dispute with the Pope over having his first marriage annulled. Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world and became the most celebrated English sea captain of his generation. European wars brought an influx of continental refugees into England, exposing the Englishman to new cultures. In trade, might, and art, England established an envious preeminence. At this time, London was the heart of England, reflecting all the vibrant qualities of the Elizabethan Age.

Elizabethan era

This atmosphere made London a leading center of culture as well as commerce. Its dramatists and poets were among the leading literary artists of the day. In this heady environment, Shakespeare lived and wrote. London in the 16th century underwent a transformation. A rising merchant middle class carved out a productive livelihood, and the economy boomed. Elizabethan Worldview. By Dr.

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Playwriting was the least personal form of writing, but clearly the most profitable for literary men since the demand was so great: 15, people attended the playhouses weekly. What is often exploited in the plays is the tension between a Court culture and a commercial culture, which in turn reflected the tension between the City government and the Crown.

The period from date of the first public theatre in London to date that the Puritans closed the theatres is unparalleled in its output and quality of literature in English.

Elizabethan Renaissance Virginal Music

The monarchy rested on two claims: that it was of divine origin and that it governed by consent of the people. The period was one of great transition. This period of history is generally regarded as the English Renaissance, which took place approximately years later than on the continent.

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The period also coincides with the Reformation, and the two eras are of course mutually related. Imposed upon the Elizabethans was a social hierarchy of order and degree—very much medieval concepts that existed more in form than in substance.