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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Hey Brooklyn! I am sorry I do not know what you are saying, is there something I can help you with? Hey G! You want to spend some time with God asking what that was. Last night I woke up at am. I had a hard time falling back asleep. I finally fell asleep and had the worst dream of my life. He was laying there in our bed in our room but there were two of him. The other him was curled up right behind him. I had an evil feeling and I just wanted for him to hear me. I sat him up and layed behind him. So I started praying as hard as I could. I finally woke up at am.

I open my eyes I felt flush in my face. He woke up and held me. He said It was quit some time ago. I was crying. I asked him if we could pray so we did. I grew up going to church on Sundays but got away from church as I got married and after the kids came. We would occasionally go but eventually it turned into only on Christmas, and Easter.. About two months ago I made the executive decision that we would start going to church again. My husband thanked me and said he had a great time going to church.

So we have not missed a week since. I feel like everything in our lives is great, we have a great marriage and wonderdul communication. Im a mom of three and I returned to school this semester. My husband is with a great company and happy with his job..

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But is also ready for a bigger move. My husband is furthering his education as well in hopes of obtaining a higher paying job. They are still together but not talking. I worry every day for them or about them. But I just smile and go about. But it hurts even at my 36 years of age. It is the only stress in my life. I feel helpless in that aspect of my life and usually I am the one who fixes things.. I had a dream where I saw a car flying like an air plane. I saw the rider clearly but could not figure who he is. Later this car that was flying like an air plane crashed. I was one of those who rushed to the crash site but we were not allowed to come close to that site.

At this point the dream ended. I believe that this dream has a lot to do with my life. What could this mean. It was scary. Then I saw satan himself was trying to capture my soul, and that is when I saw God came to save me. This is the second time I dreamt about seeing satan himself. Hey Lucy. I would spend time talking to God about that and spend time just getting to know God. You can find some Bible verses for being saved and walking in the light.

Cool Kim! You can ask God to show you if there is anything more for you to know about that dream. Last night dreamt that my 1and half year old daughter suddenly got out of her sleep and started having a deep conversation with God. Meaning of the dream? We do not have a team in place to interpret dreams sent in but Doug has some great products on understanding dreams that will really help you grow in dream interpretation though. I had a dream last night all my tooth broke and all fell out. My in law said that there is going to be a loss someone I know or knew.

Hey Kim!

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I had a dream last night of my husband and I was driving in a very dark road. I saw a store on my right. As I was approaching an intersection I saw a person standing in white radiant white with the only light shining on that person. As I passed that person and started getting dark again.

Next thing I notice it started pouring rain meaning blinding rain. But was able to notice that not a rain drop touched that person. As we drove passed the car started gain drastic speed on its own. Then a sudden stop. I then asked my husband are we at the edge of the cliff are we going to fall. As he was opening the door someone pulled the car back and suddenly i woke up. I dreamt that I was unable to open one eye. This is my second time seeing this dream. Help me, please. I first dreamed my stepdaughter was standing in front of me in a white wedding dress and everything in the backdrop was also white..

She was the central focus and no other details or emotion that I can recall. The second night same thing except there is a white queen standing in front of me and I look down and I am the white queen. I slept over at my boyfriends place. In my dream his ceiling started to grow grass and all things green until it looked exactly like a houwe lawn area. I had a dream that a demon could change bodies no matter how many times I kill it..

Hey Kristina! It may mean that you need to pray to break off a strong hold in your life. I saw a dream where I was walking and suddenly two plants grew out of my two feet. I pulled out the plant from the right leg and made a hole in the foot. When I looked inside I saw white powder and a lot of pain, Then I looked at my left foot. PLant at my left foot was covered in a glass goblet and was lush green and purely healthy. Hello, Couple nights in a row I did dream dead relatives trying to get my children. My grandma is dead.

I loved her dearly and never had a dream about her in so many years. Now I started dreaming that she tells us go to the church. We do go but not every Sunday. Then next night I dream that me and my kids are looking and funeral pictures where my grandma is dead in a cast. I put this picture away, and then see another family member, I have a feeling she might be grandmas mom or so dead also in a cast, but her tongue is long, big and out of her mouth. This picture gives me chills but it makes my kids laugh in a dream and I tell them its not ok.

So I put those pictures away in a bookshelf. Another night I dream that probably same dead relative, old lady is following us everywhere and trying to catch my kids. But we run away and I have my kid become a baby and be on my arm again. Then he started to get deamons out of me. Cross, saint water and procedures. Finally I was out of deamons. All dreams end good, it s just so weird that I dream every night and similar fear loosing my children, and have no idea who might be that deal old relative who is trying to get us….

Hey Victoria. You may want to get in touch with a prayer ministry and talk to them about that. It could be something called familiar spirits, which are demonic spirits that follow family lines. I would pray some prays on breaking off generational curses. You can pray a general one and see how God leads you further. I break its power and ask you to reveal to me the source of this attack. Examples of generational curses: anger, rage, abuse, poverty, health issues, alcoholism, addiction, the occult, witchcraft, etc. I renounce any agreement with it and forgive those who have sinned against me.

For more information you can email me at help dougaddison. I had a dream lastnight of running from the police twice in one night. The 1st dream before waking up they chased me and I got away woke up. Hey Lloyd! We do not have a team in place to interpret dreams sent into us. Doug has developed some wonderful resources to help you understand dreams yourself though!

And i really dont what does it mean and also i do lot of prayers and so i get dreams of angels sometimes gods of hindus and also get dreams which tell me m getting into trouble. But this one is so diffrent my dad got a dream of me crying and ragpicking in a railway station. Can any pls explain me what does it mean. Hey Sairithesh! We do not have a team in place to interpret dreams. Doug has some great dream resources that will help you understand your dreams for yourself though. One of the best is the Dream Crash Course. I recently had a very bad nightmare about e and friends and family being targeted and possessed by a demon over and over.

Also randomly there was like a pack of cigarettes from that showed up in my hack pocket at the same time I heard humming fro right behind me and i thought it was coming from a friend who was behind me and they said they thought it was coming from me. Hey Jeffrey! You can pray over your friends and family and ask God to give you some insight how to pray over them.

I had a dream the other day that I asked God for help. I was shot up into the sky through a tunnel made of clouds, but I was going so fast that I woke up still feeling myself flying upward. The same day I felt someone writing a message on my back with their fingers. I asked God if I could win the lottery. The person was writing something on my back. I then felt a guy kiss me and hold me close to him. He rolled over and left, then someone was pounding the bed by my feet like a drum. I was last woke up by a man in a black hooded robe with no face.

Invite the Spirt of Truth But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. John NIV. Hello I just woke up from a dream where I was being held by my hands when I was trying to get help. It felt so real that it actually scared me. And I have been trying to do some things in my life that scare me and hold me back. Could this be a sign? Hey Angie! Some we can experience what a spiritual attack feels like in a dream. You are going to break off fear.

As a child, I experienced strange dreams. One of constantly falling but never hitting the ground. Flying across the skies but thought it was just my inner self looking for an escape. Tsunamis appearing in a tropical island as I enteted the waters and then as I qickly ran up hill to the lands the Tsunami disappeared. I have also experienced my teeth falling out. In some dreams during my twenties they were painful. In other dreams they were comical to me. Since then, I have learned to decipher my dreams on my own. Painfull teeth falling out one at a time meant death to someone close to me.

At that sudden moment my childhood boyfriend saved me by grabbing my arm. Since then my dreams had come to an end. However, now as an adult I have had one fearful dream of an entity chassing me in my dreams! How ironic is it when my boyfriend the father of my children initially had the dream first but weeks later in his dream on Easter Sunday he dreamed of priest giving him an exorcism and casting out the evil entity and the day before his exorcisim the demon was chassing me with my new born son in my arms.

I ran for my life across a board walk of some sort where tiki lights were lighted all along my journey to safety. However, now I am suddenly awakened every night during what they call the witches hour. There are times where I am awaken by a presence but see nothing. I have no fear. My step father recently passed away and I have my fathers ern in my living room. His ashes do not disturb our family and it has been extremely peaceful having him in our household and in our presence.

He brings inner peace. My boyfriend has recently been having vivid scary dreams of me once again. Last night he dreamt I deliberately jumped off the back of his quad into dark muddy bubbling water after we road across the beach towards the end of which we were surrounded by a cliff and dark waters.

Therafter, he dreamt of me jumping into a pool of clear waters that suddenly turned black! Do you have any answers? I dreamt that I was laying in bed on my back then some spirit came into my room. In the dream it felt so real because I thought I actually woke up and was up in the middle of the night trying to call on the name Jesus.

When I felt the presence I quickly raised my hands up to the sky to Jesus and tried calling His name but it was like my lips were glued together. So I called on His name in my mind and kept trying to do it with my mouth. I really want to know what does this mean? This could be more of a spiritual warfare experience. While your awake, I could begin to find Bible verses to decree out loud over yourself.

Also, listen to worship music closer to going to bed. See how your dreams will change. My family and I are running down this mountain with a gigantic tiger chasing after us. We get stuck in this old, rusty, broken down car with no windows and the tiger is slashing left and right. Eventually everything grows still, my family is dead all around me. Why am I having this horrid dream. Tigers can be symbolic for demonic attacks. Spend time with God is prayer and worship and see how He has you pray into that. Dear Sir, My mother my sisters are so narcissistic to me and they are abusing me in emotionally and mentally.

My Mother acting same as like Queen Jezebel in book of kings. When i say stop, my mother squeezed my neck. What is that meaning about these dreams and please help me i do not have a right to even pray freely, listen gospel or preach. I need to get rid from this mother and have a life alone with jesus. Hey Tharangee! You can pray and break off any curses you think your mother may have spoken over you. One is a free ebook on dreams that would be a great first start. Thanks for sharing your dream with us. Hey Maria! Good morning. What does it mean when I constantly, night after night after night, have dreams about my childhood home, childhood school, dead grandmother, my 5 months baby dying, baby being hurt and demons keep playing with my baby.

I also dreamt about coffins and my husband, about hearse being parked in front of out house. I also got hallucinations of insects everyday, everytime I sleep. When I was young, I had a recurring dream that I was floating down the stairs into a mirror on a closet door on the landing st the bottom of the stairs. It was not scary.

I can remember it like I just had it. I was probably about 5 through 7 when I had these dreams. That was more than 50 years ago. Later after we did not live there anymore, my two sisters and my Mom where talking about dreams. By this time I was in my late teens. My sisters said they had this same exact dream too when we lived there. The dreams stopped after we moved from the house. What makes it weirder is, my mom lived in the house as a child too and had the dream.

She stopped having the dream when she moved out when she was a child. I just had a dream that pretty much the whole time I was getting messages that read 1son. And I have a son and I am also pregnant. In my dream what I got from that message was that I would lose my baby.

Meanwhile a demon was trying to catch us.. I kept running and yelling and trying to get it to leave and I woke up. I was in a big school and all these other people ran into the school so did I. Then I woken up from the feeling of the creature by my face I was freaked out idk what kind of animal it was. Hey Victoria! We do not interpret dream sent in. I would find some Bible verses to decree and declare over you and your family. I was crossing the street to get to a former place of employment, the courthouse, and was close to the sidewalk when a sort of fog over came me and it was making it hard for me to get to the sidewalk, when I looked to my left a car was driving towards me, it was was driving the wrong way on a one way street.

I was frustrated cause I could not make it to the side walk and not really concerned about the car. It was like I was looking into my back yard, like something was trying to show me something, I was not standing anywhere, I was looking at my bedroom window , it was a picture window my normal window is a 3 separate section window. Hello Doug. More grace to you. Please, what does it mean to be suffocated in the dream. I saw someone suffocating me, I could not speak, but in my spirit , I was saying Jesus kill him.

Thank you for your response. Hey Mary! I first dreamt someone was outside whistling at me. I tried to ask my boyfriend if it was him and he disappeared. I walked through the house to find him and he was in the bathroom. As soon as I did, I stepped back one step and felt a magnetic pull on the top of my head that pulled me to the ceiling. It then let me down but pulled me to the corner of the dining room but still levitating.

I finally tried to yell and my voice woke me from the dream. Thank you for sharing your dream with us. We do have a team in place to interpret dreams sent in but Doug has some great resources that train you to interpret dreams yourself. I also had Jesus visit me 2 months ago, he had very light blue eyes almost white, golden browns hair up to shoulders, He was very perfect looking, as in no imperfections.

I felt happiness, peace, glory and all the goodness in the word around his presence thats why I knew it was the lord and the Holy Spirit telling me that it is indeed Jesus Christ. He then proceeded to tell me that he is going to bring me the sky, and then the next thing I knew, my bedroom celling had now been turned into the sky.

I woke up overwhelmed and in tears that I could not control. Present day — I had a dream I was in a strange place there was a glass room with 4 people, it was as if they were trapped by a strange force, I asked if I could enter and If I did would I get trapped. They replied no as if they were lying and knew that if i had entered the room then someone else in that very room could leave , leaving me trapped.

I had entered anyway, and to my exact thought I was right, the girl stood and as she was about to leave the glass room I followed her and continued to say in the name of Jesus. I was let out of this room and then she grabbed my hand, she turned to me and said that there was a girl approaching, her words to describe this girl was ugly and disgusting. The girl approached me she was in a red cape and with a bigger lady, she did not look ugly or disgusting, sure she had a hooked nose that was not attractive.

Then she quickly backed away — the girl that warned me about her looked at me with hope in her eyes and cheered and as I came to say Jesus name again then my vocal cords just did not work. My question is why? Would she have mannifested into someone uglier and disgusting that I was not capable to take on. I woke up shortly after and was genuinely in fear for a few seconds as it felt so real. This has happened twice where I have said Jesus name the first time but then this demonic force has somehow chopped my vocals and I am unable to defend myself with my voice.

Sounds insane, but hey who on earth would want to be traumatized by these events on countless occasions. Thanks for sharing with us Alora. Praying for you now to receive even more insight into these events and to gain more understanding on what they mean. God bless you. Hey Gay! Thanks for sharing what happened with your daughter. God bless you and your family. Hello, blessings! I am a christian and have crazy all over the place dreams like this and am wondering what this one means because there is so much. I really hope i didnt forget anything.

So I remember my friend leaving with her friend and so I got on the bus. But everything was kinda familiar but a little odd and unfamiliar. Then, from what I can remember I was at school and I was in the kindergarten class I teachers aid for and all I remember was sitting in the class with her and my friend that also helps and then the teachers assistant and there was a random picture of the teacher with a brunette hair color but the teacher is blonde.

Then I remember us running outside and the sky was grey and it felt like a tornado was going to come so we were running. I remember looking around at places and thinking about a purse. Then it was just my best friend and I running through tunnels where trains go. We were dodging the trains to get somewhere. Then another person I am sorta friends with was behind me and was jumping with us. Then the other friend never made it I think. Then in the dream I was going home with my best friend and she split with me to go home and so I had to walk by myself. But for some reason I had to go to the park but the sky was grey all except for the where park was so I didnt go.

But the thing is for some reason I was naked all of a sudden and had suds all over my body. I heard a man and an old man having a conversation as I was running. They were talking about the pool at the park and I think they were talking about how good it was but I think the man warned the older man about something about the pool. So I kept going and people were kinda outside their house chilling and a man was staring at me. So I was still running buy it felt like I was in slow motion and I was still cleaning my body in public as I rain.

This is where I saw the park and how the sky was light above the park and I decided not to go because it was an eerie feeling I got so i started to go home. I was getting random flashes of me having sexual intercourse but the vision was focused on my backside. So when I got home. A girl that went to my school that i felt used to make fun of me but graduated was in my brothers room playing his game and she was being nice to me.

And then I walked into the bathroom and my baby brother was in the tub and the water was still and grey. Then I woke up. This has happened quite a few times now recently and is really getting to me. Anybody had anything like this or an explanation? Hey Dale! It sounds to me like God is revealing to you that something is blocking you from your destiny.

Sound to me as though you are having sleep paralysis. Are you someome thats recently gotten closer to God? Or perhaps not, mine started when I was I was unable to explain it, it felt as though I was awake, but i was indeed fast asleep. I was 16 and yes I was brought up in a catholic family but I was not crazy religious or anything, I went out drinking, lying to my parents etc.. Why was this happening? It says be fearless time in the bible — once for everyday. It is written in the word itself. Fear is not from God, but trust in him to make you fearless. Try this method, it worked for me and now whem people tell me the same experience that they are having, I tell them the exact same thing.

So maybe this is a sign for you. I had a dream where a white two hands are defeating two black hands…. Hey Franklin! I just had a dream of this tall kind of husky man giving m the warmest hug. Doug has a variety of resources that will help train you to interpret your own dreams though. One is a free ebook on dreams that is a great start. Also, I would take time to be praying for your family, especially if they do not yet know the Lord. But I was having fun then somebody threw a Snapple bottle fill with vodka. Thanks for listening. Thanks for sharing your dream!

Angels and demons are real and that there is a spiritual battle over people getting to know Jesus. Once we follow Jesus, then there is a spiritual battle over our destiny and life-purpose. The good news is that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and now sits at the right hand of Father God with all demons under his feet. This means you can pray Psalm 91 over you and your home and tell anything not holy to leave your home in the name of Jesus.

Just to let you know i have sin alot and did taboo things. And bad sexual thinking to a family member. And other things… Yesterday.. Doing it myself and beliving jesuse will wash my sins away.. I confess my sins to jesus and Used holy palms made in a cross since it was blessed a couple easters ago.. To blessed the water. And dipped myself in the bath water and say couple words.. And said amen. Dry myself,Then went to bed…i had a dream that turn into a nighmare.. I was dreaming of working in a dinner explaining to my boss many people i have meet that was in the dinner in the pass when growing up.

Steped outside when it was daylight then turn night time while Drinking ice tea with lemon then having black hair pulled out of my mouth and straw from my drink…. Waked inside to explaining to my boss what happened and that i told him i knew i had a clean straw and a cup before i fill ice tea in my drink.. I saidi need a moment to think what just happen.. Sat down near a window… Then a garbage blew up fluw into the air landed on fire..

Then a creepy demonic woman with super long legs and long black hair wearing just a white dirty short dress. She was so tall and skinny somewhat. She pass my view threw the window… Then i look closely and she bended down with a obsessed figure face. And evil eye glare at me.. I flung back in fear sating the end of days cannot be hear!!.

Then i woke up…… That was my dream to a night maire…. Whatdoes it mean please help.. Hey Joel! Thanks for sharing your dream. The 6 steps Doug lays out in this article with greatly help you. If you need some further resources on prayer ministries or hearing God for you yourself, Doug has these resources on his website. If you need help finding them email me at help dougaddison. I had a dream that something kept following me. But every time I looked back nothing was there. Also, you may want to spend some time in worship and growing in hearing the Lord. You can take the dream to the Lord and ask Him what it means.

Ask Seller a Question. Every chapter opens with a story that shares the legend of a demon, and then offers fascinating information on the culture that, in many cases, perpetuates this belief. For those who believe in these creatures, this book gives reason to fear the unknown. For those who do not believe in demons, it provides terrifying reading for a stormy night.

David E. As a field anthropologist, Dr. Jones has spent decades studying the folklore of native people throughout the world. Visit Seller's Storefront. All items are subject to prior sale, Items sold on a first come first served format. I offer a no hassle return policy as per ABE books Rules. All books are shipped cheapest way possible unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Any questions feel free to call or e-mail between 9am and 5pm EST time. HRT may not be the answer, but make sure there are no medical problems before. The suggestion is equally true for men.

It could be as simple as a medical imbalance in the brain. The method suggested above is suitable for all cases. How do people react to prayer in the Name of Jesus by His Blood. I am often around mentally ill people, however. They HATE to be touched and with writhe and scream when touched? He does NOT writhe and scream when touched.

You claim you are often around mentally ill people, but you statement is totally ignorant. It seems you better sit down and do your homework so you can get your facts straight. I dont think you know very much about Aspergers. Medically conclude me as mentally ill…. SO Thats what they did…. They really are intelligent!! Aspergillus, a genus of several hundred mold species named after aspergillum. Although they are terrible disorders I have learned to cope and not show my ticks compulsions if you will in front of others.

I am living a totally normal life and am completely in love with God. I am currently being nominated for elder in my congregation. Also there should definitely be a distinction between mental disorders and demon possession. I highly doubt this will sway your opinion and I fully expect another CAPs-filled rant shortly, but please try to logic through this.

Again, I know how insensitive I sound, but I only want you to think. If you so choose to. That is not even funny at all…. They curse God and anything connected to Him. When I called out to Jesus in prayer, the person literally ran from the house saying they felt persecution getting worse as I called on Jesus. It is real and getting more real as we are in the last days and our society is inundated with spiritualism. He preached what he believed to be GOOD for the times.

Once people understand that, and are focused on the present and the GOOD in us, we will be closer to peace. Eh, no, I will have to disagree. Jesus was not just a puppet. Even the Spirit is said to point people to Jesus Christ. While it may be the true that some of what Jesus said was specially directed to the people of His time, it also is applicable for us today. May we unify in the name of Jesus and pray for one another. Love your neighbor. The arguing gives the evil one a foothold. Glorify Christ, pray with the ceasing, and call on the name of Jesus when you need help or feel to weak to fight the battle.

He will never leave nor forsake HIS children! I am so glad I found yr site. I appreciate yr honesty and readiness to admit to being humanly fallible. When you think along those lines, a lot of these stories make sense. God bless. The bible says to God our good deeds are like filthy rags, that the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, and for us to equip ourselves with the helmet of salvation, belt of truth, sheild of faith. I think evil is all around us, and we will be dumbfounded when the veil is lifted and we are in the presence of Jesus whom was always there.

A great teaching Jeremy. My wife and I were last night called by a family friend to pray with her about her daughter who would disappear from home and when she re-appears, she is kind of confused, claiming to have been followed by a certain girl they met in school and tried recruiting her to devil worship. She had not come back home and the mother suspected that she must have had the same experiences since she had been trying calling but in vain. We therefore prayed and sure enough by the time we finished praying called herself but could communicate properly.

I am not sure. Something is going on, but I am not thinking it demonic possession. Maybe depression. Maybe some sort of drugs? Maybe a boyfriend? Maybe a bad home life? Just be careful about too quickly saying she is possessed. It is a mistake to think that Christians cannot play host to demonic activity they can and they do. If this is indeed found to be he case, the person should recognize and accept accept the part they may have played in allowing this to happen, confees and forsake the sin and ask God for deliverance. What I am about to say to you, I am saying in a spirit of helpfulness, please believe me.

I clicked on your post looking for answers and found none. What I found was uncertainty and ambiguity. You talked about demon possession but gave no definitive answers on the subject. God is not the author of confusion and He does not deal in uncertainty. If we are going to make known to the public any biblical issue as ministers of God, we MUST know beyond a shadow of a doubt what we are talking about. We must study to show ourselves approved unto God — a workman that need not be ashamed but rightly divining the Word of truth!

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The world has too much to criticize the church about as it is. But the kingdom of God is not so. The answers are there, the answers are sure and certain and they change for noone or nothing. I would encourage you to read your bible more and spend more time in the presence of God so the Spirit of truth can lead and guide you into all truth. Then you can make known to the world the right answers that come from the One who has all wisdom ,knowledge and understanding..

Have you been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost? Then Jesus says take, eat and learn of Me. Stay encouraged and continue to grow in the Lord so that you can proclaim the word of God in power and certainty! Are you a pastor? If so, are you saying that you have absolute certainty about the truth of everything you have ever taught? My mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia she hears voices in your head.. I want to convince her that she should go get exercised but shebwont listen to me she also has said she seen herself in the mirror with red skin and black eyes which really made me feel uneasy.

So I really believe that mental illnesses such as schizophrenia for sure is tied to demonic possession. And I am trying to find ways to help my mom but with under the influence of thisbdemon it is struggle. Nemy, I am certainly not an expert, and can only speak from experience and what I have heard from others. I have no good explanation for what you describe. I am certain, of course, that if your mother went to a psychologist, they would say that this does describe a mental illness.

But again, I am not a psychologist, and am certain that in biblical times, your mother would be considered demonized. I am not sure what you should do, but no matter what, you should try to get help for your mother. Take her to see a Christian counselor first, and then a Christian psychologist.

See what they say, and then go from there. It is stressed in the New Testament that we should seek wisdom from God rather than worldly knowledge. Would you then entertain the possibility that this worldly knowledge books, internet, etc. The bible tells us not to fear. Jesus gave us the authority to cast out demons. Why then would we fear them? Paul tells us the only thing we should boast about is God.

In essence, we are not special. We have a loving, merciful father, but we are sinners. The only thing we really can gloat about then is God, just as he said. Worldly knowledge that has taught me so much about mental illnesses? I am not sure what you are referring to. My daughter is now 21 years old.

She began showing symptoms of mental illness after I married [and shortly after her biological father died] in She was practically a straight A student—boldy confident, happy, and bright. She graduated high school 2 years early with a 3. Since then, she has been diagnosed, reassessed, then diagnosed again—bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, Asperger syndrome, and PTSD. The medical establishment—numerous physicians, mental health counselors, and other clinicians, cannot not come to a consensus about what is really wrong with her.

I am convinced that what ever is wrong with my daughter is bigger than the medical profession or any flesh can handle for that matter. On the other hand, an atheist could profit from psychotherapy even if he was possessed by a demon, because therapy generally increases awareness, positive techniques, self-empowerment etc.

Also our consciousness cannot distinguish, e. No matter if you believe in demons or not, if you are religious or not, never forget that humans are responsible for their decisions and should never blame or even excuse their actions etc. I ask because it happens that intelligent autists can compensate symptoms until they mentally collapse, and this can appear like an unbelievable change in personality although it is a symptom of exhaustion.

Hello I am a mental health sufferer and I have been in and out of treatment for 11 years. And it has been my greatest joy… Everyone I have ever met in treatment in groups at doctors all have had a very tragic childhood. I have the added luxury of having a very high iq which again is more common in the mentally ill than not. Now keep in mind that for over years people labeled ill have been institutionalized and kept locked away to be monitored expiramented on and studied and science still has no idea.

Almost all hallucinations are the same quite often being demonic in nature. The cause of mental illness is in fact a very broken heart. When your heart gets broken it hurts your soul. How do I know?? Because when I came to a place where I was ready to forgive and let God have the anger. My symptoms were no longer there. But when you come to a place of Grace God will grant deliverance. I am now training to start a ministry for people diagnosed. A place to learn about the healing touch of God and a place to be loved. And what does God say…. For we do not have a spirit of fear but of strength and power and self control.

By his stripes we are healed. Whom the son sets free is free indeed…. He came to set the captives free. Are we not told to take every thought captive???? No mental bondage is most certainly demonic. I am demon possessed and i need God but i know the spirit of god has left me as he did saul. I feel myself getting worst each day. I grew up in the church and a month ago i started doubting jesus and the bible.. Then i read a verse the blaspheme chapter and then my mind automatically everytime i said the holy spirit would go to the name that they called the evil spirit.

I knew it wasnt true i didnt believe it but its like when you try not to think of something you think it constantly. It was driving me insane. Now ive qsked for forgiveness so many times but its only grnted throught the holy spirit. I know im possessed by demons. I also believe jesus is lord and that he came in the flesh and he is the son of god amen. At this point i have tingling all over my body face and head and pain sometimes and movement in my stomach. My pupils are black and dialated. Im unable to retain memory. My heart felt like it was being chewed and ripped apart so now i feel nothing emotionally.

I just want the holy spirit, nothing more nothing less. If you feel you are demon possessed, you should go see a pastor or psychologist right away. It sounds like there are some definite mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues going on right now, and you need to seek out immediate professional help! I believe that a psychologist can do nothing for me. I cama to the conclusion because of the symptoms. This is a spiritual problem that is manefesting in the flesh.

I feel like a Judas.

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  • Its crazy because i know God is watching me and sees it all. Because of my disobedience to what the word says this is what happened. God has the power to stop this. Pray for me. Demons are subject to Christ and God. But what happens when God gives you over to them… am i another judas, christ have mercy on my soul. Please pray for me. I will pray for you. Maybe consider seeing a Christian psychologist? Mental, emotional, and psychological issues are often identical to spiritual issues. Muscle twitches, tingling, stiffness, all of that. Hi Bainyu. Satan is the father of lies and doubt is a favorite weapon.

    He will whisper lies til we convince ourselves we are lost.

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    Then I started searching for truth which led me to prayer and back to Christianity. God thru His grace set me free. After a while I went back to my old ways of the world. God was patient, But then just like the Bible says a new group of evil came along and are trying to settle in. Like you I am now fighting the fear that God has left me, but I truly believe that is just doubt from the enemy.

    I pray and do Bible studies thru the internet every day. I continue to learn about what it means to be a follower of Christ. The Bible speaks of persistence in prayer, and of lost souls being welcomed back after repenting. Like you, I also sometimes feel that power and sensation when praying, but it is the power of God. I think you are on a journey back to Christ, Do Not Give Up or ever convince yourself you are lost forever.

    Thank you, i appreciate that. How can i when i know the truth and its eternity no tv just right now that is on the line. God in his infinit ex power can restore me. God has mercy on whom he pleases i pray in he would forgive my rebellious thoughts against him. Sorry, but what part of the bible are you studing, GOD never leaves you, He just doesnt, it says nothing seperates us from his love and power and He himself said the same. If you want to get better, you first better start believing what Jesus said and stop going by your feelings, the last thing to trust. Bainyu, since you recognize Jesus as Lord, the Holy Spirit must be present in you to show you this truth.

    I am not an expert in any of these areas but if you are recognizing Jesus as Lord and praying for help which shows faith it does not seem to me that you could be possessed by demons. Rather it seems to me that you belong to Jesus because you know Him and look to Him for help. The human mind and body can malfunction in many ways but it sounds to me that spiritually you are in Christ. He will patiently teach us and answer our questions. Our relationship with Him takes time and will not be the same every day just as our human relationships must grow and mature.

    Doubts and questions will be part of that. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. He knows we are human and make mistakes and do not understand many things. He knows we are like sheep not very smart animals! Thats encouraging. Im afraid of slipping away. Demon possession from what i read is a progression. Also when i pray i know God hears me because he is omnipresent but it seems as though He has cut his end so that its not an open line.

    My prayers are lifeless. I read and it doesnt touch my spirit, only my head then soon leaves. I feel empty no joy,hope no fruits of the spirit. I feel myself getting worse every day. I have experienced the joy of the spirit and comfort and peace. Its through the spirit which taught me jesus.

    I took jesus for granted, i took the holy spirit for granted. God have mercy on me. I want to scream and cry out to God my inside needs him wants him but yet i feel nothing. I need Jesus as we all do. Bainyu, my heart turned as I read your first post. She told me to get my Bible and that we were going to read that verse. But I was even more afraid of continuing on in the darkness that had overtaken me spiritually, so I brought my Bible. My mom read it to me and explained it to me.

    The demon had given me a misinterpretation; you can look up online in commentaries and realize that 1 there is no sin that is truly unforgivable, because God is greater than all our sin, and 2 merely thinking a thought, especially one that a demon has placed in your mind, is NOT blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I was still crying, and my mom held me and started praying over me, that God would remove the demon oppressing me and that I would be reminded of my salvation in Christ. As she did so, I felt the weighty darkness on my mind lift off, the fear of hell left me, and a darkness felt like it drained out of my body through my feet.

    And what I can only describe as feeling pure light entered me, like a vortex. I felt so clean, so lightweight, so peaceful. I felt like I almost glowed with light from God and that I could fly. The Holy Spirit made His presence so known to me that day. Bainyu, I wish that I could lay my hands on you and pray for you the way my mom did for me that day.

    I know that horrible trick that was played on me, and it makes me angry but unsurprised to know that it is being played on other Christians. While I cannot physically touch you, I will pray for deliverance for you. Take the helmet of salvation in Ephesians 6 — you are saved. You can do nothing to be un-saved. I think so i know why but i am not sure you can type in google judgement day for cristians and also you can go to church and be batipized and also get councelling and also you can try praying to Jesus and also try to find ways to remove demons from your body and also for sings only then you can know wheather you are demon possed or not thank you.

    This is such a great read on signs of demon possession! It is a subject all believers need to be educated on. When I was a young believer, I thought anything bizarre or abnormal was the devil. As I matured, I learned that everything is not the devil! Working at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in NC, I encountered people who called the prayer line believing they were possessed. Many heard voices, or felt things crawling in them or on them. Of course, prayed for them and encouraged them to see their doctor about their symptoms. Wisdom and the gift of discerning of spirits are important gifts to have when determining whether you are dealing with possession or oppression.

    We cannot be quick to label someone as having a demon, but ask God to show us what is really going on. When I was a young believer, our church went to an outdoor ministry event. As I was talking to an Afro-American woman, I felt there was something wrong with her. I told me Pastor, I though she had a demon, because when she spoke, it sounded to me like she echoed. It was the strangest thing.

    I have never experienced anything like this since. We had no experience with demonic activity. A Hispanic woman who spoke no English, was standing by saw what was happening. She took the woman by the arm and rebuked the spirit and cast it out. The woman fell to the ground, and when she stood up again, her speech was normal. I was amazed that the devil had to obey, even though the woman could not understand Spanish! We do have authority to tread on serpents and scorpions.

    Can a Christian determine if someone is Demon-Possessed?

    We just have to know for sure what we are treading on. I have seen many people hurt in Churches when they went for help and told they had a demon and were not. We have to be careful to discern between the flesh and th spirit. Thank you for sharing. I learnt a new perspective from your article, about the fact that demonic possession need not necessarily manifest in the ways we always expect. I come from a Christian background, in communities that thoroughly believe in the spiritual realm, and so I pretty much grew up seeing people being gloriously delivered from spirits, as well as the sometimes disturbing manifestations these people exhibited.

    I often see them in the spirit, sometimes very vividly, other times they appear as vague cloud-like or humanoid forms. Sometimes it would be to cast something out under my breath, sometimes to simply love and worship the Lord, other times to ignore and walk by.

    Thanks for reading. I would love to hear if you have any thoughts on this : I have enjoyed reading your articles. I have been greatly influenced in recent years about the spiritual realm by the excellent study performed by Walter Wink on this subject. See his Powers trilogy. Unfortunately, most translations fail to differentiate between which entity is meant.

    Owes allegiance to Lucifer;. There are a couple of other entities that should be included in that list, but they are both extremely rare, and usually referred with a different designation. How these manifest in the physical world, depends upon various factors. Too complicated to describe in 1, words.

    This reaction may, but need not correlate with a substance within the body; 4 Something other than the individual, controlling the individual; 5 Something else entirely;. There is no comprehensive catalog of substances, and their effect on an individual, either by itself, or in combination with other things, or when other things are not present. Odors, sounds, images can cause reactions, in and of themselves.

    Typically, it is a short term reaction. An example of the fourth instance, is when an advertisement convinces one to purchase a product. A constant bombardment of advertising, not only can, but does weaken a resistance to it, and creates a desire to conform with what it requests. Spend ten days in a cabin in the woods, with no radio, TV, Internet, or newspapers. Observe the difference within you, between the first day, and the last day.

    A lot of that is the result of no-advertising pressure. As an example of 5, a woman confined to a mental institution in New York for thirty years. Her reaction was a defense against being attacked by thugs, and held against her will. She was eventually released, when an intern realized she was using an archaic dialect of the language his parents, or grandparents spoke. I have a couple experiences that were a result of what happened to me in the past, hidden subconsciously in my mind.

    One was smoke. Every time I smelled smoke, I would get angry to the point where I verbally attacked two persons burning something two different times like I was a crazy person. Finally, I had to know why. I could not live like this forever. And I prayed and asked the Lord. He reminded me that when I was pregnant that I was at a cookout where I inhaled a lot of smoke from the cookout using charcoal and after that I miscarried as well as the lady that was the host of the cookout. We were both a little over five months pregnant and we both miscarried. It was because subconsciously I linked the smoke from that event as the contributing factor for losing my baby.

    Therefore, every time I smelled smoke, I would go into a rage. But after the Lord revealed that to me, I am fine now and do not go into a rage anymore when I smell smoke. And another event just recently is I kept sending attacking emails to a friend of mine like I was some crazy person.

    Dragons and Dinosaurs

    I finally could not stand this anymore and asked the Lord if my friend reminded me of someone in my past. He immediately showed me that she did and who the person was she reminded me of. I knew then I had to forgive this person and ask my friend to forgive me also. She said she has forgiven me but I know also that she will no longer have anything to do with me. I cannot blame her though.

    I did her wrong. But after the Lord showed me what the problem was, then I was able to stop attacking my friend. So, sometimes subconsciously we store up things in our brain that become triggers to something down the road. So, perhaps pray and ask the Lord the reason for a behavior and see what He shows you. I have spent a long time studying spiritual human behaviours.

    You know we are only capable of doing one thing, that is making a choice. When it comes to God Christ the Trinity etc. And the devil, we are left in the middle. At this point we have to make a choice, choose God or choose the devil. These choices have to continually be made on a daily basis and to choose God means clinging to His spirit in Truth and obeying that Truth.

    Outside of this voice we have the endless possibilities of being decieved by the devil who prompts us with apparent goods or even blatent evils to not obey and follow God. A simple choice to ignore Christ at any giving moment means we are becoming a vessel of the only other spiritual entity that exist Satan. Its that simple. Possession becomes that simple. It only manifests itself in greater or lesser ways depending on how involved one gets with the devils via making bad choices or actually summoning them.

    It is the devils power that is the first cause of every physical spiritual manifestation that is not of God no matter how great or small. Its really that simple. We have no power other then to choose. Just a reminder not all demons are blatantly evil some can produce good effects its usually these demons that the majority of mankind follow and become possessed by but all have rejected Christ and have become deprived of the eternal and Holy spirit of God.

    Where there is no deciet or ill mannered moves made who unites all who stay united to Him in the true spirit of Holy Charity. Yes, you are correct…Yes, when I did what I did, it was demonic in nature, that I admit…. A evil possessed is very hard to notce unless u have the Holy Spirit with you…they are normal just like any other people but wait until they tell you bout em……i knw im still young to talk like this but that is how i live,with them..

    There are a lot of interesting comments here and it is definitely true that the more you seem out the devil in terms of knowledge of in this type of situation, the more power he gets and this is a topic that interests me as a topic of the supernatural especially vsm mental illness.

    They do not have a mental illness…they are different, their brains function differently. But I will say that I have come. However schizophrenia vs. Some actually suggest and belive that these individuals are closer to the Holy spirit and that they are in between a newer evolutionary state. There is documented proof that some. Many children on the spectrum are children of light especially those that are non-verbal.

    Also, many things can cause seizures. My father passed. By what you said, he would have been possessed by the devil. He had brain cancer.