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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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In fact, he spent much of singing in New York clubs, including the Village Vanguard, where he was replaced by a young Harry Belafonte. Roaring Lion has claimed that Belafonte subsequently performed and recorded some of Lion 's songs without crediting or compensating the originator. In , Roaring Lion relocated to Great Britain for 15 years, performing, recording, and running both a cosmetics company and a bureau that helped immigrants find jobs and places to live.

After his British jaunt he returned to Trinidad to assume his position as an elder statesman. He is also the author of a treatise devoted to his theory that calypso's roots can be traced back to 13th century France, Calypso from France to Trinidad: Years of History. In , he issued an album of re-recordings of a dozen of his hits, with Eddy Grant producing, and guest appearances by Grant and David Rudder.

Ice also issued many of his classic originals on CD with Sacred 78's. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

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Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. When Ralph first introduced Zamba to Pamela, a vibrant bright little lady, she just captured his heart immediately and they got along famously. Pam even helped Ralph take care of Zamba during all their time in Nairobi, Kenya while shooting the movie, which took a year to complete because of bad rain. When Ralph returned to the States in he married Toni Ringo Toni Helfer and they gave birth to a beautiful daughter Tana Helfer , which Ralph said was, and is, one of the greatest blessings God has bestowed on me!

Tana was named after a river in Kenya, who from the very beginning had a special relationship with Zamba. Soon because of the Antelope Valley Freeway Ralph and Toni's property was cut in half so they had to relocate to Soledad Canyon where they bought acres of land to build their new ranch and they decided to name it "Africa U.

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A" because of the large number of African animals that were being filmed. Ralph's own relationship with Zamba was so close and so trusting that he never thought twice about bringing his daughter around him. Zamba knew lots of baby animals, and he always treated Tana with the utmost gentleness and respect. He'd never lick her skin, for instance, only her clothes, as if he knew that his rough tongue would hurt her.

And his claws were never out when he was anywhere near her. Zamba was not only Tana's God Father, but Guardian and constant companion as well. Ralph's heart was filled with happiness to see Tana curled up against Zamba; it was like beauty and the beast, except to him they were both beautiful.

At Play in the Lions' Den

Tana was probably one of the only children in the world who had a lion around as other kids had a family dog and it was not uncommon to see her riding on Zamba's back around the ranch. On Zamba's eighteenth birthday he passed away peacefully on the "Gentle Jungle" ranch in Colton, California and Ralph drove him to the far end of his ranch and buried him next to their favorite tree they called Old Lady. An enormous thunderstorm hit their ranch soon after Zamba died, and a bolt of lightning hit Old Lady, splitting her in half. She also had a good life and it was time for her to go as well.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Edit Zamba. Showing all 28 items. They stopped at Messina, Sicily, in part because it served as an excellent point of departure from Europe to the Holy Land, but also because Richard had business with King Tancred.

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The new monarch had refused to hand over the bequest the late king had left to Richard's father, and was witholding the dower owed to his predecessor's widow and keeping her in close confinement. This was of special concern to Richard the Lionheart, because the widow was his favorite sister, Joan. To complicate matters, the Crusaders were clashing with the citizens of Messina.

Richard resolved these problems in a matter of days. He demanded and got Joan's release, but when her dower was not forthcoming he began taking control of strategic fortifications. When the unrest between the Crusaders and the townfolk flared into a riot, he personally quelled it with his own troops.

A Biography of Richard the Lionheart

Before Tancred knew it, Richard had taken hostages to secure the peace and begun constructing a wooden castle overlooking the city. Tancred was forced to make concessions to Richard the Lionheart or risk losing his throne. The agreement between Richard the Lionheart and Tancred ultimately benefited the king of Sicily, for it included an alliance against Tancred's rival, the new German emperor, Henry VI.

Philip, on the other hand, was unwilling to jeopardize his friendship with Henry and was irritated at Richard's virtual takeover of the island. He was mollified somewhat when Richard agreed to share the monies Tancred paid, but he soon had cause for further irritation. Richard's mother Eleanor arrived in Sicily with her son's bride, and it was not Philip's sister.

Alice had been passed over in favor of Berengaria of Navarre, and Philip wasn't in either a financial or military position to address the insult. His relationship with Richard the Lionheart further deteriorated, and they would never recover their original affability. Richard couldn't marry Berengaria quite yet, because it was Lent; but now that she'd arrived in Sicily he was ready to leave the island where he had tarried for several months. Three days out of Messina, Richard the Lionheart and his fleet ran into a terrible storm. When it was over, about 25 ships were missing, including the one carrying Berengaria and Joan.

In fact the missing ships had been blown further on, and three of them though not the one Richard's family were on had been driven aground in Cyprus. Some of the crews and passengers had drowned; the ships had been plundered and the survivors were imprisoned. All of this had occurred under the governance of Isaac Ducas Comnenus, the Greek "tyrant" of Cyprus, who had at one point entered into an agreement with Saladin to protect the government he'd set up in opposition to the ruling Angelus family of Constantinople.

After having rendezvoused with Berengaria and secured her and Joan's safety, Richard demanded restoration of the plundered goods and the release of those prisoners who hadn't already escaped.

Henry James

Isaac refused, rudely it was said, apparently confident in Richard's disadvantage. To Isaac's chagrin, Richard the Lionheart successfully invaded the island, then attacked against the odds, and won. This was of great strategic value, since Cyprus would prove to be an important part of the supply line of goods and troops from Europe to the Holy Land.

Richard's first success in the Holy Land, after having sunk an enormous supply ship encountered on the way, was the capture of Acre. The city had been under siege by Crusaders for two years, and the work Philip had done upon his arrival to mine and sap the walls contributed to its fall. However, Richard not only brought an overwhelming force, he spent considerable time examining the situation and planning his attack before he even got there.

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It was almost inevitable that Acre should fall to Richard the Lionheart, and indeed, the city surrendered mere weeks after the king arrived. Shortly afterward, Philip returned to France.

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His departure was not without rancor, and Richard was probably glad to see him go. Although Richard the Lionheart scored a surprising and masterful victory at Arsuf, he was unable to press his advantage. Saladin had decided to destroy Ascalon, a logical fortification for Richard to capture.

Taking and rebuilding Ascalon in order to more securely establish a supply line made good strategic sense, but few of his followers were interested in anything but moving on to Jerusalem. And fewer still were willing to stay on once, theroretically, Jerusalem was captured. Matters were complicated by quarrels among the various contingents and Richard's own high-handed style of diplomacy. After considerable political wrangling, Richard came to the unavoidable conclusion that the conquest of Jerusalem would be far too difficult with the lack of military strategy he'd encountered from his allies; furthermore, it would be virtually impossible to keep the Holy City should by some miracle he manage to take it.

The tension had grown so bad between the kings of England and France that Richard chose to go home by way of the Adriatic Sea in order to avoid Philip's territory. Once again the weather played a part: a storm swept Richard's ship ashore near Venice. Henry kept Richard at various imperial castles as events unfolded and he gauged his next step. Legend has it that a minstrel called Blondel went from castle to castle in Germany seeking Richard, singing a song he had composed with the king.

When Richard heard the song from within his prison walls, he sang a verse known only to himself and Blondel, and the minstrel knew he had found the Lionheart. However, the story is just a story. Henry had no reason to hide Richard's whereabouts; in fact, it suited his purposes to let everyone know that he had captured one of the most powerful men in Christendom.