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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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In collaboration with Amber Road, Supply Chain Movement has put together this Global EU Trade Map which provides an overview of current EU trade agreements and an insight into potential trade risks and how to mitigate them. Gary Barraco details how collaboration with suppliers is key, too. An enterprise-wide global trade strategy increases supply chain cost and service performance for all trading partners and enables importers and exporters to comply with mandatory trade and security regulations.

Part of doing business successfully is making sure you know exactly who your business partners are. Most world governments publish lists of parties that their citizens or residents are prohibited or restricted from doing business with. The United States alone publishes about 50 different lists containing such information, and keeping track of those lists is vital to global trade, according to Ty Bordner, vice president solutions consulting for Amber Road.

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A new logistics company wants to speed deliveries by easing shipping bottlenecks around the world by combining supply chain visibility with big data. Global supply chains are growing in complexity, yet remain vulnerable to a myriad of threats and hazards that damage businesses and threaten the global economy. Gary Baracco, Director of Global Product Marketing at Amber Road discuss how there needs to be a marked increase in proactive practices, starting with clear continuity plans in case of disruptions. For food manufacturers and food trading companies with activities in the Asia-Pacific American region, it is worthwhile to study the treaty text of the TPP.

This feature appeared in a dual language Swiss publication. Click here for the German version and here for the French version. Amber Road has been a member of the association since This year, Amber Road will continue to provide subject matter expertise to the member community on utilizing innovative sourcing technologies to ensure compliance across the global supply chain, how to ensure supply chain security and manage risk, among other supply chain challenges.

As we transition into , what capabilities are companies looking for in a global trade management solution? The Technology Evaluation Center TEC recently looked into the benefits that companies have been looking for - and what they found in Amber Road's solutions. Change is a constant in international trade. Make sure your global trade management software includes these four capabilities, and you'll be ready to meet to the latest requirements.

Anthony Hardenburgh, vice president of global trade content, explains that a GTM solution must take on a product management role, merging the competing demands of imports, exports, tariffs, and laws. Companies are taking a more holistic look at their overall supply chain and one key area is duty management. When introducing new products, why hasn't total landed cost played a more prominent role in the vetting process? Increasingly, SCM practitioners gain that edge courtesy of the data collected by companies such as Amber Road. Nathan Pieri, Chief Product Officer at Amber Road, explains why moving goods seamlessly - using supply chain analytics and big data - is a global imperative for Gary Barraco, director of product marketing at Amber Road, has seen strong interest in product testing and social compliance—but product testing is becoming more important now with the U.

Supply chains, and the tools for managing them, have evolved over at least the last years. Following the great industrial age, the initial focus was to improve the relatively simple, but very labor-intensive processes. Today, supply chain engineering through technology and processes allows manufacturers to manage extraordinarily complex international networks.

Apparel and textile companies could greatly benefit from reduced costs, improved global market competitiveness, fewer bureaucratic regulations and speedier inventory turnaround if foreign-trade zones FTZs were a part of their sourcing strategies, but many of the zones remain underutilized. This has enabled ABB planners to explore different supply chain scenarios that take into account total landed costs, export and import regulations, preferential trade agreements, and more.

ABB is also able to back-up its restricted party screening efforts and to ensure documentation and legal requirements are met - reducing its commercial and legal risks. The global aviation company has more than 20, partners and decided it needed to upgrade its restricted party screening process to reflect a much more complex regulatory environment.

How should global companies handle exports in a world that becomes more globalized and complex on a daily basis? This is a question that Amber Road would like to answer. What lessons can companies take from major supply chain disruptions—manmade and natural alike—and apply to help mitigate current and future disasters? As globalization drives the expansion of U. Anthony Hardenburgh, vice president, global trade content at Amber Road, notes that food imports and exports are subject to a very complex regulatory environment. The focus today of most companies for importing is cost reduction. However, strategically addressing imports can enable a company to proactively improve import operations, reduce bottlenecks, grow profits and further add to the bottom line.

Anthony Hardenburgh, Vice President of Global Content at Amber Road, touches on seven key pieces necessary to create a strategic importing approach.

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The coffee producer has signed a global contract with Amber Road for the implementation of a restricted party screening solution. Are you on the same page, in real-time, with your trading partners? Wie wird sich der UZK ab 1. Mai auf Unternehmen auswirken? Many companies are unaware of how much money they could save by investing in their global trade operations and taking advantage of free trade zones, duty deferral, free trade agreements, and other preferential trade programs. Anthony Hardenburgh, Vice President of Global Content at Amber Road, describes how utilizing these programs can significantly reduce costs from customs duties, taxes and tariffs; improve global market competitiveness; and minimize bureaucratic regulations.

Long, complex global supply chains — stretching across geographies and involving many players — represent a unique and difficult risk management challenge. A strong cargo security program requires a holistic approach covering such areas as commercial risks, natural disasters and political upheavals.


There is a definite need for creating greater supply chain visibility, as global supply and demand networks introduce distance, cultural and time-zone challenges. Check out this article to learn what Stephanie Miles, Senior Vice President of Commercial Services at Amber Road, believes make supply chain visibly tools a good investment. Apparel companies must be proactive in managing the complexities of testing and compliance or risk losing far more time and money on the back end in reacting to problems.

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Weltweit an Ihrer Seite. Wie sieht der Umsetzungsprozess aus? Wir haben an verschiedenen Veranstaltungen hierzu u. Die 17 Ziele mit Unterzielen sind sehr umfassend. Das ist eine gemeinsame Aufgabe von Staat, Zivilgesellschaft und Wirtschaft. Die SDGs sind sehr unterschiedlich messbar. Messbarkeit darf kein Selbstzweck sein. Das Messen nichtfinanzieller Informationen steht erst am Anfang. Wir beschreiben darin seit auch, wie wir zu den SDGs beitragen. Unternehmen und Wirtschaft NEU! ISSN Fachmagazin, ca. November findet die Am Ein interessiertes Publikum von rund 70 Teil- nehmern diskutierte intensiv mit.

Aber sie wird Zentrum grundlegender Entscheidungen sein. Aus Platzmangel wird diese Heute wird sie zur Kenntnis genommen, aber Staaten setzen ihren Klima- kurs unvermindert fort. Die allgemeine Reaktion zeigt, dass dieser neue dezentralere Ansatz funktioniert.

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  • Dies hat die internationale Klimapolitik teilweise wie ein havariertes Schiff aussehen lassen, das eher weiter vom Ziel abtrieb, denn es zu errei- chen. Es ist besonders wichtig, dass zum einen global gleiche Regeln zur THG-Ermittlung und -bilanzierung gelten und zum anderen ausreichende Transparenz geschaffen wird. Daher ist eine zielgerichtete, effiziente und effektive Mittelverwendung unabdingbar. Die Kompensation nichtvermeidbarer Reste- missionen bedarf klarer Bilanzierungsregeln im Bereich der Landnutzung und Forstwirtschaft, um sicherzustellen, dass physikalisch und nicht nur buchhalterisch global THG-Emissionen ein- gespart werden.

    Beide leiden unter erheblicher Rechtsunsicherheit. Moritz Moelle, S. Hinzu kommen Einzelthemen wie Cybersecurity. Die Arbeitsgruppe sammelte dazu unter ihren Mitgliedern und den Referenten des Sekretariats des Internationalen Schiedsgerichtshofs der ICC, denen hier besonders gedankt werden soll, Erfahrungsberichte.

    Im Rechtsstreit vor deutschen Gerichten kommt allerdings die Digitalisie- rung des Informationsaustauschs nur schleppend voran. Videokonferenzen werden im Prozess nicht genutzt. Das ist beachtlich, weil in jedem dieser Staaten materielles Recht, und vor allem die anwendbaren Verfahrensregeln, sowie die staatlichen Institutionen ein im Grundsatz vereinheitlichtes, stabiles Kommunika- tions- System bilden.

    Digitalisierung der Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit? Ein Problem ist freilich, dass in den Verfahren die Beteiligten und ihr technisches bzw. Diese Reibungsverluste werden gern vermieden. Das ist nicht effizient. Damit bewegt sich die Darstellung im Bericht mit seinen Anlagen in dem Korridor, der innerhalb der Spann- breite schon etablierter Best Practices definiert wird.

    Dies alles hat aber mit Big Data8 und KI9 wenig zu tun und ist letztlich banal. Grund ist letztlich, dass es sich bei diesen Streitigkeiten nicht um standardisierbare Massenereignisse handelt, die eine Masse von belast- baren, digitalisierten Daten erzeugen. Das aber braucht eine KI zum Lernen. Das bleibt vorerst wohl Glaubenssache.

    Denn wie soll eine KI welche? Das gilt vor allem dann, wenn es nur ein, zwei ernstzunehmende KI-Dienst- leister weltweit! Fassaden front-ends verbergen.

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    Das kann sein. Markttranspa- renz ist eigentlich stets besser. Freilich setzt dies voraus, dass die Datentransparenz auch entsprechend genutzt wird. Weitere Informationen: www. Das Gericht muss sich aus unparteiischen Richtern mit der erforderlichen Kenntnis und Erfahrung zur Evalu- ierung der rechtlichen und wirtschaftlichen Fakten zusammensetzen. Die Unschuldsvermutung muss auch auf Kartelluntersuchungen Anwendung finden. Zum Grundrecht auf ein faires Verfahren Art.

    Nadine Rossmann, D. Ulrike Suchsland, LL. Es ist mit weltweit mehr als Gerade diese Perspek- tivenvielfalt zeichnet uns aus. Ich selbst habe zu kultu- rellen Unterschieden in Schiedsverfahren vorgetragen. In der internationalen Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit haben sich eigene, sehr anspruchsvolle Verfahrensstandards ent- wickelt. Arne Fuchs: In diesem Jahr haben wir u. Konferenzen in Frankfurt, Paris und Genf geplant. Auf dem Meine Gratulation gilt ganz besonders den vielen Kammer- mitarbeitern, die sich mit ihrem Einsatz und Ideenreichtum um das Projekt verdient gemacht haben.

    Seitdem haben sich bei inzwischen sieben erfolgreichen Marktplatzveranstaltungen insge- samt 6. Hier schil- dern verschiedene Referenten die unterschiedlichen Aspekte eines Themas und laden zum Austausch ein. Moelle iccgermany. Guenther iccgermany. Die Kalkulation geschieht regelkonform im Hintergrund. Mehr Infos zu unseren Vertriebspartnern: www. Alle aktuellen Verbandsmitglieder: www.

    We exchanged waves, thumbs up and victory signs with old friends: Carme Forcadell, former Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Jordi Cuixart, President of Omnium, the mass cultural organisation, and former Catalan foreign affairs minister, Raul Romeva. Carme is as elegant as ever but looks drawn and fragile, that last is not true she is of stout Catalan peasant stock with all its rich history of resistance. He sits informally to the ire of court staff. Romeva is dressed as sharply as always and looks fit.

    Die Rettung der Ukraine in zehn Schritten | IWM

    He has just been elected to the Spanish Senate. The prosecution cannot seem to grasp that there was no cost attached to using publicly owned buildings like schools as polling stations. Talking to defence lawyers they are concerned that when Spanish Police gave evidence claiming they were going peacefully about their duty on referendum day and were attacked by violent protesters they were not allowed to show film of those same officers smashing their way into polling stations and batoning voters. When the defence does show those films they cannot comment as to how they contradict police evidence.

    Another thing strikes us. They cannot give evidence in Catalan and there is no simultaneous translation available. Hywel points out in Welsh courts you can choose to give evidence in Welsh or English with simultaneous translation at hand. Same cases, including murder ones, are heard entirely in Welsh is appropriate. The 12 accused are on trial because they championed the democratic wish of the majority of Catalan citizens — not all supporters of independence- to decide their own future democratically. Something Spain refuses them.

    Carme Forcadell represents the sovereignty of the Catalan Parliament over which Spain has ridden rough shod. As with the others he welcomes the growing international support they are receiving. At the close we leave the prisoners.