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Milking Goats, Garden Update, and Lots of Babies!

Month 1 At first, your baby may breastfeed every few…. Parents never forget the first time their baby starts walking.

Exploring Nature With Your Baby

When your little one starts walking varies from…. Parents should strive to ensure that children have healthy teeth, beautiful…. Tummy time is when you carry, position or play with your baby while they are awake and on their stomach. It can be a part….

Exploring Nature With Your Baby | Scholastic | Parents

Breastfeeding can be a scary and controversial topic for many mums. The month of July is hosting sleep awareness week July so what better time to look at one of the most important issues facing…. What I found works best is if you start the meals off after a bottle of breast milk the first time.

It is also the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your child to healthy eating practices, which they […]. At birth, […]. Here is where you can find information and advice on your baby's nutrition and development based on how old they are. When do babies begin to crawl: Spot the signs! Share This. Point out the insects crawling, the doggies running around sniffing, and the squirrels climbing up trees.

As your baby begins to use some language, she may call your attention to a bird flying up and settling on a tree branch. Rejoice with her excitement. The world of animals and birds is a new kind of discovery for her. Encourage touching.

In the park, you can introduce your baby to a great variety of nature's textures. Invite him to feel the grass and pinecones; to touch smooth, bumpy, and grainy textures. Talk about the weather.

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Lure your little one to a window to notice light raindrops, driving rain, and the way thunder rolls and booms after you see a jagged lightning streak. Encourage her to listen to the wind make its howling noises as it rushes by. If there is a rainbow, take your toddler outside to see this awesome arc in the sky.

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As your child spends time outdoors, she will become a better observer of nature, including of weather patterns. Your child might whine if she can't go out to play due to bad weather, but if you point out different patterns — of rain, lightning, hail, or hot sun — to your little one and explain that sometimes playing outside is not safe, then your child will be aware of the weather rather than think you are making up an arbitrary excuse about why she cannot go out.

Visit the zoo. Wheel your stroller close to an exhibit and point out what your baby is looking at, whether it's a seal splashing in the water or a monkey swinging from a branch. You have been reading animal stories to your little one from early on. Now, at the zoo, he gets to see all those creatures that were in the storybooks.

Let your toddler tell you that he is watching Horton the elephant lift up his trunk! Stroll through a garden. Flowers and plants offer your baby sensory and aesthetic pleasures. She will be sensitive to, and admiring of, the colors, sights, and sounds. Trees, flowers, and plants provide opportunities for talking about rough bark, delicate blossoms, and perfume smells.

Some flowers are lovely to look at but don't have a smell when you sniff them. You can also pick up your baby to show her a butterfly nosing about to get nectar. A butterfly bush in your garden will attract more of these beautiful "flying flowers! Planting is a wonderful way to generate toddler enthusiasm. When you serve orange or grapefruit slices for a snack, remove the seeds for planting.

Seedling Care Tips: Caring For Seedlings After Germination

Citrus fruits, including lemons, make small, lovely plants with shiny, dark green leaves. Your toddler can spoon some dirt into a disposable drinking cup and drop the seeds into the mix. Water the plant every few days and soon two little leaves will sprout. These plants grow slowly, but they are precious to watch. Your child will learn that not only can he enjoy eating the fruit, he can make a plant grow from the fruit's seeds. How empowering for him!