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I strongly disagree that dogs need meat - my own dogs have proven it along with thousands of others. The commercial meat available today is not quality meat, especially as processed and contaminated as it is, nor the kind they would eat if they lived in the wild.

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Wolves eat meat from animals who have also had a natural diet Bison, elk, deer, and smaller animals including the skin and hair which contribute to the digestive process It is nearly impossible to provide the kind of meat that they would have eaten in the wild. You have to look at the whole picture. My pampered dogs do not require meat that comes from these poor animals and the overproduction of which also causes massive pollution. Not when there better alternatives. A little study in Zoology reveals that canines are actually ominivores whose natural diet is close to the carvnivorous end of the omnivore spectrum.

Even cats, who are considered true carnivores, will eat plant foods. Humans are also omnivores, but our natural diet is close to the herbivore end of the spectrum.

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This varies of course by location, climate, etc. StehphenS - your story is fantastic. I love it! Boy, did your dogs hit the lottery when they found you! In fact, I think they eat a better diet than I do. One of our HappyCow members is a vet and I'm trying to find an article she wrote on vegan dogs. I remember her saying that dogs can thrive on vegan diets. I'll do some searching.

Found it! Thanks for that article from veganhealth. Cooking for the dogs is extra work but if I'm in a hurry and no time to make myself something, I just eat what they're having, lol. I guess the norm in our society is to consider pets as playthings that should be convenient to take care of, but I think of them as family members and care for them as I do for all the other people I love. And, what they give back earns them this proper place in our family.

One of my most important teachers was a canine named Jacob, who was at my side from When I met him, I was a meat and dairy consuming, rather uneducated man, whose politics included concern only for other humans. Fourteen years later I was an activist for all animals, not just my own species.

I had gone from seeing Jacob as a cuddly puppy to realizing he was my equal in many ways, and more faithful and wonderful than I could ever be. That is so touching, ahimsa. I love reading your posts. So glad to have you on the forum. Bless Jacob's soul. All pets are wonderful but it sounds like Jacob was one of those very special soul mate type pets.

I had a cat like that once. She was litererally my soul mate in feline form. When she died, I wanted to die with her. I thought, wherever you are going dear friend, I'll go with you on your journey and I would have been fine in that moment if the universe had taken me with her. Of course it didn't and my extreme sorrows have healed.

But that experience taught me just how intensely a human can bond to a non-human animal.

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I know this is hard to hear, but DunkiesandDimeys is right. Even with any supplements you could give a dog, the pancreas of a carnivore does not produce cellulase to split the large amounts of cellulose inherent in a plant based diet into glucose. The pancreas is forced to produce excessive amounts of amylase to process the cellulose, and the extra starch and carbs. This can lead to hyperamylasemia, as well as irritate the bowel lining. The excess starch and sugar that remains in the intestines also act as a breeding ground for bacteria.

As a fellow vegan, I understand your desire to raise a vegan pet. But this diet is just not suited for dogs. In order to give them their best chance at a long, full, happy, healthy life, their diet must include meat. Bandwitch, have you personally experienced dogs who've owners have put them on a vegan diet and the dogs suffered adverse health effects? Otherwise, I have great difficulty buying that. I went to the house of a fellow animal rights activist in another city, both her dogs were vegan and they looked great!

I've heard of adverse effects when trying to have a cat especially male cats go vegan, but not dogs. The arguments "dogs are natural carnivores" reminds me too much of the argument "but humans are natural carnivores and must eat meat. A search for "the first ism" will display my website and email contact. I'd be glad to send you complimentary, updated versions of both those books. Happycowgirl , They make a vegan kibble called v-dog that costs the same as any good meat based kibble.

They ship anywhere in the US for free. While cooking fresh for the pups is awesome, the kibble can help those with a busy lifestyle. Also, I have a dehydrator and make him organic sweet potato chews, chips, and jerky treats and he goes nuts for them and there aren't any preservatives. This is also easy for the busy life because you can set and let it go for hours while you do other things. Because most people feel more empathy towards dogs than cows we are more disgusted at the idea of eating dogs. The hypothesis that empathy influences food choices through disgust is supported by anecdotal and scientific evidence from vegetarians.

One vegetarian friend told me that to her the idea of eating dogs is equally disgusting as eating cows, and in fact even as disgusting as eating human flesh. Increased disgust at meat in vegetarians was also found in an empirical study. Could this difference in disgust levels between omnivores and vegetarians be mediated by empathy? An fMRI study found support for empathy differences between vegetarians and omnivores. Vegetarians showed more activity in empathy-related brain areas when watching both animal and human suffering.

Interestingly, in vegetarians activity was even higher for animal than human suffering. Vegetarians also scored higher on an empathy questionnaire. However, the link between disgust and empathy in food choices has not yet been investigated.

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It is therefore not clear why vegetarians feel disgusted at the idea of eating cows and omnivores do not, although the described research suggests empathy plays a role. This would mean that action groups aiming to lower meat consumption would do well to focus their campaign on increasing empathy towards farm animals.

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You can eat most of animals as long as you like it. In western eating dog is disgusting, but the other part of the country it is not, but cows.

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In moslem religion they do not eat pigs, most of them will vomit eating pigs. For me… i eat all of it, but reptiles. I think selection of animal breeds for meat is related to religon, cultural and society behaviors but one thing i want add it, we must need to those foods which we do not use and digest directly such as grass, celloluse, etc according to this reason we must use halal animals, those fed from grass and have compound stomuch.

Please do not be use equins, canines, amphibias, rodents because they feds from same foods as humans. Animals that eat our food are considered a plague; rats, mice, wolfs, and so on. The answer is because the horse has been injected with other sub-tenses an antibiotics, which would effect the meat. The Horses are breed for racing, cows where breed for eating. Just like non-veg world, all vegetarians are not equal. Interestingly, vegans avoid anything related to animals including dairy which even strict vegetarians have no problem whatsoever.

Because we are human and change our minds, the way we think of animals changes too. Until very recently, wolves were our demons, the creatures of antique nightmare ready to rip the throat out of civilisation. Their packs were ruled by despotic alpha pairings who destroyed any sign of difference or dissent, and wolves were meant to spend their lives in an everlasting struggle for dominion over their environment and one another. And, since we saw them as properly, biblically bad, we granted ourselves full licence to kill them wherever possible.

Which in turn meant we reduced the global gene pool to only the smartest, wildest wolves — the ones as wary of humans and as distinct from dogs as it was possible to get. Wolves were our Hyde, so dogs were our Jekyll. Leaving aside the question of their genetic origins, it didn't take us long to realise that dogs had qualities we could use. The intelligent sorts could be used to herd sheep or guide the blind, the aggressive types could guard our families, and the affectionate ones could be both loyal companions and handy kitchen dustbins. But if every dog from meanest rottweiler to prissiest pomeranian was really a wolf beneath the skin, it naturally followed that they would try to dominate their owners at the first sign of relaxation.

Bradshaw's contention is that the dog-as-wolf idea doesn't work. In recent years, we've realised that wolves don't just re-enact an endless lupine version of Lord of the Flies , and that just because they like the occasional lamb cutlet doesn't mean they're all monsters. Meanwhile, all those thousands of years of domestication have made dogs uniquely capable of loving both people and other dogs, and uniquely tractable. As Eddie Izzard once pointed out, had Ivan Pavlov tried his famous experiment in classical conditioning on cats, he would have died penniless and insane.

Despite plenty of strong and contentious material, In Defence of Dogs isn't the easiest read. It's a biologist's book designed as part of an ongoing conversation between other academics, and though Bradshaw's style is supple and fluent, he has a tendency to err on the side of too much science and not enough story. It also takes him until the last chapter to discuss the differences between breeds of dog.