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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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The ambulance arrives, they check us out, suggest we should go back to the hospital. An hour later a doctor gives us the all clear. We have some scratches, mainly from the walk up the hill, will have some bruises. We are lucky. That is, if you call being pushed off the road by a four-wheel drive and crashing 50 metres down an embankment "lucky". She phones her mother, bursts into tears, I take the phone. Do I need to come up? Have Janet call me tomorrow. Impress Stern, Red with my skills. No, we did not notice anyone following us.

Where had we been?


I assume this is correct procedure when carrying out an investigation. How we walked around the house, saw the shed. A notebook, I got it for Red. Looks like deals. Was in the car, passenger seat.

Dusty Dexter PI - Her first case

Get it to me. Put the key back, went back to the car. Shed was locked. Nice steak.

Then it hits me the weedy kid in the mankini | Morning Bulletin

This sounds like amphetamines. Reckons he knows nothing, of course. Might have stirred things up, made a few of them uneasy. I heard they stood up for each other, Red and Hank, right to the end. Red still left the force. I sense an opportunity for some friendly needling. Clocked all my normal routes when I got the computerised odometer, uploaded all the data. Stern and Red finish their discussion, slap each other on the back. I found a drug lab, a book full of leads.

Red turns to me. I tune out, wait for him to mention the undercover operation, how we stuffed it up. He drops Janet at her front door. Someone tried to drive you off the road tonight. I study him as he drives. Strong hands on the wheel, fair hair on his forearms, a tattoo starts at his elbow disappears under the sleeve.

Mid thirties I guess, clean shaven, messy sandy hair. He stops opposite my house, slides down his window. Should look at your security. He gives me an intense look. You were lucky tonight. Senior Sergeant Stern. Red sent me, told me to give Amanda a progress report, and to come up with some new "avenues of investigation".

I think she wanted to get rid of me, she and Senior Sergeant Stern, Hank, are meeting. She speaks properly, every syllable pronounced correctly. I can almost see the punctuation marks hanging in the air. In fact, everything about Amanda is proper, from the sculptured blonde bob, to the manicured fingernails she taps on the embossed glass table. The pool lining is faux riverbed, at the far end a waterfall - water spurts from behind a gutter and falls into the pool, behind it silver tiles sparkle in the sunlight.

Even the grass looks fake, vibrant green, palms stand in line. Concentrate Dusty, investigate, a question would be good. I remember the boat cover.

Then it hits me... the weedy kid in the mankini

Poor bastard would have had to work his arse off to keep you in the state of luxury to which you have clearly become accustomed. I asked her to keep looking for a while longer. He was threatened, Max, the developer, was too. Max Cash. Are you a fan? Who was driving the four-wheeler that pushed Janet's Yaris off the road? Probably should wait, see if we can talk ourselves out of this first. I glance at Janet.

Clay leans back, hands behind his head, legs crossed under the table, relaxed, cocky. Saying "just try to get the gun, girls", wants an excuse to shoot us. Janet takes my lead, ignores the gun. I think this looks bad, real bad. Wonder if they know it was me on the boat last night? Clay leans forward, puts down the beer, leans his elbows on the table.

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Good money in drugs. Then things go wrong. Thommo gets agro, turns a simple job into a disaster. Then Smart botches the car accident. Marty leaves the ledger out on the kitchen bench so you pair of amateur PIs can just pick it up and give it to the cops. And during the course of the investigation you get on board the boat last night, knock over a hurricane lamp and cut your foot. A great deal more than the police force, for which I commend you.

It also makes you, both of you, a liability. Pat picks up her beer, talks at me, spittle in the corners of her lips. Nice to see you Pat.

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  8. Stupid bitch. Randy knows quality. I see. What would the Angels do? If I can get the gun, use the element of surprise, maybe I can get them off balance. Shoot Clay, then at gun-point get Randy to take us back to shore. I bluff. They know where we are. Janet cries.

    Use our calculator to find out how much money you will get back. News The year-old was arrested about News Man on run was using an alias - to the ire of a local family. Coffs Coast.

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    Search by keyword Search by location Search by category Add your business. Episode Where does he keep the gun? Captain Randy motors towards us, ropes the tinny to a mooring post. He looks the part of the seafaring captain, wears a cap, sweat stained, with a crest on front. The Captain puts his hand out, dry, wrinkled, takes mine, kisses the tops of my fingers.

    My pleasure. Repeats the process with Janet. She giggles, charmed. Then he replaces the cap, takes her backpack, loads it, and us, into the tinny. He works the wheel, levers. Janet and I get comfortable. How long have you had her? We glide through the harbour, past other boats.

    Two staterooms, both doors closed. I open more doors, bathrooms, the main stateroom, quite spacious. We continue looking over the boat. More cupboards, drawers. I wave Janet over, show her. You ever used one? We head back up top, as we emerge Captain Randy issues his first orders. Find a fridge behind a panel, milk. Also beers, wine, fruit, meats, salads, cheeses. I could get to like this.

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    I pile croissants, danishes into a bowl. Janet chooses pieces of fruit, smells each piece. We take morning tea up on deck. I deliver coffee, a croissant, to Randy at the wheel. Get a big smile in thanks. Sounds like he might be awake. Randy tells stories about adventures at sea. Janet leans back, closes her eyes. Episode Noises below deck Captain Randy relaxes at the wheel, coffee in one hand. Ok with me. Far enough. Episode Time for a little chat Something has gone wrong with my plan. We are the captives of two drug runners, at least one we know is capable of using the gun.

    I wonder how much they know. Clay speaks, his voice is light. Pat emerges, hands out Heinekens, sits beside Captain Randy. I start to put the pieces together. They knew we were here, from the minute we hopped off the plane they followed us. In and out of harbours, easy. Episode Time to bluff Clay continues his monologue about their drug running scheme. One tear runs down her cheek, plops onto her thigh.