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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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When one of the group is kidnapped by a convicted murderer the rest set out to find her when local law enforcement would rather accuse her pastor husband in her disappearance. Things go from odd to seriously wild and crazy quickly. Sep 01, Carol Francis rated it liked it. An enjoyable enough read with its ups and downs. A bit heavy with stereotypes at times Gossip, rumors, church politics and "spirituality' was a bit cloying at times.

I did enjoy the mystery and people relationships. This book was provided to me for a fair and honest review. I love to read. I mean it's serious business with me. I've been a bibliophile since I was taught to read. I read books a week and lots of different genres. Recently I was perusing one of my many book sites and I discovered J. I read about her book and downloaded it.

I didn't want to put it down! I did finish it in 1. Hawke This book was provided to me for a fair and honest review. Hawker is an excellent storyteller. Her story was compelling, intriguing, hilarious, touching, mysterious, and teaches you a lot about family, friendship, loyalty, greed and forgiveness. Hawker has a wonderful list of characters including some with very unusual names.

The First Ladies Club is made up of the wives of the Ministers in a small town in Oregon - all different denominations. As they meet, they share common ground of loving the Lord, loving their husbands and trying their best to serve their congregations. This book is filled with love, romance, murder, kidnapping, greed, breaking and entering, and learning what it means to know you have family and friends you can count on.

One last thing, I can't wait to start the next book in this series! Shelves: mirror-of-our-lives. I just finished reading The First Ladies Club and it was delightful! This clever mystery centered on a group of pastors" wives in a small town in Oregon. Whatever petty conflicts may have existed between them were overcome by their genuine love and concern for each other, teaching the reader a thing or two about Christian charity.

The central couple, a young pastor and his new wife, are blessed with second chances at love, marriage and parenthood spoiler , only to be faced with the possibility o I just finished reading The First Ladies Club and it was delightful! The central couple, a young pastor and his new wife, are blessed with second chances at love, marriage and parenthood spoiler , only to be faced with the possibility of losing it all when a vicious convict escapes and wreaks havoc on their peaceful community.

The story is well-constructed with just the right amount of foreshadowing, hints, and tension, making this a mystery that will keep you reading until all is solved. This book was easy to read and fast-moving, a mystery lover's dream. And just think! It's part of a series. There are three others to move on to! Aug 18, Sally Wilsey rated it it was amazing.

I was wonderfully surprized how much I liked this book. I loved the character of Naidenne, and how she tried so hard to be the perfect pastor's wife, while adjusting to a new marriage. It takes a while to get into the mystery part of the book, but that is okay because you learn a lot about all the wives of the First Ladies Club.

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Hawker takes you on a ride range of emotions from happiness, fear, desperation to hope and letting go. I think she captured the human side of a preacher's wife and h I was wonderfully surprized how much I liked this book. I think she captured the human side of a preacher's wife and helped to remind us they go through things to like everyone else. I can't wait to read Ms. Hawker's next book. I am sure it will keep me entertained as much as this one. I received this e-book free in exchange for my honest opinion. Hawker and I really enjoyed it. The characters were described very well that I felt as if I knew them.

The book was entertaining and after I got past the first few chapters, I was hooked I still give it 5 stars. In my opinion, this story didn't start out very reader friendly but after the first two or three chapters, it turned out to be one that I couldn't put down. I wouldn't quite consider this a cozy mystery but if you enjoy myste The First Ladies' Club is the first book I have read by J.

I wouldn't quite consider this a cozy mystery but if you enjoy mystery books, you will still enjoy it. I am looking forward to reading more books by this author and to read the next book in this series. I received this book free in exchange for my honest review. I don't often give 5 start but I really enjoyed this. The ebook was provided to me free for an honest review. When I started reading, I wasn't sure this was my kind of book. After the first few pages, I could not put it down. Friends, pastors wives, got together to form a support group. An escaped convict changed the quiet community.

The book is full of suspense almost from the being and you hope no one is hurt but you are never sure. Even after Deenie is rescued, the suspense is not over. It just I don't often give 5 start but I really enjoyed this. It just kept coming. Early in the administration, Barbara founded the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, a private organization that solicited grants from public and private institutions to support literacy programs. At the time of her tenure, statistics showed that 35 million adults could not read above the eight-grade level and that 23 million were not beyond a fourth-grade level.

Bush's Story Time, a national radio program that stressed the importance of reading aloud to children. One aspect of adopting literacy as an issue that provided Barbara Bush with an opportunity to address a wide variety of topical issues was, as she pointed out, that a person's inability to read or fully comprehend what they might be able to partially read could have a devastating impact on all elements of their lives: education, employment, housing, safety, health, parenthood, crime, travel.

She did go on record as stating that she did not believe there should be a law that established English as the official language of the United States because she felt it had "racial overtones. During her first week in the White House, Barbara Bush brought national attention to the needs of indigent and homeless families by making a visit to "Martha's Table" an inner-city center providing meals for poor families and daytime and after-school activities for homeless children, and also running a mobile soup-and-sandwich kitchen through the streets of Washington.

She donated her family's used clothing to thrift stores which raised money for charitable organizations and also offered low-cost resale to the needy. Often visiting homeless family shelters, Barbara Bush also publicly raised an issue that was rarely considered in coping with the problem - abandoned, single, unmarried mothers, many of them teenagers, who were receiving no help from the fathers of the children.

Although she assumed the traditional view of the Republican Party that social programs were best funded and administered by private charities and organizations rather than by the government, she was not averse to claiming government responsibility in some cases, once remarking at a center for homeless children, "forget about government cutbacks. She then went to hug an adult with AIDS as well. When there was an AIDS memorial vigil where gatherers held candles, she placed candles in all the White House windows and asked several family members of those who had died of the illness to bring to her in the White House parts of a national AIDS quilt that was then on display on the national mall.

She was further credited as being the inside advocate for the President's signing of the Hate Crimes Statistics Act and invited the first openly gay and lesbian citizens to the presidential signing ceremony. She wrote to the president of the Federation of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, "I firmly believe we cannot tolerate discrimination against any individuals or groups… [it] always brings with it pain and perpetuates hate and intolerance.

Throughout her four years in the White House, she headlined numerous Martin Luther King Day programs in local grammar schools. She also gave particular attention to traditionally black colleges, having once served on the board of Morehouse College, a medical school largely attended by African-Americans. Among those she listed as heroines were the liberal Democratic Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan and Dorothy Height, the civil rights leaders and friend of Eleanor Roosevelt, and named Frederick Douglass as the historic figure who most inspired her.

Among the thousands of graduation ceremonies she was invited to address in the spring of , Barbara Bush chose a relatively obscure black woman's college, Bennett College. She encouraged a group of black Muslims to patrol an inner-city neighborhood plagued by drug crime. She also emphasized that her influence as a "white-haired white lady" was limited within minority communities and that the primary role she could play was to speak out on prejudice. In , Barbara Bush was asked to speak at Wellesley College, sparking an unexpected reaction from the women students. Barbara Bush understood their reaction, quipping "I was twenty myself.

She said that perhaps some one in the audience might one day follow in her footsteps as an aide, supporter and helpmate to a President, ". Her clothing style generated interest with the creation of "Barbara Blue" by the Color Association of the U. When her springer spaniel dog "Millie" gave birth to puppies, it made the cover of Life magazine and attracted overwhelming feature news coverage. In her slippers and housecoat, she walked her dog around the White House lawn, and in sneakers and jeans, she walked him at the presidential summer retreat in Kennebunkport, Maine.

The dog and puppies became closely associated with the First Lady.

The First Ladies Club

At the first game played by the newly-created Texas Rangers baseball team that was partially owned by her son, George W. She attributed her great popularity to her matronly figure and white hair because it was a benign identity and one which many middle-aged and older American women could relate. She was, she said, "Everybody's mother. She learned much about the importance of political figures to cultivate their public images by emphasizing some aspects of their real selves over other aspects that might make them appear less accessible or able to relate to the general population.

Thus, she was cautious to avoid all political controversy and refrain from sharing her insight into the state of politics. Her son George W. By teasing or joking with reporters, Barbara Bush was often able to avoid some of their questions that might lead into political controversy. She held monthly luncheons with various reporters who were supposed to keep the remarks off-the-record and her media coverage was generally complimentary. Few reporters covering the White House, however, believed that she was benignly removed from the best interests of her husband's Administration.

Certainly, Barbara Bush was more comfortable making a public appearance to symbolize the personal support of herself and the President without having to address what sometimes seemed to critics to be a conflicting view in policy. Indeed she was known to be extremely defensive of the President. Reporter Daniel Weinraub described her as "blunt and opinionated… formidable and powerful. Bush remarked about his mother's private demeanor, "Every mother has her own style. Mine was a little like an army drill sergeant's If she spurred him to support some legislation, Barbara Bush was not known to have lobbied the President to initiate any specific legislation.

While, like Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush adamantly refused to testify before Congress on behalf of her special project work, she did privately push the President to support the National Literacy Act, which permitted the use of libraries and other municipal property as evening literacy centers for adults. She was also part of an Oval Office briefing with the White House Counsel, the President and Vice President on the 25th Amendment, which regulated the definition of presidential illness and competence. Barbara Bush did not deny her potential influence on her husband or that they sometimes disagreed, but she insisted on keeping some details strictly a private matter between the two of them.

She cultivated a wide network of various experts in different public policy-related work and would sometimes recommend that the President meet with them to deeply explore the particular issues. An avid campaigner, she was the Republican Party's most popular speaker on behalf of candidates running for national office. On occasion, Barbara Bush let her real opinions known, such as calling for the Panama general Manuel Noriega to stand trial for his crimes against his people.

She further offered the view that the President should negotiate with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein once he had released American prisoners held in bordering Kuwait. When she spoke out strongly in favor of gun control after a violent shootout in the capital and thus defied her husband's stance, there was a strong reaction from his base supporters in the National Rifle Association.

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Barbara Bush decided to halt any further comments on issues that might draw her into public debate. Thus, although she had stated her pro-choice views on abortion during the campaign, she refused to repeat her view. Only after she was out of the White House did she re-confirm this view in her memoirs.

During the Bush Administration, the fall of communism came to the Soviet Union and there were global repercussions, often prompting the Bushes to travel overseas and entertain many foreign heads of state. Her time in the White House was also marked by personal challenges.

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Her daughter Doro divorced at the beginning of the Administration and moved to be near her parents, in Washington; towards the end of their term, she remarried at Camp David, to Robert Koch, former aide to House Democratic leader Richard Gephardt. In the closing days of the President's failed re-election campaign, Barbara Bush's mother-in-law Dorothy Bush died at her Florida home.

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O, it does," said the first lady , eagerly; "I've lived many years in Kentucky and Virginia both, and I've seen enough to make any one's heart sick. Indeed, ma'am, you can know nothing of them, if you say so," answered the first lady , warmly. The first lady said Pakistani women were proving their strength in various sectors and also lauded the role of All Pakistan Women Association.

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Pakistan, Indonesia tied in historical bonds; ties getting stronger: First Lady. The first lady said Pakistani women are proving their strength in various sectors. Pakistan, Indonesia ties getting stronger with passage of time: First Lady. Washington: The most notable thing about Melania Trump's tenure as first lady so far has been her absence: it took her five months to relocate from New York to the White House, a spell unheard of for a modern first lady.