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The family sphere gets us into the cultural issues which are in many ways the most powerful influence on the experience of low-income college students. Finally, the larger unequal socio-political environment provides a context for the family and personal student experiences. I was surprised by the tension and conflict I heard expressed from students in interviews about their parents. Those especially talented students who make it to college often suffer from extraordinary pressure to succeed because in a concrete way the fate of their families rests with them. A: Changes to the funding of higher education and the way we regard institutions serving low-income students are central to a public policy agenda.

In this way, there is a lessened effect of redistribution of wealth and the encouragement of social mobility through public college opportunities for the poor in America. In addition, it is increasingly expected that universities redouble efforts to find ways to operate more efficiently. We undervalue those institutions that often facilitate the greatest change in students.

The competition by universities to climb over each other in the U. Why not factor into the rankings the percentage of students from low-income families served rather than admissions selectivity and size of the endowment?

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I agree with others who have pointed out that ranking variables such as alumni giving rate, student-faculty ratio, acceptance rate, and financial resources undervalue institutions focused on serving the broad public. Q: You cite one scholar who, in your words, "argues that increased public education does not always lead to better economies," and that "countries which have concentrated most on elevating the education levels of their population have grown more slowly The point of view expressed in this citation is consistent with what I find to be a new maturity in the perception of higher education, that Americans no longer hold a singularly idealistic vision of college.

One of the clear lessons coming from the overall picture that emerges out of my research is that the larger social and political context for low-income students is very weighty and complex. Vast inequality and poverty in America is the environment within which universities operate. In fact, more than 20 percent of children live in poor families; 40 percent of ethnic minority families fall into this category. College and the larger educational system with its testing, grading, selecting and sorting function plays a role in the perpetuation of poverty.

How Elite Colleges and Universities Help Perpetuate the Nation’s Income Inequality

Although we are fond in higher education of telling stories of individuals overcoming odds and moving up in society, as an overall pattern the great social mobility ideal of college is in some ways a tragic broken promise. The dismal statistics on poverty in America, which affect women and children disproportionately, combined with increasingly reactionary welfare, financial aid, and public education policies reveal the disturbing comfort that society seems to now have with inequity. Those of us in the higher education community need to do what we can to change this.

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Low-Income Students and the Perpetuation of Inequality

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      Table of Contents Contents: Foreword; Preface; Introduction; Prepared for failure; Admissions policies favor the advantaged; College is more difficult for low-income students; Gender and race are interlocking categories of inequality; Case study: recent immigrants to America; Erosion of the college image; As a group, the poor benefit less from a college degree; Conclusion: we can do better; Appendices; References; Index.

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      Aristotle, Emotions, and Education. A California strawberry farmer.

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      A female cattle rancher. Stories contain one kind of truth; numbers another. NPQ readers are rich in stories about the young people they see every day who know the truth about their chances at economic mobility without having to see the data. The researchers scrutinized 67 of the largest endowments with great care and found that these institutions are not being compliant with the intent of the law that permits these taxpayer-subsidized endowments to exist.

      Our top colleges receive a plethora of government subsidies that would make even the much-favored ethanol industry blush. Colleges and universities are not required by law for now to spend at least five percent of their endowments on mission-related expenses like other nonprofits. The resentment is building and they are in the crosshairs on Capitol Hill. Others in Congress are wondering out loud about what the benefit to society would be if returns from private college endowments were taxed at 35 percent.

      There is both grief and mortal comedy hidden in these numbers.