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This was because the data are dispersed in many locally-managed databases, many of which are not publically available. Thus, an integrated and accessible dataset is very valuable not only to help to protect and take better advantage of the services provided by aquatic ecosystems, but also to make it possible to establish effective regional plans for conservation.

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The overall objective of the FP7 BioFresh project was to improve capacity to protect and manage freshwater biodiversity in the face of ongoing changes to global climate and socioeconomics. This has been achieved by:.


BioFresh was organized as three interacting Workblocks and nine integrated Workpackages. As one of 19 project partners, Ecologic Institute focused its research on current ecosystem services of freshwater biodiversity and how these will be affected by changes of biodiversity in the future in WP6. Ecologic also contributed to the awareness raising and outreach activities of the project in WP8.

Our activities in this area mainly focused on an effective science-policy dialogue, by developing suitable strategies for communication with policy-relevant stakeholders and by producing dissemination material that distilled the key project outcomes and conclusions for different policy fields e.

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  • This project was part of the Ecologic Institute's contribution to the International Year of Biodiversity Skip to main content Skip to menu. BioFresh Atlas Press release. When visiting this website, remember always to refresh your browser accordingly to your browser settings. BioFresh Blog.

    • A critical sites network for freshwater biodiversity in the Lake Victoria Basin;
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      A New Approach to Freshwater Management

      Hits: modified: Lake Malawi, also called Lake Nyasa in Tanzania and Lago Niassa in Mozambique, contains more species of fish than any other lake in the world. These fishes are a source of food for millions, provide livelihoods for thousands, support eco-tourism…. Fish , Freshwater , Red List Assessment. The project will be led by Bangor University professor Dr.

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      George Turner,…. We are pursuing grantmaking initiatives to meet the need to monitor freshwater biodiversity in priority areas for resource conservation, and to increase data access for policy and investment decision making.

      Major Themes in Freshwater Biodiversity Research

      Grants may focus on creating access to data, developing data systems and mobile technologies, and filling knowledge gaps for conservation purposes, particularly as they apply to vital biodiversity areas. Progress In , JRS launched its Freshwater Biodiversity and Resources Program with a call for proposals that sought biodiversity informatics projects that brought together data providers and knowledge users and that built capacity for biodiversity information systems.

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