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By Nick Barwick.

Activities for the Daily Maths Lesson

Julia, teacher in Wiltshire. Individually, they are incorporated into every unit in our Year 2 flexible maths blocks. Collectively, they appear on our resources page where you can explore all our in-depth problem solving investigations for Year 2. Go Deeper with Problem-solving Investigations. Problem-Solving Investigations.

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Problem-solving Maths Investigations for Year 2

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Children will also come across problems involving multiplication and division. By the time they sit their KS1 SATs , they should know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables off by heart as well as all the corresponding division facts that go with them.

Sample Year 2 Maths Worksheets

Although the word problems they come across in the SATs will test them on these facts, your child may not immediately realise that this is what is being asked of them. This is why it is again really important that they use diagrams to help themselves get their answer. For example:. I have three boxes. Each box contains five sweets. How many sweets do I have altogether? Some children will know immediately that the question is asking 3 x 5, the answer to which is Others may not see this immediately and will need to draw the three boxes and then perhaps write '5' on each one, then count in 5s to find the answer.

I need to buy 15 plastic cups for a party.

A shop sells cups in packs of 6. How many packs will I need to buy? This question is harder, as it is not immediately clear whether it is a multiplication or division question and it could be confusing to a child, as 15 cannot be divided by 6. Again, drawing a picture will help. Your child could draw a circle with a '6' in it, representing a pack of 6 cups. They could then draw another and add the two 6s together to make At this point, they would realise that they need one more pack, which would make This means that they would have enough cups to supply the 15 needed for the party.

MathSphere Free Sample Maths Worksheets

Again, they will be given problems to solve involving all four operations. Some of the problems will involve money or measures.

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  • They will also need to know how to calculate with fractions, decimals and percentages. At this stage, it is fine for children to draw pictures and diagrams if this will help them, but they are expected to have efficient written methods for each operation. Many of the problems will have two or more 'steps' which means children will need to carry out two or more operations in order to work out the answer.

    An example of a two-step problem they might have to do is as follows:. Year 5 has two classes: Class A and Class B.

    Useful Problem Solving Tasks

    There are 26 children in Class A and 32 children in Class B. Exactly half of the children in Year 5 have packed lunches. How many children have packed lunches? How much money do I spend altogether?

    Reasoning/Problem Solving

    A child would need to work this out very carefully, using a method they were confident with, as this is the kind of calculation where it is easy to make a mistake confusing pounds with pence, or not lining up digits properly, for example. My little sister is 93cm tall.

    Basic Math For Kids: Addition and Subtraction, Science games, Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

    How much taller am I than my little sister?