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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Bharatiya Janata Party. Indian National Congress. Stay on top of the Indian elections. Get updates. Rural villages. Population density. If the state of Uttar Pradesh were a country, it would be the world's fifth- most-populated nation with million people.

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But rural villages still make up more than 70 percent of the Indian population. Previous general election results. United Progressive Alliance. Other alliances. Source: Election Commission of India. Dalit women at the village of Thati in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Since independence in , India has struggled to de-weaponize caste. Indian population by social groups.

Modi is an O. Scheduled Tribes. Population by social groups. Note: Forward caste includes those not classified under any of the groups. How much of each social group voted for B. The upper caste reliably supports the B. In , Congress lost votes in each caste. Upper Caste. Upper O. Lower O. Upper caste reliably supports the B. Upper OBC. Congress lost votes in each caste in Lower OBC. Note: Upper O. What share of people born in the bottom half of education attainment rise to top 25 percent?

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More people. Note: Research was conducted on people born between and ; the intergenerational mobility calculated based on data in the GDIM Widening wealth gap. Source: World Inequality Database. Labor participation rate. Falling labor participation rate. Source: Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. Almost one in six highly educated Indians is unemployed. Unemployment rate by education level. The cubic equation. Haggerston Hotspurs. The company. Percentage increase. It takes 4 hours for 6 workers to complete a task.

The grey parallelogram. Number of pets. Time for some grouped data. Four operations with fractions. Girls and boys in a class. The blue cuboid. The circle of life. Area, perimeter and x. Area and perimeter of a triangle. The area of a triangle. A quarter of a circle. Roadmen calculations. Points A, B and C. Midpoint and more. Triggy integration 4. Triggy integration 3. Triggy integration 2. Triggy integration 1. Factors of The regular polyon.

Yet another algebraic rectangle.

Alan, Fred and Greg. Barnacle geese. The league table. Another blue triangle. The globe. Four ages. The logo. The blue triangle. The clock. Half a dozen eggs. The football pitch. Further trigonometry. Tangent to a circle — part 2. Mini eggs. Hot cross buns. The Easter bunny.

The Easter egg. The square. A tricky triangle. Blue balls and green balls. Coordinates A and B. Pepperoni pizza. Similar rectangles. A pair of parallel lines. The power of 0. Geometry ABC. A triangular logo. The counters. Slice of pizza. The vegetable garden. Growing vegetables. A vector journey. Chemical waste. The prize! Another sine wave.

Piles of paper. Table legs. The box on a table. The sphere and the cylinder — part 2. The sphere and the cylinder — part 1. Completing the square. Cubic graphs 2.

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A quadratic expression 6. A cubic graph — part 2. Triangle ABC. Hexagon strip. A sine wave. Right-angled triangles 8. Isosceles triangles 8. Tangents to a curve. Angles on a straight line. A list of numbers. The floor design. The hexagon. A quadratic function. Milk production. Mixing bowls. Drawing pins. The basketball shot. Three points on a circle. The sled. Two tangents. Red and green counters. A cubic graph. Tangent to a circle.

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Triangle on a grid. Rectangular expressions. A quadratic expression 5. A quadratic expression 4. A quadratic expression 3.

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A surdy rectangle. Isosceles triangles 7. Sectors of a circle 6. An algebraic rectangle. Solid gold. Isosceles triangles 6. Two line segments. A mixed bag of triangles. The 5, 5, 6 triangle. Triangular prisms 5. Cuboids 5. Is this a right-angled triangle? A tube of balls. The board game.

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One magabyte. Sally loves to read. The television. Minutes late. Dairy milk. Angles on parallel lines 3. Innocent smoothie. David, Tim and John. A bag of sweets. The thin red line. Root 8 and root The blue cone. Red, yellow and orange buttons — Part 2. Red, yellow and orange buttons — Part 1. Sequences — part 3. Sequences — part 2. The choir. A negative quadratic. A fractiony rectangle.

Lengths of string. Root Surdy triangle. Favourite crisps. Box plots. The blue L. The music video reached more than half a million views within the first few hours of release. It passed 1. Currently, the music video has over million views. On November 1, , the music video officially reached million views on YouTube.

The group held a press conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on August 4, which attracted over reporters, including 70 foreign journalists from Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore [12] The group expressed that they will promote the album for as long as possible till Heechul's enlistment date and also to continue with Super Show 4 World Tour.

Super Junior had their debut performance of "Mr. Simple" and a non-album track "Superman" at Music Bank on August 5, , [15] followed by Music Core the following day, [16] Inkigayo after that [17] and on August 11 on M! The album was released in 11 countries across Asia. The album was supposed to be pre-released in the Philippines by Universal Records on October 1, but was moved to October 8, citing manufacturing problems caused by typhoon Nesat.

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After the released of "Mr Simple" in Japanese, the group followed-up with the release of "Opera" in Japanese. The single album also include the travel-themed mid-tempo ballad "Way", Japanese original music video and making-of DVD. It has been available for pre-order from 11 March At the year-end list of album sales for , compiled by Gaon Chart , the album is listed as the second best-selling album of the year with , copies sold and the repackaged version at number seven with , copies sold.

Thus making a cumulative total sale of , copies in South Korea. This was the group's 5th number one album and 4th album to certify gold status in the country making them the only Korean act to do so. Credits are for the Type A of the album, unless where indicated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Album by Super Junior. This article is about Super Junior's album. For the song, see Mr. Simple song. Super Junior. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Super Junior. Newsen in Korean. Retrieved Simple,' to be Released on August 1st!

Simple" Reaches Million Views - Soompi". Simple" comeback on Music Bank". Simple" comeback on Music Core". Simple" comeback on Inkigayo". Naver News in Korean. Korea JoongAng Daily.