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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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And when I see you all coming here no Evil Eye , I know you only want to pay to hear novelties. So after the first verse, about how novel and wonderful these ragtime songs are, there is a second verse about a mother and her daughters I skipped it and then a verse about the Spanish American War and we finish up with the Dreyfus affair.

Penny Dreadful Lullaby

Here's my recording from this week. Glenn Mehrbach prepared the keyboard track and then I tried to sing along afterwards as I always do, but the words are really packed into it and presented quite a challenge. The original song was written by Ren Shields in with lyrics by Will D.

The parody version takes the common approach of having each verse be a completely different take on the catch phrase, in this case, "a bum. Also "pendesites" which Larry Gillig kindly translated for me as "appendicitis. Another song from Lider magazin. Mendl is a vaybernik.

I got enchanted by one once, but never again! Mendl doesn't fare particularly well in this Yiddish parody. The original song was written by J. Here's my living room recording: Transliteration and translation from the Yiddish after the jump. Solomon's most famous song ever was A brivele der mamen.


I wonder if he made a fortune off it. Pianist Glenn Mehrbach recorded this accompaniment track for me. Thanks, Glenn! I adapted the words a bit for a woman to sing. I've decided these songs are so much fun, I'm going to make a cd of them called "Yiddish Ragtime. Isidore Lillian left also spelled Isidor Lillien or any combination was born in in Galicia.

He came to New York in and was 22 when he wrote this parody for the Katsenelenbogen music publishing company.

Pennywise Sings a Song (Stephen King's 'It' Parody)

Hint: In case you just received your pin pusher, I recommend filing down the pushing tip slightly:. The idea is to increase the tip diameter so you can put less pressure on the rivets surface less chance of deforming it , while maintaining the same force.

Penny A Tune | Warner Chappell Music

The tool's leaflet recommends filing it down 2mm. I have not tried since it seems a bit much. I filed it from a tip diameter of 0. Due to its conical shape, you don't want to lose too much pusher tip length in order to be able to still fully push the pins out! Place the nose bridge flush on the tool's tube. Make sure pushing tip, pin and tube are in perfect alignment.

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By turning the handle on the pin pusher, slowly push out the pin from top to bottom. Each pin might behave differently. Out of the four rivets two frames I removed, one took quite some force and came out with a small "pop".

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One took hard force and came out with a loud "bang". And two came out smooth as butter. Once you got the rivets out, you can pull out the orbitals as well as the old flex couplers with tweezers.

“Penny Lane” by the Beatles

For the curious, this is what it looks like: a spiral spring and a cam. It's easy to reinsert and if it doesn't come out by itself, leave it in. There's no need to remove it. Push the lug into the nose bridge and align them with a rod or round file of 2mm diameter. Give it a wiggle to assure the alignment. Use a 2mm round file to align and smoothen the pairing. Don't grind it down: you still need a press-fit for the replacement pin to stay in.

But you want to give it a good cleaning and you need perfect! See step 11 for any mistakes you can make here, before proceeding to step The replacement pin should go in smoothly by hand from the back of the nosebridge. Cover the pin pusher tool tube with a cloth to protect the nose bridge from scratches. Place the nose bridge front down on the cloth-covered tube and slowly screw down the pusher tip until it just touches the pin.

Make sure pusher tip and pin are in perfectly straight alignment and then slowly push it in. Don't push the pin all the way in until the pin's rim touches the nose bridge. Check the front side in between how far you want the pin to stick out if at all. However, as always, too much is too much - the problem being, if you do it for the first time, you don't know what is too little and what is much until it's too late. I had heard this can be a problem and had ordered extra pins just in case. At my very first try I didn't file the inside of the nose bridge bore much. Result: I wasn't able to push pin fully back in.

I turned the frame around, pushed it back out, tried a new pin - it worked. On the other orbital, I had the same problem but couldn't even get the pin back out. It had deformed so much that it was moving neither back nor forth. Pulling its end with a caliper didn't help either.

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Wipe off the nervous sweat, place the frame in the bench vice, get a 1. Make sure you don't touch the walls of the nose bridge bore 2mm diameter - you don't want to widen the press-fit. Just pretend to be a dentist. By the second time we had run all the way through it, I was mesmerized. Today I know that it was the chord changes and the melody. Back then, it was an unnameable recognition tinged with sadness. I liked the song. I liked it a lot.

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  • For the first time in my life, I wanted to own a recording of a song. I could read quite well, but I simply never paid attention to the words on album covers, concentrating instead on the art. We had a portable tape recorder. My mother, of course, heard me and asked what I was doing. She immediately pointed me to The Blue Album Beatles