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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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No wonder I held my tongue for so long. It's a fascinating, even plausible account, but I have reservations. It was never made entirely clear how the diverse people are supposed to "realize" they're part of the "same" community through time and space or what "realize" even means here surely "realise" is a success term?

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Also, I had a constant suspicion that comparing what was said vs. Finally, I've always found the forcefulness of commandments to be a particularly valuable part of religious life - you're obligated to help the widow, orphan, and stranger under the usual understanding. Under Latour's new approach, the lack of concern with the specificity of expression makes it seem as if anything goes, and not in a good way. However, whether these are criticism as much as my personal reservations, I cannot say. There is no good metalanguage, as we well know, no standard, no yardstick: the most mawkish phrases or the most elaborate, the most venerable or the newest, the most moving or the coldest become equally right or untruthful according to their sole capacity to make what they are talking about, in the instant, for whoever hears them.

The felicity conditions, the tone, the tonality and the rhythm are almost completely independent of the form employed, since what matters is something else entirely which points to itself obliquely, through the discrepancies, the implausible details, the cracks in the message. In religion, as in tone, anything goes. But if there is no right metalanguage, there is no bad or inappropriate metalanguage, either. Jan 03, J. Excellent excellent Kassie rated it liked it Feb 11, Jeff G rated it really liked it Sep 18, Dorothy O'Connell rated it liked it Feb 21, Jack Dunn rated it liked it Apr 17, Kaitlyn rated it really liked it Feb 12, Stephen rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Taylor Genovese rated it liked it Oct 12, Jessica rated it really liked it Dec 08, Joshua Baize rated it really liked it Jun 09, Matt Helm rated it it was ok Feb 13, Nichre rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Paige Miller rated it really liked it Jan 15, Jason Unsworth rated it really liked it Apr 20, Nathan rated it liked it May 04, Mason Davis rated it really liked it Oct 01, Michael rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Steve rated it liked it Feb 24, Sandra rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Alex rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Elie added it Jul 25, Ryan marked it as to-read Jul 16, Tim A.

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Not only is language central to its expression; it is also required for its constant renewal. Here we have the parallel of the old-new words of love: the same thing has to be said differently.

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Not merely given a face-lift — cosmetics and aesthetics are not enough — real change has to be made. This creates the paradox discussed above. Talk of love, and talk of religion, must not communicate information, but renew and reveal. With a sleight of hand, Science, removes the translation efforts, the risks, the complexities, the blind alleys and twisted paths of science:.

We get no discussion of the aspect of religious speech that seems to prevail in, and perpetuate, a pairing of literalism and fundamentalism.

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In fact, apart from a few scant mentions, there is little attention paid to the ills which have been done in the world, bolstered and justified with religious speech or at least speech purporting to be religious. This is a surprising gap in a book arguing for the renewal of religious speech.

After establishing religious and informational speech as incommensurable, we get to the agencies involved. In the translation from amorous to religious speech, who are the two lovers?

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I think I am one — either in an individual capacity, or in my capacity as a member of a religious group. And the other? Other members of my belief group? Or what? It seems the obvious next question: what agency am I in this tussle of something-like-love with? Or, even if this is a one-way declaration of love, unrequited or unanswered, to whom or to what am I addressing myself?

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Why is this left out by Latour? Is it because of the lack of resemblance between the private history of couples and sacred history? Yet the only difference between them might well be the scale of the group, the ambition of redemption, the choice of the people to be saved.

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Perhaps this is taking the analogy too literally. The semantics matter, the words matter, being all we have with which to pay the translation arrears. Heresy was once the main feared crime within the medieval ethical universe. It used to be noticeable as a social illness able to poisoning the physique politic and shattering the team spirit of the church.

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The examine of heresy in overdue medieval England has, to this point, centred principally at the heretics. Show sample text content. In addition to, the circulate of results that permits us, within the genuine perform of the sciences, to attach a map to a territory, and to return and move from one to the opposite, bargains our mind a secret each piece as profound.

The Sacred Bones A brazen and violent crime happens on the crossroads of the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths—the stunning robbery of historical artifacts hidden for lots of centuries in a mystery vault underneath Jerusalem's Temple Mount.