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Things aren't happening as fast as they "should. I'm here to tell you: Don't give up on your daydream! What that little voice inside is telling you and the direction your heartstrings are pulling you is some not-so-subtle guidance on how to live your life with intent and purpose. If you want to be ridiculously happy, you have to follow the calling and live and breathe your truth. But how? It takes time, persistence, flexibility, focus, energy, and a darn good sense of humor doesn't hurt, either.

As an unconventional seven-figure CEO that runs multiple business ventures, I have fallen flat on my face plenty of time. And, yeah, I've even felt like throwing in the towel a time or two. It sucks when the universe punches you in the gut. But, it happens to the best of us. And, there is usual a pretty major lesson and opportunity for growth within In these instances along my journey, I got up, brushed myself off, and kept trying.

And, in the process, I learned a thing or seven about what really limits our success and learned how to overcome these blocks. They're not what you typically hear about or learn in business school, either. While business savvy is important, these truths touch more on the spiritual side. They can help elevate your success to a whole new level.

How to Overcome These 7 Spiritual Blocks to Success

Fix financial woes. Whether it's not having clarity on what you need to make vs. But, digging even deeper, many people have money "issues" at a subconscious level.

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Perhaps it's the notion that making money is not spiritual as money being the "root of all evil" is a common misconception , or it could be a deep-rooted belief that one is not worthy of financial abundance. These limiting beliefs are often a show-stopper when it comes to aligning your purpose with earning a living. As a result, dream-chasers can end up packing it up and heading back to day jobs they don't love that is, of those who weren't too scared to risk leaving in the first place. Taking the time and making the effort to have a clear understanding of financials as well as uncovering and healing any deep-rooted money blocks can exponentially increase the likelihood of business success and financial abundance.

Don't quit before the finish line. Some people will never know how close they really were to success because they threw in the towel right before their big break. Times will get tough and you will be tempted with every ounce of your being to call it quits. And, there might even be times when that is the right decision. But, more often than not, if you are following your heart, you probably just need to look at things with fresh eyes.

Selling with Soul: Achieving Career Success Without Sacrificing Personal and Spiritual Growth

What makes one successful is digging in when you really feel like giving in and giving up. Instead of calling it quits, get back up, dust yourself off, be open to the lessons you are blessed with, revamp and try and try again. You wouldn't train for a marathon and then give up a mile before the finish line.

No way! Walking, limping, or even crawling across are perfectly okay.

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Same goes with your life and dreams. Just don't give up! Bust through internal blocks and limiting beliefs. Energy-sucking thought vampires come in all shapes and sizes. Much like the money "issues" that often come up, there could also be some deep-rooted beliefs that you will never be successful or that you don't deserve to be. Or, perhaps it is your own greatness that scares you the most. These beliefs often stem from childhood and we might not even know they are there. I find that self-reflective journaling and meditation are highly effective tools to help bring these destructive thoughts to the surface so you can heal them.

Find a quiet spot to mediate and before you begin ask yourself, "What am I most afraid of? What is holding me back right now? Be open to whatever thoughts come and go in your meditation and simply label them "thoughts. Don't worry about punctuation or grammar.

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Just let it all out. When you're done, reflect on what you've learned about yourself. It can be pretty eye-opening and life changing!

Listen to your gut! At any given point, we have at least a hundred other people in our ears: friends, family, business partners, random strangers on the Internet. Many of them mean well some not so much , but they all have opinions about what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. While it's always a good thing to keep an open mind and give some value to the thoughts of others, at the end of the day: You are the guru. We all have our own internal guidance system built in. When we learn to become still, we can clearly hear the gentle guidance of our heart and soul.

Learn to take what others say and do with a grain of salt and, instead, follow your own intuition. It will never lead you astray. Be adaptable. We often find ourselves out there trying to steer the river instead of just going with the flow and allowing the current to take us along for a ride. Meditate right after you awaken. Most of us are magnesium-deficient, especially when under stress, says herbal expert and consultant Lynda LeMole, former president and owner of Traditional Medicinals tea company.

A magnesium deficiency can put a damper on energy capacity and let depression gain a toehold. Fortunately our skin absorbs magnesium from bathwater containing Epsom salts, aka magnesium sulfate. LeMole suggests adding lavender to the bath and enjoying candlelight during your soak. Or consider a warming mustard bath. Fans of British novels may be aware of these restorative baths, a traditional English remedy for reducing stress and aches as well as ridding the body of toxins, says Cleveland Clinic psychologist Susan Albers, Psy.

Pour in a hot bath and soak. Sardines, salmon and walnuts provide omega-3 fatty acids; an omega-3 deficiency can contribute to fatigue, mood swings and depression. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson visits hospitalized children in intensive care and cancer units every week—and goes home inspired. Cathy Goodwin, a career-change coach, favors mysteries. She led a study that found happy people are less likely to develop heart disease. Patting a furry friend has been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress hormones. Laura T. This, of course, is good for the soul—and the ego.

The mere act of putting a smile on your face influences your feelings, studies suggest. Jim Whittaker endured hurricane-force winds and swirling snow to become, in , the first American to summit Mount Everest. Hike the Grand Canyon, LeMole recommends. Dive in Belize. Big doses of Big Nature feed my soul with the basic elements of life on planet Earth: more oxygen, the green of chlorophyll, the microbes in rich soil, the long-view perspectives and panoramas that put us in our size and place, and then the gratitude that comes from experiencing such natural joy.

Even five minutes in nature helps boost mental health and mood, a British study found, so go walk, garden, cycle or the like. I answer the fear from this place. I often dialogue back and forth between the voices until I feel peace of mind. This technique helps bring me from a place of anxious disconnection to feeling safe, centered and clear about my greatest potential. She measured the intensity of light indoors and outdoors in Seattle for a year—with surprising findings.

Indoors, light intensity was a mood-killing to lux. Even in the cloudy outdoors, however, there was as much mood-lifting light intensity 10, lux as offered by a light therapy box used by some people to combat seasonal affective disorder. The true soul-nurturing to me is in the pauses, which I know sounds strange. Research backs up the happy punch this will bring you: When students were told to perform five acts of kindness a week over six weeks, their well-being increased compared to a control group, according to a study overseen by University of California, Riverside psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness.

In that study, the biggest increase was seen by those who performed the five acts in one day instead of spread over time. A study elsewhere found that empathy toward strangers triggers a release of oxytocin and subsequent generosity. Visit a local museum or online collections at MoMA. Or write one. Clutter can be a reminder of things that need to be done, spurring a feeling of failure, says Elaine Aron, Ph.

Cheer yourself quickly by straightening a few surfaces. Ideally from a plant, but straight from a bottle of essential oil will do. Dab essential oil—citrus, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender or whatever scent you fancy—on a handkerchief and keep it in your wallet or purse for easy access in a flash.

33 Ways to Feed Your Soul

Pick a flavor that describes you and write two sentences that explain why, advises work-life wellness expert Samantha Ettus, who views the pie as the best way to think about a balanced life. Next steps: 1. Every ingredient has nourishing restorative medicinal properties, says LeMole, now a consultant to herbal businesses. Directions: Prep, chop ingredients. Put all ingredients into a small saucepan and simmer covered for minutes.

It will still be good.

Also: Spices may be reboiled a few times with new milk and a smaller amount of fresh spices added.