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Two Gallants (short story)

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James Joyce

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Both men lead dissolute lives and have few prospects, and nothing but easy money gives them hope. The meanderings of the story ultimately lead to the gold coin, suggesting that for both of these men, the coin is their ultimate reward and desire.

Dubliners Summary and Analysis of Two Gallants

Even though Lenehan and Corley use betrayal to make money, both men are anxious about treachery. Corley orchestrates his encounter with the maid defensively, allowing Lenehan only distant glimpses of the maid for fear of competition. Similarly, Lenehan pesters Corley about his choice of victim, worried that the plan will fall flat and leave him penniless yet again. This state of mind leads only to further betrayal. While Corley gallivants with his maid, Lenehan acts as the harpist, tapping his hands to the notes as he walks through Dublin.

Two Gallants by James Joyce

Joyce both leaves the inferences open to his readers and continually complicates them. When Lenehan later enjoys the meager feast of peas and ginger beer and reflects on his directionless life, for example, his meal reflects the colors of the Irish flag the green peas and the orange ginger beer. Such associations link the maligned life to an image of the country, but with no conclusive sense of cause and effect, and no potential for solution.

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Dubliners by: James Joyce. In the evening, a young man named Corley is walking with his friend Lenehan and telling him about a woman he has seduced. A rendezvous has been arranged with the woman and Corley, during which Lenehan wanders around Dublin before stopping at a refreshment house for a supper of peas and a bottle of brown ale.

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During his solitude, Lenehan contemplates his current state; he is at the age of thirty-one, and is thoroughly unsatisfied with his life of leeching and "chasing the devil by his tail. After eating, Lenehan wanders around the streets aimlessly, hoping Corley will meet him at the previously arranged time. Corley presents him with a gold coin from the woman.

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The reader is never told how the woman acquired it, but it is implied that she either stole it from her employer on his behalf, or that it is the sum of her savings. This contrasts with Corley's descriptions of past relationships he had had, in which he spent money on women.

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Together, Lenehan and Corley walk off with the coin. Two Gallants is arguably a combination of naturalism, realism, and modernism. Naturalism portrays realistic events in a detached way, like realism, but there is an ideology of determinism. Corley and Lenehan are a product of their environment and circumstances. The way in which Joyce resists the conventional narrative arc and leaves the stories without clear conclusions, without clear meanings given to anything, one can see the modernist traits.

The ambiguity about what it is that Corley must pull off, and the half said things running through the dialogue, and the many symbols and allusions, make the text a job to decipher, in true modernist style. Some suggested themes are betrayal — Corley is betrayed by society in the lack of opportunities for the middle and lower class, and so he becomes the betrayer.