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Register Now. Remove Ads. Thread: Women are like cats, men are like dogs. Last Jump to page:. Women are like cats, men are like dogs It's something I have thought about a lot. Cats are manipulative and are only nice to you when they want something. Dogs however are loyal creatures. I immediately found an article that points out some of the parallels between us and these animals.

Men Are Dogs. Women Are Cats.

Also not everyone is the same. Every single cat ive ever met is chill as fuck and just lays around all day or cuddles up with you. Stereotypes: it's easier than thinking. Can't disagree more. Cats are more like men because they sit there and lounge around and generally don't want to be bothered by petty things. Dogs are needy and often overly affectionnate, which is fine, but doesn't line up with what we think of as manly.

I like both cats and dogs. I'll never understand the fact that some men really think having a cat is a feminine quality. All apples are fruits, but all fruits are not apples. Originally Posted by ellieg. Hypergamy hahahahahhahahahahha. Also, if you find yourself being manipulated by a cat, I think the problem is with you, not the cat. Originally Posted by fengosa.

ROK aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men. If you are new, check out our top 35 posts of all time. There is a reason why a fight between two women is called a cat fight. Dogs are like men so they usually fight to the finish.

But cats only fight to get their claws into each other which literally translates to taking a dig at each other. Cats will fight like tigers but only to defend themselves. They never pick up a fight to defend their master or the house. Similarly, women fight only then they are cornered.

10 Reasons Why Women Are Like Cats -

A cat is a delicate creature. When you see a cat, you feel 'oh, what a delicate little pussy'. Cats use this unwarranted sympathy to start rooming with you. Women also are experts at playing the 'damsel in distress'. It is usually a human that cuddles a cat. But the cat will not run up to you like a dog to show affection. This trait is very similar to women who like to be pampered but do not pamper men in return.

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The whole world knows how dogs make love. All cheer for the doggy style. But do you have any idea how cats make love? No, that's because cats keep their sex life secret just like women. For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now. For Daily Alerts. Must Watch. Cats have mesmerising eyes Cats have a very mesmerising gaze.

Cats can give the stare of death Remember the look your girlfriend gives you when you say something awkward in front of her parents or friends. Cats are loyal to the house but not the master Cats get attached to the house they live in but not the master who feeds them.

Cats are opportunistic Cats will not think twice about ditching their master for a more plump offer. Cats fight only for themselves Cats will fight like tigers but only to defend themselves. Cats play on your sympathy A cat is a delicate creature. Cats are stingy with showing affection It is usually a human that cuddles a cat.

Cats keep their sex life secret The whole world knows how dogs make love. Try These Tips. Busted: Common Misbeliefs About Women. Are Left Handers Geniuses?

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Treat woman like cats

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