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Not doing the exercise to find out what lessons the team learned when a piece of work is done means you are unable to learn from your mistakes. You will not revise and standardise your processes. They are not replaced. Every team has experts. They contribute to your plans. They do most of the work. As a manager, your role is to make it easy for them to do their jobs. The problems come when you used to do their job, and you still want to.

Managers meddle. They override decisions made by the people actually doing the work. They make up their own estimates based on how long they think things will take. Mostly they get it wrong because life has moved on since they were in the job. Career-limiting because: They know better than you. Get access to over 20 project management templates, ebooks, checklists and more. The secret password is in your confirmation email!

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Not being truthful A few weeks ago I was contacted by a sales person. There is a reason that project management has a code of ethics. Not doing good handovers A good handover at the end of a piece of work is important for ongoing relationships and harmony in the office. Not talking about problems As I talk about in my course on how to write awesome project status reports , surprises are bad. Bonus: Get my book, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers , to explore how to communicate faster, work virtually with people across the globe, and get better business results.

Bulls Eye Recruiting. You are being paid to do a job and keeping work and outside activities separate is very important. You know what is expected of you. Others around you may be doing something different, but you may jeopardize your career if you regularly do something that is outside your scope of work. Our bosses frustrate us and things get out of control sometimes. Walk away from a bad situation before saying something you will regret. Take a 10 minute walk away from your desk. Take an early lunch. This goes back to the cooling off point. Anything written is forever.

Pick up the phone first, that is of course after you cool off. Tone is hard to read in an e-mail and often times can be misconstrued. Be Involved — Genuinely care.

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Care about what the company is doing. Care about other employees. Go to lunch with your coworkers and be involved. Get involved in projects where someone needs a hand. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer — You know who you can and can not trust in an office. You know who you choose to follow and not to follow. Never Burn a Bridge — You will never know where you will cross paths again. Things change. Management changes; companies get bought out; people change careers.

Office gossip is like a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. Do not engage. May I have another? Once you do, you will ascend. Free alcohol is great, but nobody ever gets promoted because of a holiday party. There is really only downside if you get hammered and start blabbering on about how you find Y colleague hot, and how you find X boss annoying. Of course not. He was a blight to the firm. If your colleagues and bosses are going out for a beer after work, you better get your ass there as well.

Outside of work, we are all equal. It only takes a one hour lunch to drastically improve a relationship, especially if you pay. Your clients will pick up your e-mails and calls and business gets that much easier. Do not ever miss a chance to go bond with your colleagues.

10 tips to avoid "CLM's"- Career Limiting Moves

Once you develop friendships with higher ups, your survival rate shoots through the roof. There is always a star in your office that is going places. If your friends ascend to powerful places, they will make sure they take care of the people who helped bring them there. The first two or three years of work should be balls to the wall focus. If you ever leave your firm, your old firm is required to pay your vacation days in the form of income as well. If you must take your vacations, spread them out in two or three day chunks through the year. Try not to take more vacations during the second half of the year because that is usually when bonuses and promotions are decided.

Everybody knows that if you call in sick on a Friday you are blatantly lying. Your boss knows that you are taking a three day weekend to go booz it up with your friends in Vegas. What are the chances that you are really sick on a Friday in a week of 7 days? Take it as a privilege that you get to do more work. Your bosses will recognize those who go above and beyond their day to day jobs.

Bosses love employees who come in on the weekends to make sure all the work for Monday is done. If you carry your superiority complex into the work environment without putting in your due diligence, you will fail miserably. It is much better to come in with the attitude that you know nothing. Dating a colleague is risky business.

There are strict HR policies that either forbid interoffice dating or that if a relationship occurs it must be reported for liability reasons. If we are underappreciated and a better opportunity comes along, then absolutely jump ship. But if you are on track but simply lack the patience, then you are shooting yourself in the foot because you have to redevelop all your existing relationships. Make sure you read the list of things to consider before quitting your job.

Everything always seems greener on the other side. Make sure you bring some fertilizer. Employers understand this and have no problem with the occassional departure. Your personal business should be addressed on your personal time. I play a friendly meetup softball game in San Francisco every month. During our second game of the day, I mentioned to everybody that I probably had to leave around the 5th inning as a courtesy heads up. I told him because our babysitter called in sick and I wanted to relief my wife from care taking.

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This was the fourth time he has said something snide to me out of the blue. Unfortunately for him, he limited his career because I know his boss at the Santa Cruz Warriors. Out of all the career limiting moves, knowing your place is the most important thing to grow your career. When you are just starting out spend most of your time listening, studying, and volunteering for work.

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Sooner or later you will no longer be the green gord in your office. Just be patient. Selling yourself internally is just as important as selling yourself externally. You are being naive if you think doing great work alone will move you ahead. Only after I started planning my exit did I begin to not care as much. My focus was on engineering my layoff to receive maximum severance benefits. Remember, a job is a means to an end. If you want to leave a job you no longer enjoy, I recommend negotiating a severance instead of quitting.

If you negotiate a severance like I did back in , you not only get a severance check, but potentially subsidized healthcare, deferred compensation, and worker training. Having a financial runway is huge during your transition period.

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Conversely, if you quit your job you get nothing. I first published the book in and have since expanded it to pages from pages in the 3rd edition thanks to tremendous reader feedback and successful case studies. You get a free domain name for a year as well. You never know where the journey will take you! Great post, thank you! Sam, I find your blog extremely inspiring, especially your concrete and tangible investment advice.

I believe it is extremely helpful to start in a big corporation, learn as much as possible, learn to be humble, work hard and build a network. This advice makes me think about how difficult the rat race really is. You have to become a corporate whore and bend over. Very sad. Looking back on it, using Marissa Meyer from Yahoo is a terrible way to hit the point home. I could go on and on but I will save us all the time. Glad they canned her, she was a terrible leader.

I just saw her in November and she was looking pretty happy! I would however like to point out that Swazis the people of Swaziland have no cultural or linguistic similarities to Kenya or Tanzania, we speak siSwati. Other than that, keep up the good work. You have really helped shape my perspective on finances as a whole.

Career Limiting Moves

There is a perfect example of someone not knowing her place where I work currently. Salaries and wages are pretty much in steps based on service time. Promotions are heavily dependent on affirmative action. Management does not require or expect much performance from certain protected class workers.

Non-protected class employees are expected to perform at a higher level, but not a high level relative to many in the private sector. The rookies carry the bags for the veterans in the NBA, even if the rookie is a super star talent. Funny you mention this, because we actually hired an ex pro basketball player and he quit in a few days.