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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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The Riverside County Chronicles: The entire nine-book series in one volume

Steve explained that these trees belong to the city and they take care of them. The area they live in at one time was all citrus groves and there are still plenty of citruses everywhere. It seemed most everyone had a citrus tree or two, or three, or even what seemed to be a whole grove in their yard. Jerry and his wife were so welcoming and came right up to greet us when we got there.

Riverside, California!

He was very proud of his farm and was anxious to show us around. Jerry has macular degeneration and is considered legally blind so he only sees shadows. He could not see the avocados on the trees so we would tell him where they were hanging.

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He would feel them and it was amazing he knew what type of avocado it was, depending on the size and the texture. We picked plenty of Avocados and Jerry also has some Citrus trees so he shared that with us too. We picked Navels, Tangelos, Mandarins and some Grapefruits to name a few.

Of course, we were sampling all of this as we were picking and it was all so juicy and delicious! Jerry was quite the character, funny and full of interesting stories. We thank him for all his generosity and for letting us enjoy his farm. On Tuesday morning Steves friend Tom took us to the Mt. Rubidoux Trail and Memorial Park. We took the short hike, about 3 miles up and back, on a paved trail and past the Peace bridge that leads you to an enormous cross on the top.

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It was a fairly easy hike and has wonderful views all the way up of Riverside and surrounding Mountain ranges. There were also some spring flowers starting to bloom.

They hold an Easter Sunrise service here every year, I think this would be amazing to attend. There is an abundance of scrap metal art pieces that are amazing. Figures, buildings, even a chapel, and all types of amusing and interesting pieces. Some of the buildings and walls are made out of glass bottles, you could spend a couple of hours here and still not notice all of the little hidden gems. And the food was good too! WOW, what a spectacular place, such astonishing architecture. This inn is simply magnificent. We hobnobbed around like we owned the place and took some pictures.

A few presidents and other prestigious dignitaries have stayed here over the years. Pat and Richard Nixon were married here and Ronald and Nancy Reagan held their wedding reception here. President Taft had his own personal chair here. We went up the elevator to see if the chapel was open, it was so we got to take a peek inside. After visiting the Inn we headed down the street to the Heroes Brewery.

Mike and Tom enjoyed a beer and some complimentary peanuts.

We shared some travel stories and enjoy getting to know Tom a little better. Steve and Peggy met back up with us here and we headed home for the day. Mike and Steve headed out to do some work and Peggy baked cookies, I just enjoyed the smell of the freshly baking cookies. This evening Steve cooked supper and their daughter Lisa joined us for dinner.

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A wonderful evening of good food and conversation as we listened to the pouring rain outside. Thank you, Steve and Peggy, for a wonderful time. View all posts by valeriebunyak Wherever you go, traces of a mist between indigenous and northeast beliefs, such tales of magical beings living in the forest, are to be found.

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Stories of ecological tragedies such as "Balbina", a Hydroelectric Plant constructed in the heart of the jungle, polluting rivers and land. Or personal tragedies, that tell about the death of beloved ones by the hand of nature, the same nature that is abundant, is harsh and unforgiving. And last, stories about football, the one thing all regions in the earth have in common is not different in the amazon communities. Football is a mayor event in all communities, capable of gathering the entire community around a goal to witness the decisive penalty.

These are chronicles about life and death, past and present of the riverside population that inhabit the amazon forest. One of the biggest ecological disasters of the amazon history.