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Instead, give yourself, and guests, a little something to munch on whether you're cooking or relaxing. Start the party with simple snacks that excite the eye and whet the appetite. Think outside the box. These beautiful, bold, zingy bites will get everyone talking. Pair these light appetizers with a fabulous cocktail to give your Thanksgiving celebration a scrumptious start. Choose easy finger foods, especially those that can be made ahead, to let you focus on the actual meal.

The first time you won't be basic for eating brunch.

Things go better with a few good bubbles. Simplify the liquor shopping list Simplify the liquor shopping list: Skip setting up a full bar and instead offer a signature cocktail featuring just one or two types of spirits or wine. Pick from these classic Thanksgiving cocktails to keep guests sipping and engaging with one another.

Elegant Thanksgiving Menu

Go for a classic cocktail everyone can enjoy, or mix and match for a few selections. Just try not to go overboard with the booze.

After all, there's a meal to be eaten, too. Let's all be honest, while turkey may get all the Thanksgiving attention, t Let's all be honest, while turkey may get all the Thanksgiving attention, the real stars of the meal are the side dishes. They spread on the dinner table, handed from guest to guest for a dollop of this or serving of that, and end up taking up the majority of your plate. This collection of recipes allows you to easily stick with traditional flavors, or go a more adventurous route and opt for recipes like Chorizo and Roasted Poblano Wild Rice Stuffing or White Balsamic and Rosemary Cranberry Sauce.

The best fellowship occurs when sharing great food together. Our time-saving techniques, recipes, and tips will make this year's Thanksgiving spectacular -- and spectacularly simple. Burned the turkey?

Elegant Thanksgiving Ideas - Decorating, Travel & Recipe Ideas for Thanksgiving

Or the appetizers? The holiday feast is still salvageable.

Consider this your go-to plan for when everything goes awry and you still hope to make a lasting impression. Easy Thanksgiving Menus.

Choose a slide. Photography: David Loftus.

Magnificent Thanksgiving Menus

Get the preparation schedule. Swipe here for next slide.

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Photography: Clive Streeter. Celebrate the oldest American holiday with this classic, easy Thanksgiving menu. Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook. Up Next.