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Other days everything falls apart and a bird chirping in the trees can throw your game off. Learning self-hypnosis is the best way to get into the zone when you need it.

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So you have to use self-hypnosis. And the best way to learn self-hypnosis is by being hypnotized. Our hypnotists have worked with a lot of athletes in many different sports. They believe that golf is the one of the sports that causes the most mental and emotional struggle. In team sports you can depend on your teammates. In golf you only have yourself to blame. The special curse of golf is that getting upset with yourself only makes your game worse by introducing struggle and trying hard into your swing.

The secret in golf is using self-hypnosis to enter the zone and produce the performance you know you are capable of. With the use of self-hypnosis they teach you how to concentrate, focus, and visualize like you have never done before. Once we work together, you will increase your skills. Even if you are a golf pro, hypnosis can help your clients remember what you teach them and keep them coming back for more lessons. Look at the professionals that tour.

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Using hypnosis in the pre-shot routine saves a golfer stroke after stroke. Relax and have more fun.

How to Improve Handicap by 10 Strokes

Increase your focus and confidence. Refine your fine motor skills and take control of your psycho neuromuscular abilities to just relax and sink more putts. First off, you have probably never read a book about golf like this one. Similar to the golf book below, this book is packed with golf tips that are different than you would find in a typical golf instruction book.

They are practical and not heavily weighted on swing technique. Do you suck at golf? This book will improve your game faster than any formal golf instruction book will.

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  5. As with the book below, this book is better suited for golfer with mid handicaps and up. Top golfers are most likely already familiar with this information and frustrated with all the golfers who continue to make these simple mistakes. I work with folks every week that could definitely lower their scores by following the simple advice in this book. The advice in this book is practical and effective but, from my experience, nobody seems to know about or follow these tips.

    The more cool and sober you are, the more natural it is for you to be more to yourself between shots. The more warm and enthusiastic you are the more natural it will be for you to interact with others between shots.


    Just remember to use your mental routine to regain focus before hitting your next shot! Do you fear certain shots or putts? Or react strongly to bad ones? Then you have yet another way to save strokes! Many reasons.

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    One of which is that you are now using your focus and energy more productively on things that can improve rather than take away from your play! Is score always in the forefront of your thoughts when you play? Do you ever find yourself losing interest in the round or even giving up when you feel you are not scoring well? Before you start your round, for example, make up your mind that your goal for the day is to have a good mental routine for at least 60 percent of your shots and putts.

    You will try every time but how many are really good routines? If you can stay with your mental goal you will be amazed at how much easier the game can get. It is included in the Online Coaching System. Print it out with your Mental Goal for the round, take it on the course and after your round easily add up how you did.

    What Percentage of Golfers Shoot Under ? | GolfBlogger Golf Blog

    Like a coach in your pocket. Deborah Graham is a licensed Counseling Psychologist specializing in golf performance. Working with professional and amateur golfers from around the world, her client list includes almost players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour, 21 of which she helped guide to 31 major championships. If you are a competitive golfer, we can help.