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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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It has a lot of good tables as well. Unlikely to need over the above two for an overall resource. They are essentially books completely full of high yield facts — ie quick question and one word answers plus word association type questions not multiple choice questions like the test. Step 1 Secrets is a little more comprehensive.

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They are both very dense however and it can be overwhelming to read fact after fact. They could be good for reviewing the week or so before the test, especially for focusing on your weak subjects. Probably the most comprehensive physiology review, without going into way too much detail.

This books is systems based. Most people liked using this. However not to worry, you will pick these details up elsewhere with good review using your Q-bank. Overall people really liked this book, but many found it almost too dense to get through. Does have some nice really tables with color pictures and illustrations. Though it has more details than BRS, keep in mind time is limited. This can be used as your primary resource if you willing to put in the time to get through it, but if bought, it may better be used as a supplement to BRS in areas where you want more detail, or used as a reference.

There are a ton of other options, but not wholly necessary.

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Other options include:. Provides high yield facts about the most common drugs, however is not comprehensive. Good for memorizing. Helpful to fill in some details not well explained by the overall review books. Unrealistic as a primary resource to read through. Useful for getting the essentials down quickly. It is well organized and has good illustrations, mnemonics, and tables especially in the new 4th edition. If you knew this book cold you would probably know everything for the boards.

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The 3rd edition or earlier editions are a bit outdated. If you are a fan of the BRS series, then this may be a good alternative. However, it is very helpful to have a resource which explains this complicated subject a little better. It is comprehensive and explains some of the detailed mechanisms well. Has good figures. Does have a number of errors in it. Also, it is dense and would be difficult to get through in less than 3 days. Need to have the time budgeted to make good use of this. More useful as a course textbook, however highly visual review in an easy-to-use outline format.

USMLE-type questions and detailed explanations included with each chapter. This book is too long however to read entirely through while studying for boards. You will have to devote a couple of days to biochem, then pick and choose which parts of the book to focus on. Offers more information than FA, but not a whole lot more. However, some people found it helpful to have a quick anatomy review presented in Step 1 high yield format. Both are useful and probably contain more information than you need to know. Again, with a limited amount of time, it will be difficult to fully utilize these.

You will definitely see a few questions on Neuroanatomy, but if crunched for study time, this can be avoided as it will not likely be heavily emphasized. HY is the general consensus to get your recommended dose of embryo for the Step 1.

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Systems based. They are expensive brand new, but sometimes you can find upperclassmen selling old editions or find them on eBay. It really boils down to your studying style and what suits you best. Be forewarned that they cover much more detail than the other books and than what is necessary to pass the boards.

Kaplan Courses — Those who enjoy having lectures and a very structured learning environment do really well with this option. Needless to say they are also expensive. Each test, or form as they call them, is completely electronic, allows you to start and stop the test when you like, and gives you a score in the end that correlates to a rough USMLE score — i. Most say that the last two forms, Form 3 and 4, mirror more recently used old Step 1 questions and will give you a better idea of what the real test is like versus forms 1 and 2.

The only disadvantage to these tests is that they DO NOT provide answers or explanations, only a score report for each major subject area neurology, cardiovascular, etc , hence they are only designed to measure your performance in each subject, nothing else.

To get the tests, you need to create an account at the NBME website, then pick which test you want. Keep in mind, these tests take a while to take, so make sure when you organize your calender, you set aside enough time to go through the tests. Most folks who used the service took anywhere between 1 and 2 tests. A series of Core Videos will help medical students take what they are reading, and see the relevance in clinical practice. Target Content: Currently all videos linked to a topic count in this counter. Shortly, only "Core Videos" that have a certain educational value and quality control will count in this counter.

Mastery Trigger: Click on the Video Selfmastery wheel to advance based on the scale below. You can't expect to do any surgical skill, for instance cutting the femoral neck in a THA, unless you have done your homework. Prepare for surgical skills by reading the basic outline of the skill steps watching select videos, and reading key articles and portions of textbook chapters.

Take notes and highlight so you don't forget what you learned. Target Content: Medbullets has carefully created a series of tasks that we believe a resident should complete in preparation for a skill.

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Medbullets Techniques are largerly incomplete at this time, and will see rapid improvement as they are updated by experts in the field over the coming months. Currently we only have videos for one procedure posted. We plan on releasing Technique Videos per month. We will do our best to make sure a PDF is provided. We know surgeons can teach themselves most surgical skills by passive observation and trying on their own. Our selfmastery system allows residents to track their selfmastery on each step of a skill. Highlighting and taking notes allows residents to document what they learned for future reference.

For each of these "Steps" the surgeon rates his Self-mastery on the scale listed below. Just like you need a "spotter" when benching 20lbs more than ever before, you need to engage faculty so they can "spot" you on your "sweet spot" skills - the skills you can't quite master on your own. By focusing faculty teaching effort on your target "sweet spot" skills, we believe we can greatly accelerate how you move up the learning curve. A resident should reach a Level 4 by the time he graduates from residency.

He should have reached a Level 5 by the time he has completed his fellowship. Orthobullets Value Proposition Collaboration. About Us. Step 1 Diagnostic Milestone Exams Monthly exams with new questions. Innovative Technology 3. Unlimited Study Plans. Premium Qbank access on 5-Star companion App Available now. Got my results in December and i am happy with a score of I used med bullets qbank after going through other Qbanks and i have to say, this website was extremely useful in consolidating everything i had learned prior.

Will definitely be returning to this site when preparing for the step 2's. Keep up the good work. Use our custom specialty exams to help prepare for the NBME self-assessment examinations Impress your medical team and patients by reviewing our comprehensive topics and questions on our site and app Master patient care skills required on the wards with our Skillmaster Use our Study Plan to prepare for USMLE Step 2. It also helped to see additional questions that might pop up with the various topics!

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  • The Fighting Tomahawk: An Illustrated Guide to Using the Tomahawk and Long Knife as Weapons;
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The curators are extremely dedicated to included the most up to date information on these topics, which helps when trying to decide which resource is most correct when studying. I highly recommend using this content to study for Step 2CK!