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She believes love and laughter are two of the most powerful forces in the universe. A native Midwesterner, Jamie has lived in the South the majority of her adult life. When she's not writing, she and her military hero husband are busy raising three hilariously unpredictable children. For more information on Jamie and her books, visit her online at www.

Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. Jamie Farrell August 30, She thought her marriage was solid, her life planned out. And Anna did like to plan and organize things. She was ready to start planning for children. But then her husband, Neil dumped her. So she did what she did best…got out her label maker and started labeling and organizing things. Anna had postponed her own education, moving time and time again as a military wife.

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So she straightened her back, put up her chin and took hold of her life. She had a job for a military contractor that tests fuel used in the air force planes.

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She went back to school to work on her degree and acquire needed certifications at the same time, still working full time. To the rescue was a very good looking, Windex wielding southern gentleman. He had just gotten transferred. Jackson was a southern gentleman through and through.

But he helped her anyway, and vanquished those ants with Windex. Who knew Windex had so many uses!

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So off she goes with her label maker to pay her debt. Did I mention that Anna Grace also has a thing for Ketchup? This is clearly a woman who has quirks. And her pies, can she ever bake pies! But this is temporary, right? He will eventually get transferred. So their time together has an expiration date.

So why not enjoy it while it lasts? Her friend, Jules, was going through some very trying times of her own. As a result, Jules treated Anna horribly. Did Anna Grace give up on her? On one particular evening when things for Anna had gone horribly awry and when Jackson tucked her into his guest room and silently slipped two ketchup packets onto the table next to her, I about melted into a puddle. He truly got her. This book is loaded with humor as only Jamie Farrell can dish out. They are the perfect mix of funny laugh out loud moments and moments that might have you shedding a tear or two.

The issues her characters deal with are real issues and the characters are all so easy to love. I look forward to future books for this series or anything else that she is so inclined to write. View all 20 comments. Take a Northern Gal plunked down in the South with an engineer's mind, a talent for baking, a get it done attitude and an Industrial size labelmaker.

Mix it with a true Southern Military gentleman who is fascinated with her. Between the culture clashes, sparks flying and questions about love For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 6 comments. This was one of those books that had me racing to finish, yet sad it was ending, at the same time.

You know the ones. I have to know what's going to happen! Yeah, like that. You just don't want it to end. Anna or Anna Grace, as she's called by Jackson, the toe-curling hero, in a slow Southern drawl! Dumped by her jerky husband after giving up everything for him, she finds herself at loose ends.

Finally, she decides to take control of her life and goes back to school to earn the degree she missed out on while living the transient life of an army wife. Enter Jackson the toe-curling one who is more than a little gunshy about falling in love, himself, deeply affected by the loss of his father and his mother's subsequent choices.

They play redneck golf on ladders! His grandmother Mamie seems to recognize the truth about his feelings before he does, but there's a very touching scene when he realizes he's fallen in love with Anna. His challenge will be to convince the battered divorcee to take another chance on love. Farrell has a strong voice liberally peppered with Southern colloquialisms that I found charming if you are not a fan of Southern speech patterns, you may find it over-the-top, but it definitely worked for me and she created characters with believable challenges.

I was rooting for these two from the start and the touching epilogue had my eyes glistening. An incredibly strong debut, Ms. Farrell's book is well worth reading! Anna has given up everything to follow her Air Force husband around the country, including the opportunity to finish her engineering degree. But that's okay, because marriage is all about sacrifice, right?

Besides, she's good at being a military wife and even has the upscale premium label maker to prove it. When her husband divorces and dumps her in the middle of the deep south, Anna has two choices: Go running back home to mommy and daddy, or tough it out and stay where she is and finish her de Anna has given up everything to follow her Air Force husband around the country, including the opportunity to finish her engineering degree.

When her husband divorces and dumps her in the middle of the deep south, Anna has two choices: Go running back home to mommy and daddy, or tough it out and stay where she is and finish her degree. She chooses the latter and vows she and her label maker will never uproot their lives again for any man. But Jackson isn't just any man.

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He's an Air Force officer and a gentleman, emphasis on the last part. Jackson is dreamy hot and sweet and smart and just about any girl's dream. Except Anna's, because falling for Jackson would mean putting her life second to the military again and she's already gone that route once with disastrous results. When the two of them meet over a fire ant incident, sparks fly and romance ensues. So does a lot of laughter. And a lot of tender moments. Anna and Jackson are characters we grow to love and root for all the way down to the tender sweet happily-ever-after. I absolutely loved their story.

Jamie Farrell writes contemporary romance with a light and sexy touch that will have you laughing one moment, and sighing the next. I can't recommend this book more! I really, really enjoyed this book. I was totally hooked from the start and what a start it was. The story was completely believable and engaging. This is feel-good southern fiction at its best. The characters in this book are fantastic. I connected with Anna right away. She has a serious independent streak that rivals mine. I do not often develop book-crushes but Jackson is total I really, really enjoyed this book.

I do not often develop book-crushes but Jackson is totally dreamy. The initial flirtation between the two was incredibly fun. I enjoyed the way the relationship progressed and how they each struggled with it. The supporting characters were not as strong but they were still very necessary to the story. This book is filled with southern charm and wit and most definitely is a worthwhile read. I am impressed with this debut novel. It is obvious that Jamie Farrell possesses tremendous story-telling talent and a remarkable sense of humor.

I am so anxious to read what she writes next. Originally reviewed on These Pretty Words. When Kristin sent me the summary, I thought it sounded adorable. Having limited experience with the South, I was slightly wary but looking forward to the read. Finding out that the heroine, Anna, was from Minnesota was a bonus — someone I could relate to! Her boss Shirley is pushy and while she seems to have good intentions, the delivery is overly harsh. Things I liked about the story: the plot in general was cute, as the summary led me to believe.

She was slightly too independent at times, stubbornly refusing the slightest bit of help from anyone, especially Jackson, and she had a penchant for taking shots of ketchup when she got stressed out this is apparently a Minnesotan thing…? I also liked Jackson a lot. He was sweet, patient, military yum , chivalrous but willing to back off and let Anna take care of things herself when she needed to. I loved the moments when he was across the room, watching to see if she was okay, but waiting for her sign that she needed him versus just swooping in and taking over.

I have two main issues that kept me from loving this book. First was the handful of a-hole characters, particularly Jules. She did not have one single redeemable moment in the entire story, yet Anna sticks up for her and thinks positively of her for almost the entire story.

Jules aside, I simply felt lost and confused for a lot of the story. Looking back, it was like reading a book in a foreign language where I was knowledgeable enough to get the gist, but not fluent enough to really grasp what was happening. Obviously going in, I was aware that it was a Southern romance and expected a lot of regional references, but it got to the point where I felt like I needed a translator to get me through to the end.

Anna, has a very huge love affair with order and an obsession with her label maker, which is what causes Neil to want to give up on their marriage due to her anally retentive ways. Anna had given up university with only a few credits left when Neil was moved. So Anna being the strong determined lady she is, decides to finish university and make something of herself and not rely on any man to support her. Along comes Jackson, a good Southern gentleman that is also in the military who, one night, saves her from a red ant infestation in her car.

This story has some fantastic smart humor that I really appreciated. Flawless is really the only word I can use to describe them. BUT… This is what lost the book a perfect score. I feel the author has really closed her market group for this book. I feel that if the author toned it down just a little then the book is marketable to everyone that can read.

The other thing that I got quite annoyed about to, is the heavy military acronyms. So in saying all of that, this is what I take away from the book. I probably never would have gotten my hot little hands on this book without seeing my former room-mate from college talking to the author on facebook so I blame you Jen. But the description and the cover because admit it, the cover is gorgeous!

And boy was I right… As soon as I started reading, I felt like I was transported back to one of the many military functions that I attending over the years, either formal or informal. The raucous hilarity of the inside jokes that no one outside of the military would understand, made me feel like i had gone home for lack of a better word. There are definately times when I miss my military service even if I am doing the weekend warrior type thing.

And at the same time, while it was hilarious in places, I think Jamie also hit on an important issue that often comes up in military relationships, the inability of military spouses to at times finish education, or get into certain career fields because of the fact that they PCS permanent change of station every few years.

I loved her characterizations, especially Jackson. I would recommend Southern Fried Blues to anyone who likes sweet, quirky, southern contemporary romance, or who want an insight into real military life. View 1 comment.

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If you give me a good book and you throw humor in it I am hooked. On this book I was hooked, line and sinker. Really all I have to say is I found me a new favorite author. Man she can write! I will be happy to read and review any book you have. Now the review: This book gets your attention from the start and it does not let you go. We have a husband you will want to slap silly, and this will not be the first time you will want to do this.

The author brings you right in and you are angry right OMG! The author brings you right in and you are angry right way. Divorce right away. Anna is a very strong women, who is very independent, she does not need a man she can take care of herself. She is sure of what she want and that is going back to school and what she doesn't want is another military man. But is she sure of this?

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Jackson is sure of what he wants and doesn't want. He want his career in the military and no women and her biscuits lol but is he really sure of this? There is nothing like a man that is smart that acts like he is dumb Anna moves on makes great friends and meets Jackson.

Each time they meet it is by accident and very moving. Her old friends have issues and so do her new friends. You see them fall apart and come together it is just a wonderful read. You have so many wonderful characters. Family you just want to hit and others you just want to hug, the same with the friends. OMG the firecrackers to funny. I still do not understand redneck golf to funny. There is so much love and humor in this book. Along with sad and you just want to hit something.

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I really did not want to put this book down. When I went to bed my mind was still going and I didn't want to go to sleep. If the authors other books are as good as this I can't wait to read them. Really it is more then a 5 star rating! I received a copy of Southern Fried Blues in exchange for an honest review. Anna's life takes an unexpected turn when her husband drops a bombshell on her but she's going to fight back and overcome every obstacle thrown her way. I loved Anna and her ability to move forward with her life after her husband tells her that he wants a divorce.

And Jackson, what a southern sweetheart. He helps save the day when Anna's car comes under an attack and his upbringing keeps him wanting to step in to help he I received a copy of Southern Fried Blues in exchange for an honest review. He helps save the day when Anna's car comes under an attack and his upbringing keeps him wanting to step in to help her but Anna is determined to not need to depend on anyone again.

Their growing relationship was a joy to watch - I loved watching Anna want to handle everything herself ad watching Jackson trying to hold himself back to allow her to handle things herself and hoped they'd be able to meet in the middle and know that it's ok to stand tall and take care of things sometimes but also that it's ok to accept help for other things.

I look forward to reading more by Jamie Farrell Going into this one, I only had a vague idea of what it would be about. The opening gave me quite the surprise and then the story settled in to be something that touched all my emotions.

I wanted to cry, I laughed, I cheered on the characters, I worried and I hoped. This book ended up being so much more than I expected going into it and I now have a new to me author and series to love. The story opens with Anna Martin, wife of Air Force Captain Neil Martin stationed in Georgia, getting the shock of her life when her husband of six and a half years breaks things off with her in the most excruciating and insulting of ways.

He bares all his frustration with their marriage when he gives a toast at a wedding dinner and she never once thought anything was wrong. She gave up many things and sacrificed as a military wife every time they picked up and left to follow his duty assignments and now she is left alone as an under-educated, under-employed divorcee when he moves on to his next duty assignment leaving his lawyer behind with no further words for her. She loved and was not loved in return. This breaks Anna, but she is stronger than she realizes because instead of fleeing north to her home and her disappointed family, she picks up the pieces and starts putting herself back together one piece at a time.

No more military men and no more commitments. Just her work, her education and maybe getting together with her few friends. Jackson Davis returns to the base near his home after many years of duty elsewhere. He is a true southern gentleman with the ladies, loves his college football, looks forward to hunting season, and plans to spend some time with family.

What he does not plan on is long-term relationship because he doesn't believe in love. Meeting Anna Martin through a mutual friend fits well with his plans.

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The Yankee girl is sassy, feisty and best yet, she doesn't believe in commitment either. Anna was shocked and confused by this revelation but cling to her beliefs including her What a fun read. Loved the characters from the very beginning and loved the direction the book was heading. A southern gentleman and a yankee OCD girl - how the author pulled this together is amazing. Loved it. Jamie Farrell writes humorous contemporary romance.