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If you are willing and able to relocate, state so in the resume and cover letter. The second key ingredient is the use of key words.

Resume Objectives That Identify Strengths

Dissect the job description, pulling out the key sentences that state the purpose of the position, the most important duties and responsibilities, and the required qualifications. Incorporate these into your resume, remaining as close to the actual verbiage as possible. This is because it's common practice for HR analysts searching the resume database to type in those key phrases. In fact, some software systems will eliminate you if you don't meet some key word criteria. So if you have included these into the main body of your resume you have a much greater chance of catching the eye of the human resource staff member or recruiter.

This is the first important step for gaining an interview. Now that you have caught the eye of the recruiter, your resume will be read to see how you match up to the opportunity. The more closely you state in your resume that you are a near perfect match to the position, the greater chance you will have getting that all-important initial interview phone call. One of the more successful methods we have discovered in producing professional resumes for job candidates is using a "Professional Profile" section at the top of the resume.

This is done for two purposes; first of course is to get those key words and phrases into the resume, but just as important, it allows for you to customize each resume to match the particular position you are seeking. For the most part, the main body of your resume, sections that include your work history, project list, professional affiliations and certifications, and education, will not change.

So using a Professional Profile section in lieu of the common "Objective" section will enable you to weave those important phrases into your resume.

Resume Objectives That Identify Strengths

National engineering and land development firm is seeking a planner to develop long- and short-term plans for land use related to growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities. Duties: Meet with clients and civic planning authorities to identify land-use options, and develop land-use plans that will meet the requirements for growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Responsibilities: Ensure all proposed plans meet federal, state, and local environmental regulations, zoning and building codes, and any other pertinent requirements. Qualification Requirements: A bachelor's degree in urban, environmental, or related planning field, plus two years' experience producing long- and short-term land-use plans, and working directly with local elected and appointed planning officials and other key stakeholders.

When Should You Use a Resume Objective?

Accomplished three-year career as a professional planner experienced working with engineering and land development firms producing long- and short-term plans for land use related to growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities. Adept meeting with clients and civic planning authorities to successfully identify land-use options and to develop land-use plans that meet the requirements for growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Have successfully ensured that all proposed plans meet federal, state and local environmental regulations, zoning and building codes, and any other pertinent requirements. Again, using the key words and phrases of the job description in this fashion provides a higher probability that your resume will pop up, catch the eye of the recruiter, and get an initial inquiry phone call or interview. Plus, you can easily and quickly customize your resume to each position you are seeking.

Other key ingredients in a powerful resume include a chronological order of your employment history starting with most current , including the name of the employing organization, city and state where located, years of employment, and your job title.


Don't simply state your job duties and responsibilities; this doesn't explain what you did or accomplished. In the course of performing your duties and responsibilities associated with the position, clearly explain what you did and what the outcome was.

For every task we complete we have accomplished an objective. Tell us what you did, what this accomplished or achieved, or what its contribution was to a larger, greater achievement. No matter how small the task, it probably accomplished something that was important to the final outcome. Your resume and cover letter are often the first contact you have with a prospective employer.

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The Center for Career Development can help you translate your academic and work experiences into relevant content for your resume, critique your existing draft, and provide you with important strategies for constructing your cover letters. Make the best possible impression by carefully crafting your message. Check out our interactive guide Anatomy of a Resume , watch our Resume Basics Webinar , or attend a workshop to get started. Once you have a draft, stop by our office anytime during review hours with a copy of your resume for helpful feedback; no appointment necessary.

Creating a resume is a process. You might go through several drafts before hitting on one that effectively displays your skills and experience. Keep in mind, this starter resume will be your foundation. We strongly recommend that you take the time to create your own format rather than turning to pre-packaged templates, which can lock you into a rigid form that may make it hard to showcase your experience in the best way.

Further, templates can be difficult to adjust, update, or customize. Consider creating two or more versions of your resume that could be used in different situations.

How To Make A Resume (Examples Included)

This is a common practice to display different areas of expertise. Start brainstorming and making notes. Not all of these are likely to be included in your final version, but a running list of your skills and experience can help you craft and tailor a resume for any opportunity. Review the descriptions of internships or jobs that interest you. Identify different skills and objectives among the postings that might match or complement yours.