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I know that is a big statement. Some may think it is ugly and self-defeatist. But this is the raw, uncut truth. And this is how I feel.

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As far as I am concerned, men lie. They also cheat and steal too. Some of them are cowards and some of them are sick abusers, who get off on the emotional manipulation and exploitation of women. The statistics in regards to sexual assault as well as spousal abuse and murder back that claim up. And if you are not careful, a man can drive you crazy. Not enough to write books about them, seek out advice on how to get them, fight over and get all emotionally distraught about them.

Generally speaking, men kind of suck and when you start to think about it, why do we even care about them at all?

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  8. Yes, I know, perhaps it is me that is in need of changing? I mean, if all men are dogs than what does that make you? Well, I like to think of myself as a realist. I question myself and my choices daily. Evaluating and reevaluating myself, trying to find out exactly that one particular magic flaw about me that I could fix and make my relationships with men a lot easier. Men still act doggish.

    How I Came To Accept That All Men Are Dogs | MadameNoire

    Okay, so this is just the jaded opinion of one woman. I have heard of some really awful tales of men doing some truly awful things to women. I tell myself not to feel these things. Think of the men in my own family, like my brothers, uncles and dad? They are not bad guys. Maybe it was because he saved her once from drowning, and another time from choking on a spool of dental floss, but they became inseparable. Ron was a basket case when Jugs died, but she has been replaced by Mack, a French bulldog. And then there is a friend who told me that he too had been skeptical about his wife's doggie desire.

    He relented and a few years later, he says, "I came home one day and realized I wanted to see my dog, but not my wife.

    Single men who own dogs are more attractive to women, study finds

    Bottom line: perhaps we haven't evolved as much as we think. Why else would we still be surprised by, attracted to, and fans of men who open up via their dogs? Let's hope this is good for the guys and ultimately, the rest of us as well: "Maturity and psychological health are always about integrating what we previously wanted to deny in ourselves," says Dr. And as author Matthew Gilbert adds, "It's not necessarily a bad thing if a guy can eventually learn to transfer these feelings onto someone who can talk back.

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    How I Came To Accept That All Men Are Dogs

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