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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Macaulay, illustrated by Alex Zgud. Patropolis by Diana C. Silverman, PhD, illustrated by Ellie Shapiro. Sweet and Brenda S. Bennett, illustrated by Christine M. McCarthy, illustrated by Sue Dettman. Thompson, illustrated by Terence Gaylor. Rose-Vallee, illustrated by Anni Matsick. Seymour Youngblood. Carroll Let's Change That! Bashar Salame, illustrated by Rainer M.

Scharmaine L. Willis, Ph. Miles, PhD and Colleen A. Green Bean! Carroll Pumpus Has a Glowing Idea! Day, illustrated by J. Nicole Audet. Wilson, illustrated Josh Flanigan. Schuszler, illustrated by Gaye Frances Willard. Keown, illustrated by Yvonne L. Chung, illustrated by Paula Bossio.

Honorable Mention: Paisley or Plaid … being your very best you! E and Jim Huth, illustrated by Bryan Burright. McDine, illustrated by K. Rogers, illustrated by Guy Atherfold. Wagoner, illustrated by Mar Fandos. Honorable Mention: How Perfectly You! And Peabody Too! Fabian Gollywood Here I Come! Scharper Illustrated by Tara J. Stephen Lemle. Scharper Jr. Seymour Rabinovitch with Rebecca S. Honorable Mention - Where is Chick-a-Bock 3? Diane Bairstow. Harlan, Illustrated by Dwight Nacaytuna.

Rotberg and Iris C.

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Rotberg, Illustrated by Bryn Barnard. Honorable Mention - Randy the Raindrop: I'm a little raindrop! Honorable Mention - Eat It! Anderson, Illustrated by Chuck Gillies, Cover. A Dog. A Parrott. And A Game. Sherry L. Cunningham, Illustrated by Chrissy Fanslau. Honorable Mention - Mr. Sally Hodson, Illustrated by Ann Jones. Lawson, Illustrated by Cynthia S. Honorable Mention - What's in the Garden? Rush, Illustrated by D. Bartlett, M. In this special episode, she unleashes her Top 10 Pet Gift List for Joining her as a special co-host is Erin Fenstermaker, a small business consultant who specializes in the pet industry.

So, shop smart this holiday season for the favorite tail-wagger or purr machine in your life and check out this top 10 gift list. Tune into this special Oh Behave Show episode and find out. John Paul Ruttan and Addison Holley are not old enough to legally drive cars, but they already have a long list of acting achievements. And, the two star in this must-see holiday tale about a wayward dog named Shelby that has just been unleashed on DVD and On Demand. Listeners, you're in for a special treat as Arden interviews some top pet headliners at this event.

This all-day conference focused on ways to enhance the emotional well-being of pets and bolster the human-animal bond. Tune in as Arden interviews some key people in the pet world who are making a positive difference. We love our pets, but when they get sick or injured, many need professional veterinary care and fast! In pet emergencies, minutes count. Moore is also a master pet first aid instructor and founder of Pet First Aid 4U.

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She plans to share what she learned in her ER stint with her students. Ever wonder how phrases like 'just horsing around' and 'lame duck president' originated? And many will surprise you. We are giving away 10 free copies! What's it like to be a genuine "Cat Man Do"? An award-winning cartoonist and renowned animator? Well, tune into this special Oh Behave show episode and find out. Discover the inspirational "mews" muses behind Tofield's best-selling books and animated films and what life is really like for him in England in a home occupied by three fine felines.

As a special treat, Tofield also does some of his famous cat and bird sounds -- signatures in his films. Call your cat over and take a listen. He predicted who would win the U. Presidential election …18 months early. He predicted the team and their winning score for the Super Bowl three days early. The Amazing Kreskin predicts that celebrities Justin Bieber and Beth Stern will heed his challenge and eat dog biscuits in this fundraiser. Tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave show and host Arden Moore predicts you will be thoroughly entertained and motivated to help animals in need.

He also shares specific ways to bolster your bond with your cat. Cats regard him as the purr-fect person to convey their thoughts, wants and wishes. Ever since he was a child, Bill Berloni connected with animals of all types. This modern-day Dr. Doolittle turned a shelter dog into a star in the original Annie on Broadway and continues to train dogs, cats and other critters for Broadway, movies and television. These well-trained animals have shared the stage with Bernadette Peters, Helen Mirren and many more stars. Tune in today as Berloni tells the tale of his many four-legged stars! He sits down with Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore to discuss one of his favorite roles — serving on the all-volunteer board for the Peninsula Humane Society.

He also shares some stories of working with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and has a little fun with what he has in common with actors Jackie Chan and George Takei. This is one pawsome episode you do not want to miss. Guy is grrr-eat! The Hero Dog Awards. The Kitten Bowl. All of these creative events are aimed at landing thousands of shelter dogs and cats loving homes and all are under the direction of super pet advocate Bill Abbott.

And, he views pets as key members of the family. Tune into to this special episode of the Oh Behave Show hosted by Arden Moore as Bill Abbott shares upcoming special pet events and shows that will be airing on the Hallmark Channel. For years, he has donated portions of his books to various animal shelters and rescue groups. Amell, joined by Josh Wiggins, Lauren Graham and Thomas Haden Church star in this film about a military dog named Max who returns stateside, traumatized by the loss of his best friend, a Marine played by Robbie Amell.

Renowned animal communicator Tim Link shares ways to you can converse, really converse with your dog and cat on this special episode of the Oh Behave Show. Find out what your dog and your cat are really thinking and feeling from the man who can teach you: Tim Link. Learn more by visiting www. Frustrated by your feline always swatting and batting objects off counters, table tops and other places?

Trade that frustration for fun by playing the new computer game called Catlateral Damage. Eitan Glinert , part of the team of designers for this game, shares what life is like as a game designer, cat lover and former MIT biotech major with Oh Behave Show host Arden Moore. Arden gave the game a try and rates it meow-va-lous! A purr-fect escape from daily work pressures. And, Arden also shares some pet first aid tips for you. She is a master certified pet first aid instructor who delivered a pet first aid demo on stage at the Dallas Pet Expo.

In Chicago, a dedicated group led by Sister Marijon Binder have been finding homes for cats and aiding seniors for more than three decades. Discover the power of meow and love for all. Dawn Celapino , founder of Leash Your Fitness, is on a week trek across America inside a RV with her very fit and friendly Cairn terrier named Jack to motivate people and their dogs to get active. Tune in to discover how you can make your dog your best workout buddy and how the power of organized play brings out the healthy best in you and your dog.

Follow the adventures of Dawn and Jack as they travel across America on www. Does your dog got the boredom blues? Is your indoor cat napping way too much? Unleash positive surprise in their lives. If you talk, bark or purr — this is an episode not to miss! Tune into this special Oh Behave episode featuring Dr. This nationally-renown veterinarian and shelter director serves as your guide to all things feline. And, we will be giving away a purr-sonalized autographed copy of his book. Simply email show host Arden Moore arden fourleggedlife. Trick training is a great way to bone with your dog, so listeners to the Oh Behave Show are in for a special treat.

She offers trick-training online classes and gives you the step-by-step instructions on creative dog tricks in her books and DVDs. The Olate dogs, all rescues, bow-wow audiences all over America by performing back flips, doing K9 Congo lines, steering mini cars on stage and much more. To Cleveland, Ohio! Nicholas, and his father, Richard and their dozen or so happy, talented dogs are crisscrossing the country to unleash a canine choreographed show that earns paws and applause. Learn what life is like off stage, the training secret that motivates these dogs to perform amazing tricks and how they got their start.

Tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave Show as long-time animal advocate Jill Rappaport takes the mike to champion the cause for shelter dogs all over the country. Especially dear to her at the senior dogs, black dogs, pit bulls and medically challenged canines awaiting a fur-ever home. And, do your part: adopt a rescue dog at a shelter! This South Floridian will inspire and motivate you to adopt rescue pets and treat them to loving and forever homes. The game features more than 85 pups and even 21 kittens up for adoption from countless animal shelters all over the county.

Discover the special role a handful of Nigerian Dwarf goats will play and hear about a cool cat named Katty Furry and what she has planned for the halftime show. Kickoff is set for 3 p. Eastern on Feb. Much more -- call your pet over and tune in now! Yes, the itty-bitty cat with huge blue eyes and one-of-a-kind puss face is starring in a movie called Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever that premiers Nov. And, we promise to let the 'cat out of the bag' and share what life is really like living with the one and only Grumpy Cat.

Former U. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista are both New York Times best-selling authors who share a passion for pets and American history. Tune into this special episode of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio with host Arden Moore as this power couple share how they are making American history unforgettable and fun through a series of children's books featuring Ellis the Elephant.

All this and more -- only on the Oh Behave show! On the track, Greg Biffle is well known for his talents behind the wheel of his No. Tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave Show with host Arden Moore to find out how special dogs named Foster, Gracie and Savannah have impacted their lives. The couple also helps transport puppies from North Carolina to various rescue and animal shelters to increase their changes for adoption. Get your paws on the calendar by going to www. Tune in now — Joyce is waiting for you! They pooled their design and behavior talents to product a new must-get book aptly called 'Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat and You!

Happy cat means happy life. Oh Behave host Arden Moore is there for the kickoff of this stop, 8-state tour that has a goal of adopting thousands of dogs and cats from animal shelters located on the historic Route She serves as the official spokesperson for this Route 66 adoption tour. And be amazed by how many different animals — big and itty bitty — that Brandon McMillan can train. Sadly, only 1 in 10 lost pets are reunited with their pet parents. Be the th person to email Arden Arden fourleggedlife. Pacific and 9 p. Use petfirstaid. Prizes will be awarded to a couple lucky Twitter participants.

The 21st Century Dog has definitely changed our buying habits. Many pet lovers confess they now shop for vehicles and even houses with the needs of their canine chum in mind. And, yes, there is now even a vehicle with a built-in vacuum and air filtration systems to oust doggy hair and odor! Each year, a dog park gets a major makeover thanks to a winning entry submitted by a person in that community. So, what type of pet parenting style do you prefer? Find out clues from Julia Szabo , the nationally known animal advocate. Julia also shares what life is like cohabitating with her four rescued dogs in New York City and unleashes some very creative tips to keep hairy canines cool in the hot summer months and keep them hydrated.

And, she shares the big news about a new flea and tick product called Bravecto that fends off these parasites for 12 weeks three times longer than the conventional preventives. And, now she is speaking up for cats and kittens at animal shelters all over the country. And, in the second half of this show, Oh Behave show host Arden Moore goes on a virtual shopping trip for great cat products with Michelle Fern , host of the Best Bets for Pets show, also airing on the Pet Life Radio network.

Tune in for a double dose of fine feline fun! All this and more on the fun adventures from BlogPaws! In these tough economic times, one needs to be creative to find ways to make more money. Your money maker may well be your cat! Professional photographer and proud cat parent Dustin Fenstermacher shares some tips with Oh Behave show host Arden Moore. Tune in now and discover the feline secrets to financial success!

Author and spiritual counselor Cher Slater-Barlevi shares in this special episode about her true awakening after being crippled in a car accident. Her novel centers around the interconnected worlds of a pair of dolphins, a flea-ridden dog from Brazil and a sweet girl from Montreal. I thought so. So tune in and then grab a copy of her book! Do you have a four-legged clothes hound? A mutt in need of a makeover? One who lives for strutting the latest pet fashion? She also will be joining the Pet Life Radio family with her own new pet fashion show aptly called: Bark and Swagger. - Oh Behave -animal behavior & harmony in the household on Pet Life Radio

So call over your Fido fashionista and tune in now! Have portable mike, must travel. Learn about the polydactyl multi-toed cats who freely roam this compound once owned by the famous author, Ernest Hemingway. Arden gets catty — in a cool way — so tune in today! Gathering accolades and winning over audiences all over the country is a quirky and delightful independent film called, Gone, Doggy, Gone.

The movie centers on two over-the-top pet parents, a very cute Yorkie and a kooky dognapper. Learn more by dashing over to www. Go to www. Tune into this special episode of the Oh Behave Show as relieved pet parents share how they were able to use pet first aid skills to save their pets. Hear about Kia, a puppy who was choking on a large piece of kibble and Rocky, an adult dog who tangled with a squirrel. April is Pet First Aid Awareness month.

Show host Arden Moore is also a master certified pet first aid instructor who travels all over North America to teach hands-on, veterinarian-approved classes with a dog-cat teaching team. Imagine riding in a F Fighter Jet or sharing your shower with a Cockatoo or being the opening act for country legend Clint Black. Rising country pop singer Laura Bryna has does all this and more. Tired of cute cat books? The power of pets knows no timeline. Eager to witness focused felines competing in cat agility?

Or curious about how the hairless coat of a Sphynx feels? We interview the very best in cat breeds, hang out with some feline celebrities, showcase nifty cat products and much more. This is a show not to miss! A decade ago, James Giuliani made his living as a street enforcer for the Mafia. Now, he searches the streets of New York to rescue dogs, cats, ducks and other homeless critters who are sick, injured and hungry.

Tune in as James shares how a little dog named Bruno won the heart of this former gangster. In this special Oh Behave Show episode, host Arden Moore finds out the purr-fect game plan for the felines participating in the Kitten Bowl from John Sterling , the legendary radio play-by-play announcer for the New York Yankees. Both furry football fest feature kittens and puppies from shelters who are available for adoption. So, call over your cool cat or grrr-eat dog and catch the action before — and after — the kickoff of the Super Bowl between Denver and Seattle.

This episode will feature a special slide show of some of Dr. Rossi shares how he turned his life around after being a teen in a gang and serving 10 years in prison to become a successful TV star, movie agent and owner of a line of quality cigars sold worldwide. He is the featured celebrity — along with lovable Hercules the Pit Bull — on tour across the country for Amazing Pet Expos as well. For more than 30 years, Grammy-winning musician Paul Shaffer has been the bandleader for talk show host David Letterman.

And, now, he is also happily harmonizing with his daughter, Victoria , to raise awareness of the importance to adopt shelter dogs and cats. Every day feels like Christmas when you are doggone lucky enough to share your life with a dog. Bruce Cameron. Tune in as Bruce tells the tale of how a dog named Lucy plus a pack of pups upended the world of a lonely man named Josh.

And, get your paws on an autographed copy by emailing show host Arden Moore Arden fourleggedlife. We will pick a lucky winner soon! Udo Wahn is a San Diego physician who delivers babies. But his love for the ocean, its inhabitants as well as dogs has inspired him to produce five children books. Each captures the Aloha spirit and each is wonderfully illustrated. Wahn, who shares how each and every one of us can make a difference to make this a better planet.

And, be sure to email Arden Arden fourleggedlife. So, catch the show as we dive right into great insights from a great doctor. Have cat-and-dog pet first aid teaching team, must travel. Arden shares pet travel tips and interviews some top pet experts who hail from the Lone Star State. Are you sitting down? Two lucky listeners who email Arden Arden fourleggedlife. So, what are you waiting for? Call over your dog and take a listen. Paw power is at its finest in this special episode that also airs on iHeartRadio!

Now, this multi-talented actress is taking up causes to benefit wildlife and shelter animals all over the globe! Road trip! Tune in as top pet sitters share some of their whacky and adventurous tales as well heed pawsome tips from a top veterinarian and professional dog trainer. Got a case of canine confusion?

Perplexed by why your dog puts his paw on your lap? Got a flabby tabby? Not sure if your cat needs to join Weight Stalkers or Catty Craig? For answers, we turn to award-winning humor author Dena Harris. A Diet Book for Cats. No worries. American Kennel Club spokesperson Lisa Peterson goes to the dogs — and cats — in this special episode of the Oh Behave Show and shares insights into various breeds as well as her lifelong love of pets. Her appearance is timed for the upcoming 5th annual Meet the Breeds event being held Sept. Talk about paw power!

But we can be prepared and protect our pets. This former fire fighter is a leading expert in rescuing and reuniting pets in disaster-ravaged communities. Discover what you can do right now — today — to protect your pet in good weather — and bad. Ever wonder what life is like for dogs in different cities?

Or do all dogs in Denver revel in the snow? This park features a Doxie tunnel and a faux treat that shoots out tennis balls plus paw-mazing state-of-the-art splash pods created by K9 Recreation. Got canine envy? Join Oh Behave show host Arden Moore as she is your tour guide into the world of pets and animals in Alaska.

Special guests include Libby Riddles , the first woman to win the Iditarod dog sled race and Juneau residents who share the legendary tale of Patsy Ann, the deaf bull terrier — and more. So tune in today and find out more about our 49th state. Jeff Levy , a renowned house call veterinarian in New York City, is also an accomplished musician and founder of Pet Rox , a blues-rock band that performs benefit concerts for animal welfare groups worldwide.

He joins the Oh Behave Show with guitar in hand and performs a few songs and shares with host Arden Moore his passion for bringing out the healthy best in pets. Listen for the special code word mentioned by show host Arden Moore on the air and email the code to Arden fourleggedlife. Tune in as we share some of the fun games and prizes awaiting all who bring their well-mannered dogs to THE Canine Soiree Event of the Year! For more details on how you can participate — go to www.

As a little girl growing up in Nova Scotia, Dr. Pamela Reid knew she would dedicate her life to animals —and helping people better understand their behaviors. She has been on the front line to aid displaced pets at natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and help dogs rescued from cruelty cases. In honor of National Dog Bite Prevention Week , she appeared on the Oh Behave Show with host Arden Moore to share ways for people, especially children, to reduce their risks of being bitten. In this special Oh Behave show episode, she tells host Arden Moore about dogs driving in New Zealand, lions who fuss over their manes to land lionesses, a special cat who serves as a guide for a blind dog and much more.

In this special episode of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio we salute a creative and effective way to increase pet adoptions at Operation Kindness, the oldest and largest no-kill shelter in North Texas. The campaign has resulted in more than dogs landing wonderful homes. Together, they exemplify how anyone can make a positive difference to better the lives of pets in need.

This time, the Dog Whisperer speaks up for pets and offers ways to keep them protected against nasty fleas and ticks. He also describes his training philosophy for dogs — and their people! Be the st person to email her, arden fourleggedlife. Service dogs perform various tasks very well. They need to be at their healthy best to aid their people.

Nancy Bromberg , a veterinary ophthalmologist and Sandra Bell, a proud pet parent of Quincy, her Golden Retriever mobility service dog. He was dogged in his research, digging up quotes from such diverse dog lovers as Shakespeare and Rihanna. Email host Arden Moore arden fourleggedlife.

And as backup quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and founder of the Batch Foundation, Batch delivers. World-renowned pet photographer Seth Casteel shares his secrets and delights to photographing dozens of water-loving dogs of all breeds and sizes underwater in pools all across America. It contains 80 paw-mazing photos of dogs from diving Dachshunds to leaping Labs fetching balls and other toys in pools. Dive in and listen to this grrr-eat episode!! But Zeki the Cool Cat is no ordinary cat. Tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave Show as host Arden Moore and Zeki fly to Dallas to teach pet first aid and pet behavior.

This is a show you must not miss! Tune in to this very special episode of the Oh Behave Show as guest Cathy Conheim shares the tale of a remarkable friendship between a three-legged cat named Henry and a two-legged dog named Tink. Henry and Tink display resiliency, can-do attitudes and pure love. Their tale is guaranteed to inspire you and fill you with love and hope. And, five lucky listeners who email show host Arden Moore Arden fourleggedlife. He discusses the new release of his e-books: Good Dog! Both are written in engaging question-and-answer formats and both sport intros from ageless actress and animal advocate Betty White.

Must reads — and a must-listen-to show! Jeremy Greenberg , who travels the country as a standup comedian, pops in as a special guest on the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio to share his comedic take on how dogs — and cats — think.

Love your dog, but not his unexpected puddles on your carpet? A world-renowned entrepreneur, Tobi is all about creating solutions to pet problems. And, he is passionate about coming up with practical ways to help pets practice stellar bathroom habits, even when the weather outside is nasty. Tune in and vie for your chance to win a Pet Loo for your dog or a box of the revolutionary and lightweight Fresh Air Cat Litter.

Tune in for an energizing, motivating episode of the Oh Behave Show as versatile actress Katherine Heigl talks to show host Arden Moore about her favorite starring role: being an active advocate for pets. Katherine and her mom, Nancy Heigl are founders of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation and they just launched Just One, which features a line of specially designed pet products.

A portion of each sale will support animal welfare programs across the country. Katherine is a lifelong champion of pets and her current critters include Romeo, her beloved year-old miniature Schnauzer. Katherine Heigl is all about paw power — discover for yourself by tuning in now. And, be prepared to be surprised.

Christine has two very special talents. Tune in to discover them and how she is making this a better planet for pets. In this special episode, she offers terrific pet gifts you can vie to win and pawsome ways you can give back by helping worthy pet charities. Simply email Arden Arden fourleggedlife. Tune in to this special — and hilarious — episode as professional pet sitters share with Arden some of the wackiest, oddest and heartfelt requests they honored to care from a wide gamut of pets.

Yes, these pets range from piranhas to baby lobsters. And, learn more about PSI by visiting www. Lou Wegner exemplifies that you can make a difference in the lives of pets at any age. This year-old is helping animals all over the globe as founder of Kids Against Animal Cruelty. He is also a rising TV and movie star and member of the Blonde band.

New York Times best-selling author Rita Mae Brown unleashes many good reasons why having a cat in charge at the Oval Office might be not as crazy as you may imagine. The pair talk paw-tisan politics, the need for animals to have a voice and why they teamed up for the 22nd book in the Sneaky Pie series called, Sneaky Pie for President. Listen for details on how you can win an autographed copy of this book from Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie and be sure to visit www.

Famed cartoonist Patrick McDonnell delivers a special salute to the late great Charles Schulz, shelter animals and even critters on a farm sanctuary as a guest on the Oh Behave Show hosted by Arden Moore. McDonnell, voted Cartoonist of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society, has been making us laugh and think since first unleashing the Mutts comic strip in McDonnell just released two Mutts-have books, Bonk!

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To win an autographed copy of these two books, be the th and st person to email Arden Arden fourleggedlife. Since World War II, military dogs of all breeds have saved thousands of lives with their dogged determination to perform various tasks. Now, they can use your help in a couple ways. First, tune in to this special episode of the Oh Behave Show with Arden Moore to learn how you can help a national campaign to erect the first and long overdue military dog monument.

Second, find out how you can reach out to your local lawmakers to support the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act that would finally re-classify military working dogs as mere equipment to being canine members of the Armed Forces. Petco and Natural Balance are staging a special donation drive for the military dog monument during September.

Mike Arms , president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, stops by the Oh Behave show to share some of his highly creative and effective ways to land orphaned dogs, cats and other companion animals wonderful homes. From staging canine surf-a-thons to international holiday adoption telethons, Arms is passionate about making a better tomorrow for pets and people. Learn more about his work all over the world by visiting www.

Step into the imaginative, creative and witty world of cartoonist Hilary Price who unleashes the Rhymes with Orange comic strip in more than daily newspapers. Pay close attention to the special code words she mentions. Be the 16th person to email Arden fourleggedlife. Discover more about this DEVO icon and get the chance to hear this song by tuning into this special show.

Now, call your canine chum over, tune in and learn about a true heaven on earth for dogs of all sizes and ages. He and his wife, Tracy, operate Gentle Giants Rescue. Discover what role Frank Sinatra pined to play on the hit s show and how Burt landed the role and much more. Also, listen carefully for special code words and you may win a big bag of healthy dog food or treats from this canine crusader. Holy Bow-Wow! Looking to restore harmony in your pet household and stop the fur from flying? Good news! Help her in her quest to save pets stay in homes and discover how you can help participating shelters.

Tune in to discover the many diverse benefits of acupressure techniques for dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals. Amy and Nedra explain simple techniques to help calm a dog, why acupressure is more popular than acupuncture and how you can learn this skill for your pets. Plus, listen carefully for the code words mentioned on the Oh Behave episode and win an autographed copy of Acu-Cat or Acu-Dog.

Tune in as this founder of Camp Unleashed explains how she came to create camps that bring out the best in dogs — and their people. Discover subtle ways to connect better with your dog on walks, hikes and other activities. And, listen closely for the code words for a chance to win 25 percent off the fee to attend one of the three Camp Unleashed trips this fall. Do you love to smother your dog with kisses? Shower him with oodles of toys? Give him full freedom in your home? Unintentionally, you are increasing his rank as top dog in your home. Tune in to discover how to develop a quiet power and how a dairy cow named Piggy the Cow became a powerful mentor to Gray-Nelson, now one of the most successful dog trainers in the country.

Find out how to compete in K9 Karaoke and Snoopy Says and why this dog party puts yappy hours to shame. Learn how you can help three grrr-eat pet charities and more. Catch this special episode and then dash over to www. Standup comedian-dog trainer Justin Silver unleashes his humor and canine savvy to restore harmony in the household for New Yorkers sharing homes with dogs in the new CBS show, Dogs in the City airing Wednesday nights. Justin is also creator of Funny for Fido , a nonprofit that brings famous comedians to the aid of pets in need.

Tune in to Dogs in the City — the top dog comedy for two, three and four-leggers in your home! Do toy breeds really enjoy purse rides? What do dogs think about the names we give them? Many coveted canine secrets, hopes and dreams will be revealed in this special episode of Oh Behave. Tune in and meet the canine cast that includes Orson, a Bulldog foodie; Rufus, a country bloodhound with Broadway aspirations and a mutt named Moonbeam desperate to shed her New Age name.

Tune in as Tanya shares savvy tips on selecting the right house for you — and your pets and how to sell your pet-occupied home as well.

Mark Elliott Narrations

When it comes to helping pets, Tanya is the real deal! But on April 28, he delivers a heart-rendering portrayal of a homeless war veteran who bonds with a stray dog in Duke , a Hallmark Movie Channel production. Discover the many activities and ways you can paw-ticipate in Reality Rally — no matter where you live! Get ready to laugh and to feel wonderful. And, yes, she sings on the show! Brava, Rozzie! You are grrr-eat! In addition, this former American Idol sensation talks about the release of her latest album, Proof and life with her three rescued dogs, Moo Moo, Sadie and Pixie.

This country crooner is definitely doing her part to help cats — and dogs -- across the country. This is a triple treat for your ears! Troubled by alarming statistics that reveal 1 in 4 dogs over the age of 2 develops cancer, lifelong canine advocate Magali Wright decided to rally her pet pals. For many years, Andrea Chilcote prided herself on being a savvy executive business coach and reaching out to those in need.

But thanks to a strong, spiritual connection with a rescued dog named Erik, she now possesses the confidence to feel fear, ask for help and openly grieve. Join us in this special episode of Oh Behave as host Arden Moore and Andrea Chilcote identify the many ways dogs, cats and other pets can unleash hope and ever-lasting love. Be the first to email Arden fourleggedlife. Galaxy is a renowned cat behaviorist and host of the popular show, My Cat from Hell that airs Saturday nights on Animal Planet. Discover what Galaxy is the go-to guy to stop the fur from flying and to restore harmony in your household with your cat.

When it comes to talking about how to rehabilitate testy, aggressive, anxious or just plain whacky dogs, Cesar Millan does anything but whisper his recommended solutions. Call your dog over and tune in now. Multi-talented and always witty, actress, author, singer and blogger Margaret Cho talks about divas, dogs and other delights in a special episode of the Oh Behave Show with host Arden Moore on Pet Life Radio.

Margaret will autograph a copy of her newest CD aptly called Cho-Dependent to the first person to tune in and email Arden Arden fourleggedlife. This former Dancing with the Stars contestant is embarking on season four on the Lifetime hit show, Drop Dead Diva and will be touring in with her stand-up comedy show. Back by popular demand, Dr. Oz Show as well as Vetstreet. He has authored nearly two dozen books and shares his Idaho home with a pack of dogs and cats — many rescued from shelters.

Tune in to this special holiday show and we guarantee you will be entertained and educated. Learn more about Dr. Becker by visiting www. Is Your Cat Crazy? Just Beyond the FirelightP. Katten laten pootafdrukken achter op je hart ; citaten voor een kattenliefhebber. Kittens in the Sun.

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