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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Now all the evidence shows that our bodies are incredibly complex biological systems but there is no evidence that we are anything more than our bodies. But there's tons of evidence that if you stimulate the brain in predictable ways you stimulate a person sense of Consciousness in predictable ways. We can use an analogy of saying will maybe my hand is really more than the sum of the bones and muscles and nerves and fibers that compose it. But is there any evidence that if you damage your hand Beyond repair that's somehow it magically still exists.

Further there is no evidence of any magical signals that interact with us from a supernatural realm. And modern science is pretty much gotten down to the atomic and subatomic scales of forces and interactions. How about just one reputable repeatable experiment that shows the signal that magically interacts with us. Some people might think that it's because our science is locking but all the evidence shows that our science is incredibly sounds and has reached a stage where we can rule out certain unlikely things. It's like saying maybe there are angels in the Moon that guide the moon exactly in accordance with Newtonian mechanics.

But of course there's no reason to take such an idea seriously because the science is sound without it. We have a pretty good understanding of biological systems and also the environment we find ourselves in. We also have a pretty clear understanding that no one has ever been able to demonstrate any magical abilities to influence physical reality with Just Thoughts. It's not difficult to put two and two together and see that all this psychic hopefulness is just wishful thinking and the, human hope to transcend the physical and to be Supernatural in some way.

But certainly it can do a lot of harm because people become gullible to hucksters and they also make bad decisions and don't follow sound practices in terms of using sound evidential based reasoning. We know we have all have a tendency to be Wishful thinkers to see patterns where there aren't any and to remember the hits and forget about the misses.

Again these are important issues because we have people who actively work against things like stem cell research women's Reproductive Rights Universal Medical Care human rights based on unfounded Supernatural assumptions. Let us not all be gullible to magical thinking but rather be prudent in exercising clear concise judgment.

Thanks Christopher for all of these comments. It's true that there are some charlatans out there, and a lot of people are gullible to magical thinking - but I disagree with you on many points. Bem's experiments have been successfully replicated many times. A meta-analysis of 90 attempted replications of the experiments involving 12, participants in 33 different laboratories showed a highly significant positive result.

According to Bem, this provided 'decisive evidence' for his experimental hypothesis that human beings could sense future events. There is a massive array of other evidence which I do not have space to include here. But take just a couple of examples: a meta-analysis of more than three thousand Ganzfeld trials that took place from to had a combined 'hit rate' of 32 per cent.

A seven per cent higher than chance rate may not seem so impressive, but over such a large number of experiments, this equates to odds of 29 quintillion to one—and a figure that is far too significant to explained away in terms of the file drawer effect. Another example is the Ganzfeld experiments that have been undertaken with creative people, with a significantly higher than normal rate of success. It is not surprising that, as the statistician Jessica Utts has stated, 'using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well-established.

Even Ray Hyman admitted at an earlier stage in his career that the research findings on psi 'do seem to indicate that something bend odd statistical hiccups is taking place. I also have to admit that I do not have ready explanation for these observed effects. The other point where I disagree is that psi phenomena contravene the laws of physics. This isn't true at all. The quantum concept of entanglement also suggests a simple means by which telepathy could operate. Entanglement means that, once two particles have interacted, they will always remain connected.

No matter how far apart, they will spin together in harmony, and balance each other's random fluctuations. In other words, particles can't be treated as separate entities, but only as a part of a whole system. This suggests a fundamental level of interconnection which would allow for the possibility of an exchange of information via telepathy. Precognition can be explained in terms of the fundamental timelessness of fundamental consciousness, which relates to the quantum concept of retro- causation and the 'transactional' interpretation of quantum physics which sees quantum events as an interaction between waves that move both forwards and backwards in time.

Your very clear scientific explanation of how my experiences are possible was so comforting. Thank you on so many levels for your research, empathy, and scientific approach. It has hurt my faith, but in the long run, I learned that belief and science are not polar opposites. I take your point, but I don't think you can really compare those experiences to telepathy or precognition, which can be tested and verified or not , whereas an 'alien abduction' experience is just a subjective report which can't be verified.

I think it's very important that telepathy and precognition have had positive results in many well-conducted studies such as Bem's. That means that my openness to their existence is backed up with real evidence. I personally found the criticism of Bem's work compelling. Obviously you did not. I have a feeling we both know the criticism so it will be an agree to disagree thing ;. Have you seen the new meta-analysis of the replications of Bem's experiment, based on 90 studies? It's the link at the end of my blog. It would be like me flipping a coin 10 times and because I get nine heads and one tails saying that the laws of probability are all wrong.

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Can we really infer from me flipping a coin 10 times that whatever outcome I get makes all of the other evidence of probability and physics wrong. We can detect physical forces at the most minut levels yet somehow these magic psychic energies Escape every available experiments. Bravo Dr. I loved the article. As a student of biology, I see the ways in which science can't currently explain my own psychic experiences. Its so important for us to keep our minds open in the scientific community to the possibility of this "supernatural phenomena.

In the history of science and philosophy, it is clear now looking back where we've made tremendous errors. I think the truth will prevail in time it may take a long time. You really hit all the points! Thank you. These pop culture examples I've cited from S. Korea are not isolated cases nor aberrations or oddities. Korea has been OBSESSED with those themes in their media for a mass popular and international audience, and you'll find those shamanic themes come up in their culture over and over because they are regarded as 1, REAL, important, and endearing.

There are no drugs or trance involved in the initiation of mediums for example in the case of the Japanese tsunami or in the solitary initiatory possession of mediums following tragic death, so how does it happen? Nick Harriman in the video on reciprocity does go over the spiritual implications of the gift exchange, such as the potlatch in Canada, give him a little time and he'll get to it.

I cite particular videos and whatever for a reason. I enjoyed your article on Telepathy.

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Perhaps you "tuned in? One of the points I made in the article was that the experiments at Duke University would have been more successful had they had both the sender and receiver go into a light Alpha altered state, which makes it much easier to send not only the images of the Zener cards, but "thought packets" of whole sentences with just a little practice. I have experienced pre-cognition but not in the way you have. Mine is more like mentalism. My mind is subconsciously reading my environment and telling me when something is about to happen or what someone else is going to do.

I have no control over this. For a long time I thought I was psychic but I started to notice the details that lead me to my conclusions subconsciously.

Open the Mind Exercise the Soul: Life from a Psychic Point of View

Just thought I would share. Many materialistic scientists operate on the assumption that our present vision of reality is fairly reliable and objective"; this doesn't mean though that psychic abilities exist. It just means we don't know everything, and indeed those who doubt psychic abilities are just saying there's no evidence for them, not that they don't exist who on earth could say that? The idea that 'material scientists' an iffy term given what it's trying to achieve here believe that there are no forces, phenomena etc beyond those we are aware of is ridiculous.

The whole point of science is precisely because we believe there ARE such phenomena beyond our current awareness; otherwise no-one would study anything. In fact I think scientists are actually pretty honest in that way. He says it is " Well clearly, that's why there are scientists. It means nothing for the presence OR absence of anything, psychic or otherwise. Equally that one day there will be beings with a more intense awareness of reality than us is neither a fact, nor unlikely.

It's also - for a psychologist - a pretty scrappy concept given that intensity of awareness for, say, a dog is the same intensity of awareness that it is for a human. The dog experiences intensity in doggy world, and we experience it in our world. The two aren't comparable because for a dog, dog-like experience is just 'normally intense' as it is for us. The point of consciousness and the radio model is a real no-goer. The properties of consciousness no more lend themselves to reception of an experience externally to self-generation of it; in fact, none of that point seems to grasp the fact that whether external or internal, the experience itself from the individual's perspective is still their experience.

Otherwise they wouldn't feel it; the feeling of this experience is the consciousness itself, whether its own cause or otherwise. You can argue any point with it; it opens up flexibility which the author is using here to indicate some unconstrained freedom of phenomenon that could allow for psychic ability or anything else.


By the same token, such randomness could also sabotage the existence of any kind of organized, observable or just experienced phenomenon. It's a bit like those who say that consciousness could exist on some quantum scale; unlikely, as when we think about things and perceive this thought process as an organized experience even if it isn't, really , this just doesn't indicate the presence of randomness. If randomness is at play, it does seem to have sorted itself out by the time experience becomes involved.

Even experience that appears random is not something to be seen as any more 'random' than anything else, just more obscure or, again, just not explained. That doesn't really stack up to being an argument to say that psychic abilities exist; it just says there's something there that we don't understand, just like gravity was before Newton. He makes the classic mistake of placing a label on the unknown, then fabricating the properties of a concrete entity on this label, as such making it 'real'. Yet none of these properties are known to be real; they MAY be, but if they are, he's just guessed lucky.

Nothing supports it; you can't just collect attributes, make a coherent entity out of them and then say, oh well, it must be real then. Could be a load of unrelated stuff going on at the same time that you're just tying together with no evidence. The cherry on top is the last paragraph; from calling scientists, sorry, 'material' [what is that - isn't it all ultimately that? Many materialistic not material, as you quote me scientists completely disregard them out of hand.

Of course individuals feel that they have their own experience. But that is not consciousness itself. Empty your mind of all its contents - all thoughts, perceptions, impressions - and there is still an essential consciousness. This can happen in a state of deep meditation, for instance. It shows that people have the ability to anticipate future events.

I'm not saying I believe but these are some of my experiences: about two weeks ago I was home alone, husband away skiing daughter at university. I went upstairs to relax and then go to bed. I alway put our burgerlar alarm on at bed time but am a bit more particular about it when I'm home alone. Whilst I was upstairs reading I thought I heard a downstairs door gently open and close as if by a draft in the house.

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I knew this was not possible because all doors downstairs have to be firmly shut for the alarm to set. I ignored it for a while then decided I must check it out before going to sleep. I went down pushed each door to make sure they were firmly shut and not just pushed too. All three doors would not open.

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I then went to check the alarm box in the cupboard under the stairs and I had infact not put it on. Strange but possible. I then keyed in the code to set the alarm but it would not set. The indicator said the final exit door was open? Not possible as I had just pushed it hard and it was definitely shut. I turned to look at final exit door and it was open about 10 inches. There were no windows open in the house to cause drafts etc. When my daughter was about 10 we were on holiday in Greece our neighbours were feeding our cats.

One evening she suddenly got very upset and said "mum please phone the neighbour there is something wrong with Tango.

She begged and begged but I felt it was not reasonable and she finally settled. When we got home two days later, there was blood over the kitchen floor and Tango's tail was limp and trailing on the floor. It had been wrenched from his body and had to be amputated. Some years later my daughter was probably about 13, on a sleep over at friends, she text me at 2. I didn't see her text till the following morning.

My husbands mother died last June, a few weeks ago he put his phone on charge and went and had a bath. When he returned his phone looked like someone had hit it with a hammer. The protective case was shattered. The last incoming call recorded on the phone for that very day was from his mother's mobile phone. I have a friend who claims to be a medium.

We all have them, however, we just have to practice. John proves that our Psychic abilities, or "Clar's", are simply muscles that we use all the time without realizing and tapping into them fully. To fully develop our physical muscles, we have to go to the gym and the same is true for our psychic muscles. We must practice and build them to their full capacity. To my amazement, after repeating his psychic development exercises, I've actually been able to discover some of my own innate abilities in a rather short period of time. Thank you John.

You are the "Real Deal".! March 27, - Published on Amazon. It is rare to come across a book that offers so much wisdom and insight. Written in a practical, down to earth way, this highly acclaimed Psychic Medium shares his knowledge about how to become more intuitive. It is a must read for those who truly want to connect. Nancy Coates. October 27, - Published on Amazon. I am reading this book and it's insightful! I would recommend it and it's great to read different books, just recently found out that the author is coming to a book store near me, I plan on going to meet him.

February 3, - Published on Amazon. Love getting connected to my higher self and intuitive nature with understanding from John's wisdom 7 experience! So many of us live incredibly busy lives filled with distractions. We may well function with little acknowledgement of who we truly are and what it is our soul needs to express. It is hoped the experiences you may have whilst listening to this CD will be positive and helpful to you and have a beneficial effect upon your well being.

Into the Power. Visualisation exercise. For those struggling with the loss of a loved one. For those in need of physical and emotional healing. Relationship Healing.

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The ability to feel the other world and those who dwell there is as old as time. Whether you are an advanced worker or indeed a beginner, I believe that we need to continually practice in order to develop into the best channel we can possibly be. Each exercise that you will encounter on this CD is designed to help you to focus on your own experience. The experience of both the new mediums and those of years of developed skills will be different with each attempt; this is an ongoing ever evolving journey.

I hope these exercises allow you to gain a great focus and stronger connection with those in the other world who eagerly await your participation. Contains the following exercises on: 1. Calling to our own soul. The Call to Prayer 4. Blissful Surrender 5. Intelligent Communication 6. Working with the Living. Please note: Tony believes that mediumship Development is at its best when under the supervision of an experienced tutor who works with you in person. This CD should be used as an aid to ongoing development and not as a replacement for it.

The aim of this CD is to take you on a journey to bring the wonder and brilliance of Angels into your life. The exercises offered will hopefully raise your awareness and open the door for Angels to enter, whether to help in situations of life, support and comfort, to be uplifted and energized or as an aid to your ongoing spiritual journey. For centuries people have been calling upon the power of the Angels for help in certain situations and guidance in times of need, and this CD is specifically designed to help.

Some exercises have also been planned as an aid to mediumship and spiritual development. Attuning to the Angelic Realm 3.