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Hi Bethany I am diabetic and I have very little feeling in my feet. Therefore I cannot feel if a shoe is on or off until I fall over it. These Mary Jane slippers are just what I have been looking for to have for myself as a slipper. If you have this pattern in adult sizes it would be very much appreciated. I am so sorry! You can try a different app like Adobe Reader. The watermark is light grey and will display correctly on a screen. These are so adorable and your video tutorial was so helpful to me as a beginner.

Dear Bethany Thank you for the instructions. I loved making these cute shoes. Was wondering, any tips on how I can make it for myself! Ha ha ha…. You are so welcome Aires! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment : I might just need to write an adult version ;. The size 8 fits my 2 year old. I usually go up 2 chains for each size up, but i think It would be easier to grab some bulkier year and a bigger hook and work the size 8. Is there an optional off for this pattern? I can only read a small portion of it due to the logo covering a large area where the pattern text is.

Any help would be appreciated. If you are using a reader, try using a different reading app. The logo is very light gray when displayed correctly. This pattern to crochet the shoes in round makes it neat and nice avoiding the confusion of whether the stepping stitch should be counted or crocheted into. So I have to redo the work several times. No more confusions! Thanks Bethany! You are very welcome! I am glad you like my pattern, and I appreciate your sweet comment.

I am not sure what shoe size your child wears, but I have this pattern in a toddler size, that goes up to size 8. But if you make it with a larger hook and bulkier yarn, you can make them even bigger. Hello there Bethany! I worked up a pair of these and I absolutely love them! Just had a few questions — 1 What size buttons did you use? Please and thank you! I love the video tutorial for this pattern! I was just wondering if I missed a step or did something wrong when downloading.

Thank you for the help! If you are reading on a device, you need to use a different reading app than the default one. If you are using a computer, try a different browser. Love your stuff! Then, on row 5: hdc 1, dc 8, hdc 1, sc I should have read the comments first cause I had the same problem.

Thank you for the correction. I will take them apart and retry. I loved this pattern and two others made a pair for my daughter and my cousin. But I was wondering if you could create a high top converse bootie pattern. Well, I know there are several free ones on Ravelry. I found a pattern that I liked. But the person who created it had never rewritten a pattern before and the way she wrote it was confusing. I use a stitch marker every time.

They are a stitch or two extra on the rows. Well the video is for months. Did you follow along with the written pattern for your month size? I have tried to crochet this pattern several times. Who every wrote this have never written a pattern before. Would you mind directing me to your crochet blog? I would love to read some of your patterns so I could get some tips on how to make mine better. I would love to have the pattern for the hat as well. I am trying booties and a baby hat for the first time.

Thanks so much! Beautiful ideas.

VERY EASY crochet T-bar baby shoes / booties tutorial

I am all for credit where credit is due :- If I make these am I able to sell them as well or is that not allowed. You can sell, but you must give credit to me as the author of the pattern my name and blog name , as well as a link back to the original pattern post. I found your pattern which was listed on allfreecrochet.

I read their blog, and it really is heart wrenching… I made sure to say a prayer for them and brylee. Even with such a terrible diagnosis, their outlook and trying to make the most of the time they are blessed to have with her is unbelievably inspiring. God really has his hands over her! I hope they are all still doing well! God bless you and Brylee and her family! Thank you for your prayers!

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Although she is terminal, she is holding strong, and we are so grateful for the time she has been able to have with her family. It is so easy to make, and works up really fast! I like your work, your videos are perfect. I hope that you understand my English comment. Bye…bye…Have a good day! I took 2 years of French in high school, so I understood your French a little Just a little, haha Thank you for your sweet comment, I am so glad you like this pattern! I am new to crocheting and your site. I noticed the original posting was nearly a year ago.

So many families are being affected by cancer, just breaks my heart. Thanks for what you are doing. Hi Lynette! She is actually doing okay. Thanks so much for visiting :. I just finished your video tutorial. Wonderful job, btw. Would you please email me instructions for flowers you put on them. Thanks so much. My prayers for you all! The download for PDF is not working. At least for me.


Would you please email that and one for matching hat to annaehutcheson gmail. Bethany, Thank you very much for the pattern. There is one picture above with a matching hat in it. Is there any way to get that pattern too? I really want to make the matching set today if at all possible. Thank you!! May I sell baby booties I make from these patterns? Hi Bethany.

I love these!!! I am so anxious to start, however the OFF is not downloading for me. I viewed the tutorial and guess i will work from that. If you can help me obtain the written directions, I would greatly appreciate it. Robin mrs. I just published a video tutorial, maybe it will be helpful to you!

Click the video link under the pdf link on this page. Adorable booties. But help! Stuck at 5, the 8 dc makes heel part too far to left side facing bootie at the front. Using stitch marke so dont know what I did wrong. I tried again and it turned out perfect. Thanks again for sharing this adorable pattern. Love the booties. I am having the same problem as Geneva for the mo size. Things seem to be 4 stitches off for me too. Im having such trouble for some reason on the 0to 3 mine keeps being like 4 stitches off?

And they are not meeting every row? Do you join each row?

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I made these for my baby girl. So, so cute! I have a niece due to arrive in December and I hope to make her at least one pair of these before them : Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations! You are so welcome! Thank you so much, anyway!! The donate button right under the second photo will take you to a paypal donation account, thanks so much! Bethany, can you add a PayPal account where we can have a donation sent? I prefer using PayPal for online purchases. Can send to an email. If you open an account for him, then register the account with PayPal with email on that account, then people can donate from there.

Great idea. Thanks for the pattern-what a nice way to help your friend! I went to her blog and donated. My prayers are with them. Hello there! Hopefully it will send traffic your way and help raise awareness and donations for Brylee. Lots of prayers to your friends little girl. Thanks so much for your prayers and support! We are all praying for her and her family, and every prayer helps. I am glad you like my pattern, thanks :. Please, enter me in the contest! These shoes are the sweeties thing i have seen.

I did not see a place to enter the contest, except maybe leaving a comment. So i chose the baby girls things. My cousin is having a little girl and i know she will just go crazy over the booties and hat. Thank you so much and God bless you! I will be praying for Brylee and her family!

Norma S. I tried using a stitch marker and it turned out right this time! I am going to try and put out at least one new pattern a month, so stop by again some time! Well, mine are working up correctly. Make sure you are using a stitch marker. The stitch marker is always on the right side of the heel, right before the heel starts rounding. If it is in the correct place, step 4 should end near the heal, and the dc 8 should start as the heel starts rounding. This is a great pattern! I did make the month size for my daughter and they turned out SO cute!

I used cotton yarn and added a little pearl in the middle of the dot. These booties are awesome. My daughter just turned 4 month and I want to crochet these! I have a problem with row 8 though. I am very new to crochet. Thanks for posting! There seem to be too many somethings somewhere and when I get to step 5, my 8 dcs end up on the side of the bootie. Does that make any sense at all? I have two boys. I am sorry for any confusion and delay. I will work one up and see if I can find where I made a mistake. Would you mind emailing me? I would like to email you when I get it figured out: whistleandivy at gmail dot com.

Alright,I definitely made a mistake. Step one should be ch 13, work 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook. The rest should be right. These are wonderful! I have 1 question: what is the difference between Sctog 1 and Sc2tog? I think I may have made a typo. About where in the pattern is that? I am not sure, but I might have meant sc2tog 1 time, and missed typing the 2 in the word. Please email me, so I can help you get this worked out! Very nice pattern Came out very nice. Thank you Can we sell what we make.

Thank you. Of course you can sell what you make! Just make sure to give me credit for creating the pattern : Happy crocheting!! I HAVE to include this post on my hop this week, too. It is called Wonderful Wednesday. Please stop by. These are just perfect! So many people have family members and friends affected by this horrible disease…myself included. My little brother was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was 5, he is now 27! I will be praying for little Brylee and her family and wish them the best!

I am so glad to hear that about your brother. Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers. Miracles can happen! Wish I knew how to crochet, these are darling! Donated and will download pattern for later use! Thinking of little Brylee and her family. Ask some of your friends or at church and maybe you can find someone to show you. I just volunteered to teach crochet or knitting one evening at church. I had to review as it has been a long time. I can usually teach people to do both.

I make it simple. I bought an inexpensive beginning book to refresh my memory. Some of these patterns are so cute. Church is a great place to look as grandma age women may be able to teach you. Coming from the Sew Much Ado linky. Too bad I just had a little boy! The shoes are super sweet and so is your cause.

Mary Jane Slippers « GOODKNITS // a knitting & crochet blog

These little shoes are so adorable! Those shoes are adorable! Thank you for the pattern. It is stories like this one that make us appreciate all that we have and hold those that we love just a little bit closer. Sending prayers their way. You are so welcome, I hope you enjoy this pattern! Thanks so much for the prayers, she needs them. You definately have a very crafty hand…the shoes are adorable. Yes, stories like this always make us hold our dear ones closer. So sad this has to happen to children especially. Very sweet Mary Janes….

Guess I have grandkids to make such lovely things for— once I learn to knit and crochet! Downloaded and Donated!!! I just totally realized who you were! Super cute little shoes! I pray for precious Brylee — peace for her family, healing for her body. The Lord is faithful! Life to the full, Melissa DaisyMaeBelle. How heartbreaking. That is so generous of you. They sure have a friend in you. Found you thru the Social hop. Am now following by Bloglovin.

I hope you get a chance to visit my site. These were our mid-week feature from the party this week.

Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Booties – Mary Janes

Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter! Your email address will not be published. For a video tutorial of the month size, click HERE. These little shoes are worked in a spiral, which is another common technique. Perfectly written, beautiful pattern. I made two pair. Thank you, Bethany. So glad you liked it! Thanks for your kind words! I am so glad you loved them! Tried it again and it ends closer to heel. Must have been counting wrong. Going to give them a try. It is an increase. Increase 3 times around the toe. Your patterns are adorable! Hi, I am new in reading patterns.

This is for Jessie. After several tries I realized I was skipping the sc on the repeats.

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Well, I believe the size would be a size 1, no? Thanks, so glad you like them! Yes the dot is before the construction on the second page. Wonderful thank you! They should be right side-out as you make them, be sure you are working them from the outside. Adorable pattern. Please tell me where I start on month size after round 3. I see there is a typo there. What would change if I used worsted weight 4 ply yarn and still used the F hook?

What is the best way to attach the flower? Hi Gloria, I am so sorry! Thank you Jessame! I am glad you like the video :. Thank you for your sweet comment, I am glad you like the pattern! Ha ha ha… Look forward to doing more of your creations. Best wishes, Aires. That would be great!! Great, will try the bigger yarn and needle : Thanks Bethany. That should have read, optional pdf… silly auto correct. Is there a way to make the Mary Jane Slipper any bigger for a 3 or 4 year old? Approximate sizing everyone crochets differently months: 9. Lov all your patterns.

So easy for a beginner to understand. Thank you Bonnie! I am so glad you like them :. I did this and then did row 6 and it all worked out and is symmetrical. Then on row 7: dc2tog, dc 4, dc2tog, sc 10 not dc 11 , dc2tog 5 times, sc 9. They have had the Internet in meltdown and they are super cute to boot. We have several versions and you will love them all. They come in baby, toddler, and adult size.

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Mary Jane Crochet Baby Booties

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