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Aug 06, Spiros rated it liked it Shelves: italy , i-fought-the-law , chasingmytail , arc. While waiting for Driftless Area to hit the shelves, I decided to reacquaint myself with Giorgio Pelligrini, the protagonist of The Goodbye Kiss, self confessed stool pigeon, former radical, and all around "bad egg" n. I don't recall ever coming across the term before, and I've certainly never heard of a "good apple".

Your input is, as always, eagerly solicited. As before, I found it to be a thoroughl While waiting for Driftless Area to hit the shelves, I decided to reacquaint myself with Giorgio Pelligrini, the protagonist of The Goodbye Kiss, self confessed stool pigeon, former radical, and all around "bad egg" n. As before, I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable exercise in the blackest of Jim Thompson-esque humor, with Pelligrini giving vent to his offended sensibilties at such outrages as the decline in quality of Italian chocolates and his fiance's depraved taste in soap opera type movies, whilst blandly describing a plethora of crimes and atrocities he commits as a matter of course.

In his drive to achieve respectability in bourgeois Italian society, he reminds me of a sociopathic Becky Sharp; the novel ends with Pelligrini on the verge of achieving his long sought after goal, leaving it unclear as to whether Carlotto would permit himself the final irony that Thackeray provided for Becky, that of finding respectabilty to be rather boring. Dec 10, David Tykulsker rated it really liked it. Great social criticism in the guise of a detective novel of the milieu of the Northern League, with a few shots at my friends on the ultra-left.

The robbery itself was a bit tedious, and the last conversation with his fiance could have been omitted. But the rest of the book moved with great speed, and was quite chilling. Jul 12, Jim Coughenour rated it it was amazing Shelves: crime4connoisseurs. Carlotto, the "master of Mediterranean noir. Nasty, unadulterated pleasure! Carlotto reminds me of Patricia Highsmith, but with a superior sense of fun. Handsomely published by Europa Editions. Mar 16, Mark rated it liked it.

He's mostly a narrator and his books read more like film treatments than actual novels — which is actually kind of ok, provided that they lead to movies as gloriously skeezy as the one derived from this book. May 16, Jan rated it liked it. A very grim view of Italian life and criminality. The lead character seems utterly lacking in any kind of conscience or morals and whilst perhaps you are supposed to feel sorry that he was unable to finally break away from his past, his enjoyment of violence and readiness to kill seemed a little too easy and it was hard to believe he could ever have stuck to the clean life.

Arrivederci Amore Ciao - The Goodbye Kiss

I will try another by this author but not sure "Italian Noir" is really my thing. Jun 16, ChadBroChill rated it really liked it. At times I found it hard to relate to the main character. Jan 07, Jack Heath marked it as to-read Shelves: category-mystery. Synopsis: an unscrupulous womanizer returns to Italy where he is a wanted man.

To earn respectability, he is willing to go as far as murder. Aug 01, Rob Kitchin rated it really liked it. Pellegrini is a well formed character who is frighteningly believable, his thoughts and actions seemingly rationale and logical. He uses intimidation, manipulation and violence in a pre-meditated, calculated way to exert his will, yet he also understands his place in the wider criminal system and how to respect and work that system. Some of his actions are stomach churning and it is difficult to warm to the main character, but that is clearly the point.

Criminals like Pellegrini are repulsive and, for many people, unfathomable, and Carlotto provides a window into their world. The book is written in a lucid, engaging, economic prose that keeps the pages turning, and the story is well structured and plotted, with just the right amount of backstory to give credibility. The book is short at pages; and for me slightly too short. Overall, well written and paced novel, that's a rewarding and disturbing read.

Apr 09, Lyle Appleyard rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway. This was my first time reading this author. I was not sure what to expect. What a ride. Thre wasn't much for character development. The main character was bad. Everyone who had dealings with was bad. Except maybe the woman he was going to marry, but he killed her anyway and most of the other people he dealt with. This novel was entirely an action driven story. The actions happen without much reason being given. The main char I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway.

The main character does not have any inner turmoil. He knows always what he needs to do. The main character goes from one crime to another looking out for number one and not trusting anyone. I enjoyed the book. I would not have chosen this book to read normally, but I am happy that I had the chance to read it. It was a bit of escapism.

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Lots of action. If you do not like violence, then don't read this.

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Jun 23, Ramsey rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-crime. I'm upgrading this book to four stars. Still thinking about it a year after reading it. A bleak and nasty dose of Mediterranean noir. I think Carlotto may be making some broader statements about the trajectory of modern Italy - left-wing idealism that devolved first into violence of its own making, then general criminality and corruption, overlaid with a justice system that forces individuals who would come clean into a labyrinth marked by further depravity at each twist and turn.

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My only problem I'm upgrading this book to four stars. My only problem with the novel is that Pellegrini, the narrator, is so clearly a psychopath that it is hard to view his blood spattered path to rehabilitation as anything more than the product of his personality disorder. Of course, Carlotto may be highlighting a dark irony - among people with a criminal past, only a psychopath can successfully emerge from the labyrinth and find "respectability" in society.

In any event, a compelling read. Sep 18, Monica rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-and-or-evil , italian. Giorgio Pellegrini is simultaneously one of the most fascinating and repellent characters I have ever read about. He is utterly amoral, brutal and single minded in the course of advancing his aims.

He starts out as a Red Brigade terrorist, then flees to Central America to avoid arrest. While there he becomes a half-hearted member of an insurgent group. When it becomes obvious that that is leading to further trouble, he heads for home, sells out his friends and takes a deal with a crooked cop tha Giorgio Pellegrini is simultaneously one of the most fascinating and repellent characters I have ever read about.

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When it becomes obvious that that is leading to further trouble, he heads for home, sells out his friends and takes a deal with a crooked cop that gets him a bit of jail time, but sets him on the path to expunging his past. His ultimate plan is to become respectable - a restaurateur, and again he will use anybody and anything to further the dream. Sure, Murder?

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You bet. Exploit women? Ma certo. And yet I could not put the book down. Aug 29, Nasir Shah rated it liked it. The story that is composed in the book was genuinely astounding and shows us the lesson to never give up to the individuals who adored you and in the event that they, then accomplish something which will get to be memory later on. It's the account of the adoration.

The man needed to go outside from the nation, and the lady stay alone without him. Before he could go, they met at a pleasant place and kissed each other which is their vital memorable scene. Although the woman did not want to become separated with the man because she wanted her to spent her rest of her life with her, but the man could not do something because his family including him were migrating. Jul 20, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: fiction.

Reminds me a bit of Pete Dexter, though with Hemingway-like delivery. I kept waiting for his comeuppance won't spoil anything though. In fact, there is nary an uplifting or honest character in the whole book, although the people range from sad losers and the exploited to outright blackhearts. I liked the book, however, and will try to read more of the Mediterranean noir. Aug 18, Bruno de Maremma rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , fiction. OK this book isn't really a mystery novel or a thriller.

It is more the story of our 'hero', Giorgio Pellegrini, rehabilitation in society, moving from convicted terrorist to respectable citizen. A goodly number of people die along the way. If you like noir fiction, the author delivers in spades. Don't expect a lot of character development, but at the end, just like in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' you may actually find yourself rooting for the protagonist. Nov 17, Gloria rated it really liked it. Probably would be five stars in actuality but it was SO hard-boiled, so tough, so grim that just having finished it I can't endorse the contentsas if I would be endorsing the character Pelligrini.

Which is probably why you should read this if you like the hard-boiled genre. Carlotto is an incredible writer. I fully understand why he is considered 'the best living Italian crime writer' [Il Manifesto]. Jan 23, Donald Schopflocher rated it really liked it Shelves: noir. Psychopath Giorgi Pellegrini makes the talented Mr. Ripley look like a choir singer. That a character so careless can avoid capture is a huge insult to the Italian legal system which of course may be part of the point.

This novella is the blackest of noir, with many of the same thrills as a horror flick. Aug 01, Aaron Kent rated it it was amazing Shelves: Terrifying in the economic and matter of fact way that the intense violence is presented. This spare yet vicious narrative style is the most striking literary mannerism that Carlotto uses to weave a straight forward but engrossing tale of a man capable of anything in a quest for a departure from violence and a life fatefully shaped by crime.

Jun 22, Christopher Bevard rated it liked it.

I love noir where there are no good guys, only varying degrees of criminals clawing their way through things - it's refreshing when you read as much detective fiction as I do. Carlotto is a quick and dirty read, and while this sets Pelligrini up really well, the next in the series is the real killer At the End of a Dull Day. Jan 24, Markus Volk rated it really liked it.

This book has an interesting side, I could easily stop it at a certain point when the main character arrives in Europe. Left it on the table for a week or so and continued. After that that point, I could hardly take a break for dinner and shot through one Sunday afternoon and evening. All characters have their dark sides, so how can the good ones win, when there are none? Jul 21, Rick rated it really liked it Shelves: crime , europeanfiction. References in periodicals archive? After finding out his results, the year-old presenter shook his hand and went in for a goodbye kiss on his cheek.


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