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He campaigns as much on agriculture, free trade and veterans rights — issues with appeal in rural Texas — as he does on health care, criminal justice reform and immigration. His recognition of the diversity of the state — both demographically and ideologically — allows him to explicitly appeal to multiple audiences while staying consistent to a core message.

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While he may look like the second coming of Bobby Kennedy to D. Bill Hobby, who advocated for modernizing Texas through bipartisan cooperation during his time leading the Texas Senate. Ann Richards and Mark White, who recognized the need to expand opportunities systematically when leading a conservative state.

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Possibly the best comparison is the legendary U. Lloyd Bentsen. He grew up as a Spanish-speaking rancher in the Rio Grande Valley who advocated for civil rights and free markets.

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His rejection of PAC money and embrace of term limits puts him at odds with the much of the power structure of both parties. While many of his positions on the most debated topics of the day — better health care access, balanced immigration reform and improved gun safety — have been characterized as out of step with Texas, nonpartisan polling data indicates that they reflect the consensus opinions of most Texans. Before the rise of Donald Trump, Cruz was generally regarded as one of the most polarizing politicians in America. Senate competitive for the first time in decades.

Whether it will lead to victory in an increasingly hyper-partisan electorate is a question that could be as significant as the presidential election.

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Jimmy Fallon Sings Advice to Democratic Candidates: "Don't Become a Meme"

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