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Riggins' run actually started in the postseason when, at 33, he topped yards in each of the Redskins' four games.

Marcus Riggins

He clinched the Super Bowl victory over Miami with a yard touchdown run. The next season, at 35, he ran for 1, yards and 14 touchdowns. He retired after the season. Peterson is a rare athlete. Even now, Riggins jokes about falling asleep in meetings, saying he did so because he was tired from carrying the ball so much.

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But former Redskins tight end Donnie Warren, a longtime scout with the Carolina Panthers , said Riggins would run 10 yard sprints at the end of practice, adding one more each day when they were in camp. Former teammate Joe Theismann needed about one second to come up with an answer as to why Riggins produced so well at that age. But he worked tirelessly on his craft and kept himself in great shape.

He went as hard off the field as he went on it, but when it came to the end of practice, he knew he had to put in the extra time. But as he aged, Riggins was more off-limits in practice.

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Theismann recalled a time in when then-rookie linebacker Larry Kubin popped Riggins in a goal-line drill. Riggins was fortunate to play for a Hall of Fame coach in Joe Gibbs and run behind the famed Hogs offensive line.

Infamous Tampa Bay killer, Dontae Morris, is already on death row and could be sentenced again

Warren, a blocking tight end, said Riggins helped them look good, too, with his power. Riggins was listed at pounds when he played, but Casserly said he weighed at least Riggins also was a former track star.

He had the anticipation. Coach's once-again united front, this episode throws us some pedestrian drama for them to tackle in the form of a little tattoo on Julie's ankle. We haven't had a good Eric and Tammi vs. Julie issue this season, so in that regard, it was good seeing them work out the situation -- but over a tattoo?

On her ankle I detect neither rose nor thorn, which is surprising given the episode title.

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And then, in one of the few bright spots, Landry and Matt pull into school blasting a power ballad, but it's not the song from Poison we expect to hear. We need to cut FNL slack, though, as this is a transition episode, as we move into the Jason Street four-episode arc. And with Street, thankfully, comes some more Herc. His demeanor before and after the baby arrives provides much needed comic relief.

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They just took a great trip through one; it's like looking at a postcard. Which brings us to the flipping house-flipping scheme. Maybe it's just the economy, but flipping a house seems like a terrible idea. Street like Matt and Landry is feeling inadequate as a provider, so it's understandable that he's willing to try just about anything, but the inclusion of the Riggins brothers make it a disaster waiting to happen, right?