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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Our police officers should not be taking marching orders from corporate middlemen who have no accountability to the general public. Same can be said for pepper spray. Here is an account of the events as written by Benjamin in the days following his action in When I remember what happened, I remember the beauty first. That oak was very inspirational to us as we awaited our fate. It was Tuesday, September the 25th. Climate change is a global problem, but this terribly destructive project was coming right to our backyard; how could I sit idly by?

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Years of political lobbying had led to project delays, but had been insufficient to stop TransCanada from breaking ground. Despite multiple lawsuits, TransCanada was busy clear-cutting forests on disputed land, and so I joined TarSandsBlockade. I joined the Tar Sands Blockade for three reasons. One: We hoped to prevent the tar sands carbon bomb from being released, with the goal of preventing catastrophic levels of climate change. Two: As a proud member of Occupy Houston , I felt I had a responsibility to help prevent a multinational company from perverting Texas law so it might misuse eminent domain for its own private gain.

Three: A belief, rooted in my Unitarian Universalism , that I have a duty to assist nonviolent tactics and help demonstrate that they are a successful path to change. Things began calmly enough. Around 10 a. We had a chance to delay the threat; we took it. At a run, we approached the machine. The regular employees became scarce as the supervisor called for a huddle with the police. The huddle broke and a phalanx of officers marched on us to announce that we were under arrest.

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They started like schoolyard bullies — taunting us while twisting my arm behind me, and jumping on my back to put me in a choke hold. The lieutenant told us he understood — the state had just taken some of his land to build a freeway. I tried to explain that this was different; Transcanada was still in court to see if they even had the right to be there.

Even though he admitted that he had never seen anything like this in his twenty-two years of law enforcement, I failed to get through. Before breaking out the pepper spray, the officers handcuffed my unlocked arm to the backhoe.

How You Can Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Dead In Its Tracks — Again

One officer then maneuvered my right arm so the nozzle of the can of pepper spray could be inserted into the lockbox anchoring us to the machine. Pepper spray is designed to be sprayed from a distance so the aerosol can dilute the active ingredients with air. Fear is the little death. It was through a single finger each that Rain and I were linked to each other. But compassion only needs a tiny connection to be more powerful than despair. We had closed our eyes, sure that they were going to spray us in the face, but we were spared that. The officers showed me the canister afterwards when we were in custody; it had expired in While the burn was building, the lieutenant assured the TransCanada supervisor he would buy a whole new crate for us protesters.

Each repetition would be for an increased duration. And apologized to no one. A taser is sold as a weapon-tool for halting controlled motion: to make someone stop. While the torture device was on, I was able to remain standing and silent, but the pain was intense. I had a few seconds to clear my head, then he switched to my upper left arm — the arm where they had handcuffed me. The pain was fluid, and by the fifth second, my left pectoral muscle was tingling.

Alberta's oil production cut shows the Keystone XL protest worked

But like all things, it passed. The pain, like the fear, washed through. The taunting, however, continued. When they moved on to torture Rain, the young Wood County deputy who had been selected to taser her was reluctant. Rain was clearly in more pain from her treatment than I was, and she has a health condition that made sustained tasering significantly more dangerous to her.

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Rather than have the police continue to dice with our lives, we decided to detach. Throughout our ordeal, Rain and I were able to reassure each other by holding fingers inside our steel pipe; this human contact sustained us while we had to endure each other being tortured. It also allowed us to be sure that the decision to detach was mutual. Due to the earlier twisting of the tube and the effects of the torture, we were unable to untangle ourselves from the restraints without assistance from the cops.

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Alberta’s oil production cut shows the Keystone XL protest worked

What About Keystone South? February 13, February 13, Originally published by Tom Weis on Huffington Post. Join Our Mailing List. Follow Us. They Need Your Help! Justice Delayed is Justice Denied! Mother of twins is on her 4th day without food. President Donald Trump sung the praises of America's military, heritage, and spirit at his Fourth of July bash in Washington. Residents were assessing the damage and cleaning up the mess on Friday left by the strongest earthquake to hit Southern California in 25 years.

Government bond yields in most major economies worldwide have been flirting with all-time lows in the last few days, indicating that investors are wary of an impending Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who heads up New Democracy, is poised to lead Greece for the next four years. India's newly appointed finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, presented a full-year budget on Friday.

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Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger said social media companies like Facebook and Twitter exploit users' personal data resulting in "massive violations" of privacy and security. Samsung said operating profit was at 6.

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Henry Akerman's life isn't about traveling the world. It's about living for what really matters. According to Japanese bank Nomura, China's 5G rollout in the country should boost demand for Chinese companies in the network infrastructure and equipment space. It picked out Netflix is driving buzz ahead of this season of "Stranger Things," but the branding push reveals a shortcoming in its business model.

Trump has accused Europe of manipulating currency, raising fears that the U. Stocks in Asia were muted on Friday ahead of the release of the U. The ruling is a victory for environmentalists, tribal groups and ranchers who have spent more than a decade fighting against construction of the pipeline that will carry heavy crude to Steele City, Nebraska , from Canada's oilsands in Alberta.

District Court Judge Brian Morris' ruling late on Thursday came in a lawsuit that several environmental groups filed against the U. Morris wrote in his ruling that a U. State Department environmental analysis "fell short of a 'hard look"' at the cumulative effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on Native American land resources.

He also ruled the analysis failed to fully review the effects of the current oil price on the pipeline's viability and did not fully model potential oil spills and offer mitigations measures. In Thursday's ruling, Morris ordered the government to issue a more thorough environmental analysis before the project can move forward. Trump supported building the pipeline, which was rejected by former President Barack Obama in on environmental concerns relating to emissions that cause climate change.

Trump, a Republican, said the project would lower consumer fuel prices, create jobs and reduce U. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Privacy Policy.

All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Politics read more. More quakes could hit California as residents mop up Residents were assessing the damage and cleaning up the mess on Friday left by the strongest earthquake to hit Southern California in 25 years. Bond yields are falling to record lows as investors pull back Bonds read more.