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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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He also was clear that material experience in the five senses was necessary to discover these metaphysical ideas. Indeed, sense knowledge was the portal through which abstract ideas were both discovered and checked for accuracy. He held that the body was as necessary to the existence of man as the soul. Each was in substantial unity with the other.

The body was good as was matter. Christianity has accepted this explanation. The soul can exist without the body but the soul is not man. Death becomes a problem again. If the soul is immortal and the soul and the body form a single nature, then it is unnatural that the body should die. There was so solution to this by reason. The necessity of resurrection was reasonable because of the union of the immortal soul with the mortal body, but the fact was impossible by nature.

This demonstrates that, though man can learn many truths through reason, ultimate truths desert him. There must be another knowledge besides reason to explain these things, but no one knows that it exists unless God chooses to reveal it and we respond in faith.

Questions Answered – April - Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Man without revelation was imprisoned in a box canyon concerning the mystery of death. When Christ rose from the dead, like the ring to a finger, the solution was clear. Man was not destined for death, but for God. Aristotle knew that man was not destined for death, but everyone died. Aristotle was treating the nature he knew as though it were nature as it should be. We know by revelation that it is fallen nature. So, though one can know that resurrection is necessary for the completion of the nature of man through reason, there is no solution as to how this can take place.

The Eucharist

Arguments drawn from reason are pointless to demonstrate the fact of resurrection, though they can demonstrate its necessity and that it is not absurd. The resurrection of the dead is a miracle because there is no power by nature in the body or the soul of man to make a dead body live forever. You cannot prove the fact of resurrection; faith alone, based on the physical post-resurrection experiences of Jesus, can give man certainty that he can fulfill his nature.

Brian T. Mullady, OP, entered the Dominican Order in and was ordained in He has been a parish priest, high school teacher, retreat master, mission preacher, and university professor. Please send your questions to: Fr. Mullady, O. Re: Reality of the Resurrection.

There is a book written by a former atheist called Cold Case Christianity. All rights reserved. Since About Contact Advertise Submissions. Questions Answered — April April 30, by Fr. Brian Mullady, OP. How to Convince that Resurrection Is Real? Question: How can we convince others about resurrection? Filed Under: Questions Answered Tagged With: baptism , Christ's resurrection , communion , Confirmation , conversion , philosophy , resurrection of the dead , sacraments , theology , unworthy communion.

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May 1, at pm. Browse by date or search term. Our archive calendar can help you jump to where you need to be. Browse by topic, like moral theology , Amoris Laetitia , or Catholic identity. You can find topics at the end of articles, right near the author biography, listed as 'tagged with'. Thomas Hennigan on Evolution vs. After waiting for an extra twenty minutes, he lost patience and ran into the Adoration Chapel to hurry me out.

How can we know Jesus is really present in the Eucharist?

I pretended not to see him and he sat down very impatiently for some minutes. Finally I got up and left and he came speedily after me. I was expecting a lot of anger and complaints because I stayed longer than the hour and kept him waiting. He got confession that day and became a daily mass goer and a weekly Adorer for the very first time.

I put this down to the power of prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. My name is Michael not my real name a married man in my thirties with two children. Christmas Eve I was in town alone, feeling very lonely, sad and at times suicidal and wanted someone to talk to. I had an old religious card in my wallet and there was a number on it.

I rang this number not having a clue whose number it was. I told Jim not his real name who answered the phone promptly that I was suicidal and wanted to talk.

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  5. I asked him to come in and meet me. He asked me where exactly I was and then went on to explain to me where I could go to talk to the person he had in mind. He emphasised that help was quite near where I was standing, in fact just 50 metres down the street. Jim said that help was in a room around the side of the Church and that I would see a light on in this room window and to just go in and sit down quietly and to tell him all you told me.

    Who is this him I asked. It is Jesus, the one who can do great things for you. I got a bit hyper and loud and cross, when he said this to me, thinking he was having me on. However after arguing and listening to Jim for half an hour I set off to get this help. I went into this room and saw three other people there sitting on chairs.

    I did likewise and watched what others were doing. They were all looking in the one direction. I started thinking what Jim had said and suddenly found myself talking silently and pouring out all my troubles and problems. About an hour or more passed and I felt a lot better and much calmer. I went outside and rang Jim again. I just said thanks, and I feel better now and I put down the phone. Finally I went home. That encounter with Jesus that night has changed my life.

    Do Sacraments Matter?

    I visit this Chapel of Adoration regularly now and I get great peace and contentment there. Thank you Jim, thank you Jesus. It was a wet and windy Sunday morning and I was standing inside the Church door, out of the rain, waiting for a lift to do some study in the University as exams were on the horizon. Mass was not something that interested me much, since my Confirmation.

    Do Baptized Converts Need Confession First?

    Mass was going on as I stood in from the rain. During the Mass a man was invited by the priest to speak to the congregation. He kept talking about Adoration. My lift never arrived and I waited until Mass was over to challenge the speaker. The reply with a smile was calm and definite. I meant everything I said and Jesus is there.

    Come around to the Adoration Chapel and I will show you Jesus, true God and true man, in the Monstrance, the same Jesus who walked the Holy Land just over years ago, the same Jesus that performed all the amazing miracles there. I was gobsmacked and got a bit emotional at this point. I asked him if he would be speaking at the evening Mass and saying the same thing, as my parents usually go to that mass. He said, why do you ask me that? Why do you say that? He asked. Because my parents never told my brother or myself. If they knew I feel they would have told us. I found myself going back to that evening Mass with my parents and from then on Mass has become a must for me.

    I really enjoy telling others about my journey back to my faith again. I now understand why people love to go to Adoration. I now drop in when passing to the Adoration Chapel. Mary; not my real name Jack not his real name had just retired a few months previously and was looking forward to golf, gardening and travelling. If after all his favourite activities, he had a few spare moments, he decided that he would do something small for the Church to thank God for all the graces and blessings experienced by him and his family over the years.

    Jack was diagnosed with cancer, some 4 months later and ended up having a major operation. When he was returned to a room after a week in intensive care, he asked the nurse to turn on the television. To his amazement the Monstrance appeared on the channel that she pressed.

    How to Convince that Resurrection Is Real?

    That channel had a link to the Oratory and Adoration was in progress. Jack took this as a definite sign as to what he should do for the Church and promised the Lord that, if he got better, he would do something to promote or make known Eucharistic Adoration. Months later, having recovered, he joined his local Adoration Parish Committee and so began his active involvement in the promotion of Eucharistic Adoration. Jack never had a relapse and is a devoted adorer and promoter of Adoration to this day.

    In recent times I had a feeling I wanted to do more than go to Mass each week. I felt in recent times, as if the Lord was calling me to do a little more. Then one Sunday a few months ago, a speaker from the Apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration was speaking at all the Masses in our Parish. During his talk he invited people to think in terms of a weekly commitment to Eucharistic Adoration. Weekly Adoration for at least two days a week was about to begin in our Parish.