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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Introduction -- Feminist international relations theory and the state -- United States and derivative citizenship -- The Balkan Wars and the breakup of Yugoslavia -- Israel and Palestine: two peoples, one land -- Northern Ireland: the impact of "the troubles" -- Conclusion. Link to 'KvinnSam Sweden ' library catalogue. Skip to language switcher Skip to main categories navigation Skip to secondary categories navigation Skip to current category navigation Skip to main navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer.

Samurai, Daimyo, Matthew Perry, and Nationalism: Crash Course World History #34

Library Search About. Toggle sidebar menu Home Library. Women, the state, and war : a comparative perspective on citizenship and nationalism Book. Creator: Joyce P. Publication date: cop. Weblink s Link to 'KvinnSam Sweden ' library catalogue.

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Metadata Contributor:. The research undertaken by AsilEuropeXIX will also explore, through official and personal records, the reception afforded to the exiles, not least through the changing border policies that affected them. Finally, the project will tackle a posteriori migratory controls, such as deportation measures and incentives given to refugees encouraging them to immigrate to European colonies. This legal doctrine emphasises a material approach of nationality, which had long been regarded as alien to the European Union. The current law relating to the access and loss of European citizenship is fragmented because it consists of 28 national and sovereign legislations.

Such types of behaviour of states not only weaken European citizenship but also constitute risk factors for borders and territorial security.

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In this regard, the implementation of the genuine link doctrine within the EU e. Accordingly, the goals of this paper are [1] to establish the added-value that the genuine link doctrine could create in the relations between the Member States and in the development of the European construction, and [2] to explore ways to make the genuine link move from legal doctrine to EU positive law. Main purposes of this project are to explore:.

Giving the growing importance of the genre of the historical themed videogames, in the past 15 years, starting from a revolutionary contribution of William Uricchio, Uricchio, , a new field of study Historical Videogame Studies focuses on them as instruments to narrate the past, and as a way to share different views of history.

Chapter 4. Nationalism and Socialism: The Soviet Case

At the same time, many historians have focused on the modes and different uses of language used in reproducing and re-telling the past through this medium. They tried to understand how videogames respond to certain agencies or how they keep reproducing some views of the past. The debate about historical videogames, and how they could not only be used as an instrument to represent historical event but also as a vehicle of political and cultural views, spread outside academia, amongst journalists, independent scholars and game developers.

Clearly, the use of the past in popular media can lead to misuses and manipulation of the view of history. In the field of nationalism and national identities, videogames nowadays start to play an important role, and Public Historians started to analyse the videogame medium, discussing its many positive effects, but also the risk of misconception that could be done through its misuse.

In this discussion, I am going to show how certain videogames interact with the nationalistic discourse, and I am going to investigate which kind of agencies pushed for the representation of nationalistic views in videogames.

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To do so I have taken in consideration three games, while other cases are going to be pinpointed, like the extreme right wing milieu linked with game modding. The game is set in the middle age and portray Bohemia like a country of peace and prosperity, ruined by the foreign with their plots and violence.

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  • The second game is Heroes of Retaliation, a videogame developed by Portbliss in Bangladesh with the support of the local government. Set during the Bangladesh Liberation War of , the game introduce the player to fight as freedom fighter against the Pakistani invading soldiers, in an attempt to tell an heroic tale of independence and vengeance against the Pakistani oppressors.

    The game had an enormous success, especially with the younger generations who had never seen the war. With the third game, I will take a different approach. This inclusion raised the protest of the political leader of the Cree First Nations, Milton Tootoosis. The goal of this exploration is to show how nationalistic narrative can be used in videogames in different ways, depending also on the support and the involved agencies. At the same time, the intention is to call for attention of the historians about this topic, its possible future developments and related risks.

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    Public opinion towards free movement is characterized by a paradox: On the one hand, European citizens perceive border-free Europe as the most important achievement of European integration; on the other hand, the mobility of EU citizens has become a main driver for euroscepticism in many European countries. How to explain these contradicting observations? The empirical findings suggest that public attitudes toward a border-free Europe are systematically ambivalent due to a tension between the value of the own mobility rights and the fear of immigration from other EU countries.

    The analysis draws on a wealth of qualitative interviews with jobcentre employees, migrant claimants and welfare support and advisory organisations, as well as participant observation in three Berlin-based jobcentres. The nexus between deservingness judgements, and belonging as proxy the often complex and intersecting linkages of socio-economic background, national citizenship in decision-making processes during policy implementation has remained undertheorized in existing street-level implementation scholarship.

    The novelty lies in exploring how such understandings of welfare belonging are articulated and negotiated at the local level and how they impact rationing of public benefits and services. Particular attention is placed on the analysis of the interplay between frontline bureaucrats as gate-keepers of access, who interpret and potentially subvert eligibility criteria, and potential EU migrant applicants who engage or not in the process of claim-making.

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    Philologists including Jacob Grimm helped provide arguments to the German nationalists seeking to invade Denmark, suggesting that the latter country had been founded by Germans. In a polemic against Grimm as well as the Norwegian Peter Andreas Munch uncle of the famous painter , Worsaae maintained that according to archaeological data, prehistoric people could not be identified with any modern people —the dimensions of the deep past allowed for no such judgment.

    In his prize-winning book, Violence as a Generative Force: Identity, Nationalism, and Memory in a Balkan Community Cornell University Press, , Max Bergholz tells the story of the sudden and perplexing descent of this once peaceful multiethnic community into extreme violence. We strongly encourage the participation of students and scholars working on nationalism in all its forms, and we would like to invite those who are interested in presenting their work or interested in the fields of nationalism to come for a first informal meeting.

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