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You stole my heart and left me blue It looks like crime pays for you You do it and you get away It seems like crime pays. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. Auto rolagem Texto Restaurar Corrigir letra Imprimir.

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Wednesday, 27th July at am Antony McMullen. Research tells us that longer sentences and time inside do not act as a crime deterrent.

When Crime Pays: Money and Muscle in Indian Politics

Apart from reducing real harm in community there is money to be saved. Costs particularly spiral when prison becomes a revolving door. This is where social impact bonds come in through investing in rehabilitation rather than more prison beds.

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It works like this. Through a contractual arrangement an enterprise or organisation delivers a social program to reduce, for example, repeat-offending.

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The first social impact bond issue in the UK was designed along these lines. However it appears that although valuable learning was undertaken and some progress was made, the initiative failed to hit a crucial target to trigger repayments. It is difficult to ascertain why this is so. However, possible reasons may be that the social impact bond contractual model involved six types of relationships 11 each governed by a separate contract which appears quite complex; and, practically, most ex-offenders disengaged from the rehabilitative services well before the expiry of their 12 months of available support.

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The designers of the NSW initiative will have learnt from the evaluation of this program. When it comes to a job you can handle, there is a strong correlation between people who are unemployed and people who have a criminal record; but, on the other hand securing employment contributes to discontinuation of criminal activity. The law says that a business cannot refuse to employ someone on the basis of their criminal record unless it would clearly stop them from being able to do the job.

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A direct way to make change could be to consider the co-operative alternative as pioneered in Puerto Rico and other places like Italy. Remarkably, only six percent of graduates of the program have been rearrested in the past 10 years. We know that greater levels of inequality contribute to the level of crime in a society. With a more diverse economy, including distributed employee ownership through co-operative and other forms of partnerships, there is opportunity for greater sharing of economic development and reward including in some cases business profit-sharing.

It is a model for social change.

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In Australia, the most prevalent criminal offences involve Illicit drugs with 13 per cent of these offenders being charged with dealing and trafficking and 8 per cent with manufacture or cultivation. In Victoria we have an unemployment rate of about 5. To stay out of jail people need work. New jobs are created through successful entrepreneurship and this needs investment, whether it be social impact bonds or investing in co-operative startups.