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Specifically, finding hope in the big picture. Take a minute to imagine that. Days of grueling work, feeling forsaken and betrayed and alone. When he was first sold into slavery, all he would have known was that his life would, for the foreseeable future, consist of working as a slave. In some ways, this is similar to our situation. Not the sold into slavery part, but being stuck in the middle of disaster. Many times, along the trying journey that is life, we find ourselves stuck with our lives crashing around us.

In those times, the world seems dark and hopeless. His life was, for years, a complete mess. Yet he never stopped trusting God. God has an overall plan, a wonderful, incredible plan for each of us. Hard times are just a natural part of that. He really truly felt invisible and it made me ache for him. He suffered so much loss and his parents were assholes. He had a good heart and even th I'm so glad I got to read more about Tristan!! He had a good heart and even though there were times he pissed me off when he'd be hitting on Nova, knowing she was in love with Quinton the whole time, I felt bad for him.

After all, Tristan knew her first. I just felt she had a deeper connection with Quinton. Or maybe I was just bias from the beginning. I still wanted Tristan to meet someone that could show him the light at the end of the very dark tunnel he'd been stuck in. So we meet Avery. I didn't get to really feel too much of her and if she was going to be the lady that turns his life around but that's what the next book is about. And I'm excited! I'm looking forward to reading more about Tristan and Avery.

I see a silver lining I hope. Still on a high from their books. So it was nice being back in their world. I love how they've been trying to help Tristan with his addictions and getting him help. Just trying to be there for him. Quinton and Tristan's relationship had always been strained but I feel they're gonna work through it. Quinton is all he has, family wise. Honestly, this is such a great group of characters, whom I adored, through the good, the bad and the ugly.

I love them! It was a short novella but it was enough to want to more. I always want more. So now I'm off to read more Another fine installment of this story about drug addiction. Tristan has been an interesting character from the beginning, starting with his crush on Nova and his forgiveness toward Quinton. My heart gets full thinking about him getting his HEA, because he deserves it as much as Quinton and Nova. This short story sets up the next book in this series and has Tristan meeting Avery in North Carolina. She's obviously got some history that she's recovering from, much like Tristan.

It's clear from the Another fine installment of this story about drug addiction. It's clear from the start they share a common feeling of surviving. Tristan is still struggling with his recovery, too. When Nova, Quinton, Tristan and Avery go out to celebrate, Tristan gets involved with Avery's problems and she gets involved with his, even though they both know getting closer could be the wrong move for both of them. There's an ugly scene with Tristan's mother, and it's clear that the legacy of Ryder's death still haunts them all. Tristan teeters on the edge of sobriety, and anything can push him over.

Even though this was short and I absolutely wanted more, Tristan: Finding Hope is a very real depiction of what happens after the drugs are gone and the feelings that those drugs covered up remain. Love this series for its gritty and realistic portrayal of life and the devastating moments that shape it. Apr 26, Sue Czarnomski rated it it was amazing. This novella is the bridge to Tristan's book, Wreck Me, due later this year. Readers were introduced to Tristan in Quinton and Nova's books.

He played a huge role in Quinton's story and I think all readers were rooting for him to overcome his addiction since he had already suffered enough tragedy in his life. This book picks up right where No Regrets left off and Tristan is still struggling with his addiction when he meets Avery, an intriguing young woman battling her own d 5 well earned stars!!

This book picks up right where No Regrets left off and Tristan is still struggling with his addiction when he meets Avery, an intriguing young woman battling her own demons. I think Jessica Sorensen did a great job with this quick read and I look forward to reading Wreck Me. This novella is free on Amazon and I highly recommend it. This is a must read series and it continues with Tristan's story. May 13, Ilene rated it really liked it Shelves: series , too-many-volumes-aboutcouple. A little of Tristan before he got really deep into drugs and then 4 years later when he is clean and sober.

Sort of I won't spoil his issue if you haven't read the last book. And then he meets Avery while building her a house with Habitat for Humanity. I see a much longer story involving her in the near future. It wasn't bad but I am getting a little annoyed with stories that you thing might be done but then drag on, and on and on. Apr 15, Shirley Verdin rated it it was amazing. I know I have said this before but I absolutely love Jessica Sorensen's writing! She just has the special ability to catch your attention and keep it!! I really like Tristan and he deserves to find that special someone in his life.

I just hope he holds it together! Nice short story about Tristan. It's good to know his thoughts too! Jan 27, Susan rated it it was amazing. It's become apparent that Jessica Sorensen has the power in the sheer brilliance of storytelling, to wreck my so emotions so incredibly with every book she writes in this stunning and gripping New Adult series.

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That's all I have to say about that. And, I find myself really enjoying Avery's character just a little bit more than Nova, because even as damaged as she is I don't find her always p It's become apparent that Jessica Sorensen has the power in the sheer brilliance of storytelling, to wreck my so emotions so incredibly with every book she writes in this stunning and gripping New Adult series. And, I find myself really enjoying Avery's character just a little bit more than Nova, because even as damaged as she is I don't find her always putting her own mental health at risk to save someone.

Yes, she carries around her own guilt that eats away at her, and she has her own set of flaws and emotional issues like the rest of the characters in this amazing series does, but there's something about her that makes me really enjoy reading her story and learning about the battle scars she carries around with her. Tristan: Finding Hope , gives us a small glimpse at just how damaged and fucked up Tristan really is.

It goes one step further in showing readers the origins of when and why Tristan started doing drugs to not only numb the pain that he felt, but to also draw attention to himself - any attention - whether it was good or bad because he felt so invisible in his own home that it was the only way that he could resort to making himself seen or heard by his parents. Constantly being compared and expected to live up to his sister Ryder's abilities, only continued to break him further.

I wanted to reach into the book and hug him so hard, when his mother told him that she wished it was him that had died instead of Ryder and I was so angry with his father for not stepping up and taking more control of the situation, stopping the verbal abuse and vile hatred that spewed from his mother onto his shoulders. Her ability to take Ryder's death and use it to try and emotionally manipulate Tristan and his feelings, really enraged me. I found myself wanting to fling this tiny book across the room on so many occasions, that it was unreal due to the horrid ways that his parents had treated him.

This is a good thing, because I love it when a book can take my emotions and drag them from one extreme to the next and make me feel completely at a loss one second and then so hopeful in the next. Jessica Sorensen is amazing at doing this. And, eventually I was so proud of Tristan for not blaming Quinton for his sister's death, for actually seeing what had happened for what it was, an accident that nearly wrecked Quinton's life in more ways than imaginable. As messed up and complicated as his life is, as much as he's dealing with battling his sobriety on a day to day basis, he is so much stronger than he gives himself credit for and he proves it in so many ways when he meets Avery for the first time.

It's easy to see how she could have this profound affect on him, just by giving him the choices that she does in the following novel Wreck Me , which is the continuation of their story. She's just as damaged and broken as Tristan is, maybe even a little bit more given what she's had to endure during her young life and with the mistakes that she's made. Both strong and beautiful, she is undoubtedly guarded in so many ways that it's hard to get to know the "real" person she is behind the one she presents to the world.

Avery's past is dark, haunted, and full of so much violence that when her and Tristan meet, they have this instant connection where they each just get the other one without having to say too much about it. Tristan doesn't know what love is and Avery has completely sworn it off, because all it ever gave her was pain and deep emotional and physical scars that she'll never be able to leave behind her completely.

Yet, together they are both the makings of a beautiful sorrow filled love story that can and will spark a glimmer of hope in each of their souls, once they figure out exactly what they want and what they deserve in life. If you enjoyed the first two books in this series, then you will also enjoy this little insight into Tristan and why he is so fucked up and complicated.

I would definitely recommend this to you, if you are a fan of gritty, reality based New Adult novels that are unafraid to go there with the ugly, messy, and complicated lessons of life. Apr 17, Annie Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked it Shelves: genre-new-adult , author-jessica-sorensen , ebooks , read-in , series-nova. His leading lady, Avery is introduced and I predict very dark things to come from her character.

Just from these short glimpses of her character you can tell that something dangerous is lingering just beneath the surface, just waiting to be let out. Tristan tries to step in, however it only settles the situation for now, waiting for another opportunity to arise. Tristan has been one of those characters who are often overlooked.

Apr 21, Shelley rated it really liked it. Tristan is finds himself floundering in the world. The woman he thought he loved loves his cousin, he keeps falling off the wagon, not having a real reason to stay on it, and just doesn't see a future for himself. All until he meets Avery.

At first this is a girl he thinks might just be fun to sleep with but it doesn't take him long to see there is something more to her. He finds himself wanting to put himself out on a limb for her which is a strange feeling for him. This is a short update on Tr Tristan is finds himself floundering in the world. This is a short update on Tristan and a teaser for the next book in the series. Jun 03, SammiesBookBlog rated it liked it Shelves: where-you-can-breathe. This was really good. Insight into Tristan and I enjoyed reading his struggle and feeling real life problems come to life.

I have high hopes he will stay clean and find happiness. What I got from Avery I really liked. But this was short Sadly too short and not enough story. I hope there will b This was really good. I hope there will be more Avery and Tristan. I will be on the look out for it. May 28, Danni rated it liked it. My heart so goes out to Tristan I just want so much for him.

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He is really struggling and the small but kinda big encounter with Avery has his hopes up for once. Ready to read more about Tristan and Avery I know it's not going to be an easy road. Apr 16, Tangerine rated it really liked it. I want more!!!

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It was very short, ofcourse, but it sucked me in and then it was over. Can't wait to get the next installment. Apr 15, Yael rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-own-ebook , broken-heroes. I need book 4 ASAP! I love Tristan and I cant wait to know whats happening with Avery. He deserves a HEA. Dec 03, Denise rated it really liked it Shelves: part-of-a-series , own-ebook , short-read , abuse. I can't wait to start his story I really want to see him get his HEA.

Mar 26, Meckesha Booher rated it really liked it. Good read! Good short story. This has been a pretty good series so far. Getting ready to start the next book in this series. They allow him to let go. Quinton is pretty good about keeping him out of trouble because no one can spot an failing addict like a recovered one. In the midst of this, he meets Avery, the girl who is getting the house they are working on. Here is a girl with purple streaks in her hair, tattoos, and sad eyes. He wants to know her story. Can he let go of his cravings for long enough to get to know this girl or will he fall prey to his own addictions?

He was one of my favorite characters in the Nova series. Sorensen is brilliant at writing tortured characters and Tristan is no exception. They know just how to hurt Tristan and are great at doing so. They push him until he feels like getting high is the only way out. And I hate that. I have never understand the real life pull for drugs. I have never done drugs…. But Sorensen makes me feel like I can understand and Tristan is a character I love despite my dislike of druggies.

Tristan: Finding Hope

I just want to see him get his happily ever after because he is just as deserving of it as Quinton is. Avery is still a mystery. This novella gives us a taste of Wreck Me. And boy was it worth it. Tristan is exactly what I wanted him to be. Smart and sweet, but damaged and craving the next forbidden fix.

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  4. Apr 03, Sandy rated it liked it Shelves: own , Ok so Tristan: Finding Hope is a free novella that is a prequel to the upcoming last book I think, as of now anyway in the Nova series by Jessica Sorensen. Despite being a short story 72 pages , Tristan: Finding Hope sets up a good bit of backstory that I imagine will really be helpful when it comes time to read Wreck Me. We already know from Nova and Quinton: No Regrets that Tristan still struggles with his drug addiction.

    Despite him having gotten clean first, Quinton has more reasons to maintain his sobriety than Tristin does. Tristan struggles daily with his decision to remain clean. This novella flew by for me.

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    Either way, I would recommend this one before you check out Wreck Me. Tristan: Finding Hope gets 3. Have you read Tristan: Finding Hope? What did you think? Let me know! Somewhere Only We Know I have become addicted to the Nova Series by Jessica Sorensen. It is a gritty hard edged series that takes a truthful look at the ugly world of drug abuse. This series has opened my eyes, gave me food for thought, a better understanding of addiction, and the awareness of becoming a better parent. I do not want my children to end up like these characters in these books.