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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Do It! Essential Workout Tunes, Vol. Drivetime Essentials, Vol. Melodic Techno Essentials, Vol. Sublime Progressive House, Vol. Hit The Track, Vol. House Vibes, Vol. Ambient Chill, Vol.

Uplifting Trance Sessions, Vol. Mutants Original Mix Simone Arcangeli. Orange Acki Remix Acki , Pumio. Vice Original Mix Ed Whitty. Blimp Original Mix Joshua Calleja. Appoggiatura Original Mix Steve Mulder.

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Angie Original Mix Stanny Abram. Cooking Original Mix James Bong. Broken Original Mix Multiples. Mault, Virgil Norman McCall, William Robert McFadden, Wayne Edward McGarraugh, Jack Maverick McKay, George Edward McNatt, Ray Lee Miller, Troy Lee Molina, Nathan Valdez Moore, James Orlo Moreau, Joseph Henry Mulrey, Robert Patrick Naquin, Reynold Joseph Nevils, Luke Nevius, Richard Laird Newton, Richard Horace But finally I wanted to know what the hell did the heckler say to get Caz to come back with the Heckler rhyme.

After Caz said don't A. Who the hell tells the Cold Crush that, and in front of a sold out crowd in Harlem World, filled damn near with two thirds of Brooklyn, that adopted Caz that night! I later asked Caz what was up with that, was it staged?

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He said nah once it was known he had the rhyme for the heckler cats would say something fly just to get Caz to say the rhyme which was actually made to deter hecklers from messing up the show. And to be honest all it did was add more value to Caz's already historic name. So to beat the new hecklers at their game Caz made a second heckler rhyme. But on this night all he hit him with was the first rhyme, which started with Caz saying: "Each and every time we turn the music low, we turn it down a second to make you say ho! Somebody somewhere deep inside the crowd, has to make a comment, or snap out loud.

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No matter where we play there's always a knuckle head with something to say! It was lethal Caz creativity was off the charts. He said what we all thought about the subject and the rhyme flowed like a great piece of art hanging in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame. When Caz finished with: "Next time you at my party keep your big mouth shut! And of course Caz ended it with, "I hope you learned your lesson home piss! To that same beat they start rhyme and Caz hits us with another treat as he tells the story of a fine girl that cheated on him behind his back with his no longer good friend.

Here goes another break in the music which I always dug because I knew it was time to crack some jokes or something was going to happen. Caz said dudes smelled like double musk as they wore the same outfits from Easter Sunday the month before the Cold Crush were there. What's up? For those that don't know Butch Kid is a term used for someone who is a bully, who boguards others belongings. So for years I always had it in my mind Butch Kid was the Cold Crush security or something of that nature. I Later found out that that was J. And he was sort of a Butch Kid but he was an emcee for a while also during the early day.

And once again they start singing but this time it is the melody to Toto Georgie Porgy and the routine is in reference to another crew!

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Why you want to be around us then you want to front and down us with your silly games people come up and tell us that ya'll are very jealous but where not saying no names now ya'll keep on fronting but that s don't mean nothing to the Four! With the rhymes galore. Who the hell they talking about, they battle Fantastic a year earlier! You already know!

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It's just a whole different setting as K. Caz: But I told ya'll three you should have let me know or told me so and I wouldn't have said nothing to that dumb hoe! How the hell did it sound like Brooklyn outnumbered all of Harlem and the Bronx on th street and Lenox avenue?

Well Brooklyn did, the party sounded electric as Caz worked the crowd lovely, which opened the door to his legendary rhyme about Yvette. Not counting all the people just hanging out, like the boys from The Hill, Grant and Manhattanville projects, and King Towers a block away from Harlem World, as well as all the other projects and tenements in Harlem.

So you could just imagine Brooklyn stick up kids in one corner, Cigar Mob and Mercenaries in another. Casanovas in the middle. Shake Crew over there and walking in the door were the mighty Sapphire crew from Drew Hamilton projects! Those pretty girls in two's and Fives sprinkled all over the place. How the hell did Brooklyn out number Harlem and the Bronx that night. It didn't matter because as Caz and the Cold Crush stopped even the stick up kids from going in the bathroom taking peoples Santa Barbara medallions, British Walker shoes or Cortefiel A.

Fat Jack the owner of Harlem World and the rest of the Harlem World crew had to be loving every moment of it. Charlie Chase is killing Love Rap as he keeps the beat and scratches from time to time. Grand Master Caz say's, We all going to say a rhyme to a borough. Caz says he's going to say one to Brooklyn, Brooklyn does it again. I am sure Brooklyn could be heard from the Mosque across the street.

They shout out "Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn! He asked the crowd have you ever got caught in the bed with a girl by their parents! Well the s happened to me!

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I was out in front of my school sniffing up some rocks, a crowd of people all around listening to my box. Just me and my fans and some guys from the crew, chilling hard because we had nothing better to do. It was me the L the A and the All and then I slipped away to make a phone call. To this very day it was move I regret but I didn't know then so I called Yvette. It was amazing to hear the Brooklyn chant after Caz said I'm moving to Brooklyn tomorrow.

It was a good feeling seeing and hearing the chant. It's like we finally arrived at one of the most premier Hip Hop clubs in Harlem. No fights, robbery's or chain snatching. It was all good that night. I think me and my boys stayed to the end. We couldn't stop talking on the train ride back to Brooklyn about what we experience that night. I'm pissed that I got to see everyone perform that night except the Treacherous 3. Me and my boys decided to go downstairs for the first time that night and was amazed to hear the d. I can't remember the other d. Although we use to see a couple of people with their head on the tables in the corner, there was a lot of room downstairs to break dance, pop lock and glide all around the floor.

The A. The funny thing about Brooklyn is when they get too comfortable with a hot club' they want to rob it and everything in it. I was there when they shot Harlem World up in 83 or I had it all on tape. Harlem World got shot up early that night. I seen my Bedstuy, Marcy, Gates and Nostrand ave crews in they're running through the crowd yelling f uptown and f Harlem!

I went from looking at the show to watching my back. Me and my boy hid behind the speakers on the left side of the stage laughing, but the tape recorder I had got lost in the crowd, along with my shoe. Over 20 shots went of that night. The glass behind the bar got shot up and we couldn't get out the front door. After 5 minutes of silence, we made our way to the door. Once outside mad people were getting robbed by those same people I knew from Nostrand, Gates, Marcy, Kingston avenue crews and so on. One cat got a knife in the temple, cops showed up and it got worst. I was pissed that my Brooklyn people did that.

Not long after that Harlem World had a few jams after that until finally they closed down, people were afraid to go there after awhile. Randy, and the rest of the Harlem world crew had more in store for the Harlem World crowd. That had to be the best show in town that night!