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Cream Buns or Cream Cookies?

Too Quiet, Too Noisy. Bonnie Ferrante. Thank You! Ren in a Mess. What Can San Do? Drum City. Thea Guidone. A Big Job. Where Is It? Kip Gets Sick. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. To Bee or Not To Bee? This land of milk and honey serves true milk ice cream made from California milk from a family-owned, certified Kosher dairy factory. Their menu is oh-so-simple, but deciding what to get might take you longer than your average bedtime routines.

If you bring the whole family, everyone can get something different to share and satisfy that sweet tooth. There are just six soft-serve items on the menu, but definitely something for everyone, including chocolate and sweet buns stuffed with ice cream. Everything hits the sweet spot.

So you can feel a little virtuous about this treat…or at least less guilty. You can even browse through their selection of honey products while you wait. Are either of them suitable to freeze? And finally, yes of course there is a potato pizza?! Thanks again for your amazing pics, descriptions and your authenticity!! Which desserts were you asking about freezing? Hi Luisa, my cousin is in Richmond Hill and says she gets the Belgian Pearl sugar at Bulk Barn, but that you should call ahead as not all of them have it.

I think these are the same as the buns we have in Northern Ireland not really in the south! Might give them a go :. Ireland, I had one!! I was so happy when we got to N.

Colorful Honey Biscuits with Blueberry Whipped Cream - Front + Main

Ireland as Ireland lacked bakeries!!! Let me know how they turn out for you! Hi Tricia, I must have missed your question! So sorry, but as noted in the recipe, it is just freshly whipped cream nothing added. I m Tina from India. I love to see this recipe. I will try it. But can I use anything else instead of egg. Honestly Tina, the reason the dough tastes as it does is primarily due to the egg in it. Plain cookies are still sold in small bakeries as teabread and usually eaten with butter and jam.

B-B-BIG ICE CREAM SALAD (Snack Tub Korea #18)

I tried your recipe and it turned out very well. You are correct in all your assessments, except that American biscuits are not what we call scones. They look similar but are made and taste differently just to add to the confusion! Thank you very much, Graham! I appreciate you coming back to let me know : CC.

Am I right in thinking, when it comes to the milk and the water, that you mean fl oz when you write oz? For the butter, do you mean 2. And is the egg large or extra large? Ah, good point on the butter! Yes, of course for the milk and water fluid ounces are measured since they are liquids. The butter, however is the weight before melting; sorry for the confusion. I would say it would be no less than 10 minutes just to give you a rough idea.

Good luck! Hello Christina, I know that this post is from a long time ago, but I just came upon it and wanted to add that I come from Dundee and we also called them cream cookies! They were my very favourite cake apart from yum yums, do you know them? A doughnut dough in a twist shape with a sugary glaze — yum! Anyway, love your blog. Thanks Patricia! Yes, that is really the name, but it would be much too confusing here in the US if I called them that!

I just had a Yum Yum last week! Also, many places use faux cream instead of the real thing! So disappointing, so now I always ask! Enjoy your trip, Patricia! Thanks Christina. I only mentioned it because one commenter said they came from the east coast and they had never heard the name before! Oh good, thank you for that!

So silly!! Have you ever tried them split in half and toasted then smothered in butter? They are to die for. Also have them cold with butter and cheese, again , no sugar! They always made a great packed lunch. Slightly less sweet and dredged with flour.

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Relish with tuna mayo or cheese and again , great toasted with butter. Must do this also! I wish the bakeries would continue with the old classics. There are other things we miss, too! Let me know how these come out for you! Hi there, i couldn,t believe my eyes when i saw cream cookies, i couldn,t wait to copy down your recipe and get making them, now i was wondering if you could possibly help me out as i tried twice to make the cookies and both times they were a complete disaster, my dough was too heavy and dense and dry, the second time i tried my dough looked like a scone mix and after i took them out the oven the tops were hard.

I hope you don,t mind me asking for your help it,s just that i so want to make these little buns happy days from my childhood , thank you. Now, regarding those cream cookies, did you you use the cup measurement or weigh the ingredients? Some raved about them, and others said they were terrible. I would advise you to invest in a scale they are very inexpensive and try one more time. I bet this will solve your problem. Let me know how you get on the next time. Oh, these look wonderful! These are going to happen today! I have never heard them called cream cookies here in Scotland I am from the east coast , they have always been called cream buns as far as I know.

Colorful Honey Biscuits with Blueberry Whipped Cream

Love all your recipes, Christina! Hello Christina, I just wanted to let you know I made these for my mom from who is from Dublin, Ireland. On her first bite her eyes watered and she said she was transported back to her childhood in Little Ship Street. Thank you for sharing your recipe to allow me to make a magical moment for my mom. Have a great day and be blessed! Oh my goodness! Thank you for letting me know and so happy that you found the recipe to make them for your mum!

I made these today with the bread flour. Though the taste with the light glaze was wonderful without cream I believe they would have been a bit lighter with AP flour.

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Thanks for the great recipe. My photography skills are nil, so, alas, no pictures. So glad you liked them! Thanks for letting me know, CC. Christina, can you be any help in creating a smaller recipe for these cream buns. Cooking for one is a big problem but most ready made items or commercially made just are not the same as home made. Thanks a bunch. Hi Liz, I totally understand. Just freeze them without brushing them with the glaze, or cutting them. Would this work for you? Let me know what you think. I love these buns so much but rarely see them anymore in Scottish bakeries which is a real shame.

I will definitely be giving this recipe a go. Friends in Sweden and Denmark have similar buns but with different flavours added — marzipan in Sweden and cardamom in Denmark. That Nordic connection is still in evidence! Agreed, Heather. I am so pleased you like so many Scottish foods and he is of course right! Keep spreading the word — Haggis is great and full of delicious natural ingredients. I hope you like our website and I think our photographs show just how versatile a dish it is so I look forward to posting your haggis recipes soon!

Hi Jo, I just checked out your website this morning, and commented to my mother how beautiful and classy it is, but since I am in the US, it is also absolute torture to see those gorgeous photos : I wish I could make a haggis dish for you, more than you know, but my very, very favourite is black pudding! Even though I had so much black pudding when I was in Scotland in October, I already miss it immensely.

I hope to come back next year and fill up on all the goodies I miss! Thanks for the comment! Thank you so much! I bought your haggis and black pudding several times when I was in Scotland in October! One of the worst things about living in the US is not being able to have good black pudding and haggis. Very sad. I want one the minute I set foot in Scotland.

With fresh whipped cream, using the rolls , I get close enough to almost satisfy me. Goodness, Pat! I totally get it! I have never liked them because they are mostly served at potlucks and picnics to eat with savoury food! I could totally eat them with cream, though!