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Lesson 6: Angels and Devils

Extreme physical conditions, threat to life, and social isolation all seem to trigger the feeling of a presence, which will often feel as if it has a spiritual or guiding purpose. In the case of the third man, it is tempting to think that strong feelings of presence act as some sort of hallucinatory defence mechanism — something that could happen to anyone, but only in very extreme scenarios.

Such experiences are, however, also reported in much less dramatic circumstances. Following bereavement, for example, many people report sensing the presence of their deceased loved one; a feeling that someone is still in the house , just upstairs, or in their favourite chair. Felt presences are common during the experience of sleep paralysis , when people have the feeling of being awake but not being able to move their body. Often this is accompanied by a sense of a presence in the room , along with physical sensations such as pressure on the chest and difficulty breathing.

The different contexts in which felt presences occur give us some clues about what might be happening. Perhaps most revealingly, people with brain injuries who report felt presence experiences often have damage to an area called the temporoparietal junction TPJ , and electrical stimulation of this area can induce the feeling of a nearby sensed presence. Among many other things, the TPJ appears to play an important role in maintaining an internal representation of our body image. Supporting this idea, often the person having a felt presence feels like they have some important bond or affinity with the figure they experience.

It has been argued that cases of sleep paralysis also involve old, evolutionary impulses to detect threat in our environment. This, coupled with muscle paralysis, could lead to an intense fear of the presence in the room. Understanding more about how and why felt presences occur has the potential to tell us many things about ourselves: how we react under intense mental or physical stress, how we deal with danger and threat, and how we recognise the shape and position of our own body.

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But one thing it also may do is shed light on other unusual experiences that are hard to understand. How loud was the voice?

Someone is Talking About You

In these cases, hearing a voice may be much more like sensing a person or being visited by an entity, rather than experiencing sound. Interestingly, there is also some evidence that the neural connectivity of the TPJ area is organised in a different way for people who hear regularly hear voices. If voices and presences were to overlap in some way then it could have consequences both for research and treatment, when help is sought. The sound you'll likely hear most often when communicating with your guardian angel is music. Angels love music, and many religious texts report that heaven --their home--is full of beautiful music.

When your guardian angel sends you a musical message, it may in the form of instrumental music or singing. If the sounds are supernatural, they will be more stirring than anything you've ever heard before on Earth.

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The music will fill the air around you, even though there's no natural source of it such as a radio nearby. You will likely feel the music, as well as hear it.

The sounds will resonate throughout your body so that you feel as if your soul is harmoniously connected to the music. Also, the music will stir powerful emotions within you. Your guardian angel may also choose to switch on an electronic device such as a computer, mobile phone, or radio to play human music if there's a particular song playing that triggers memories of someone or something about which you've been praying. Share Flipboard Email.

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