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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Considered how much I read about foxes and their roles here I really wonder why I can think of only three Chinese movies that feature them. Are they not cool enough? Also I wish I could read a few of the original stories mentioned here. Nov 26, Jan 31, Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story. Witter, Ashley Marie. Zumindest nicht aus dem Buch, aber es war in der Verfilmung. In der Tat ist es ganz anders. At least not from the book, but it was in the film adaptation. Also I do know that there were some scenes in Eastern Europe that were not featured here and the meeting of Armand and Claudia that was seen here did not match the one from "The vampire Armand.

In fact what was stated about her ghost later did not match her last thoughts here either. It is not technically a world-building problem as their existence can be explained via what she provided later and it doesn't strictly contradict other books. Also while the art is really good and captures the emotions well you definitely see all the anger, hate and frustration Claudia carried and she then really doesn't look like a little girl anymore I do wonder why its mostly black and yellowish even looking like old paper and the blood and telepathy is red and the fire also normal colored.

In fact it is eerie how much Claudia doesn't act like a girl anymore and how evil Armand seems to be. The ending is a tad odd and while the nearly black page with the hands that hold her dress is a good image, why are all these other black pages there at the end? I can understand how some people may not like it because "it's the same old story" but I would say you would have to agree that when you do it, you should do it like this.

Like something that can actually fit for the most part. Not like Meyer's Bree Tanner book, which really made no sense at all. Jun 15, If you like this book because it is so bad and that it's funny, fine, not my kind of humor but that would be harmless. One thing this book is definitel If you like this book because it is so bad and that it's funny, fine, not my kind of humor but that would be harmless. One thing this book is definitely not: well written and deep. This story was written without any knowledge toward the subject of closeted gay teens coming from homophobic societies, actually the way the whole LGBT topic was handled here was more insulting than anything else in my mind.

What is shown of Magnus's and Alec's behavior does not fit what would be going on in such a situation. They only know each other for not even 3 months so they would definitely still be in that phase, but still we see barely anything of it except kisses and what Magnus tells us, actually his constant complaining about Alec's clothes suggests that he is nowhere near the "in love" phase. We are basically just told Yes, this one, this one fits, after all the stumbling around and searching, and here it is without being given any justification for it except for Magnus was not planning on talking about why he preferred Alec.

The heart had its reasons, and they were seldom all that reasonable. Which is not only stupid because we are shown nothing that would set Alec apart from so many other guys Magnus, but it is also ridiculous because Magnus clearly has a type: Imasu, Axel, Will, Edmund, James, etc. I admit, for a short time I thought Magnus acted mature he claimed to want to be good to Alec and that it mattered if Alec got hurt , but that was ruined by not only how he acted in City of Glass but also by his behavior here, e. In addition he states that he could not kidnap Alec and keep him as a decoration, in a totally casual way as if this would normally be a valuable option.

For instance in the cafe Takis when confronted with some token vampires "of color" Latino Raphael, Asian Lilly, Black Elliot there is an awkward moment when Magnus and Alec are sitting together and Raphael recognizes Alec he already knew Magnus was dating someone so there was no "low profile". Then he glanced at the vampires and snatched his hand away. Alec would have snatched his hand away much earlier if this were realistic. And after this he drags Alec out of the building and kisses him right next to it with Alec having no objections and showing no anxiety whatsoever. The text even suggests that they had already held hands in public elsewhere.

Yep someone clearly doesn't know how closeted teens tick. And the whole reason they were in Takis to begin with was because Magnus wanted it so and thought that none of Alec's family would know since Downworlders and Shadowhunters like to keep apart, completely ignoring the fact that Alec, Isabelle and Jace frequent that place constantly and so their faces are known and everyone with half a brain cell could figure out what Alec and Magnus were up to.

This sounds as though these people were just cowards, when even today in the western world many people still face dire consequences for coming out or dating someone outside their own ethnicity. And even these people are only there to have more Magnus whining: He had loved many of them, and had hurt for them all. Connor's totally unrealistic potrayal clearly shows she's just there to make mundanes look like idiots and Magnus look smart.

Someone as apparently high-ranking in the Pandemonium Enterprises as she is would not only be way more knowledgeable in the ways of Downworld but she would have gotten all the information on demon summoning or all the ways to deal with the mermaid problem long before making an appointment with Magnus. Therefore she would not have been surprised with how long demon summoning takes which is odd, Magnus had no problem summoning Azazel much faster and in City of Ashes the demon of fear was summoned in less than an hour and would have had no problems with her schedule and surely would not have been surprised about what Magnus would be able to do about the mermaids.

And if the Shadowhunters are so homophobic, why did the Codex claim that gay marriage is recognized in Idris? How can such an alleged homophobic society have a legal recognition of gay marriage? The book tries to claim that Jace isn't Magnus's type, despite the fact that he had fancied several people of Jace's type over the course of previous books and even here describes him as having the face of an angel and abs for days.

You do not describe people like that if they aren't your type. And after the above mentioned unrealistic awkward scene all Raphael says is that he doesn't want to know anything and that this has never happened , which is nothing more than stupid plot convenience since no head vampire would just ignore such information on the son of the local Shadowhunters.

The book here stated that Alec moved faster than any other being in the room—werewolf, vampire, or faerie—could have moved. This amount of super-speed makes Valentine's entire existence in TMI and his lamenting about the special powers of Downworlders totally pointless. City of Glass clearly showed that werewolves are much stronger than Shadowhunters and all faeries can do magic, so what are they afraid off?

And how is it that this Alec here never killed a demon? This screams of plot convenience and lack of consistency. But of course, as usual, it is everyone else who is allegedly the problem, not Magnus of course, which would be fine would his friends quit him and some people put him in his place; but sadly people either like him or simply put up with him.

And keep in mind, despite all the fans going crazy about this series, there is a significant portion of fans who loved Magnus before but hate him in this series and this says a lot because personally I think the Magnus here is just a more extreme version of the child we saw in the other books. And the fact that this story here takes place between City of Ashes and City of Glass makes its flaws in characterization and world consistency even more apparent.

Even in the books of the chronicles there was only talk about his eyes, his missing navel was never mentioned. And what was also never mentioned anywhere in TMI after City of Bones was Magnus' skin tone, in City of Bones it was described as maple-syrup and golden, but here he it's suddenly brown skinned. Did he tan or what? And if yes, why was that not mentioned in City of Glass or here for that matter? Here there is a sudden talk about the Downworlders forming a unified front against the Shadowhunters when all other books rather showed them working against each other.

Now Isabelle's voice apparently has a hint of Idris in it and her eyes are still strangely described as black , which is weird, since none of the 5 books of TMI ever stated that she has an Idris specific accent. And our "master observer" Magnus apparently is not adept at reading Shadowhunter hearts, behind their smooth angelically arrogant facades. Apart from the fact that I think that this is just a way of saying "Jace is a deep and caring guy who just pretended to be arrogant" this makes no sense.

The Shadowhunters we saw so far were not just open books, they were flashlights in the night, so easy were they to read.

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At the very least the writing is not as bad as usual I did not had to ask myself so often what certain stuff even means view spoiler [, except for this: He was besotted; he was officially revolted by himself. He might have been besotted, but he had other things to think of besides Alec today. Apart from the fact that this contradicts itself and portrays Magnus as obsessive, what does that mean and were did that come from?

Apparently these books are still not written properly. Well they didn't need to be so far as it seems. And while the writing is better the book still has the known consistency issues, going all the way down to Magnus's look, which is at odds with how he was described in City of Bones to City of Glass, albeit his description in The Mortal Instruments books since City of Bones was so generic it could fit any man on this planet. In addition to this there is also the problem that the plot doesn't have a transition to Magnus's sudden flashback. Actually I asked myself why that was suddenly there, since nothing seemed to have triggered that.

Furthermore many sentences seemed glued together from several smaller sentences, with nothing but a comma connecting these snippets to each other. I guess a lot of the stuff here is supposed to be funny but not only does the series repeat the same stuff over and over, but the "funny" stuff is totally misplaced and keep in mind that this story is not marketed under comedy and lets Magnus look like an idiot without any sort of moral compass. And not just him. Later in the book he is suddenly hissing and when Magnus sends him back he suddenly talks about Magnus someday being with them, that his father will have him and that Alec will never love him, which all comes completely out of nowhere.

He did some more stupid stuff but you know character limits for a review and all. That he got Magnus to say "Bill" instead of "Will" so fast makes Magnus look mentally weak. Of course that Magnus is stated during that conversation to be desperately willing more coffee to appear despite nothing there suggesting any actual stress, doesn't help either.

Alec is the one who gets uncomfortable for being recognized, but it is Magnus who already thinks about changing his name and fleeing the country. And he thinks Alec freaks out even more because Raphael thinks he looks 12, apparently the whole "teen in the closet thing" is not important here. At least this is just dumb.

That Catarina had a fiancee who kept hoping she would set a date until he died of old age might count as funny in a comedy but not here. It makes her look cruel and callous and the man being obsessive and wasting his life. No one acts according to them and the Shadowhunters are just once again the bogiemen for the poor Downworlders, which is idiotic since the franchise never really showed Downworlders in general in a positive light and it surely doesn't do it here.

Actually said mermaids could appeal to the Shadowhunters because of this since that company and its customers harass them. But they do nothing in that regard. And it's not just them, in all the books, barely any of the people we are supposed to see as good give two cents about the Accords and the Law, unless they are portrayed as idiots or assholes. This plus the fact that the Shadowhunters are consistently portrayed as bad guys makes the wonder why the whole "equal rights" message was in TMI to begin with. Alec on the other hand is far too nice and developed towards coming out than he was in City of Glass.

And of course, just like most guys Magnus had a thing for Alec is troubled and needs help. But even with all this I think the biggest problem this book has is that it doesn't realize how it makes its characters look. Not just Magnus and Alec, but also side characters like Isabelle. So it's really good for me that I already lost every shred of respect for the character in the last book. He complains that his client is 20 minutes to early he generally dislikes people who are too early or too late to a meeting… is there any sort of people he actually does like?

But Magnus doesn't seem to share that view. Apart from the fact that this clashes with his later "the customer is king" statement, this highlights his arrogance and lack of professionalism and it makes me wonder why anyone even hires him. Even when he summoned that demon here and threatened him with his power and the power of his father again no names, what a surprise it was not the image of a man summoning powerful magic that came into my mind but of a little spoiled child stumping his food on the ground in anger and threatening to go to daddy.

And if this weren't idiotic enough, he makes all the personal calls and conversations right in front of the summoned demon making himself look really stupid. And speaking of stupid, we get the usual amount of Magnus whining that not only makes him look like a selfish asshole but also so "tortured" that he should have committed suicide a long time ago. Apparently at the party in City of Bones Magnus acted the part of a warlock filled with joie de vivre until he could feel it.

Nothing in that book suggested his eyes were constantly on Alec. All his claims about wanting the best for people just sound so hollow to me because he sure as hell didn't act like it, ever. Wanting the best for Clary? Where is the proof for that? He also doesn't seem to remember that he let Etta rot in a retirement home because of her Alzheimer. He literally states in this book that he for centuries had been powerful beyond the dreams of not only mundanes but most of Downworld and still he did nothing with his magic for her, or the people of Paris in , or for Tessa and Will in , or for Camille in s, or for Raphael's mother in , or Imasu and his family in Peru, or the people in the Plaza Hotel during the Wallstreet Crash etc.

And on and on it goes, Ragnor and Catarina are cruel plus Camille is bad because they have better things to do than helping him with stuff he should know already. He did not know why all of his immortal friends had to be so callous and horrible and before Alec nobody had tried to protect him, that he could remember, since he was very young. And despite Simon being the only sun resistant vampire in existence he cannot remember his name and refers to him as Stanley. So he has either incredibly bad memory or is the quintessential self-absorbed asshole. Let's not go into what he thinks about Isabelle, thankfully she seems too dumb to realize how often he insults her.

No comment! The birthday present for Alec was an enchantment of Isabelle's whip, since Alec puts his family always first. Not an offer to give that to all of Alec's family, nope just Isabelle, because she was there, apparently. Even if an enchantment might have saved their brother Max's live in City of Glass. And this gift is not anything hinted anywhere else and since Alec doesn't know of it and has no significance it's totally pointless.

After Isabelle is gone Alec is suddenly there and thanks Magnus for just remembering his birthday, and no Alec still doesn't know anything about the whip. The lip-service for the anti-racism message stinks as usual. This is idiotic and insulting with its stereotyping. The mere fact that this warlock stereotype is the only one people allegedly expect after decades of Hollywood stereotypes in a place like New York City is idiotic and screams lazy writing. Nov 25, The life of warlocks was one of immortality, magic, glamour, and excitement through the ages.

Based on the Chronicles and Magnus in general so The life of warlocks was one of immortality, magic, glamour, and excitement through the ages. Based on the Chronicles and Magnus in general so far I thought the life of a warlock consisted out of constant annoyance, sitting on your ass, whining, facades, lying, idiocy, fashion, betrayal, thievery and being governed by your libido and all other whims until you go cuckoo for coco puffs.

Normally I would have prepared spoiler sections, but not here, the only way this can be shown appropriately is in one strike. I think ever since "What really happened in Peru" there has not been such a blatant example of the franchise's way of saying one thing but doing the other. The summary of this book as of 19Jan it had changed before is: Magnus meets Valentine in battle as the Circle attacks the Downworlders of New York City. This is the first time Magnus sees Jocelyn, Luke, and Stephen—but not the last.

It is not long before Jocelyn seeks him out False advertisement The only truth in that summary is that Magnus meets Valentine in battle and that later Jocelyn seeks him out. The rest is total crap and the title doesn't even fit. The Uprising was only one battle on one day, not a time, and in the time of the Uprising is downright lying, you can't even say "stretch the concept" since the first story happens in and the second in , not even near the Uprising which, clearly stated in the Shadowhunter Codex to have been in Which also leads us to the problem of Clary's age in the second story: How can she be almost two if she was born after the Uprising which was only mentioned in passing here?

Only if the Uprising was in January , Clary was born shortly afterwards and the second story happens in December there is mention about the weather being cold but that was it could this be remotely possible. Also Jocelyn is only in the second story the summary suggests that she is in both and the Shadowhunters of the New York Institute never make any actual decision, they burst in and since the Circle had clearly broken their serious Law, it was clear that they would be on Magnus's side.

Magnus allegedly always expected some sort of Hunter youth revolt — he once again "knows so much". The whole "fight" and "drama" was a charade typical for this franchise and despite being the local authority figure, the leader of the New York Institute does not even try to order the Circle to lower their weapons. She and her family experienced fighters are just there to be slaughtered "heroically" by the Circle teenagers so gullible they might as well be robots.

Story in Nothing here makes remotely any sense and from a narrative point of view there is no reason for it to exist in the first place. It answers no open questions, adds nothing and only makes everything worse. That the Lightwoods become the heads of the Institute of the people they murdered makes no sense. The Codex makes it clear that murdering Nephilim is the greatest crime they have and these guys not only did it at the Uprising but also 3 years earlier and they still get to live? None of the Circle members here think to abandon Valentine after this?

You can't even say, that the Clave didn't know about this since it is established fact that they have mindreaders and a magical sword that can force you to say the truth. This whole story about Valentine going after some werewolf family and torturing a werewolf girl instead of the mother to get the whereabouts of her escaped brother, is among the same line as the attempted rape of Clary by Jonathan in City of Lost Souls to make Valentine look more "evil" , it actually has the same impact of the in-book-universe as a whole: NONE!

We already knew he killed Nephilim, killed and experimented on Downworlders and what he thought about them. We know how influential the circle was so what is the point of this story mentioning that they are going from Institute to Institute to seek aid how does Magnus even know this and other stuff?

And considered that Magnus seems to side with those that break the Accords the Accords they willingly sign and agree on, they regularly break in those stories on a regular basis, probably more often than not Valentine would have acted in accordance with the Accords. Plus the guy had unleashed hordes of demons on Alicante killing who knows how many. So why on earth is this here necessary? To show the other Hunters did bad stuff as well and that they are all connected via and met Magnus? Why would Luke not tell Clary about this?

This is completely out of character for him. And the rest are useless. So what does this add in any way? That Luke being Valentine's parabatai means he was basically his underling? So what? Where is the difference to Jace and Alec or Will and Jem? The one being described as more handsome is in charge and the other supports, same old story. We have also time and again seen Magnus insult and infuriate people when it's better to keep your mouth shut and generally antagonizing people for no good reason and then of course trying to sound sympathetic and victimized by coming with some sort of bullshit excuse that wouldn't work for a 14 year old.

But of course no one would ever change him. Magic is still just for showing off and a poorly used plot device and what they show here suggested that Magnus does not know the range of his power or even abilities just like Catarina. And that he basically accepts stuff to go his way and does shit to actively change stuff but always claims to be wanting to help people was well established in earlier books as well here: no providing of the plenty of evidence and testimony against the Circle, not establishing any security measures or emergency system in case the Circle attacks, no attempts to clear the names of the accused werewolves, nothing at all; he rather considered it the sensible thing to flee prior to arrival of the Circle and seems to prefer to whine that Downworlders were allegedly always on their own.

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Trust me, even when he is supposed to be the hero he basically acts like a moron: he doesn't even consider an ambush attack or some sort of trick to defeat the Circle instead hoping he could sow doubt among them. The Circle comes around as pretty incompetent anyway no alleged killers and bullies would ever react to Magnus's rude tone and sloppy tactic this way. Of course we get the usual Magnus shallowness: he immediately notices how the Circle were heartbreakingly young, instead of trying to save the captured werewolves. He also described Stephen Herondale of course he must have met him as well as a beautiful boy with the golden hair and the deep sweet blue eyes , once again showing that blonds are the most beautiful people in the world.

The book actually spends sentence after sentence on describing these Shadowhunters, of course noticing the handsome ones btw. Nope, all useless talk with some "future twist" since Magnus refers to the mentioned Alec as a repellent brat and so much idiocy too much to even list here it is inconceivable to me how any reader can be so gullible to refer to this as "awesome.

This must be the biggest consistency fail ever since the author forgot that her vampires can turn into bats, rats and dust. See what I mean when I say, this is useless and only makes everything worse? If these authors had wanted to retell a story we already knew than they should have made it about the actual Uprising, where it would have worked just fine.

This was rather bad fan fiction than anything else. Story in Gosh, this story alone has so many plotholes it nearly gave me a headache. You know, I had lost all respect for Magnus already and here I hated him; and I have never done this before with any other fictional character. This story was not quite as pointless as the first one, but still pretty pointless after all we saw Magnus being a dick and sitting on his ass far too often already.

The rest only shows what a dick Magnus is, makes no sense since when did Jocelyn kill "innocent" Downworlders and since when does Magnus care [about anything, so I didn't give a crap when Magnus stated here that he didn't care anymore about this or that] since it didn't bother him with the other Hunters he was friends with , shows this franchises patriarchal nature, and basically its nothing but an extended rewrite of the story how Magnus met Jocelyn that we already got in City of Bones.

And everyone halfway smart would have guessed several elements already like Tessa and Jem being the two who prepared baby Clary. Naturally this story's attempts at feminism are just as ridiculous as the previous ones. And no idea why Jocelyn means trouble for Magnus simply for not being on official Hunter duty, since all other shown Hunters so far seemed trouble, even the ones he fancied. Also maybe I would give a damn about Magnus stating Valentine to be evil and Jocelyne to be "the monster's bride" had Magnus ever shown to be a capable judge of character and considered his alleged past of bad relationships shouldn't he be a bit more sympathetic to Jocelyne's plight?

But nope, other things are far more important to Magnus, and partially Jocelyn as it seems since she seemed transfixed by his pajamas. Magnus was frankly offended. He had not invited any wives of crazed hate-cult leaders to come around and pass judgment on his wardrobe. Are there any heights of shallowness and arrogance that this idiot does not reach? The wife of a "crazed hate-cult leader" stands before him and he worries about his wardrobe. And not just that, oh no, he even tries to portray himself as some sort of perfect lover: If he wished to forgo a shirt and wear scarlet drawstring pajamas patterned with black polar bears, and a black silk bed jacket, he could do so.

Seriously, is this supposed to be funny? None of the others who had been lucky enough to see Magnus in his bedroom attire had ever complained. And as if this shallowness and idiocy so far wasn't enough, it is also clear that Magnus's priorities are clearly revenge and nothing else, since we are told that It was in that moment that he remembered there was a child.

Never mind that he had seen Clary and if Clary actually is nearly 2 years old… how can I say it? There is no way you could just overlook a 2 year old in someone's arms. Two year olds are actually pretty big and very visible when carrying them. If Magnus just forgets Clary is there although she must be directly in front of him it only shows how hateful he is against a woman he never met and knows nothing about. And considered his demonizing of Camille, if there is any truth to that by the way, he should be sympathetic to people making the wrong relationship choices, but nope, not Magnus he is far too occupied with being a judgmental asshole.

Jocelyn literally said that she begged for his aid, with a child in her arms, which sends a pretty clear message as to whom she begs for, but Magnus being aware of Clary says "no" right away, no hesitation and had Tessa who suddenly has an air of authority she allegedly always had not been there nothing would have changed. My mouth actually dropped at this behavior of his and I have no idea how Magnus fans can truly justify this. Sure they might come with the claims of this book that Jocelyn had killed Downworlders but not only do I wonder when that was ever stated before and also since when does Magnus actually care?

His actions in the first story do not actually speak this language and it's not as though these other Shadowhunters, those he had the hots for all guys of course , had killed Downworlders as well and he didn't act that way. No, he is such a whiny ass that he projects his hatred for Valentine on his ex-wife and child. Actually he acts as though he never had any Shadowhunter friends, throwing them all in one pot and not even considering another point of view. He is just as hateful as he always claims Shadowhunters to be.

And Tessa joins into this screwed anti-hate message and it makes just as much sense. And for some reason this made: Jocelyn looked lost, in the way that people did when they learned something so strange that the whole world seemed unfamiliar. The Accords had been signed several times by now and she came to Magnus and all, so why is that so strange to her?

All this stuff here makes no sense whatsoever. Not even why she goes to Magnus of all warlocks or why she is in New York anyway. If she wants her daughter to be as far away from Nephilim as possible, why being in New York, where there is an institute, are we to assume she doesn't know that? And when Magnus was all "So you come begging to us Is she referring to Jonathan? And where did those rumors about her cooperation with Luke come from?

Did Luke tell anyone? Or was it some minor detail from these convoluted books? And of course afterwards Magnus suddenly talked about not wanting to be cruel and believing in redemption although he prior to this and based on the books happening chronologically after this he surely doesn't act like it. He literally stated: Magnus had often considered that Shadowhunter justice was more like cruelty, and he did not want to be cruel.

I was: "Well congratulations asshole, because that is what you are. You are one of the biggest assholes that I have ever seen. Even Dolores Umbridge is better than you, she is at least honest in her contempt. And for the most part Shadowhunter justice is only cruel to lying and thieving assholes like you!!! So I am not even remotely buying his he could not be cruel crap.

Since when he said that, it was the same situation only minutes ago btw. Tessa was remarkably silent and there he was about to throw the door in their faces so what was different now? And he can cut the "believe in redemption crap," it is clear from the way he treated and treats Alec and Camille in other books that he didn't act accordingly. And Tessa's hypocritical whine-rants are just as bad as Magnus's are and damn her whining about how with Stephen's death her and Will's line had ended despite the fact that their Blackthorn descendents are still alive and well whom she mentioned only moments before was annoying.

I guess since that line is connected to her via her daughter apparently it doesn't really count. So Tessa is thinking patriarchal at her core. And if this wasn't enough after her little pity tantrum Tessa claims that nothing is Clary's fault and that the choice was all Stephen's, which begs the question why she was so adamant about Jocelyne only moments ago. Seriously, what changed? No one did or say anything to bring about this change. Magnus even suddenly says that Jocelyn had no right to his help and could not pay for it despite only moments ago saying he couldn't be cruel trust me there is more of his cruelty, recklessness and "Valentine's evil" after it , not to mention he could just have asked for a contract and payment later.

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This is hypocrisy in its finest and it doesn't even have any source dammit. Heck, we get told that Jocelyne calls her daughter Clary but we still do not get told why. And if you ask me Magnus' and Tessa's "change of heart" has nothing to do with consistency but all with Clary's "specialness", she is so special she apparently had already lost the roundness of baby faces.

Have these authors ever so much as seen a 2 year old? What is Clary suddenly, Renesmee Cullen? She even makes Magnus feel the knot of resentment in his chest ease , she is that special, and the book doesn't spare to tell us. Not to mention that much other stuff here makes no sense with her. And the statement about how she might grow up to be an adventurer might have merit in other franchises but not in this one that apparently doesn't know the difference between an adventurer and a reckless idiot.

Apart from the fact that this is obvious advertisement for Clare's "new" series, again, I have no words for how dangerous this is. Just don't talk about the ugly truth of the past and everything is alright? That is what this whine little asshole thinks is right? Magnus fans: what do you like about him?

I am not gonna go into the topic of the screwed anti-AIDS hysteria message, after all the franchise's screwed pro-LGBT, racial and gender equality and anti-drug messages are already bad enough. And the fact that Magnus did, once again, do shit to help anyone suffering from HIV infection is also typical for this asshole. But of course I am supposed to think that he cares and that you never get used to seeing death.

If it just were so in real life, but hey what can you expect from a book that thinks completely forgetting the horrible past is something good. Conclusion This book is nothing more than a complete waste of time, space and money, except for the writers since apparently enough people still buy this crap. It has no redeemable qualities, nothing to balance its flaws out and how anybody can like this book will forever be a mystery to me. At least Johnson's influence kept the weird wording at a minimum, well by the standards of this franchise at least, after all it is pretty obvious plenty of times that the authors don't seem to know what they are talking about and are practically torpedoing their own world with what they are writing.

I think only someone going by "all Magnus does is great no matter how dumb" would enjoy this stuff. The guy on the covers is apparently Godfrey Gao. Really good choice to have a guy with barely if any Malay ancestry but probably exclusive recent Chinese ancestry represent a guy that allegedly represents a first generation Dutch-Indonesian mix. Dec 25, Jan 05, This is a book were you need suspension of disbelief not to make the world work, but to make the plot work.

You must literally suspend it entirely so This is a book were you need suspension of disbelief not to make the world work, but to make the plot work. You must literally suspend it entirely so that you will not ask yourself constantly why characters are acting like this.

There was literally only one thing that at least wasn't ruined by something else and that was the passable writing like in book 5 ; so the author combination seems to be paying off. It had its problems some strange phrases, transitions and misplaced sentences but these were just that, problems. The rest of the book reads like the kind of fan-fiction shippers write who don't care about their characters except for shipping them off with whomever they want. This is how this book felt to me.

Once again characters mostly just acted like this and that because the plot said so, not because it was in character or anything, and it was the same with what happened.

Some convenience is ok, but not to such a degree and not in such numbers. Actually the biggest plot-convenience of the book the ending , that also created a lot of plotholes, made me question why this was written in the first place. Because it doesn't make anyone look good and basically opens a giant can of worms. Like the last one, or basically any book in this series, this book tried to portray Magnus as a hero and make him look deep and meaningful, but once again it failed.

It failed within itself already but it especially failed within the context of the wider series and universe both regarding what it claimed Magnus to be and how a character of his age, experience and power would act if he truly were such a great man as the books claim. The Magnus here is a whiny, angst-ridden, fashion obsessed, self-absorbed idiot who never deals with any problems in a relationship but prefers to run away, goes from one lover to the next and doesn't learn a single bit.

He is also not the hero, because like so often, he doesn't act on his own accord but gets dragged into action by others. He isn't even a flawed hero or an anti-hero of any sort, or at least not of any memorable kind. Not to mention that he seems to constantly forget what he is capable of with his magic and is a total drama queen that continuously acts as though his life is so bad even when he has barely any reasons to complain except for the problems he himself creates. Of course his stupidity and incompetence is beyond belief which makes a lot of what happened in this book his own fault even if characters literally say it isn't.

This is the series typical way of telling one thing but having the characters' actions betray them, here they reveal stupidity, ego and cowardice. And he really isn't the only idiot; there isn't one smart character in this book.

And I am sure this is not intentional, this might have been ok then, since the book constantly tries to create drama and I think this is where the problem lies. The book only wants "drama" no matter what. There is no caring about what makes sense, there is no care about what is in-character when it doesn't fit the plot and especially no caring about what was already established about the characters.

Even Magnus's age and experience is only there to serve for some half-assed explanations and to give him even more reason to whine. This book plays chronologically after all other books in this series so there is no excuse for plotholes and inconsistencies, not in the least. But apparently that was not important.

Important was only the "drama" and that was done in a way that the characters are so incredibly dumb that it's embarrassing and insulting to the intelligence of the readers. What this book seems to lack is the passion for writing a good character and story.

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There is no hint that anyone ever took a step back and thought something like "What would this character do, how would this work, how could that work, how would these people act, what does this say about the character? There seems to have been no effort spent on the thought as to how a warlock with such power would act, what a vampire can do in this and that situation or how werewolves would go about things with the abilities they have.

Nothing at all, it was either ignored or forgotten entirely as it seems and this is a huge part as to why this book is so stupid and annoying. And if it didn't have that problem, it would still not be good, because it would be boring. You see pretty much every major plot-point coming and if you care enough to think about it, the minor ones probably as well.

And despite the fact that it only had 26 pages of 35 of story on my e-book reader it managed to utterly destroy even the last vestiges of respect I had for the character of Magnus Bane and it ends with more plotholes than it starts. Does it hold up to that? Does it try to do it consistently and therefore at least reach its goal within itself? Of course not! It starts right at the beginning when we are once again reminded that Magnus is into fashion, no not only into fashion, but that he is fashion. Thankfully that doesn't have a strong presence in this book, it only pops up at the end again when Magnus has to hold back not to comment on Catarina's fashion choice, although he had called her to help him and perform a memory spell.

We get to that, promise. He also likes to meet people, but during the book we never get to see him actually meet new people and stay with them. And for someone who likes to meet people he was suspiciously often alone and annoyed by people who wanted to know him in previous books. And of course he had barely landed in New York and already complained about the hot weather. No idea why he didn't use magic to cool him of, he uses it to not get smoke into his face, but why he does or doesn't use magic in this book, apart from the plot saying so, is anyone's guess.

The use of magic is so inconsistent here that it lead me to the conclusion that no one ever asked how a warlock with Magnus's power would actually think, I mean when he uses magic against smoke why not to get himself and Greg somewhere by flying and making them invisible, which Magnus can do, as was established in earlier books. Also why he doesn't use portals more often or who knows what is definitely not in line with the concept of a warlock of his power-level, at least not for someone that supposedly cares about the people around him.

And he excuses his whimsical nature, as always, by saying that it just happens that a trip that was planned to be 1 week turned into 2 years. Also we get told, for who knows how often already in this series, that blond is not Magnus favorite hair color, which doesn't stop him of course from having a crush on the recent blond werewolf hottie, Greg Johnson, who just carries it well somehow. This would not be so bad if the books would actually reflect that. We know Magnus fancied, or had sex with, at least 9 people in this series alone and 4 of them have definitely been blond Etta, his Parisian lover and his fling in book 5 were never described, which leaves us with only 2 black-haired flings of his.

For a color that is not his favorite, it occurs pretty often. Also if blond is not his favorite color, why did he comment on Guadalupe's lack of being a blond in the last book? Seriously, how am I supposed to believe this "not a favorite" stuff if even the things surrounding Magnus do not stop him from commenting how nice it is to have handsome and shirtless Gregg next to him. Despite all the clues that were already there prior to him meeting Camille he actually did have to see the human Sarah, whom Camille fed on, in Camille's room sniffing up the white powder to realize that drugs influence the vampires.

It wasn't the weird behavior of the vampires in his room who served together with Greg as a plotdevice to get Magnus involved and whom he clearly described as looking sick and twitchy , nor the statements of the werewolves saying that vampires attack people who were on some substances btw this time Magnus remembers the Praetor Lupus, not like last book when he could have really needed their help , nor the fact that he saw the obviously drugged humans in Camille's hotel room with the razor blades and white powder right in front of them, plus their bruises and wounds, that made him come to the conclusion.

And all that despite the fact that he had seen this a thousand times in mundane. If that would be true he would have recognized that right away, but there is no hint towards this in the book. It really leaves no doubt about it: he had to see Sarah to realize what was going on. And it doesn't stop there. There is a killer in New York and bloodthirsty vampires on drugs, a perfectly good reason to get involved. But what does he do after finding out all this? Keep himself busy for the "next several days" because the werewolves will handle it.

And at the end of the book it was stated that Magnus had been in NY for two weeks. So minus the first and second day, and the three days at the end, he let it all happen for 9 days. Apparently he is busy with old clients and all spells, books, redecoration, bars etc. And it comes back with a vengeance when the vampires crash a new club and kill the people inside. Not many, but still. And all this leads to, is him saying that you never get used to seeing terrible things which he wasn't much affected by in book 5 , then shortly blaming himself until Lincoln says that it wasn't his fault what happened.

Which of course it is, it is both their fault. Magnus could have easily gotten the card with the club name Dolly took from him back via a simply teleportation spell, and even if not he could have worked with the werewolves right away instead of keeping to himself. There was a bunch of addicted, super strong and bloodthirsty vampires on the streets and both knew they killed already, Magnus knew they had killed in the past, and he knew Camille had already let Raphael's sire run amok in the last book which makes his early statement of "Camille would not let that happen" look ridiculous so there is very good reason for him to stop them right away, especially considered what some addicts are capable of when they do not get their regular dose.

Magnus knew what was going on and he did nothing. Nothing at all, he left it all to the werewolves, but he himself chose not to do anything, which not only makes the death of the humans his fault but also the death of the later killed vampires. He was definitely in a position to stop all this, but he did not. He didn't even try. And considered how he acts towards the people he cares is just abhorrent and shows him as a shallow, arrogant scaredy cat even after all his years who excuses everything apparently with it being "too painful.

Later he states that when you lost someone to addiction — and he had lost many - you lost something very precious no names of course, like with all the other reasons he lost "people" , but that is not the reason he gives at the start for not associating with drug users. And keep in mind, this is not what he said out loud, this is what is told about him by the book, so it is him, his own "inner" voice, but that voice does not say "he didn't associate with them since he had lost people to drugs" it says people who did drugs were boring.

Hopelessly, relentlessly boring. So losing people to drug addiction had that little effect on him? But considered what we know about how he treats the people he allegedly cares about, that behavior towards drug addicts is probably in character. When Camille, who is allegedly his first great love, is in a pretty pitiful state due to her drug addictions, all the book is saying that he would have nothing to do with it. What happened now was not his problem which also refers to the whole crazy vampires problem in general and he excuses his non-involvement simply by saying that you can't cure an addict who doesn't want to be cured.

Of course that is after another of his Camille related whinings even calls her a beast and speaks about her as if she is drawn to disaster. And what exactly is so horrible about Camille's fate here? He didn't care about what happened to her in the books before this. Quite frankly that is a big problem with the two in this book, they don't really act like two people that shared such an important relationship and especially Camille does not act like someone that knows Magnus as good as he claimed in other books.

Instead of seeing remnants of an actual relationship we see something that not only makes me feel bad for Camille but what I also consider slightly misogynistic: Magnus is Camille's special one, but he apparently screwed around quite a lot since they broke up, only enforcing that women must be all over one men while men can just go around as if nothing happened. And she even considers it kind of Magnus to have lied to her about her being special and all, because why should a woman so used to manipulation as the Chronicles so far constantly claimed appreciate honesty from someone she allegedly cares about right?

This is rather to make Magnus's personality and especially his habit about lying seem better if you ask me. Since him lying to her is considered kind but in all the other books her behavior was portrayed as downright villainous, well when the story bothered to have Magnus dwell on that, but what can you expect from a guy so stupid that he took as long as he did here to realize the vampires where on drugs not to mention all the other stupidity in this and other books. And speaking about that again: Even Camille's drug addiction is used as an excuse here to make Magnus whine about old wounds.

Nothing ever really went away, which, again, would not be so bad if he wouldn't do it all the time in all of his books. Done when its actually meaningful it might be good but frankly they do it so often that it's nothing more than a broken record now. The woman from last book with whom he had years of relationship, whom he allegedly considered to give up his immortality or make her immortal that book was really vague and of course that was another reason for him to whine about how people leave him.

But anyway, turns out she is in a nursing home and doesn't recognize Magnus anymore. For one thing, that makes me question why she is already there since considered that this book plays 24 years after the last one and she was in her later thirties, meaning she is in her early sixties now so why is she affected like this already?

18.- 23. Oktober 2016

So I think it just serves as another cheap plot device to try and make readers pity Magnus again. Well thankfully it doesn't work for me because of two reasons: a If you love a person you don't just abandon her in some nursing home just because she doesn't recognize you anymore. You would still try to make the rest of her life as meaningful and enjoyable as possible.

At least caring for her financially would be the least thing you can do. But there is no hint here that Magnus did any of this. But there is no spell to cure dementia or generally restore memory or ease its symptoms? We are never told and there isn't even a hint regarding Magnus attempting anything in this regard. This is not Magnus being deep and empathetic; this is Magnus being a giant coward. Btw Etta is referred to as one of his last loves , which makes you wonder how many there have been during the last 24 years or even in this book since he decided not to sleep alone.

But it really doesn't end there, because the biggest act of cowardice comes at the end of the book when he calls Catarina to perform a memory spell on him so he will forget all he experienced with Camille since he broke up with her nearly years ago no idea why since he barely saw her while on drugs and definitely not during detox. This act of cowardice on his part made me loose the last vestiges of respect I had for this character. This plan is not only the trait of a coward but also of a complete idiot. This spell opened a can of plothole worms and can never work.

Not only would Catarina at least guess, what happened, and also prefer to let him live a lie, it would also fail miserably. Raphael knows that Magnus was there, Lincoln, Dolly, George, several vampires and werewolves would know they spend time together, and last but not least Camille herself would.

But there is not a single hint in the chronologically later happening books so far that this ever happened and considered what happened, Camille would not just simply let it be, no one would. This made me question why this whole story was there if at the end they just do a cop out like that. Oct 22, Nov This book was bad. It contradicts itself and all the other books of the same universe. All attempts there were of saving Magnus were ruined; and in my This book was bad. All attempts there were of saving Magnus were ruined; and in my eyes it is too late anyway.

This is the 14th book he is in the 6th where he is the protagonist and we still know barely anything more of his origins than we knew in The Mortal Instruments. I will give the book credit for trying to make Magnus look mature and Raphael a three-dimensional character, but it was torpedoed by making Raphael more like a Gary Stu and Magnus act like an idiot, and of course every opportunity of Magnus whining was used as it seems.

The book seems to try to make both look smart by having all others act so stupid I sometimes wondered whether they had brain damage. And I doubt that the Raphael in earlier books would really be a 50 years older version of the one here. Why were certain in-universe elements never mentioned although they would be crucial to the story, or at the very least noteworthy? Basically the book seems to be there to make Magnus look like the hero, but it does that by ignoring so much from the established canon that he came along as a giant idiot.

But since the end ignores what was previously done in the book his stupidity doesn't bite him in the ass. The writing was just as bad as it had been up to book 4. It seems book 5 was a fluke so far, because the weird stuff is back in full force. Basically: several passages seemed hastily glued together without any transition between them.

As usual, I will go into detail in my spoilers section by using the books most obvious examples: view spoiler [ The presentation of emotions Often we were told certain things when it was already the time to change them.

  1. Andre’s 'bisexual' books on Goodreads (30 books).
  2. Quick Before My Hubby Gets Back 5;
  3. Half-Caste Woman.
  4. Noah and the Beebahs!
  5. Enfants Droits et Citoyenneté Faire Emerger la Perspective des Enfants Sur Leurs Droits (Logiques juridiques) (French Edition).
  6. Quicksand (A Quadrants Series).
  7. We Are Yours.

If she was afraid that her son might be dead why does she have her little speech about Magnus's world and how it had touched hers, about god-forsaken monsters, and then take a turn about the living room just to suddenly whisper Los vampiros? What sort of distraught mother wastes so much time? An actual person in such a situation would not tell the story there was much more afterwards she would state the job and give the information she thinks are crucial or the detective asks for.

Because the most important thing for her would be to find her son before he is dead!!! When people get nervous and worried they often display certain ticks and quirks. Things a "master observer" which Magnus claimed to be in book 4 would notice immediately. But there was nothing of that here. So all the vampires in City of Ashes where the worst of the worst since they drank from Simon?

If magic is a known force in this universe and people pay warlocks to perform it, why is it hidden? If Magnus can hear Raphael suck blood from across the room, why can't Raphael hear him? And if he was in the deepest shadows how could Magnus see a boy in the arms of a vampire? Why was Raphael described with the teeth-rattling chill of someone so cold when it was stated in City of Fallen Angels that vampires don't feel the cold?

How can Magnus move fast enough to catch a vampire? He didn't cast a spell and The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices stated that vampires have increased strength and speed beyond any human, nothing like that was ever stated for warlocks. After seeing Raphael and his victim on the sidewalk, it is suddenly stated that Magnus prowled forward, over his own rug.

Are they back in Magnus's apartment? Is this some sort of figure of speech? I know the gesture of fistbump might be around ever since the s, but it is extremely weird that Ragnor centuries old and Raphael both know it? Guadalupe wanted so badly to believe what they were saying that she could not quite bring herself to trust them. How does wanting so badly to believe cause you to mistrust someone? Does she think there is some sort of hypnosis or suggestion spell going on?

And did she know that Magnus and Raphael were coming and was endangering her children on purpose or are the two endangering them by not telling her? Why are we told these things about what would happen between Magnus and Raphael in the decades to come when Magnus hears someone approaching him instead of at the end of the book?

Raphael is special Raphael is just so special that the older boys listen to him, he is as smart and strong as an adult, and his mother is sure that he is the one who would survive. The book states that it was extremely unusual for a new vampire to rise and overcome the hunger enough to think, or do anything else besides feed, and Raphael had surprisingly killed his maker, because he "surprised" him. We are constantly reminded of his high self control holding a cross, feeding, etc.

Despite wanting to die all the time he only attempted suicide when Magnus was there, he managed to say the word "God" after a short way into the book, no idea how much time passed since we are only told towards the end that Raphael and Magnus spent months with each other. He knows that vampire subjugates don't make the best conversationalists either that or he was lying, hard to tell and he tells the other vampires we see the most basic things that any average person in this situation would already know see below.

Making new friends and socializing offers many chances to use drugs to ease bonding and lose inhibitions. In Berlin, where you might get offered an ecstasy pill by a flirtatious stranger, or get served a casual line of cocaine after a little dinner party, the temptation is high. For queer refugees carrying traumas from home, while dealing with new traumas here, access to proper information and support can be difficult. Many are not familiar with the sort of drugs Berlin offers.

I have encountered people who acquired HIV because of chemsex, or who got into a loop of using party drugs every weekend, which poses questions about where to draw the line between functionality and dependency. LesMigraS, one of the projects supporting queer refugees, recently asked me to give a workshop due to an increasing demand for information on drugs. Projects like ManCheck have info-stands at queer parties and provide safer-snorting kits.

Drogennotdienst recently announced providing counseling for refugees in many languages. We should expand on these examples and make harm reduction a mainstream approach. Recently, the use of medical marijuana was legalized in Germany. Other steps could be made in the direction of drug decriminalization.

Repressive drug laws create unnecessary suffering and prevent access to people in need of protection rather than punishment. A broader dialogue about drugs, interpersonally and publicly, allows more understanding and support. Berlin can keep its image as a hedonistic hub while better protecting its most vulnerable from falling through the cracks. Dann sind Sie bei Bleibtreu Augenoptik genau richtig! Folsom Europe , Ich mache Videos, Installationen, Performances und gebe Workshops.

Viel davon bezieht sich auf japanisches Bondage Fesseln. Kink ist oft noch mit einem Stigma behaftet. Das sollte nicht heruntergespielt oder relativiert werden. Was fasziniert dich an Kink? Im Mittelpunkt des Kink steht das Konsensprinzip. Das Konsensprinzip erlaubt uns, mehr zu tun — und weniger.

Und weniger, weil wir auch die Freiheit haben, uns zu reduzieren. Manche sind sehr offen damit. Einige fesseln auf meinen Events jede Woche, aber sind nie auf einer Party zu sehen. Ich gehe auch gerne mal in den Wald mit meinen Seilen. Wir begehen generell oft den Fehler, nur das wahrzunehmen, das am sichtbarsten ist. Harnessing creativity Over the past year, the ManCrafters collective has been giving workshops to create items like concrete lamps, leather wallets and bound books.

Expertise is besides the point. In case cow skin isn't your style, you can make a vegan harness on request, using cork which looks much sexier than it sounds. Do it yourself — together! Das soll niemanden diskriminieren, meine Zielgruppe ist einfach der reifere homosexuelle Mann. Viele wollen einfach nicht mehr ins Berghain. Deine Events sind im Dunstkreis der Fetischszene angesiedelt. Bewegst du dich bewusst etwas abseits des Mainstreams?

Wie zum Beispiel bei der Kombination Fetisch und Comedy. Das fand ich spannend. Viele Leute haben beim. Der Opa oder der Vater haben vielleicht geraucht. Beim Zigarrerauchen sitzt man, es hat so was von einem alteingesessenen Herrenclub. Entschleunigung mag ich sehr gerne bei Events, weil heutzutage ohnehin alles so hektisch ist. In den letzten Jahren bildet das Oktoberfest ja geradezu Metastasen in Berlin.

Ich glaube, und da redet wahrscheinlich der Bayer in mir, das liegt am geselligen Beisammensein. Das ist die Essenz. Wie kam das zustande und was war dir bei der Zusammenstellung wichtig? Es ist sehr abwechslungsreich geworden, finde ich. Ich bin gespannt, wie das angenommen wird. Vom 6. Mal steigt das Fetisch-Event Folsom Europe. Wir haben einige Highlights zusammengestellt. Mehr Infos unter: male.

Vier Floors, die u. Fr Do Sa Klassische Musiker in Leder- und Gummimontur geben hier ein Benefizkonzert. Gay Boat ahoi! So The highlight is the street festival on Saturday, newly featuring a stage show, but all five days are filled with events, from vanilla to kinky. More info: male. Runs through Monday. So, if you prefer strings and woodwinds to beats and loops, check out this charity event. Gay Boat Ahoi Sail on, sailor! Two boats will guide leather- and rubber-lovers on a three-hour tour through the city, cruising on the river Spree.

Food, drinks and DJs are part of the package. Tickets are only available in advance. No dress code. Pig Set in a former industrial facility, Pig is the official Folsom Europe party. Opferrollen Manchmal reicht ein Buch, um sofort in der Oberliga mitzumischen. Seitdem ist der Mittzwanziger eine der wichtigen Stimmen der intellektuellen Homoszene.

Es tut weh, das zu schreiben. Vergewaltigung erfahren hat. Ein hochsensibles Thema also. Genau deswegen darf man es auch ohne Scheu unter diesem Gesichtspunkt kritisieren: als Kunstwerk, als Roman. An sich ist das Buch eine verpasste Chance. Der attraktive Mann weckt sofort sein sexuelles Interesse. Doch dann eskaliert die Situation, als Reda ihn bestehlen will. Und dennoch hakt das Ganze.

Hier ist sie aber nun wieder, seine Familie in Gestalt seiner Schwester. Dabei ist ihre Thematik so kompliziert und verworren wie internationale Politik im Allgemeinen immer ist. Rest in Peace, James. Rest in Peace, Barbie. Das kitschige Cover soll somit die Frau von heute zum Kauf anregen. Gleichnisse wie Frau gleich schwach, Mann gleich stark und derartiger Unsinn. Und als Wir definierte ich in diesem Moment uns, die homosexuelle LeserInnenschaft.

Kaum ein Hetero widmet sich je einem schwulen Buch. Ihr zu lauschen? Sie anzusehen? Wohl kaum. Das macht uns letztendlich freier. Und alle, die das machen, legen die Welt und damit uns in Ketten. Ganz im Sinne von Rousseau. Butler, dessen Musik meist klang wie eine durchgekokste Nacht im Studio 54 oder der Paradise Garage, erfindet sich neu. Das erzeugte in mir eine tief empfundene Hoffnungslosigkeit.

Mit Ausnahme von Deutschland. Und sind die Maels, oder zumindest einer von ihnen, nun schwul? Doch wer will es den einstigen L. Lieber feilen sie weiter an ihrer Kunst des musikalischen Method Actings.

Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg | International Queer Film Festival

Die am Gitarren-Sound von F. Da gab es die Band erst ein paar Monate. Besonders markant der weite Abstand zwischen den Stimmen der beiden. Und wenn, dann muten die Rockoder Funk-Zitate schon fast ironisch an. Das merkt man dem Album auch an. Um den geht es auch. Luke wegen sexuellen Missbrauchs vollkommen in Beschlag genommen. Die vielen Nuancen bleiben einem dann allerdings verschlossen. Hauptwerk ist vielmehr der Film, der die LP zur Kunst macht. Eine Mutter und Geliebte, eine, die sich verletzlich zeigt.

Das ist mehr als nur Musik. Es ist Empowerment. Sie begreifen den Kontext nicht. Grund war ihr Auftritt beim Superbowl Kritik daran? Ungern gesehen. Nicht nur die Ladys und PoCs. Unter anderem. Und wir sind ein Teil davon. Matthias Panitz ist Art Director und Model. Aber wie sah es vorher aus? Wie sah es aber in den Produktionen aus? Zudem tanzten Frauenpaare. September, Box deutschestheater. Was ist passiert, dass einfache Arbeiterinnen wie seine Mutter, die.

Dem voran geht allerdings eine schmerzvolle Erkenntnis. Der Homophobie in seinem Elternhaus konnte er sich durch die Flucht nach Paris entziehen. Also verleugnet er sie, selbst vor seinen engsten Freunden. Brown und Simone Forti. Die Produktions-Ingredients sind gehaltvoll, alles gute Leute, keine Frage. Was ist die neue Utopie? Doch der erleidet eines Nachts einen Schlaganfall und verstirbt kurz darauf im Krankenhaus. Was folgt, ist ein Martyrium! Eine empowernde Wirkung kann man Lelios Film wahrlich nicht absprechen. Doch ein authentisches Abbild des Lebens macht noch kein gutes Kino, dessen.

Zugegeben: Die altbekannten Muster sind gekonnt inszeniert und werden durch das eindringliche Schauspiel Daniela Vegas veredelt. Was klingt wie ein harmloser Pfadfinderausflug, ist aber das Setting eines archaischen Rituals. Dort freundet sich Lauren mit der Verlobten ihres Bruders an. Dabei steht die Frage im Raum, wer nun eigentlich wen zum Sexualobjekt degradiert. Im fertigen Film findet sich die Szene leider nicht und die beiden Charaktere sind kaum mehr als schwul zu identifizieren.

Sprachlosigkeit bestimmt seine Ehe, nicht nur in Hinblick auf das verlorene Kind: Er besucht emsig schwule Datingportale und lernt dabei den sexy Jamaikaner Yenny kennen. Doch weder Brad noch Yenny geben alles von sich preis. Deutlicher ausbuchstabiert wird der queere Subtext in der kongenialen Hitchcock-Adaption eines weiteren Du-Maurier-Romans.

Es ist seine Hausangestellte Mrs. Fuck it up! Danvers, die sich mehr und mehr als die wahre trauernde Witwe entpuppt. Danvers anhaltende Obsession. Ebenso wie die vielsagenden Blicke zwischen Begehren und Verachtung, Faszination und Abscheu, die sie der neuen Hausherrin zuwirft. Warum Ehefrau Nr. Heute, im Jahr , muss sich feministisches und homoerotisches Auf- Begehren nicht mehr in Kellern und Dachkammern verstecken.

Die gelernte Konditorin kreiert essbare Kunstwerke. Und Essen spielt dabei eine Rolle. Ich verbinde verschiedene Materialien miteinander. Was inspiriert dich? Welche Schokolade ist deine Lieblingssorte? Obwohl es da ja verschiedene Varianten gibt. Es kommt, wie beim Kaffee, darauf an, wo die Bohne herkommt und wie sie verarbeitet wurde. Gesehen bei Illustriert wurde dieser vom schwulen Comedian Matteo Lane. Auch die anderen Kandidatinnen der Staffel kommen in der Story vor. Die Leuchtelemente sind durch kaum sichtbare Kabel mit einem Kontroller verbunden, den man am Hinterkopf befestigen kann.

Erfunden wurden sie von zwei Amerikanern, die im Juni eine Kickstarter-Kampagne starteten, um Eingenommen haben sie krasse Und die Queen wurde mit einem Blumenmeer in ihrer Lieblingsfarbe Gelb empfangen. Um kein anderes Hotel ranken sich so viele Mythen wie um das Adlon. Einmal wollte ein Gast auf keinen Fall eine Badewanne in seinem Zimmer haben und bat darum, sie auszubauen.

Kaiser Wilhelm II. Dann kam die Wende — und das Adlon stand wieder. Irgendwo spielt ein Klavier. Es wirkt ein bisschen wie eine Zeitreise. Das Gestaltungskonzept der Suite sei inspiriert von vornehmen Privatwohnungen der er Jahre. Leise huscht ein livrierter Page vorbei.

Blicken Sie hinter die Kulissen des Grandhotels Adlon. Sehen Sie den ganzen Film unter: www. Luong, who was a pharmacist in Canada before writing the novel Naked Berlin, considers a scenario where PrEP is prevalent but condoms are less common. Is international anal sex without a condom really OK, and what does it mean for us in Germany? Germany has one of the lowest infection rates in Europe, but despite safer sex campaigns, 2, people are infected each year.

PrEP can reduce this. Emmanuel Danan, one of the founders of prepjetzt. Many stories of men on prepjetzt. In healthcare, the best evidence is an analysis of all studies, called a metaanalysis. The meta-analysis from Dr. A column of international perspectives on queer Berlin by expats on rotation Sarah M Harrison is a writer living in Berlin since I guess the law grew on me. Writing about it now, I don't find presumption of paternity as outrageous as it did at first. If a couple happens to become pregnant with the use of a sperm donor, it makes a lot of sense.

It prioritizes choice and agency over biology, and such a preference seems beautiful to me. Germany has allowed for the registration of same-sex partnerships, providing most of the rights of a heterosexual marriage, since But unlike married heterosexual couples, registered same-sex partners were not allowed to adopt children, an exclusion that 80 percent of Germans disagreed with.

Even Angela Merkel, who voted against the same-sex marriage bill, believes that homosexual couples should be able to adopt children. And soon they will. Cue the glitter and confetti! But, like, what is the deal with presumption of paternity? By way of extension, one might easily presuppose that same-sex marriages will be covered by a comparable parenthood provision. Yet, shockingly, they will not be. Unlike its heterosexual counterpart, if a married lesbian couple becomes pregnant with the use of a sperm donor, the non-birth mother will not be privy to any presumed parental rights.

She may apply to legally adopt the child and, just as she would before the new marriage bill, be subject to interviews, fees and background checks. Even in the event that she already lives with the birth mother and child, the family will be required to open their home for inspection by a social worker.

If presumed paternity is then not about biology, and it clearly is not, why does it not apply to parental rights of the parties in a same-sex marriage? Condoms reduce the risk, but do not eliminate it completely. Frequent testing is important to reduce transmission of an STI to a partner. These other STIs are curable, but their resistance is growing. About half of all gonorrhoea cases are through men who have sex with men via oral and anal sex. One drug is no longer used due to resistance. Curing gonorrhoea now requires two antibiotics, because resistance to either one of the antibiotics is common, but never both.

Well, rarely both. More infections enable them to evolve faster. For now, gonorrhoea is curable, but affordable PrEP in Germany is only available through patient-advocacy groups that help patients acquire medication from India, Swaziland, or Thailand that is first routed to the UK, then Germany. These are not the same pills that are stocked in German pharmacies, and although generic drugs are available, the monthly cost is euros, so finding cheaper drugs from abroad is the only option for most PrEP users in Germany.

For men with an international background, this may seem like no big deal, but drug manufacturers in the EU must comply with good manufacturing processes and generic drugs are tested to be equivalent to the branded drug. Drugs from non-EU countries could be as good, or perhaps the tablet will not dissolve as well as the branded one, leading to varying levels of medication in the body. This would reduce the effectiveness of PrEP.

It should be made widely available in Germany and should be part of safer-sex practices. English elsewhere Opening commentary: p. Harm reduction: p. Make your own harness: p. Folsom tips: p. Calendar of events: pp. AA for queers: p. September startet. Besser so! Runs through Oct. The juicyfruity club night at Ohm for queer hiphop fans turns three tonight.

The result is a blend of dance, song and live music that welcomes interaction from the audience. Tokyo, AkrobatikShow. Modern acrobatics. Traditionelle Rituale werden wiederbelebt und zelebriert. Talk show in drag. International dance festival St. International dance festival. Meeting place for hairy men. Open Stage mit Shredder. Third anniversary of the queer party series focusing on the best new hiphop tunes.

Entry till midnight Stahlrohr 2. Hosting this big celebration of the scene will be Herrin deluxe pictured and Gitti Reinhardt. Heute feiert der stylishe Laden seinen Geburtstag und haut deshalb jede Menge Specials raus. Happy Birthday! The steamy location is celebrating their birthday today with plenty of specials lined up, including a cake buffet at and a barbecue at Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Tickets Comedy talk show. Classical concert St. Berlin community award: best bar, best drag queen. Get lost in the concrete temple for contemporary electronic dance music. Einlass bis Tie or get tied up Lab. Wolfgang Cortjaens. Crime comedy. Classical concert. Tatort Public Viewing. Cruising bar. Karaoke-Abend, Host: Supernoa. The Sunday gay party establishment. Mask rental available, mask during summer optional Stahlrohr 2.

Kultur Mo In this review, he combines classical music, acrobatics, burlesque and comedy with help from renowned international guests upon the stage of the legendary Wintergarten. All in heels, of course! Drama, in Spanish. Mi Geburtstag feiert. Impersonators of icons such as Madonna, Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury will sing the hits with a live band, offering a cross-section of pop-music history. The place to be for hairy men. His masterpiece Goodbye, Dragon Inn, about an old cinema in Taipeh known as a cruising spot, will be screened tonight, with English subtitles.

Info day. Christoph Loeben, Kestner-Museum Hannover. The focus of this class is the development of a kind and nurturing attitude towards yourself. Darkest Sexparty in Town! Ages till midnight, thereafter no limit. Casual trashy gay bar night. This rather straight midweek techno party attracts a lot of gay people as well. Casual dress code. Taste the Rainbow! Taste the rainbow!

Kostenlose und anonyme Schnelltests in nur 30 Minuten! Donnerstag, Open meeting. The Hobby indulges in pop music. Party igniting Thursday nights with brilliant electro tunes by alternating DJs. Naked with mask, Lab. Entry till Heute: Hendrik Rungelrath. Drag show. Popular 80s-style gay cruising bar.

Exclusively for HIV positive men, prior regristration necessary: www. The housey gay party hosts the official Folsom weekend kick-off. Monthly sex party Lab. The 13th annual Folsom Europe street festival features the new addition of a stage program. Check p. Now celebrating her 15th birthday, the bar is one of the few remaining gay hotspots in Prenzlauer Berg. The crew and all the regulars will be partying tonight, while Pet Shop Bears and Carmen 16 provide the tunes.

Denn sie singt live und das ziemlich gut. Gaststars sind Kaiser und Plain. Musical Galerie Studio St. What sets her apart from many queens is that she sings live, and quite well at that. Quiz night. Karaoke night. House, Retro, Pop. House, Techno. Exhibition opening Fuggerstr. Official Folsom party. The hedonistic club keeps the party vibe going till Monday morning. The Sunday gay party.

Disko, dress code: naked, jock, mask. Club with huge darkroom area. Mo Every Monday through Oct. Lecture and discussion. Di The Flying Pussies are stepping in to change that! Starting this month, their series will offer events every Tuesday, with a changing theme each week. Tonight is geared toward those who are curious, inexperienced or new to the L-Team. The new adaptation starring a less campy Pennywise pictured opens the annual Fantasy Filmfest Sep. Relaxed bar night.

Music Workshop. Olympia Bukkakis and a guest, talk show in English. Mit werken vom Iwajla Klinke, Goodyn Green u. Drama in English. Techno, Electro, Pop. Expect flawless lip-synching and sick dance moves. Eine Spurensuche. Oliver Altenkirch. Rope workshop in English. The open discussion group in Kreuzberg continues to give older gay and bisexual men the opportunity to meet, converse and support each other.

Their anniversary celebration is this evening, including a barbecue and a belly-dancing performance by Antonio Rodriguez pictured. Sittengeschichte eines Naturmysteriums, , Symposium mit Ashkan Sepahvand u. DJs sind u. Zu erwarten sind perfektes Lipsync und sickening Dance Moves. Message to the Future, Vernissage. Stage thriller Galerie Studio St. Play St. Your favorite music by request Erna P! Neighbourhood Character, trust. Techno, Tech House.

Men only. Der lange Spree-Spaziergang bis zur Insel der Jugend lohnt sich also mehr denn je. Zur Abschiedsparty haben sich u. After 12 years, the famous lesbian party Mermaids is going into retirement — so the trek to Insel on the Spree is worth it now more than ever. After the book presentation, DJ Sivi Wonder will help switch gears into party mode. Guided tour in English. Von Boris Charmatz. Im Anschl. You can choose either the five- or the ten-kilometer run.

The starting point is at Luftgarten in Tempelhofer Feld. Samstag Thriller play Galerie Studio St. Acid, Electrotechno, NuTrance, Progressive. Wright, Rahaan, Fred P u. Get lost for contemporary electronic dance music. Organisiert und konzipiert von der Performancegruppe Henrike Iglesias. Book presentation. BDSM party, mixed-genders Lab. In Finnish. Vom It runs from Sep. Tonight is the second of two shows by Peter Frost pictured and the group Le Frau, honoring the forgotten matriarchs of Berlin and the world. The gay. The host and his guests will look back at a quarter-century of Quatsch Comedy Club, his awardwinning TV show shot live in the lower level of the Friedrichstadt-Palast.

In English. Sauna and cruising for guys through age Now, six years later, the ex-Gossip singer is back in her comfort zone of guitar-based stompers. Following the release of her first full-length album, Fake Sugar, the plus-size fashion icon is now touring Europe. Das Ganze wird fett mit einer Releaseparty im SO begossen, wo u.

Gemma Ray live auftritt und Karina Qanir auflegt. Helmut Schuhlen. Cristiane Starck, Frankfurt am Main. Modern circus. Das schwache Herz — wie kann ihm geholfen werden? German hit song night in the sleazy sex club. Dance your Soul out, Tanzworkshop. The mutant club kids of Janus infiltrate Berghain with queer sounds.

Release party of the new. Entry till midnight. Slave market. DJs sind: Modeopfer, Prof. Cheddar u. German card game tournament. Foto nun schon zum Mal organisiert. Techno, House. Dance performance. Bars men only, DJ Will Delight. Show: Kaey u. Get lost in the concrete tempel for contemporary electronic dance music.

Coffee and screening of the election. Costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. The hedonistic club. Maske, Leihmasken vorhanden, mask rental available, entry till Sonja Schelper and Uta Schwenke pictured will speak about what we can learn from this feminist network with branches in eleven countries. The tinseltown legend and gay icon is embodied by Katharine Mehrling pictured in a story that combines addiction, tragic love and one big comeback, capping the end of a hectic career. In German. Meet: Mr. That's because the bookers invited Homopatik founder Mr.

Ties for one of his adventurously sprawling DJ sets. Considering the club's days may be numbered now that their rent has been doubled, why not give it a shot? Comedy in English.

Siegessäule September by Siegessäule - Issuu

Mini music festival. In English and German. Begleitung willkommen, Einlass bis Sex party for women, men accompanied by a woman are welcome. Ties, DJ-Set von Mr. Ties die ganze Nacht. Regular bar night. Die infizierte Prothese — was tun? Heute spielt er live in Berlin. Abysmal Thoughts shows a gay psyche trying to rid itself of Christian indoctrination, with dark humor and 80s pop signifiers along the way. Catch the concert tonight. But first, a screening of the queer documentary Mein wunderbares Westberlin, and at , a big party.

Ab Party. Queer climbing group. Link arms and sway from side to side! Divergent party tunes, open to all genders. Philou Louzolo. Party for nostalgic 90s enthusiasts. Fetish party with young meat Lab. BDSM play party, men only. On her new album They Dance in the Dark, she explores trip-hop, synthpop and rave sounds. Tonight's release concert will offer a combination of electronics, tabla, dancers and visuals. The bizarre beginning of this stage piece sparks a humorous, profound and, at times, sensual dialogue about the meaning of life between the characters, played by Marcus Zollfrank pictured, L and Franz Lenski R.

Stand-up comedy show,. Idil N. Baydar aka Jilet Ayse Ghettolektuell Electrotechno, NuTrance, Progressive. Entry for mares till , stallions enter between My name is Montag im Monat Begine u Doppelkopfrunde, 1. Montag im Monat Begine u Literaturrunde, 2. Montag im Monat Begine u Philosophiestammtisch, 2. Montag Begine u Politikstammtisch, 4. Frauen zw.

Montag im Monat. Alcohol is the most socially acceptable and easily attainable drug, so it can be difficult to tell when you have a real problem. Do you drink to face up to stressful situations? Do you ever forget what happened after a night of drinking? If so, you might want to get support.

Dienstag Spinnboden. Dienstag Schwulenberatung u Meeting der Anonymen Alkoholiker. Mi Mietrecht, 20 Uhr Zivil- u. Mi Strafrecht Regenbogenfamilienzentrum u Offener. Queer BerlinBrandeburg, jeden 3. Mittwoch im Monat. Donnerstag Lambda e. Donnerstag im Monat Begine u Feminismus wagen! Freitag im Monat Spinnboden. Schwarze Frauen in Deutschland, jeder 4. Freitag im Monat. Samstag im Monat, mit Voranmeldung Spinnboden. Lesbenarchiv u Twens, Freizeitgruppe, jeden 1.

Samstag Spinnboden. Sonntag Lambda e. Sonntag Kirche am Lietzensee u Gottesdienst, jeden 4. Mit dabei: Goodyn Green.