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The Old Man & the Gun (2018)

Thompson was rushed into emergency surgery at Regions Hospital Monday evening, where doctors surgically maneuvered the front of his skull to remove the nail. One more millimeter this way and I was dead. There are so many things that could've gone wrong. I don't know how everything went right. It's hopefully something I never have to see again.

What Does It Take to Survive a Bullet to the Brain?

Miraculously, Thompson has his eyesight, his brain is functioning as it should and he is expected to make a full recovery. Though there are some concerns about possible infection. There are important things in life.

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The City of Excelsior has only been around for years but has hosted a Fourth of July celebration for of those years, an event that draws thousands and thousands of people, year after year. He was brought to James Connolly Memorial Hospital, where he was assessed and treated but was expected to be discharged last night. Investigations are ongoing. Thrones beauty Sophie shares snap of wedding day with pop star Jonas Game of Thrones star I'm very worried about how hostile my sister-in-law is to her daughter Q.

I am getting really It's also a positive sign if the bullet misses the brain's "high-value real estate," such as the brain stem and the thalamus, Black said.

The damage depends on the location

These deep brain structures are crucial to consciousness and basic functions such as controlling breathing and the heartbeat. And a person has a better chance of recovering if the bullet misses the major blood vessels that bring oxygen to areas where it's needed. The left side of the brain, where Giffords was struck, controls language and speech, so the fact that Giffords was responding to those speaking to her after her injury shows that she may be able to understand and process language — a very good sign for her recovery, Black said.

A bullet that misses the brain's ventricles — the cavities within the center of the brain that are filled with cerebrospinal fluid — also leaves a person in better shape than one that strikes these regions. If struck, the cavities may fill with blood, which may lead to complications such as hydrocephalus a swelling of the brain , which can further endanger the victim. High-speed bullets, such as those fired by an AK or other military weapon, do more peripheral damage to the regions of the brain around their path as they pass through than slower-moving bullets, such as those fired by handguns.

Bob Munden : Fastest Shooter In The World.

And, "if it stays in the brain, it does more damage," Black said, than a bullet that exits the brain, as it did in Rep. Giffords' case. A shooting victim stands a better chance if they don't stop breathing and if their blood pressure remains high enough — both functions are needed to maintain an adequate oxygen supply to the brain. Arriving at a Level 1 trauma center — the highest level and most prepared to provide care for such injuries — shortly after such a trauma can help maintain or sometimes restore these functions, Black said.