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He also used to be a student at Ash Grove. He has an at Awesome read. He has an attraction to Joy, but is subconsciously pulled to Melisande-something he can't understand. Joy experiences some supernatural things around the school. And they discussed that Melisande may not be human. Joy does some investigating of her own, and tries to warn Tanner.

But he just can't stop the pull to Melisande and get away. In the end though, Joy and Tanner together break the "spell" Melisande has over him. Amanda DeWees, wrote a great YA book with this one! The characters are good, you even have the overprotective best friend.

There is not alot of paranormal in this book, but its there. The humor is wonderful and I really enjoyed the pop culture references throughout this tale of mystery and enchantment. The setting for the story is the mountains of the Southern US and it makes a lovely backdrop for Ash Grove and the locale is certainly not something you see often in the contemporary paranormal genre.

It was a pleasant surprise to see an author make use of such a beautiful part of the country in this type of book. Joy is a perky and down-to-earth lead character with strong disposition, creating a nice variance among the other characters. You identify with Joy immediately and with every twist and turn of the story, you're left guessing if she will overcome the evil that dwells nearby.

It's a difficult thing to find in YA books: a character you really, truly care about. DeWees creates a realistic environment and realistic people so it's very easy to become absorbed in the many mysteries surrounding Ash Grove. I highly recommend this title to anyone who enjoys the YA Paranormal and even those who just enjoy Paranormal Romance or Gothic Romance, this story isn't just for tweeny-boppers who have an Edward Cullen fascination.

Can't wait to start the next book. Good show, Amanda! May 17, Autum rated it it was amazing. I was quickly drawn in the story and to be honest stayed up late last night because I just had to know what would happen. Joy is a sixteen year old girl, with a lot of stuff to deal with like many teen girls go thru. She accepts a dare to visit a graveyard from Sheila, who I guess for a better word her worst enemy at school.

She is not sure if she will see him again. There a secrets to be learned both about the school and Tanner, and well I don't want to give them away. But I will say this Joy is a sweet, optimistic, and feisty girl. Who takes on her dreams, and challenges with a grace to be admired.

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I will most assuredly be adding the other books in this series to my to be read list. As well as recommend them to friends and my own fourteen year old daughter who loves YA paranormal romance. Amanda gave me this book for an honest review. At first i though more supernatural vampires and werewolves but i was totally wrong. Joy summer is a student at grove school for the elite and talented but not all is at it seems at the school, let alone the visitors that come and move in down the road.

Tristian was a pupil at the school now he's all popular but still has an connection to Joy. Joy can see something in him worth saving. This love story is so moving and pulls the strings on heart. Trist Amanda gave me this book for an honest review. Tristain boss is not willing to let him go and uses her power to keep him close can Joy save him, figure out whats happening at Ash Grove and stop Melisande. Amanda's writing style brings a fresh and overwhelming take on the supernatural world but not to overbearing and the characters are so amazing.

My favourite is Joy herself, after everything she been through she so strong and independent and willing to help others. Absoluetly love this story and i can't wait for the sequel Feb 23, Piseog rated it it was ok. I kinda liked this book in the beginning, eventhough it was a very innocent and naive YA. Then the more I read the worse it got. The plot is just ridiculous, based in a performing arts school, with a killer supermodel agent and a worthless love interest.

The pregnancy storyline was treated terribly is it not a big deal? The "I love You's" came way too quickly and I was just annoyed by the end.

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Good try by the author, but it feels like it was her first I kinda liked this book in the beginning, eventhough it was a very innocent and naive YA. Good try by the author, but it feels like it was her first book ever, that or it was written for 12 year olds. Dec 26, Imani rated it did not like it. It was like reading a version of Teen Wolf the TV show. Statutory rape and teen pregnancy?! I have no good feels from that May 21, Robin Goodfellow rated it it was amazing. The Shadow of the Rose, by Amanda DeWees, is an enchanting young adult romance about what it means to love someone, even with all the supernatural obstacles in the way.

Even the principle, who has always supported her, sometimes doubts her ability. I can resonate with Joy, even if it was only for a little while. She had self-esteem issues, and although she was kind to others, she was also a target for bullying and the like. After all, a lot of people have asked themselves why she was even at Ash Grove, despite the fact that she tries her hardest. Even so, she still manages to pull through. Still, I was happy that Tanner and Joy got together. It was a relief, actually. The use of beauty in the story was well executed. The rose garden that Joy and Tanner stumbled upon can represent true beauty, mesmerizing, and loving in all its glory.

The same could be said of Shelia and Joy. The theme that true beauty is hidden is repeated again even with the school, how positive energies are used to help further the talents of the students. The book was a wonderful read. As such, I would give this book a rating of a 4.

The first thing that that struck me and let it be known I was home schooled so I do not know if this is common place but a high school has a coffee bar? I wasn't sure about that one, but to my limited knowledge it could have been accurate. Dunno, just found it odd. Out of the get go MC didn't do much to endear me to her, the first time we learn that her father has cancer and she says something to the point that she is glad he was no longer on campus so that she is no longer the teacher's kid.

Did not make me like her and put me off of the story a great bit, almost closed it then. But I continued. Next she goes to a graveyard on a dare and runs into this angry stranger who proceeds to yell at her. He then pins her to a tree and what is her response? Kiss him.

That is I don't like em. This book was riddled with them. The whole thing read like it was meant to be college kids, but the author went back and CTRL-F replaced it with a high school. Also too many characters without spark. I had to keep reading back to remember who was who. I slogged on through until page 66, determined to get to the end. Then the author slammed me with one I couldn't handle. Keep in mind the main cast is all So LI goes up to starkly white's room and then she proceeds to make him strip for a "medical" examination.

While she is gone he sees photos of her with various celebs cue more name dropping and one is Elvis. He picks it up and muses on how she was a girl when Elvis hit it big time. So then my brain started crankin. Saying that we use Elvis' first film as the mark, that makes it roughly , right? So to be a "girl" let us assume minimum age is So I go back to the copyright to see the book is from Then she saunters back in with her 60ish year old self and performs statutory rape and he is happy about it.

I was done. All in all this was not an engaging enough story for me to continue and I came across a plot element that made me put it down. Aug 13, Susan rated it really liked it. For a YA book, this one held my interest all the way through. The addition of some Gothic mystery to the usual teenage angst made it much more interesting than I had expected. However, I doubt that I will buy any more in this series. Sixteen-year-old Joy, a rather plain girl with only a few friends, is studying piano in a private arts boarding school; she is bullied by the more attractive dance students.

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Her father, normally a teacher at the school, is away for cancer treatments; her mother, who For a YA book, this one held my interest all the way through. Her father, normally a teacher at the school, is away for cancer treatments; her mother, who was a successful pianist, died when Joy was much younger. A famous beautiful model, Melisande, has a mansion near the school and invites the students to an open house - they are all agog, hoping she can help them make 'contacts.

They hit it off, Joy finds herself falling in love with him, and surprisingly he seems to reciprocate the feeling. Melisande has an eerie influence on anyone who meets her, and between what Tanner tells Joy and what she finds from research, Joy begins to suspect Melisande is not what she seems. When Samhain approaches, the school board takes additional effort to protect the school grounds from occult tampering, but Joy decides to rescue Tanner herself. Jul 28, Deidrah rated it really liked it. Not another teen supernatural book! I've had it with vampires sparkly or not , werewolves, and the ilk.

The series that got the trend going were for the most part written fairly well. The late- comers to the party seem derivative at best and are far less well edited, written and proof-read. I am so happy that this book wasn't one of those. It comes at the supernatural from a different angle and with a new bad guy girl to be afraid of.

I like the characters. Joy and her friends seem like nice Not another teen supernatural book! Joy and her friends seem like nice kids. They make bad decisions and could definitely use a bit more adult supervision but such is the world of fiction. The adults need to stay out of the way for the kids to live out their stories. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series. Normally I hate to spoil anything, but there are some big issues I want to address before a reader spends their time on the book.

First this book is posted as Young Adult and to be fair it is in a way, since the characters are all still in high school and are under the age of However, some of the situations they find themselves in are a bit mature for a younger YA audience, so I'd say this is an upper YA book due to content. The story is told from the main character, Joy Sumner's perspective.

She feels like the plain Jane in the school where all her friends and peers prepare for stardom. It's upon a dare from the BBBs Ballet Bitch Brigades that Joyce finds herself at midnight in the graveyard to retrieve a white rose from the school's founder's grave. What should have been a quick in and out task turns into more when she meets a beautiful stranger in the dark night named Tanner.

Later on Joy finds that the hot stranger isn't actually a stranger at all but is an old classmate named Tanner Lindsey, who is now a rising supermodel and the current favorite protege of the superpower actress and model Melisande. Tanner and Joy begin a friendship that turns into a secret relationship, as Tanner reveals his mentor and sometimes lover Melisande is overly possessive and too dangerous to upset in any way.

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Through the stories Tanner has told of Melisande and the things researched on her own, Joy finds out Melisande may not be entirely human. And on top of all that Joy finds that her special school is actually a hot spot of supernatural energy that could explain a few mysteries. I mean really? Joy was shaping up to be his savior from Melisande by discovering things like why she remained ageless. But then Joy goes and professes her love for Tanner when he's still obviously stuck on, and to, Melisande, he never even said I Love You back, but he sure did say it about Melisande, big hint right there.

Then there's the fact that the author didn't even note the couple using protection at the time they made love in the secret garden, which made me instantly think "well, she's gonna get pregnant. That's probably my biggest issue, Joy's pregnancy. She seriously tries to hide it as being fat and gets by mostly on her own, while still hoping to free Tanner so they can live HEA. The HEA part I don't mind as I wanted Joy to have one, but there in the end Joy seems to write everything off as if life is going to be all easy breezy from there on out now that they are together.

Oh heck nooo! There isn't a teen mom alive that will say life is heaven once you have a kid at 17, no matter how precious the child is, being a parent is work. Let alone the fact both, Joy and Tanner will need to work on their relationship as a couple, because Tanner will obviously have emotional issues form his time with Melisande. I found the author's writing style to be fluid at points, but then rushed at others making me double back to read parts twice to ensure I read the section right. The author did an okay job of mixing modern high school drama with magical mayhem.

I had hoped for a more realistic ending to the main characters relationship, but I suppose the book needed the extra drama to continue the series. The school drama was great, and on it's own would be an interesting Y. The magical side of the story was intriguing, but fell flat when it blew up to be more than just about the school the secrets it held and became more about Melisande, and subsequently about freeing Tanner from her evil clutches.

However, Tanner as a lead male character was extremely weak and never made me feel enough to pull for Joy to really want him back time and time again. Yes, I wanted Joy happy because her life needed some great happiness after all the bad cards she'd been dealt, but really I wanted her best friend William to start liking her, or heck even her gay guy friends would make for a better companion. By the end of the book I was okay with the story being over and I feel fine with not going further in the series. The school's magic mystery was too under exposed for me to be fully intrigued to read further in the series, as it seems they are all safe.

So if you want to read about high school drama that includes relationships, dating problems, popularity, sexual curiosity, and a sense of family all while trying to hopefully out preform everyone on stage, but there's possibly something evil wanting to take your life and soul, then this book might be okay for you to try but I'm happy I got it for free.

Jan 13, Chris S rated it did not like it. Great The Shadow and the Rise deserves a give star rating for its fast paced plot.

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  4. The characters were believeable. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. May 17, Vicky Connelly rated it really liked it. May 28, Tbird London rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-have-reviewed. Reviewing this book gives me the great experience of trying something different. Amanda DeWees wrote this for readers aged 15 and up, so my teenage daughter and I read this together and we are going to give a review as a team.

    She was able to explain what was going on without explicit details yet maintained the flow of the story. With all of the things that occupy teenagers today, it was such a joy to watch my daughter get so invested in this book. She read all day yesterday and into the night till her kindle ran out of charge. She would get so passionate about some of the characters, I was beginning to think she was getting ready to go to battle with Joy. For me, not really being interested in teenage fiction, I found this book not only interesting, but it was a wonderful gift that allowed my daughter and I a few hours to bond over a story and characters that we grew to love.

    What you have is an academy called Ash Grove. It is a school for performing arts.

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    Joy, whose mother was a talented pianist, died when Joy was very young, leaving her with her father who is taking a leave of absence from his teaching job there to fight his cancer. All she went in for was a wild rose from the grave of the founder of the school but she leaves with her a new purpose for her life. One night after the school dance, Joy and Tanner find the mysterious rose garden and their lives take on a whole new meaning for each of them.

    With the old school being built on the belief of mystical powers and protections from evil spirits, she must go before the school council and beg for help. Never knowing who the enemy might end up being and who she can trust, she is determined that her love for Tanner and their Rose, is worth every battle against the demon spirits. My daughters point of view…….. Falling in love with Tanner can only lead to heartache--and danger--because he is trapped in a complex relationship with the seductive, powerful Melisande, a seemingly ageless supermodel.

    Melisande's youth and beauty may be drawn from a sinister source At the same time that Joy is fighting to free Tanner from Melisande's grasp--and from his own feelings of worthlessness--she struggles to cope with her father's cancer and the discovery that her seemingly peaceful school is a conduit for supernatural energy.

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    So much fun! May 10, Amanda rated it it was amazing. I loved this story! Its very fast paced and always has a new twist. The characters are lovable and devoted to each other. Ashley rated it it was amazing May 04, Amber Lehrke rated it really liked it May 04, Dawn rated it it was amazing May 07, Lynn rated it really liked it Dec 12, Amanda Lewis hendrickson rated it really liked it Jun 02, Vickie Anderson rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Krist Penix rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Abbey rated it liked it Jun 29, Emili rated it it was amazing Jan 12, Kate Lorenzen rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Megan Starkweather rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Autumn rated it it was amazing Feb 16, Nicole rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Patricia Ireland-Martin rated it really liked it Aug 01, Maurice rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Sevi K.

    Miller rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Tamara rated it it was ok Mar 29, Kim rated it it was ok Sep 04, Melanie Pietrowski rated it it was amazing Jul 06, S added it Mar 04,