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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Part 3 Beginnings of Contemporary Children's Literature: From the Post-War to 1970s

Shukudai hikiuke kabushiki gaisha [Homework, Inc. Utsukushii machi, ge [The beautiful town, vol. Tanoshii kawabe: Hikigaeru no boken [The wind in the willows: The adventures of Mr. Osoba no kuki wa naze akai: Nihon mukashibanashi [Why are stems of soba red? Miyazawa Kenji zenshu [The complete works of Kenji Miyazawa] vol. Miyazawa Kenji dowa zenshu, 1 Hana to tori no dowashu [Complete works of Kenji Miyazawa's children's stories, vol.

Shinpan Miyazawa Kenji dowa zenshu. Niimi Nankichi dowa zenshu [The collection of Nankichi Niimi's children's stories] vol. Hiroshima, 1 Arukidashita hi [Hiroshima, vol. Hiroshima okonomiyaki monogatari: Fushigina tabemono ga umareta nowa naze? Newer Post Older Post Home.

Hoshi no Blanco Bridge. Ducks casting shadows on the bottom of a clear stream. Brilliant red of a Japanese maple in a bamboo grove. Japanese maple in the foreground with a colorful mountain in the background. Sunlight beaming through a Japanese maple tree showing off orange, yellow and red leaves. A sign on the boardwalk welcoming people to Hoshida enchi, a quasi national park. A climbing wall at the park. You can try for yen.

The colors on the tree look like a burst of fireworks. You wouldn't want to get yelled at by the neighbors, would you? He smiled with relief, pushing blonde hair away from my eyes. I had never met them, and I never really wanted too. But here I. Here we were, frozen. Our expression having the distinct relation to deer in the headlights. Two teenagers, caught completely of guard, watching a kids movie and borderline snuggling the dark. Not to mention that we were a giant and a human. I briefly glanced way up at Seth from out of the corner of my eye, looking wide eyed at the door too, a soft blush dusted across his features.

For some reason, I was flooded with a twisted guilty feeling, knotting up my chest. Maybe it was because I had just gotten so close to Seth, closer than ever. And we had been caught, knowing that Suaver was still probably worried sick about me. I felt awful. I gazed fearfully upon the open door, and my. But gazing into his room right now, still stuck in his warm hand, being dangled in front of his chest, my eyes widened. No, nothing like that at all.

They were just like us, only terrifyingly bigger. But n. This was the area her father had used to carry her out to every weekend when she was a little girl. Its luscious trees, constantly blooming wildflowers, and calming stream had been a magical place for her to use her imagination. Of course, that had been several long years ago, and her father was long since gone.

Being just nineteen years old, Corinne was able to take care of herself. She never stayed in one location for long, moving frequently throughout North America. Now, she had rediscovered the woods next to her first home, and she took it all in with a single breath. Brushing her hand against the rough bark of an old oak tree, she recalled with a smile the time her father had told her that his great grandfather had planted that very same tree.

Shifting her backpack around, she stretched up to the first low-hanging limb she could reach and proceeded to lift herself upward. Eventually, she made it to the top, stopping to t. Fearless: Chapter One No world is perfect. Not even a world where giants and humans coexist.

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Let me explain myself. My name is Ellie Parker, and I am a descendant of one of the one thousand humans who were sent to live on this planet after earth was so brimming with war and hatred that no one could live in safety. Of course, that was almost four hundred years ago. While we do have the knowledge of space travel at hand, our civilization is on. The Little Things in Life: Ch. The smell of cinnamon and fresh lemon danced in the air with the strong stench of perfume coming from the long mahogany dinning table. The sheen of the table only reflected her bubbling feelings of pure joy. But she dreaded the idea of speaking to those women who held themselves in such high regard that you could taste the bitterness in the aurora around them.

The glow of the noon sun shone in the large, room length window behind her as the steady ticking of the grandfather clock met in silence as her aunt and friends ceased to speak. Meg stared in slight bewilderment as her eyes quickly darted to her company and back to Claire. Eyes sparkling, my gaze flickered from the sparkling tents, to the bright, neon lights flooded across the park laced across silly roller coasters.

A hint of nervousness clenched at my stomach. Other giants. Yeah, I had been outside of the apartment, but even after a few times of being in the same living area of the giant creatures, it was still enough to knot your stomach. Sometimes children got a little too curious… I flinched as I felt Seth lightly tap me on the shoulder, carefully bringing me away from the window. I looked up at him, making sharp eye contact as his grey ones flickered down at me, crinkling up at the edges like they always. That was another thing that the HEP was able to accomplish:human sized furniture.

Overall, things were looking pretty swell. Axel and I agreed on this Saturday, today being Wednesday. Axel hand insisted that we tell Seth about his little visit, but I was stubborn.

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I huffed in frustration at how over dramatic the two giants were being. Axel bit his lip and looked at Seth, who was staring at him with eyes cold as ice. Their intensity sent shivers down my spine. I was no child, and I had no intention of being treated as such. I glared up at him, verbalizing my thoughts.

He looked down at me, almost in Seeing Seth that stern and powerful made my stomach tie. View More. Rain pattered against the glass and smeared the flickering city lights. She opened her eyes to see her reflection resentfully staring back at her; green eyes flecked with gold and brown, untidy brown hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, high cheekbones and an upturned nose were smattered with brown freckles.

Her dark eyebrows were creased downwards and lips pulled in a flat line, giving her an annoyed look. And angry. Pulling out her headphones, she put them in and tried to escape into her favorite music, but her tangled thoughts beat relentlessly within the confines of her mind, one more prevalent and scary than the rest.

She and her family were moving. To a Giant city. No, not huge in terms of the amount of buildings and people and such, bu. She kept her eyes trained on his. Until his hand moved, that is. She gasped and took off running in the opposite direction, but was thwarted by him easily reaching over her head and placing his hand in her path. She barely managed to stop before she rammed into his palm, almost immediately trying to push off it again.

But he gave her no such chance. His fingers quickly curled around her and he slid his hand back towards him, pulling her along. She struggled and fought his grasp, but his fingers essentially caged her to his palm and she couldn't get free. She pushed at the digits, inspiring a chuckle from the towering teen, and froze. The sound vibrated through her from his palm and she retracted her hands from his skin, pulling them close to her body. She tried to refrain from contact, centering herself in the flesh enclosure There was a moment of peace, neither party moving nor speaking.

The girl was tr. She lay crouching under a dense covering of brush, shaking in complete terror. She was frozen to this spot, just as rooted as the bushes that surrounded her. This day had started out with a completely normal hike in the woods, although getting lost, and now the earth was shaking around her. You know I saw you.

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You should come out, I don't want to accidently step on you. Ava shivered again in fear. Giants were not supposed to exist. This had to be some bizarre dream.

Kansai Culture: Hoshi no Blanco Bridge

However, even if it were a dream, Ava was still concerned about the current situation as if it were really happening. The giant continued to search for her, creating the same earthq. Leo was her late mother's elder sibling, although she saw only a fleeting resemblance, perhaps because her uncle wore the large, bushy mustache that was traditional to ringmasters of Alorian.

He was a tall man, and of solid build. He stood roughly a head taller than his nineteen year old niece, and was finer dressed as well. Her plain white shirt, brown leather vest, green denim pants, and worn boots paled in comparison to his pristine white suit coat and polished black boots. Even his dark hair, its shade only a tad darker than hers, was slicked back and neatly trimmed, in contrast to her own plain hairdo consisting of a simple half-ponytail. She supposed it made sense. The circus he ran was quite successful, from what she heard, while her and her mother had slightly less means.

They were not poor exactly, but had never had much in the way of luxuries. Not just a Pet - Chapter 1 It had been about 50 years since the Astrothians had learned of earth.

Eva's Reading Club for Children - Short Story 1: Peach Boy (Momotaro)

A planet exactly the same as their own Astroth, just the scale was just much smaller. Humans stood at around 3 inches compared to an Astrothian, which obviously caused a great interest them. Eventually Astrothians began to travel to earth and kidnap humans for their own personal desire. This was very quickly made illegal, and the government set up a system to allow Astrothians to possess a human, for only one reason: a pet. Although they were identical to the Astrothians, most saw the humans as a lower life form and treated them only as pets.

It was his friend Mark's birthday and all he could ever talk about was how much he wanted a pet human, so he wanted to surprise him with finally buying him one. He was always very precise about what type of human he wanted.