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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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The fight spread like a virus through the tavern. A very unladylike scream from the front of the bar confirmed that the alien had things under control in that area. Dallas pushed his way to the door, watching Grebetz slip out onto the street, a Xerick close at his heels. Phase two. Znedu loose. Track him and report. He had no doubt the words she strung with it would have gotten him several weeks detention from the nuns at St.

And now the man who would star in her nightly fantasies for the next month stared at her with an amused expression. She only managed to slam her foot into a table leg, which just pissed her off all the more. Her nipples were oversensitive and her sex tingled. Cowboys are one of my favorite heroes. Just a few weeks ago one of those sexy men walked into my dreams and decided perhaps I should write a series set out west.

And who can resist a man in or out of uniform? Like say … a fireman? Oh, yeah … why choose one hero when two can be so much naughtier! Actually, I call that good training! This wolf shifter is both the police chief and the keeper of the heroines heart … what more could a woman want?

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Get your naughty minds back here on the blog, ladies. No one wants a romance hero named Chester or Gerald or Ralph. And names like Raphael and Dominic have a certain ethnic ring to them. The name has to fit who the man is and what he does for a job. It just seemed to be a natural offshoot of growing up on a vineyard and learning to mix wines. You know those totally take charge men who square off with a feisty heroine and rock her world. I found the whole thing fascinating and if there had been more of a connection between the 3 MCs and if the ending There are a lot of reviews for this book so I'll just say that I recommend it to people who like light sci-fi with a bit of romance and suspense.

I found the whole thing fascinating and if there had been more of a connection between the 3 MCs and if the ending hadn't felt a bit rushed, I would definitely have given it 5 stars. Oct 29, Robin Stone rated it it was amazing. This was my first sci-fi and I enjoyed it! The author used description so you feel like you're IN the story, and enough action and suspense, pulling you through the story to the end.

I enjoyed the sex scenes in this book. I've read some of Nina's other books, and I'll be reading more from this author. Lilly's life hasn't turned out as she planned. Growing up all she wanted to do was be a police detective like her father when an unscrupulous man in power discovered the secret of her genetics and sold her to the highest bidder as he didn't want such a tainted creature in power.

Being a Seraphelium, and finding herself on a ship heading towards sexual slavery, she used her special abilities to escape and has been on the run ever since. Convinced her gifts are a curse and that she'll never find a Lilly's life hasn't turned out as she planned. Convinced her gifts are a curse and that she'll never find anyone to love her for herself, she's now a loner with no friends, family, or allies until the day she meets the one man she can't use her gift on.

Dallas is a QAL agent and still recovering from a mission gone wrong that killed the woman he shared with his best friend Thaegan and left him scarred with unique abilities of his own after coming near death. He's now desperate to prove that he's capable of finding the assassin who almost destroyed his team and the QAL leak who's been selling them out.

He's immediately drawn to Lilly when he sees her in a bar and thinking her a space prostitute he decides to share a fleeting moment with her that changes their lives forever. Seeing her in the thick of his mission has him questioning her true story and using rather unorthodox sexual means to learn the truth about her. He's at once sympathetic towards her while admiring her strength in living with her own emotionally scarred past.

With his own special abilities he's able to withstand Lilly's potent hormones which makes their relationship perfect. Adding in his sexy and sarcastic friend Thaegan makes for an even more smokin' HOT coupling that is super steamy with moments of playfulness. Lilly presents this duo with the means to catch the assassin but Dallas is desperate to keep her safe which once again leads her to act on her own and brings shocking truths to light that could end their burgeoning relationship before it even starts. Dallas is a wonderful hero, loyal and honorable, and is the first man to show true kindness to Lilly.

His feelings for her are genuine and you sense their closeness from the moment their eyes meet. Lilly is an entertaining heroine more than capable of taking care of herself in her new job as bounty hunter where her unique abilities help her in catching the bad guys.

Thaegan appears gruff at first but he's a truly loyal friend who would die for those he cares about. He's suspicious of Lilly early on but after learning the truth of what she's endured he becomes extremely protective. He still retains his snarky manner which brought much humor to the story.

Pierce has created a vividly depicted world full of colorful aliens and bleak worlds. The bar where Lilly and Dallas meet felt like the Cantina out of Star Wars and I found myself immediately immersed in this intriguing world. The mystery surrounding the assassin and QAL leak was kept well hidden and was resolved in an action-packed way full of bloodshed, tears, and sacrifice. From start to finish I enjoyed this edge of your seat thrill ride that perfectly balanced steamy encounters with breathless action and suspense and wholeheartedly recommend it to not only sci-fi geeks but lovers of true romance as well.

Wowzaa this book was so hot it singed my kindle!!! Lilly is a spunky independent gal with tons of sass! Just the kind of girl I live to read, she kicks serious butt! And talk about using her feminine wiles, you go girl! She was a really strong and self reliant character even when facing adversity. Dallas is delicious with all his tortured Alpha tough guy attitude.

Live a man of mystery! Totally lickable hero with a white knight complex. Thaegan had a rough start for me.

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I had a moment where I did Wowzaa this book was so hot it singed my kindle!!! I had a moment where I did not like him very much. But he made up for it later, big time! A really great story that moved at a quick pace. I really dig a sexy scifi with delicious aliens! The side plot was really well thought out and kept the story flowing. I was with them from the beginning to the end. The whole world was fascinating and I can only hope this is the beginning of a steamy series! The steam factor was off the charts!! Every scene was better than the last and by the end I needed a cold shower!

I am definitely going to be picking up more of Ms Pierce's work. If they are all as scrumptious as this one I may not stop until I have devoured her whole backlist!! All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own. It also has a good story that was delivered well. Lilly has a special ability that she sees as her personal albatross. It has caused a lot of trouble in her life; the least of which was the kidnapping and attempted sex slave incident. Lilly is drawn to Dallas and he is able to resist her and get past her shields to the vulnerable woman inside.

In return Lilly helps Dallas come to terms with a traumatic event and loss in his past. I really like Dallas; it took me a bit to warm up to Thaegan. The one thing that bothered me was the need for the glossary. I went back and forth too much in the first chapter. The terms could have been handled within the story and it would have been much less distracting.

Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Jun 28, BooksandBeyondFiftyShades rated it it was amazing. It is such a great futuristic story.

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I love the effect Lilly has on males of any species. Nina Pierce did such an amazing job with descriptions that I felt like I was watching a movie unfold. There is HOT sexy scenes and just the right amount of suspense to keep you hooked the entire book. From the very first page I was sucked into the story. I would highly recommend this book. Nov 21, JG rated it liked it Shelves: arc-netgalley , erotica , romance , sci-fi , adventure. Engaging sci-fi adventure with a kick-ass female protagonist who isn't afraid of using every weapon she has on hand.

The two alpha males on her tail won't know what hit them until its a little too late. This is a well written tale, fast paced with back stories well integrated into the current story line. The character dynamics are excellently portrayed with no instant declarations of love but more honest declarations of lust and the possibility of love. Lilly is a wonderful female lead with that Engaging sci-fi adventure with a kick-ass female protagonist who isn't afraid of using every weapon she has on hand.

Lilly is a wonderful female lead with that little known trait called self-awareness. She acknowledges her identity, her mistakes and even her unwanted attraction to Dallas and owns it. We have no wishy-washy heroine here. Dallas and Thaegan on the other hand weren't as fully developed as Lilly's character but wasn't flat or two dimensional at all. This is still erotica and the scenes between the leads prove it. Overall, a great entertaining read.

Sep 23, Celestine rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi-romance , lendable. I really liked Nina Pierce's Healer's Garden and decided to give this book a try. Unfortunately, it didn't have the depth of character, plot, emotion or tension so abundant in Healer's Garden. And maybe that is a little unfair of a comparison because this book is pages shorter. But Pierce still brings plenty of imagination. This book reminded me a little of Star Wars, with the tavern filled with aliens and the roguishness of Dallas as a great stand-in for Han Solo.

And sidekick Thaegan is a heck of a lot more appealing than a Wookie. The description says there is a "whole lot of passionate sex" and that is right.