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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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A very long time ago, and she is still famous today. Cleopatra is one name that everyone has probably heard of. She was known for her amazing beauty at the time, but a coin was found that was 2, years old. It showed that she was not as beautiful as she was made out to be. Her picture showed a sharp chin and nose with a flat mouth.

She certainly had an interesting life and lives on today as a famous icon. One fierce lady that you would definitely have to listen to! Henry VIII was so in love with her that he executed his first wife and broke away from the Church of Rome to marry her. Be thankful for that strict teacher if you have one, she is surely better than this fearsome lady.

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What an interesting and bumpy ride she had in life. Nobody knows if this is really true, but she is well known for this today. But the truth was that really held the power in France and influenced all his decisions. Read on for more fascinating information about this interesting Queen. What a lady this Queen seemed to be, once loved, and then hated for her love of the good things in life while the rest of France lived in poverty!

Catherine the Great was one lady who you needed to listen to. Read on for some fascinating and amazing facts about this German princess who married the Russian Arch Duke at the age of This interesting lady had a long and successful reign over Russia and achieved great things. Rumors have followed her to this day, but many know what a great and powerful lady she really was. Queen Victoria was an amazing lady who came into power when she was just 18 and was the longest serving monarch in British History at 63 years, from to ! Because they believe that find and classify relevant information, prove your opinion to devote help their.

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This Service increases your total network by more than 35 million people, and will help your profile to rank higher, to have more views, and to have increased visibility with recruiters and hiring managers. In 10 steps, I will show you how to execute and start a Restaurant or Food and Beverage business in Singapore. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I would however recommend you to think through each step of the process thoroughly and come up with a more detailed plan.

Your business plan should include financial projections, budgeting, marketing strategy, pricing plan, operations, suppliers list, hiring policies, service standards etc just to name a few. Also, it definitely helps to think of your exit strategy and contingency plan for as many unexpected situations as possible. Things go wrong all the time, and you need to be ready. This is due to high rental rates, high labour cost and just an overall higher cost of living.

You need to figure out where the capital is coming from, as well as leave enough for cash reserves and operating capital. A rough gauge is leaving 3 months of pure overhead expenses as reserves. Guess what, you might burn off all your cash with losses every month before people even hear about your restaurant. You will definitely also want to cater a sum to invest in marketing and PR at the start as well, which is critical for any new restaurant.

Lack of awareness is a huge problem from most of the clients I have consulted with, so plan for it well at the start. Time to take your business legit. If you are a foreigner, you will first need to apply for an Entrepass with the Ministry of Manpower. Foreigners will need a Singpass also, after getting your Entrepass. At the Bizfile portal, determine the type of company to register. After your Company name has been approved and payment made, you will then need to pay and incorporate your company with your reserved name under Bizfile again.

Next, you will need to find the perfect location to setup your restaurant.

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The popular ways to achieve this include:. Personally, I find getting multiple real estate agents to source locations for you to be the easiest and quickest. Most smaller, private landlords will however pay the commission to the real estate agent instead if the deal is done. Source for a good interior designer, architect and contractor to create your dream restaurant.

The interior designer usually has the contact for contractors he has worked with. A good restaurant design is the first step to creating an impression and attracting new customers into your restaurant. Repeat business will come after being satisfied by the food and service.

Some contractors might quote a very cheap price, but that usually means they are using cheap materials to build, which are less durable and may need to be replaced or refurbished after a year, incurring more expenses. Mention specifically what is expected of your staff.

  • Seisyo Dame-Ningen Jiten (Japanese Edition);
  • An Entrepreneurs Journey : Stories From A Life In Business and Personal Diplomacy.
  • Hideaway Hero (Fast Fiction).

During the interview , look for people who are interested in the food and beverage industry. They will be less likely to leave when the going gets tough.

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Another important trait to look for is people who have a passion about something. Someone who has a passion is more interesting and can help with customer engagement. The Grand Opening is the introduction of your cafe to the community that it will serve. Having a grand opening will create a lot of people talking about your cafe and getting excited to try your foods.

Therefore, you should put plenty of thought and effort into planning an exceptional grand opening. Before you have your official grand opening, you may want to do a trial run with friends and family. It will help you to ensure that your processes are working well and in place before you introduce your restaurant to the general public. Get the word out about your event as much as you can. You can use influencers to spread the word about your event. The grand opening should be fun and exciting. Incorporate a theme into your event to make it even more unique and special. Check out more: Grand Opening Ideas.

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Once your customers have had a great experience at your cafe, it is important to keep them coming back and referring their friends and family. However, often people will forget about a cafe during their busy lives. A loyalty program that rewards customers for their repeat business can take your cafe to the next level. Their success can be attributed to the loyalty program that they implemented.

It has over 13 million active users. A reward system is simple and easy to create. With programs like CandyBar, you can easily select the rewards that you want to offer. When purchases are made, they can earn loyalty points and be notified when they have earned a reward.

Starting a Restaurant, Cafe or F&B business in Singapore

Loyalty programs ensure repeat business with satisfied customers. Customers will choose businesses with loyalty rewards programs over those without them. A study from Accenture Interactive discovered customers who are members of loyalty programs generate between 12 and 18 percent more revenue than non-members. Therefore, a loyalty program can help to maximize your revenue.

People love to share their experiences with great restaurants.