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Quotes tagged as "learning-to-live" Showing of And I want to be remembered as one who lived with purpose, joy and feeling. I want to spend my time learning what goes into a whole and happy life, then building that life the best I can. Wisdom is what we unlearn.

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How can you learn to understand your truth, if you deny your reality? Good or bad, they are a learning experience, to help you grow. The only regret in life, is to never make a choice at all. JoyBell C. Life is a learning process. You are learner. Seek answers to the puzzles of your life. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons. I think we would all agree that we learn more from our tough times than from our easy times. Our personal journey begins by gathering appropriate learning experiences and awakening our minds to observe, evaluate, and recall what we experience.

Hugs right back at ya. This article is so on point. I am the worst with self-loathing. And you are so right, why would you treat yourself this way when you would never treat someone else you love this way. We have one life to live, why spend it feeling unloved. Peace to you. You write with honesty and heart. Diane, thank you. I really appreciate your comment and sincerity. Give yourself credit for being on the path; that alone is one of the most difficult steps.

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Thank you so much for doing what you do so well and sharing it with us. Goodness, that really opened my eyes and woke me up to reality! Suzanne — this totally delighted me. Hahahah, and glad to hear that the TR article helped you… that was certainly a controversial one.

I try to turn them all the way off at pm to help fall asleep. Thanks so much for sharing this. This post enabled to me have introspective epiphanies about things in my past that have negatively affected me in a significant way. Things that I tried to brush over and never truly deal with. Now I feel like I have brought some of these issues to light, and I will be able to tackle them head on.

Ry — whoa. You totally made my night. Keep it up mon ami… good things are ahead of you. Im honored that my work resonates with you and that it helps you along your path. Loving yourself is a process, not a destination something I constantly remind myself of. On a personal note, people like you, who continue reflecting and improving themselves and challenging themselves all through their lives inspire me.

I aspire towards that. This is the most beautiful way someone has put the idea of loving yourself together. In this day and age when I struggle to hold onto one sentence with full attention, I think I read this article while not breathing.. I stumbled across it looking for a little help, and I just felt the stress and tention leaving my shoulders while I read this.. Purely wonderful. Thank you so much! I am so touched to hear that this article helped you and resonated with you. Though that may sound trite or cliche as you read it, know that as I type it, it is deeply sincere.

Im honored to be able to accompany you during the dark moments — remember, they pass. They always do. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply! It appears you are a true giver and like someone said in a TEDTalk givers make the world a better place. I appreciate that more than you know. In fact, one of the very few ideas I have A LOT of faith in is that if we give without expecting or demanding much in return, the better everything goes.

So…as I stand at the precipice of attempting the journey to love myself, Ive found your article resonates so deeply. Your words were almost like hearing my voice in my own head. From an alcoholic dad, a child of divorce, being molested as a child, domestic violence as an adult, a drug addicted brother, another brother I lost to suicide and now fighting my own battle with loneliness, inadequacy and relentless anxiety about my own failings…..

I have tried and failed many times to forgive myself, to love myself and each time I come up empty and broken. I felt so moved and so familiar with what you have written in this piece that I just had to reply. Wish me luck….. Lisa — so glad to hear that this article resonates deeply with you and I really appreciate your note.

Keep fighting for that light. It will grow brighter. A lot of times, the hardest part is owning the decision to invest in yourself. Good luck! Thanks so much for writing this. This has helped give me a perspective that I need. Have a great weekend. Thank you for making this available for those who are suffering with themselves and not hiding enlightenment behind a paywall; like most others would.

Every sentence is like a punch to the gut in terms of how true it is to me. Good luck on your path. Thanks for this article. This really hits home. I have been working hard all my life hoping some time that I would love myself. Now wonderful wife and daughter and still the same daemon as in I am the one holding myself back with negative imaging.

Started with magic morning just now and lots of meditation. I believe that when I move past this I can reach a whole new level in life. I have beaten so many odds already that logically speaking I should be able to beat this. Keep investing in yourself, keep reading things that nurture you, get help and support when you need it, and perhaps most importantly, be as honest with yourself as you can. It was so good, I took many many notes. It was very easy to read and truly a guide. Big Hugs. Thank you for reading and good luck on your path.

Wow man. I try to learn self love for a long time but never really got it. To affirm yourself with too positive affirmation,looking at the mirror and saying that all is well is just imposible for my subconscious mind to accepte. As I read your article i reliased that to love yourself, words are just not enough, you need to really do something good for you and than the feeling of love will apear.

I really needed this. Thanke you. Thanks for reading and commenting. I was feeling very lost and this article really stood out to me.

SELF LOVE ~ Sleep Meditation ~ Transform your Life with this Method

I am very excited to see what this journey has in store for me. Thank you for what you do, keep up the great work. Ryan — I so appreciate the kind words. This is an insanely amazing article. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you, I really needed this. The funny part is that when we relax, a lot of times, we start to grow on our own. Hello Jason, I just happened to find your post through google…and I am so thankful I did. I have had depression and anxiety as long as I can remember. The last few months I am going through the lowest, darkest, and most difficult time I have ever delt with.

As my life unfolded I have been through my share of treatments. I cant remember a time where i can honestly say I have. I raised two wonderful children on my own. I pushed a lot of emotions and feelings down deep because I felt I could not let my children see them. I had to be the strong mother to make sure they grew up able to deal with life. Just recently my seventeen year old son seen me cry…well maybe it was sobbing. I kept saying sorry for letting him to see me like this.

Thank you for sharing this because i feel i would have never figured out what I really needed to work on. I now know I truly do not love myself and that is the first thing I will be working on. I am finally looking forward to what the future has in store for me. Again, thank you, i will be reading more of your post to help me on my journey!! Really really glad that you can see some light at the end of the tunnel. And if I may, it sounds like you raised an amazing son. I hope you feel good about that. Honored to have you as a reader. Thank you Jason! I have thankfully found it easy in the past to practice gratitude and self love, but sometimes life happens and and I have definitely veered off that path as of late.

Feeling lately like I was going through an off-season. This made me laugh and cry, and then hug myself, and then cry some more, but now I feel lighter and much easier on myself! Just kinda stumbled onto this while looking up things. I see from all the comments how awesome and weird that it looks like many others just stumble onto this just when needed! Thanks for being!! This kinda steered my feet back to the path I normally try to walk on! Good for everybody!! Jolinda — first of all, thank you for the note. I read part of it aloud to my girlfriend. Thank you for being too.

Jason, Thank you so much for this post. I could really resonate with your story and could feel your authenticity- which lacks so much from many of the other articles on this topic. Have been struggling with self love for years. I will use your tools as I so want to love myself again, so need to be back in touch with ME. I found a coach whom I trust — as you advise — to help me through my story. I am ready to take that step forward instead of being steeped in self hate and pretending everything is OK. I realize that by doing this delays the evolution of me…. Be gentle with yourself.

You deserve it. This being a human stuff is hard. I just wanted to let you know that after I read this, my life had changed. Honestly, it brought me to tears of joy to realize that there is someone there who understands, even if you are stranger my confusion, pain and doubt and turned it to ambition, self-respect and most of all hope. I read this every time I feel close to being defeated and you somehow without even a sound have changed my life.

When you have not grown up with love, you need to learn it.

From the bottom of my heart, this has made my night and probably my week. Thank you for letting me know, and thank you for reading. Keep fighting the good fight! This is an awesome article. I love the levels of self-love. I found that when I stopped trying so hard to change myself, my whole world changed. I think the real win revolves not around changing yourself, but accepting yourself. Hi Jason Thank you so much for this incredible read.

I went through a tough time with panic attacks and slight depression and my therapist made me realise that it all stems from the fact that I see myself as worthless and not good enough in all areas of life. Your article has made me realise that in order to feel good enough and worthy of others I need to learn to love myself first.

Your post though is thought provoking and I definitely intend to start meditation in order to focus on who I am and eventually love my physical and emotional self. Roxanne — so glad to hear the article resonated with you. Enjoy the meditation practice, and thanks for reading. Jason, Thank you so much for writing this.

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My sister in law died unexpectedly. He proceeded to beat me in front of my daughter. He then has physically and emotionally beat her since then. While with my daughter in toe, I found him dead in the shower. I have now learned how to start loving myself so others can. Thank you for your candidness, honest and caring. You have given me hope. I cannot thank you enough. God bless you.

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Reading about your story makes my heart flicker. Im touched. Good luck on your path and I hope you find some peace and stability in sunny Florida. I actually spent a few years in school there. Sometimes you are stormy. Sometimes you are placid. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom! Roxana — so glad to hear the article resonated with you. Pretty liberating to just let yourself be human. I wish I could have a conversation with you Jason. Lost in the ways of the wicked.

Ask your friends if they know of any good therapists and book an appointment. If no one can give you a recommendation, ask your doctor. Life gets hard — crippling at times. Work with someone you trust to come back to yourself. Totally broke down when you suggested writing the life story and keeping a picture nearby. I had such a strong emotional reaction..

My mum died when I was I got on with it though and here I am now 39 with two children and some repeating dysfunctional behaviours. Just getting on with things making stupid unreasonable demands of myself has become the norm. Normal is going easy on myself, loving myself. I obsess about the perfect relationship and guess what.. I obsess about not being loved enough, not wanted enough so I constantly make plans, suggestions to make things better when its not needed. My partner feels manipulated, criticised and I can see why.

Gave me a massive one. That life changing event became my reality and the fact is. I can relax and still be ok. Still be loved. I need to accept that I have since created the hurdles in my life and I dont need to anymore. Thank you so much for your words and suggestions. I have a feeling theyre going to continue to have a positive impact on me. Fay — first of all, thanks for sharing your story. I can only imagine how difficult it is to lose your mother at 13, and then feel the need to — in your words — get on with it.

Keep in mind that if things ever get really tough, a mental health professional can often speed up your healing and happiness. Good luck, and thank you for being here. Taking the courage you suggested I hope to find healing and to help others hurting too. Many many many people struggle with this stuff. What a gift — both for yourself, and the world! This is an exceptional article which has really inspired me. Thanks for reading. Thank you for this article. I am reading it in what is possibly the darkest time of my life, I have been struggling and was feeling so overwhelmed and guilty for feeling overwhelmed with my struggle.

Thanks again. While it can be a challenging road, the rewards are well worth the journey many times over. More than that, I really feel like you have great things ahead of you. Also, nobody really talks about this, but building a healthy nurturing relaitonship with someone you love requires thought and effort. Good luck, Wings! They desperately want to love themselves and be confident but it seems so unachievable. Great question, anonymous. First of all, please know that I really do believe that you can improve your relationship to yourself, even if it seems unachievable.

My strong strong recommendation: find a great therapist and work with him or her. I wrote about my experience with therapy here , and explained how to find a great one here. Thanks for the quality content!

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I strive to provide ideas that are both coherent and actionable. Thrilled to hear I hit the mark here. Thank you so much for this. I will constantly remind myself this every time I catch myself invalidating a struggle or pain. Good luck, and thanks for reading. I am so incredibly happy that I found this! I could not stop reading it! I just started to really look within and be a happier version of me. I am going to take this whole article and bring it to life for myself. Thank you thank you.

This article is saving my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jason. K — I cant tell you how glad I am to hear it. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever come across. Everything was worded so perfectly and filled with so much insight. Like you said, it will be long and it will be difficult. Thank you for the article.

I want to be touched to the point where I am moved to make extreme actions and changes in my life, but what do you do or say to a person that has taken the steps to get more sleep, exercise, confront their depression and acknowledge that they have no friends or really anyone that cares? My depression has caused every single person that was around me to turn it back on me as if I discuss them because there have been many days where I had to cancel plans because I simply could not get out of the bed.

Confused about what they actually need to do. What are some concrete action steps just to get started other than sleep exercise and eat right and talk to a professional? I apologize for not being one of your upbeat and inspiring readers but I am just so tired of being tired and lost and reading the same advice over and over again. Hi Shay.

Loving yourself is really f***ing hard: here’s how to do it | Jason Connell

First of all, nothing is wrong with you. Like anything else, my work resonates with some people, and not with others. That must be tough. To those ends I encourage you to keep searching for qualified licensed providers and being open to their suggestions. The sad part is that there are a lot of shitty therapists out there. Healing is always possible. You wrote that passing out and getting up off of the floor drunk has been your life for the past few years.

I would guess that would have a measurable impact on your depression. Hi Jason my name is Miguel Santana, I really need help with my inner child. I need to please other people. I am so very clingy and I smother my wife constantly. She is tired of it. Miguel — I feel ya. My best advice: talk to a licensed mental health professional. PS if you need help finding a great therapist, I wrote an article about it here. From every article of yours that I read.

I am going to work on it and I am excited for this journey. Thank you so much. Realize that the things that happened to you are not your fault. Thanks for the wonderfully pit article full of great learnings and insights!