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Used in a selection of dishes, it is most commonly mixed with dashi soup stock to create miso soup. Start by preparing your ingredients.

15-Minute Miso Soup with Greens and Tofu

Rehydrate the dried wakame with water in a bowl, chop up the tofu into small 1cm cubes. In the meantime, pour a small amount of the water into a smaller pan and stir in 2 tablespoons of miso paste this is to avoid making a lumpy soup. Remove the rehydrated wakame from the water, add the wakame seaweed and tofu directly to the stock. Add the dissolved miso paste to the stock and stir to keep the mixture smooth, turn off the heat.

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The combinations with miso soup are endless. Miso Dressing.

Homemade Miso Soup 味噌汁 • Just One Cookbook

Chicken miso broccoli broth. Miso Black Cod.

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  • Miso glazed cod. Grilled Aubergine with Miso.

    Grilled Avocados with Ginger Miso. Miso-Grilled Aubergine and Scallops. Miso-Glazed Salmon Noodle Salad.

    5 Ingredient Miso Soup

    Sugar snap peas with miso sauce. Steamed vegetables with ginger miso dressing. Miso-glazed streaky bacon and asparagus. Roasted miso salmon with rosemary roasted potatoes.

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    • 15-Minute Miso Soup with Greens and Tofu.
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