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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Untitled After Christmas my family always goes to a cabin. We went on a very long hiking trip. There was a waterfall that we saw. We also saw a huge fallen down tree. It had a huge hole. Then we turned around and I got to climb up the waterfall. Then we went back to the cabin and my grandparents always judge the cousin talent show. Then at night the cousins and my Poppy get in the hot tub. Untitled I like to visit the beach because it is very hot.

I can do back flips. I saw fish. Some were zebra and angel fish. I was in North Carolina beach. I also got a new mermaid doll. Her tail is rainbow. Her hair is purple and she is queen of the sea. I love the beach. Me and my brother held hands. We walked on the gorge. We saw pretty cool and beautiful stores, libraries, and restaurants. We also bought some candy. Like tootsie rolls, starbursts, and sour gummies. I love to visit the beach. Kayla Schroering. How to Rescue a Puppy We went to a tree that was falling over.

It was on a creek. It was stuck. We had to lift up the tree branch and brought the puppy home. First we had to wash his paws up in the shallow creek where no trees had fallen over. We brought him inside and he took a nap. When he woke up he was ready to go outside and eat. He jumped on me and my other dog was nervous. The puppy was really fun to play with. Finn Newman Kindergarten St. Favorite Toy I like to play with Legos. I like to build my Legos.

I build with my dad. My brother wants some too. They went to a village. They saw a man and they got a piece of bread and they walked back to their house to go to sleep. When it was morning, they went to another village and got a pizza and they ate the pizza and went home. Last night, a little pig snuck out of bed, went to grab a bite of pizza and go back to sleep and when he ate the pizza one of his tooths came out and it was morning and he got a gold coin. He went back to the same village and got another pizza and he ate it by hisself.

Super Sarah met the Yeti in an Icicle cave at night, she was in the cave cause she wanted to see what was in there. The Yeti popped out of a hole. The Yeti started to dance so then she locked the Yeti beside the wall. The Butterflies were different colors and he stared at them because they were so beautiful. And that is the story of how Super Sarah tamed the Yeti. A Reindeer and a Penguin A reindeer one time met a penguin. They were playing together and the reindeer told Santa he found a friend. Santa said the penguin could help out at the North Pole and stay with his new friend. The Igloo Town Once upon a time there was a snowman named Mr.

He lived in an igloo with his wife, Clara. They had a village called Igloo town. Their friend named Bear was white and fuzzy and lived in the cave. They all played outside in the village. Then, they met a reindeer named Comet that showed them love and care by making friends with them. Clara and Mr. Melty had two kids, named Jordan and Mya. The kids played outside with their parents until they got sleepy. Then their parents carried them to bed. And they lived happily ever after.

Julie Norman.

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Scout One day a family wanted a dog. They looked and looked and looked for just the right dog. But they could never find the perfect dog. And then one day they found a dog that was perfect for their family, and they all loved him and took care of him. They played fetch with him, ran with him, and had so much fun with him! And his name was Scout.

And Scout loved his new family, too. Before any of that happened, Scout was in a kill shelter all alone. He had nobody with him. But then, the family came and got him! I was in a kill shelter all alone, and I was so sad with nobody with me and no one to take care of me. I was so hungry and thirsty because nobody fed me there. But I knew that one day somebody would probably take me! Then, one day, somebody did—I was right! A lady rescued me and took me to her company.

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And then some people came and looked at me, and I could tell they loved me. The family had a little boy toddler who was 3 years old, and a boy that was a little older, and then two older girls, and two people that were really big! The family played with me and sat with me, and I could tell that they loved me. Then, they took me home, to a new place! I love to sit in their laps and play with them. They loved me, fed me, gave me water, and took good care of me.

But sometimes they would get mad at me when I went to the bathroom in the house! But then after that, they still took care of me and I still got to sit in their laps. And that is my story! Good Job Doctors On a hot and sunny day, I was going too fast on my scooter.

I was having fun! When I was going on my scooter, I fell on the mulch. When I fell my dad and mom came and helped me. When I fell my nose bleed. I started to cry. I went to the doctor. They put a thing in my nose, my nose was a little crazy and cut. Good Job Doctors! The Lost Dragon Once upon a time, there was a boy. He loved dragons. One day, he was in the woods with his friends and they found a dragon. The dragon got scared when the kids got too close and he flew away. All of the kids then went home. He went back to the forest the next day to find the dragon.

The boy found the dragon in a nest made of leaves and sticks. The dragon was silver on his back with a black stripe down his belly. He also had bright gray-blue eyes with two horns on his head. He could see the sunset while they flew through the sky. The boy felt like he was riding on a rollercoaster. The boy and the silver dragon continued to fly until they reached the ocean. They saw a ship in the water with eight dragons in cages on the deck of the ship.

The silver dragon saw his mom and dad in a cage. They flew to the ship and the boy asked a man why he captured the dragons. The man was mean and told the boy he hated dragons. The boy and the dragon flew away. The boy ran home to tell his parents about his dragon ride and the dragons captured on the boat. They believed his story. The boy and his dad made a plan to ride the silver dragon back to the ship early in the morning to release the other dragons from the cages. The next day, the boy and his dad flew to the ship on the back of the silver dragon while the mean man was asleep.

They opened the cages to free all the dragons. The man woke up and came out on to the ship deck. The last freed dragon flew over to the mean man, picked the man up with his claws, and dropped him in the middle of the ocean. The silver dragon was happy to be back with his parents. He then took the boy and his dad back to the forest beside their house. The boy hugged the dragon and cried goodbye.

The silver dragon was lost no more and flew away with his mom and dad. The boy and his dad went home talking about his great adventure. Untitled Once upon a time there was a evil rabbit wizard named Reginald. He had a magic raven for a pet. He also wanted to take over a kingdom. So he looked in his spell book and found Medoosia, a spell that can turn anyone into stone. He turned the king into stone and the queen and the whole royale family. He took the crown off the kings head and sat on the throne. He became the king.

The end Cadence Daniels 1st Grade St.

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I did not see him for 60 days. Then he flew back home. I was happy to see him. That is why he is funny. Last but not least, he took us to Sweet Frog to celebrate. It was amazing. At the Beach One sunny afternoon, we got to the beach and we looked for shells. I found a big shell. I found a heavy shell. I really wanted to keep it but it had a crab! We got ready to get into the water. I got in the water first. I went under the water. I saw lots of fish. I slipped in the water. I was bleeding and crying. I went back to the apartment. I went back to the beach.

I saw a turtle. He was big.

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He was bright green. I followed him. He brought me to his family. Vincent Dudek 1st Grade St. These are some of the words you will find in the story: 1. Tired 2. Sleepy 3. Jumped 4. Happy 5. Dances 6. Twirls 7. Hopping There was a curious kitty. She does a lot of fun things. Read the story to find out what she does. There once lived a curious kitty. On the end of her tail, it was blue. In addition, her ears and nose were pink. Her body was always purple. The kitty jumped at the cat park. The kitty twirls her body at the cat park. The kitty is happy at the cat park because she loves to be outside.

The kitty dances at the cat park. Finally, the kitty is tired from her very long day at the cat park. A Snow Day When we have a snow day, we have no school. When we have no school, we stay at home. When we stay at home, we play in the snow. When we play in the snow, I get hungry! When I get hungry, I eat the snow! I was scared because there were waves. I was scared because the waves were going fast. Then I got very brave and I went under the water with my mom. I was very, very cold. I was shaking. I was very, very wet too. The water was dripping off of me.

Cracking my Head Open One sunny day, I got in the big stroller at the top of a steep hill. I am all alone. I am planning to go to sleep. I got really comfy in the stroller. It felt good. The wind blew. The stroller slowly moves. I went down the steep hill. Air was blowing in my face! It was kind of fun! Finally, I cracked my head open. The moral of the story is never get in a stroller alone. Jennifer Zeigler.

Paper Airplanes One morning, I was studying paper airplanes at my house. I was alone in my room. Then, I got my supplies. My supplies were scissors, paper, and my computer. Then, I had to look up paper airplane videos. I was really happy. Then, I had to make them. Finally, I throw them. Then I fell down and hit my elbow on the concrete. And I got back up and started to do it again. I went to try it again and I landed!

Then I went inside to go to bed and I woke up for the next day. The Medicine Once there was a little girl. So the little girl went to the forest. She saw a swan. The mom felt better and she married a new husband and that was the end. Hansini Puttagunta 1st Grade St. Nicholas School Teacher: Stephanie Marshall. Jumping in Leaves I jumped into the pile of leaves. My neighbors came over. We played in the leaves. We made a video. We were acting like zombies in a grave. I loved it. We jumped in the leaves.

We jumped and jumped. My Favorite Season I like to go to the beach in the summer. I like to go in the water, it is really warm. I like to make sandcastles. It is really sunny. It is really hot. I got to bury my Daddy and Mommy in the sand. My favorites season is summer. The Amazing Hit I was up to bat at my last baseball game in the league. I was at the plate. My eyes were ready. I knew I would at least get on first base. I knew I could get a solid hit. Then I would let my whole team down. If I was calm, I would have a better chance. The pitcher threw the ball and I hit the ball.

It was a speedy grounder. But the pitcher got it. I thought I would be out, but he had a bad throw to first base. So, I kept running. I got to second base and kept running as fast as I could. Then the second baseman made a horrible throw to third base. I ran and ran. I looked behind me. I saw the third baseman did not throw the ball. She was in her backyard playing with her dog at Christmas. She had lots of Snowman and Santa balloons in her yard. She was playing in the middle of the balloons when something magical started to happen.

The balloons were getting closer! Then suddenly there was a loud bang! Then she was in Christmas Land. In Christmas Land she met an Ice Fairy, that gave her a map and told her: follow this map and you will find your way home and meet new friends. So she followed the map to the snow garden where the Snow Princess was. The Snow Princess asked Emma, why are you in my garden of snow? Just then, Hero started chasing a snow butterfly. Emma agreed and they left the snow garden.

Hero chased the snow butterfly the whole way! They walked along the path where the map told them to go. They walked until they found a castle, but the door was locked. So Hero had an idea! Hero jumped through the castle window and used his paws to unlock the door for Emma and the Snow Princess. They walked through the castle and found the Ice Prince inside. The Prince said, what are you doing in my castle and how did you get in?

My dog Hero unlocked the door for us, said Emma. Then the prince said, you may come through my castle if you let me come too. Where are you going, asked the Prince? We are going to find the magic ice key, so that we can get home through the magic snow door before time runs out. They followed the map to the Castle of Christmas. They walked for a long time down the path searching for the Castle of Christmas.

When they finally found the Castle of Christmas it was a big, pretty castle made of ice with big flags that had the letter K on them. K for King. The door was locked again! This time, Hero saved the day again by climbing through the window and unlocking the door with his mouth. After Hero opened the door they all went inside looking for the magic ice key.

They found the magic lock and the key was inside. They needed a secret code to get the key out of the lock. Suddenly, Hero jumped on the lock and used his paws to figure out the code. He saved the day again! They took the key and followed the map to the magic snow door that would take them home. Emma put the key in and turned the lock. Emma and Hero went through the door and with another loud bang they were magically returned home. Emma took Hero inside and gave him three treats for saving the day three times. The next day she got an envelope from Christmas Land.

It said: Hi Emma and Hero. You can come back and visit any time. Love, Ice Prince and Snow princess. Steele Zoowemomma There once was a boy named Bob. Bob loved donuts. One day Bob ate a donut that was magical. His family turned into donutheads. His name is now Donuthead. This is the end. Hannah Tessier 1st Grade St. Untitled The best thing to do on a snowy day is sledding. You can sled with your friends. It is fun to go sledding. I can go sledding with my family. I go very fast down hills when I go sledding.

Sherri Russell. I loved getting mail, because my sister and I always thought we were getting toys. Next, my father handed it to me and I read the little card Mrs. I screamed of excitement. Then, I got extremely excited because at the time, me and Mrs. So, I got even more excited. Finally, I ran through the house! Foxes Foxes are sneaky and they are fast. They hunt for food and when they run in the snow it goes crunchy crunch crunch. They have warm fur to keep them warm. Of course, it had to be cold. He was doing snow yoga.

Garrett Anderson 2nd grade St. A Day in the Life It was a dark rainy night. I was a little girl and I liked my name. It was special and pretty. Next, when I got older I started to crunch the corn and cook it. Then I asked my dad if I could go fishing for fish with you and he said yep we can with the family. Last, we went and I fell asleep and was happy too. My dad put me in my bed and covered me with a soft cozy blanckit. Pamela Caron. The Sandwich and the Pickle Once there was a sandwich. She saw a little pickle that was in an orphanage and she wanted to adopt him.

The little pickle wanted her for a mom so the sandwich adopted him. They had so much fun together. One day a knife snuck behind them and captured them. The knife tucked them into his hideout and cut the sandwich in half and the pickle into pieces. The knife put the pickle on the sandwich and put the sandwich on a plate in a house. The owner of the house came home.

She put the pickle sandwich on her lips and almost ate it! The end. A Day at the Northeast I am a boy that lives in a place that has lots of trees and it is named the Northeast. First, I came out of my longhouse and my dad went on a canoe. I went to follow him and then I got lost!

Next, I had a plan to build an overlook and a flat spot connected to a tree. There is tree bark for the flat spot. Then, I tested it out and I could see a boat coming towards the land. Then, I ran down the ladder! Last, I found my dad at the shore and I ran to him and hugged him. He showed me the way home. I learned that there is always something that you can find unexpected. I had a blow gun. I asked my grampa if I could have a bow and arrow. So I asked him if he could meet me in the plains in one week.

So in that week I got supplies to make a target. Then, I set off to fined supplies. I needed three branches, sixteen leaves, five twigs of rope. And I practiced till it was time. Now I had the test. My grampa set up targets. I shot all but one. The last one I got my breth ready the blow gun I shot it.

Whoooooshhh it hit! I got my bow and arrow. I felt so so happy when I got my bow and arrow. Her name was Ooshyana. The ocean always played pranks on her. As she became older, she tried to prank the ocean back, but it was too wise. When she was 10, she played a prank on the ocean. Chapter 2: The Prank She got sand and froze it in a little container that was shaped like an apple. She took the sand out of the container and painted it red. She gave it to the ocean. The ocean tasted it.

Chapter 3: Made a Promise They became friends. Ooshyana promised she would not tell anyone about the ocean. After that she did not tell about the ocean, but they still played pranks on each other. It was very funny. Once, the ocean squirted her with a fish. Chapter 4: Scare Prank Ooshyana got an invisible cloak and she threw a rock and ran. It almost hit the ocean, but the ocean stopped it. She kept trying to prank the ocean back, but she had an idea… Chapter 5: Where is it?

When she went to prank the ocean, it was not there. Then, a paper popped up. Instead of the ocean pranking her, it scared her! Chapter 6: Rainy Day It was raining outside. But the mermaid was scared, so Ooshyana decided to cheer her up. Then the mermaid wanted to be friends. All of a sudden, a blue sparkle dolphin came out from under the water and dove back in.

The ocean was very jealous. Football I played football with Ellic for two years, and our team was named the Ravens. Our uniforms were white and blue. They were the same colors as my school colors. It was cool to be on a team with Ellic because he is in the same class with me. We did not win a lot, but we were good.

I threw the ball to Ellic. Then, Ellic threw the ball back to me. Getting a touchdown last year was cool. I felt good because I made a touchdown. My parents cheered for me. I will probably play football again next year. I hope I make five touchdowns. Avery Evans 2nd Grade St. I feel good about this. I tried to take a bath but the bath overflowed. So I got an idea. I can buy fish and food because my entire house is filled up with water. So I swam to the door, I opened the door and I got a car and went to the store.

I bought fish. I came back and I put the fish in the water.

Marguerite De Angeli's Book of Nursery & Mother Goose Rhymes

I also invited my friend Jacob. We had so much fun. I love that day. It was so much fun. My parents came home. They were mad. Go to your room! Berry Soup I wake up very excited to eat the berries we collected yesterday for breakfast. I have a grumbling tummy and my mom is standing in front of me. I got up to see my sis, Hidden Fox, and my dad looking happily at me. They told me we needed more berries as we walked toward a tree full of berries. I picked berries off the tree. Dad shook the tree as berries fell everywhere.

We asked dad if they were poison or not as me and my sis filled our baskets. As always, my sis ate in a flash. But, so did I! Berry soup is my favorite! This time I was done eating first. Friends I live in a snow globe left in a toy store. My snow globe has a volleyball and a soccer ball.

I have two friends Gabriella and Abby. My snow globe is blue and it has the Eiffel Tower in it. It has very big snow and is rose gold. I have a Beanie Boo next to my snow globe. I am in the window. I see the Eiffel Tower. It is so pretty. A boy named David bought me. He took good care of me. He loved me so so much. The next day he and his family went to Disney. I exited my snow globe and then I grew taller and taller and taller. Then I was a human! I am his sister now! Snow Globe I live in a snow globe left in a toy store. I have a dog. Her name is Saide.

I have a brother and a sister. Their names are Andrew and Abbie. Every night I wake up my brother and sister. We go out of the globe. My sister and I look at the dolls. My brother looks at boring boy stuff. The Sick Princess Once upon a time in a fair kingdom lived a princess. Her name was Shera. Shera was very nice. She was as soft as flowers and as sweet as apple pie. She loved her people, but one day she got very sick.

She could not take care of her people. A few weeks later she was held by a spell. She was told the spell would wear off. Days passed and the spell did wear off. She felt free and not locked in the spell. She could take care of her people. They were so happy that Shera was better. But they forgot the witch that put on the spell on her was very greedy, not like the princess. The witch turned children into flies and frogs. The witch tried different plans to hurt the people and Shera, but they never worked. The witch got crueler everytime she failed.

But Shera kept the people in her love. Her love was always wrapped around them. The witch had a very bad idea. It was to capture the princess! It worked. The king told his best knights to bring the princess back safely. They were terrified by the witch and her ogres. Something terrible happened and the knights got caught and locked up with the princess. They were unable to get out.

The king was sad. He had to do something. He called all of his spies. But when the witch noticed they were gone, she told her ogres to go get them. The king was happy to see the princess but not the ogres. He sent all of the knights to kill the ogres. The knights won the battle. Shera and her people lived happily ever after. Untitled Do you want to go back in time to the Cherokee Tribe when you were a kid? First, our mom would wake us up bright and early to make the fire and make breakfast.

The sons will hunt for deer, rabbits, and then find the three sisters, corn, beans, and squash. Then, we would have the three sisters for lunch. It would be so good. Last, we would play outside. Then we would have deer and rabbit for dinner. Then we would go to sleep. That is what I would do if I were a kid in the Cherokee Tribe. I sharpened one of the stones, grabbed the stick and yarn and tied them together.

I shivered as the strong wind blew past me. I walked around for a little while. Then, I heard footbeats form an animal. As it got closer to me, I noticed it was a wolf! I ran as fast as I could. Luckily I lost the wolf. Then, I noticed the woods got damp and dark. I quickly got rocks and put them into a circle. Then, I got lots of thick sticks and one tin stick.

Then I put the sticks in the middle of the circle. Ponderosa: the Trial of the Century. Despite the dire straits the gang finds itself in throughout, everything basically resets at the end of the episode — a fitting conclusion for a slight installment. Fun fact: This episode was directed by David Benioff and D. Weiss, whom you might recognize as the showrunners of Game of Thrones. Making a mess all over the city, indeed. A much-mentioned episode how can you not bring up the mere existence of kitten mittens?

Otherwise, a sorta-stale revival of a stale concept. How did Mac get fat? Klinksy — a late-series plot point that is occasionally played for questionable laughs but offers a surprising amount of depth in regards to his own predatory character traits. Airline miles?

What if Rickety Cricket finally put down the pipe and made good? This episode reveals what any casual viewer of Always Sunny knew well before its ninth season: The gang has a drinking problem, and the only solution … is more drinking. Keep your eyes peeled in this episode for a pre-fame cameo from none other than Tiffany Haddish, playing a dancer in the strip club that the gang occasionally frequents throughout the series.

In said and unaired pilot, the basketball was actually a cup of sugar. Why would the waitress trust any of the gang enough to hire them at the chain restaurant she works at in this episode? A funny albeit not extremely memorable episode that gives us an idea of what happens when the gang works at a real bar. The answer: nothing good. Featuring a rare funny plotline involving Bill Ponderosa, as well as an extremely dark revelation regarding how Dee keeps the men in her life coming back for more.

Hey, look, a funny Ponderosa-centric episode! Charlie getting caught drinking a beer in an AA meeting is memorable, but not as much as when he falls off the wagon was he ever really on? The title says it all, right? Will Dee ever catch a break and realize her dreams of becoming a real-deal celebrity? This episode initially provides an answer — then, the rug is pulled from under the audience in its final minutes, in a not-totally-surprising but still cruelly clever way. Or is it? Either way, the gang tries to get less selfish in attempting to give the poor guy a break from the rat-killing drudgery of his everyday life.

I recently saw Sinbad at JFK wearing one hat on top of another hat. It was awesome — and rivaled his guest appearance on this episode, in which he and former Matchbox 20 front man Rob Thomas you read that correctly menace Dennis or do they? Hint: it involves a can of beer, a can of cat food — and some inhalants, of course. Dennis meets his scamming match in the form of the preteen Abby, whom he takes under his wing to show her the tools of his grifting trade. Just make sure you wear your sneakers while playing. Green Man! Also marks one of many, many times that Dee purchases a new car, only to have it destroyed by one or all of the gang.

This 24 -themed episode asks one question, and one question only: How will the gang make it to a showing of the new action film Thunder Gun Express? After all, he hangs dong in it! Would we want them any other way? Dennis has found a perfect and totally normal solution to prevent Mac from eating all of his Thin Mints: Start a cult. Who did poop the bed?

When that fails, Artemis attempts to solve the poop mystery herself — an early stroke of brilliance from a cherished secondary character. Notable moment in this perfectly chaotic and hilarious episode: Frank attempting a teaching moment with Dee in explaining to her how the media frames coverage of whites and non-whites during catastrophes — before dumping the lesson and showing her footage of him looting during the Rodney King riots.

Love, Mrs. Mommy

How could you not love an episode that introduces Gail the Snail, a. A personal anecdote: I got caught doing this by my Patterns of Adult Living teacher in senior year of high school. Thanks, man — I owe you one. How annoying is Mac? How codependent are Charlie and Frank? How pathetic is Dee?

Pull it out! I once saw someone on Twitter state that FX should create a spin-off channel airing this episode and this episode only — and I agree! Frank, meanwhile, is stuck in a coil. What does that mean, exactly? Rickety Cricket! The waitress!