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Please type the code above. Connect with Us. One of the secrets of successful planning is that we need to talk to each other — on purpose and also about purpose… the purpose of our lives, the purpose of work, the purpose of wealth. Communication — meaningful communication, purposeful communication — first between the wealth creators and then shared intergenerationally — is crucial. The Client Retreat offers the opportunity for you — the wealth creators — to begin to talk about your deepest values and most cherished beliefs about life, work, family, spirituality and money.


From this conversation we create a trial Family Mission and Vision Statement accompanied by a financial philosophy for the Family Money Tree. These three myths or lies begin with:.

Everyone is influenced by these Money Myths which often tend to support superficial, self-centered living. Our behavior is often inconsistent with our values and beliefs as wemodel for children and grandchildren exactly what we tell them not to do.

If You Can Dream It, Believe It, and Achieve It

For planning to succeed, there are actually five assets classes which need to be considered. The five asset classes are: financial, human, intellectual, spiritual and physical. The Human asset class has to do with relationships both with our family or origin and the family the humankind. We need to spend time thinking about how can our planning help assure that our family stays close and connected — even when we are not here to encourage and anchor that process.

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The Intellectual asset class represents our ability to think, to dream, to create and to imagine. For planning to work long-term, we must consider how we honor and incorporate the multitude of gifts within our family so that each member is contributing from his or her uniqueness to the long term success of the family.

Families flourish when we encourage and allow each individual member within the family to be all he or she can be. The Physical asset class is our health for without it we will be less able or perhaps incapable of reaching certain goals and fulfilling our mission. You now have the choice to consider planning the traditional way or to experience Purposeful Planning.

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Fail means that the assets are gone — often times foolishly spent, lost to lawsuits or bad investments. Additionally, and perhaps more tragically, the family has also fractured apart. So, within two generations, the family wealth has essentially disappeared and the family itself is splintered. Success meaning that the family wealth is preserved and growing and that the family stays connected. This solution was gleaned after listening to hours of conversation and stories from American families who have managed to keep both the family wealth and the family harmony intact for more than years.

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